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Sunday, February 20, 2011

bedtime spanking

Your bride had warned you over the past few days that the mood you were in was going to get you a spanking if you didn;t snap out of it pretty quick.  At breakfast you had been grumping away about the world in general.  You reached for your coffee and knocked it over onto your plate and made a complete mess of the pancakes that she had made hoping that a good breakfast would get you out of your mood.  Well that was all she could take.  "tonight when you get home from work you will go to the bathroom and shower, come down to supper with just your undershorts on and we will have supper together.  After you will accompany me to the bedroom where you shall get a thorough bed time spanking." she said very angrily.  You just said," honey i am over that mood now,  yOu won;t have to spank me.  when I get home I will be another happy guy again"  "too bad you didn;t get up as that guy instead of some grump that needs a lesson" she said. 
        You left for workand all day long all you could think about was that spanking that you had earned.  When your bride gave a serious spanking it was always very painful.  How that sweet young lady that you married could cause you so much painyou never quite understood, but she sure was an expert at it.  sitting would be difficult for a few days after the spanking,
         As you arrived at home you were at the point of wanting to scream out oud.  the prospect fo a long  trip over your brides lap was intimidating. you slowly walked up the walk and slowly opened the door.  As you entered you were met by the most wonderful smell in the world.  fresh made pot roast with all the trimmings.  "Wow, that sure smells good. Pot roast isn;t it" I said.  She came from the kitchen into the living room.. She was dressed in that sexy black nighty that you had bought her for your last aniversary and did she ever look sexy.  "well it is good that your grumpy mood seems to have broken today.  to bad it didn;t happen yesterday or we would not be preparing for the business at hand tonight.  Go upstairs and shower and come down to supper. It will be ready in 15 minutes from right now so don;t be late," she said.  I didn;t want to be late as I had suffered through another spanking the next night before for being late when punishment was at hand.  i came to the table just as set the last hot dish on it.  we sat and had a very nice dinner.  we chatted about the day  and then the talk turned to why I was going to be spanked this evening.  She discribed how distressing my mode had been for her.  my cursing, general unhappiness and just finding fault with everything going on at work and home.  I told her how i had been thimking of it all day and was hoping that she would not spank me tonight.  She said that I had well earned one and that I was going to get all that I had earned.   With that she stood and said, "come with me, it is time for your spanking."  I followed her upstairs to the bed room. she had me stand by the bed as she went into the bathroom and came out with that big hairbrush that i really hated.  She sart up on the bed and had me remove my undershorts.
then she asked me to explain why we her to have her spank my bottom.  I told her because i had been moody and unco=operative for the past few days. She said that it was good that I understood why i was to be spanked.  she seettled on the matress and made a very nice lap for me to lay across  I gently climbed over and felt her adjust me a little and then slap. the first whack landed.  I involuntarily said "Ow" ,  First whack and I was already making noise. the hairbrush fell again and agin, so many times I lost track of how many spanks I had gotten.  I also was crying real tears and pleading for her to please stop.  She continued until i was worn out.  just laying there blubering.  She then told me to get off her lap and stand by the bed.  I did. she went to the bathroom and put the brush away.  She then sat on the bed and had me go back over her lap as she rubbed in some dry dkin oil.  She said that it would not help the sting but it would moisturize the skin. while i was still over hel lap she asked if i was sorry that i had made her spank me.  I told her I was very sorry and that I would try hard to improve my mood so she would not have to spank me for that for a long time again.  It was strange because while i was over her lap and we were chatting aboout the spanking i was becoming arroused. she was now talking about why I was pushing against her lap and I said that she was turning me on keeping me across her knees like this.  She admitted that she was turned on also and that to make sure my mood was over she was going to have  hot sex tonight to make sure my mood was improve.
      The best mmorning we were both in a really great mood.  It had been a wonderful night.  My mood problems were gone. the world had changed.  My bride kissed me as i left for work and told me to be a good boy oir we would have to have a repeat performance again soon.  She smiled eveily as she cvlosed the door.

this is a fake art peice created by tommyspt from at least 6 differant pictures taken from the web.  I hope you enjoy it.


  1. Well done Tommy. I think, there is a spanking comming for the naked boy. She looks very strict with the hairbrush in her hand.


  2. Great drawing.I love the fact that he is naked and that she is clothed. The only thing that could make it better is if some of her female friends were also there to witness her husband's humiliation