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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Tender Moment

It had been a very hard spanking.  You had begged her to please delay it for another day as you bottom was still sore and red from the unscheduled spanking that you had gotten last night.  You had deserved that one also as you had gone to a ber after work with the guys, had a little too much to drink and had then backed into the bar tenders car as you were attempting ot come home two hours late for dinner which was your night to cook it.  the bartender being a nice young lady had taken your information and phone number and had said. "Don;t worry Tom,  I will take care of everything. "   the damage had only been a small dent and a scrape on the bumpers of both cars and you had told her to call you when she got an estimate.  One of the bar patrons it turns out was was an autobody repairman and hd told her that 159 bucks would fix it up and no one would no it had happened.  She got on the phone right away to give you the good news that the repair would be inexpensive.  Un fortunately you had not even got home yet and when the phone rang your wife answered.  You were late because you stopped for pick up food at a local itailian bistro that you knew your wife liked.  AS you walked in the door you heard your wife on the phone, "an accident?  Was anyone hurt?  Well that is good. Only 150.00 dollars damage. Well that is lucky again.  Yes, Tom will come by tomorrow with the money to repair your car. He has just come in.  Was je drinking tonight?  Yes but not a lot.  Well we will have a little chat about drinking and driving tonight and he will apologize and give you the money tomorrow.  I am glad no wone was hurt.  I will tell him. Thank you for calling,"  and she hung up and looked at Tom.
     You quickly  held up the bags of delicious smelling food and you told her that you had take out from her favorite restaurant,  She told you to leave it on the table, remove your clothes and place a chair in the middle of the kitchen.  You sltarted to plead but she just told you to strip and wit by the chair.  You knew that you were supposed to come right home today as it was your turn to make supper.  She came right back with that awful hairbrush that she kept for just one purpose, Spanking you.  she wiggled her fingure at you and pointed to her lap where she had just sat down.  you could see how mad she was because her face and ears were really red.  You laid down across her lap and she adjusted you so your butt was high across her lap and in just the right position to leave the cheeks as perfect targets for her brush.  She scolded slowly punctuating points with hard smack to your butt.  uou were wiggling and struggeling as she again warned about drinking and driving,  not being ome when you were supposed to be and causing damage to another vehicle.  she said in the morning she would look at your bumper and if there was any damage you would be scheduled for another hiairbrushing tomorrow after work.  Then she really laid it onto you and your but and upper thighs were bright red and white blistered when she finished.  She told you to go to bed and think about what you had learned tonight. She at the supper you had bought and then went to the bedroom  and applyed some body cream to the welts and blistes.  you thanked her and said that you were very sorry and it would not happen again.  She said she hoped not but if the car was damaged you would get more of the same tomorrow night, she kissed you and turned off the light and said straight to sleep you naughty boy.
     The next morning you and she went to look at the car.  Yes there  was a large scratch.  "Ok more lessons tonight.  go to the bank and withdraw the money fro;m your account to fix the bartenders car.  Ask her who gave her the estimate and call him an bring the car t him right after work and get an estimate from him. then come straight home.  I will have dinner ready at 6:30 pm.  Don't be late or there will be no dinner before your spanking."  You started to ask her not to spank you again so son but decided not to and just said "yes dear"  It was a long day even with all the extra things you had to do. when you got home dinner was just o the table. YOu washed and came to he table. You noticed the hairbrush on the chair at the end of the table.  It was a mostly quiet dinner with polite chat about the happenings of the day, when dinner was over she pulled out the chair, picked up the brush and said "it is time for lesson two. clothes off now and over my lap." You started to argue again but she swatted your upper thighs ablout ten hard ones and said I hope you are not going to argue about this spanking.  If you do you will get another tomorrow night."  "No dear, I was not going to argue."  Good, She scolded and spanked again. Long and hard again as the night before.  You were completely worn out, laying on ther lap, crying hard and just too tired to even get off of her.  She gently helped you to a kneeling position and said. " "I spank you because I care about you, You know i do it out of love and that the reason is to help you improveyourself." she wiped aome tears from your face and gently kissed your forhead.  She said that you were a good boy but just needed some correction now and then and tht because she loved you she would spank you long and hard whenever she determined that you needed one. now tell me you are sorry and then go up to bed,  I will be along in a while to put body creme on your sores. You stood, looked at her and said,' Thank you, I love you.' and walked off to go to bed as instructed.




  1. Ouch, that hurt.

    Great details again, thanks


  2. Another awesome story and love hairbrush spankings, great drawing.


  3. Well done!! You are very skilled at drawing