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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

You are not too old.

I am sorry that the month of may was so busy for me.  I was expectiing to have time for all kinds of things but I ended up traveling most of the month on family business.  Nothing life threatening but still important.  I am hoping that this month will give me more time for my artistic persuits.
I am sorry also that I seem to be having writers block and cannot seem to be able to come up with stories at this time.  Please feel free to write a short story to go with the picture that I have drawn.  HE had told his mom that he is just too old to be spanked anymore.  He is now away at college and a man of his own now  She showed him that he was not too old and  said that she will show him again anytime that she feels a sore, hot bottom will benifit him.


  1. Well you returned with a gem, thank you so much. Classic drawing of a classic scene.

    Many thanks

  2. Hope all went well with family business. Glad to see you back, and producing great drawings.

  3. Great drawing, hope all is well, welcome back!!

  4. One should always listen to their mother as she is so right about not being too old to go across her knee for a nice hard spanking.I speak from experience and it was more than pleasurable for me.