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Sunday, March 4, 2012

spanked before your mother in law

Our honeymoon was over and we had been home for a week or so.  My wifes' mom had called to see how things had gone.  It had been a wonderful trip and we had had a great time in the Carribean,  The island we had stayed on had a fantastic resort with anything that a honeymooning couple could want.  Swimming, snorkeling, sailing, even surfing and swiming with dolphins.  We were sad that it was over and time to return to the real world of work and bill  paying.  My wife had invited her mom to come for supper on the friday night after we had gotten home.  I was a little concerned because we had decided that friday night was going to my accounting day.  more on that later.

       As friday night was usually fish night at out house, I had stopped at a fish market and got some fresh salmon to make for supper.  When I got home I immediately started cleaning the vegetables to go with supper.  Small potatoes, baby carrots,tomatoes, onion, lettuce and crouton salad and some Cherry Garcia ice cream for dessert.  All the colors were there for a nice attractive healthy meal.  I started the potatoes and carrots and seasoned the salmon. it wouldn't take long to cook so I waited on putting it in..  my wife arrived a few minutes later and asked if everything was progeressing for dinner at 5:30 pm as that was when her mother would arrive and she would want to sit down to eat soon after arriving.  I told her , no problem,  I know how punctual your mom is.  The salmon went in at 5:25 to a hot broiler.. As I took out the fish the doorbell rang and my wife went and answered it.  She brought her mom in and said dinner is just about ready and pulled a chair out for her at the table.  I quickly sliced the tomatoes and onion, stirred in the lettuce and seaoned it with the croutons and a lite salad dressing..  Showing how quick I was I set the table and had napkins and water in place in minutes.and  then I presented the food.  It smelled wonderful and the colors of the food just made it so much nicer.  Her mom said,  I didn't know Tom could cook, and my wife said that she really had not known that either but that my mom had told her how much she was going to miss my cooking.  That last week before the wedding she filled me in on alot of the little secrets that I did not know about tom.. My mom in law said  "Tom had always seemed like a very polite and well behaved boy to her", and Joanie said that she had filled her in on why that was also.  I almost dropped my fork and I said, " please honey, lets keep that as our little secret".  "Secrets?:, Ginny said, "what kind of newly weds have secrets"?   "Well," Joanie said, "the last night before we were married my mom had filled her in on how come I was such a model boy friend and future husband prospect.  She had gone to a kitchen draw and pulled out the biggest black hairbrush that she had ever seen  and told her that this is why I am so good all the time.  She said that if everything is good he gets a spanking every friday night and as that was a friday night she was going to show Joanie how to spank me.  She said that she had started spanking agian because when he was 16.  He, on a lark, stolen a car , crashed it and got caught.  Instead of jail time Tom  had to serve comunity service and that Tom should get counseling to help him straighten out.  Well the counselor had been an old fashioned lady who felt that boys needed to be spanked hard and regularly so she devised a merit and demerit system.  Every friday he got a spanking and if he had demerits it was a longer spanking than just a maintenance one.  A follow up spanking would be on sunday night. We chatted for a while longer and I questioned Tom about how he felt about the spankings.  He said that they hurt alot but it reminded him that stealing a car was a very stupid thing to do and he could have been in jail with no real future from doing such a dumb thing. Then his mom  had
tom strip, took him over her knee and blistered his backside good and hard.  she said that there were no extras as he had no demerits that week.. She highly recommended that I continue the plan so I agreed,  at the wedding she gave me the brush all wrapped up pretty and reminded me that Friday night was maintenance night. so I continued.  Some folks wondered about the strange slapping noises and the muffled crys as tom had placed his face into a pillow.  All the time this conversation was going on Iwas quiet and eating quickly so I could clear the table as soon as everyone was finished... Ginny asked to see the brush while I was dishing out the ice cream..  She hefted it, slapped her palm lightly, made a face and shook her hand and then gave a light swat to her thigh.  "Ow" she said,  "well that sure stings,  I guess it will drive home that he should be good".  As we ate our ice cream the conversation continued.  "Did tom do anything else to get any additional spankings " asked Ginny?   "Oh yes,"  He seemed unable to keep his eyes off the other girls in there bikinis so he got a spanking most every night.   Friday a longer than usual spanking for all the demerits and then on sunday early as we had to leave at 3 pm and he squirmed all the way home on the plane", Joanie added.  Desert was finished so I quickly cleared the table, rinsed the plates luckily there were no leftovers to put away.  I put the dishes in the dish washer and then returned to the table.  Joanie said, "well I guess we should get on with the business at hand", and then smiled and said,  "or brush".  She picked up the brush and pulled her chair out  to the middle of the room.  She sat and told me,  "prepare your yourself".  I whined and said "Please, Joanie,  Please, can't we go to the bedroom where you spank me in private.  5 demerits she said.  clothes off in 10 seconds or there will be 20 demerits".  I literally ripped my clothes off and stood blushing in front of my wife and her mother sitting just off to her right".  Ginny was grinning at me.  "I have given and watched many naughty boys get spanked.  Joanie's brothers were always finding themselves over my knee until they left home.  It does not embarrass me in the least to see you naked in front of your wife about to get a good spanking," Ginny said as she  smirked at me while checking me out.  "Oh sh*t," I said as I realized this extreme embarrassment was causing me to have a reaction.  Ginney just smiled even bigger and pointed to Joanie about what was happening.  Joanie looked and said 20 demerits for swearing and getting aroused while my mom and I watch you prepare to be spanked.  Joanie gave the hairbrush to her mom and  seated her self on the chair facing her.  "Over", Joanie said. I settled over her lap with my bottom high across her thighs.  "Wow," she said, "this is the first time since we got married that his cheeks are white.  I guess I will have to fix that".  With that she lifted the hand and brought it down hard on my right cheek.  I oohhed and kicked my right foot up.  Then she smacked the left. again, I oohhed and the back to the right again. just lower by half a Hand width, Owww I said; again the left after ten I was oowing with every smack.   Ginny got up and walked around in front of us..what a view if only the spanks weren't falling. long, lovely legs, in stockings with low heels and a nice shape fitting skirt showing how well it fit her..  normally a very pretty sight but now just further humiliation as to what I was going through,  now the spanks were faster and harder.  I was bouncing on her lap and really showing how distressed I was getting.   "Hold on", Ginny  interrupted, I just caught Tom sneaking a peak up my skirt., Actually a few times while you were spanking him".  "What!  After the extra spankings last week,  You still are checking out the ladies.  My own Mother, for Gods' sake, well this punishment is now going to be a punishment spanking and not just a maintenance with extras", Joanie said barely able to control her anger.  "Ok Tom,  I want the truth. and my mom caught you peeking so I expect you to confess.  Did you peek up my Mom's skirt while I was spanking you just now".  I hesitated.  Smack, smack.  about 10 blows landed very hard.  I cried, Yes,  I did and I am so sorry. , please Joanie,  please stop ow,   ow,oow,  honey please ow   no more ow  ow oow real fast and hard now.  She dumped me off of her lap and looked to her mom and said,  "I am going to have to take a break to calm down.  Tommy, get to your corner and stand still.  No fidgiting.  You are going to get the spanking of your life as soon as I calm down a little".  I got up and ran fast to the corner. I was crying slightly as I was really scared.  the last spanking she gave me was supposed to be the worse spanking I ever got and it was horrible.  Now so soon again I was going to get another.  Joanie went to the refrigerator and took a bottle of wine out.  Maybe this will calm me down she said.  Her mom, I could hear was chuckling as she got two glasses and they poured a glass of wine apeice.  Joanie was crying.   "The shame of it all.  peeking up my Moms skirt even when he was getting spanked.  I guess that's what I get for giving him a break, His mom warned me to be tough but fair, I guess the tough is more of what he needs.   Maybe I should call his mom and have her come and meet with us on Sunday.  Maybe she can get in touch with his case worker also.  I know she is no longer the case worker but she may have some idea of how to control this lack of control about checking out the ladies, his mom says that she is still interested in his case.  Yes a team effort may be just what he needs".  I could hear what was going on.  I blurted out,  "Please,  I will behave myself,  please don't call my mom".  "You were told to be quiet.  for that you get 20 more demerits for Sunday. " Alright ", Joanie said as she picked up the hairbrush and seated herself again on the chair.   "Get over here now"!  she ordered.  I could not move.  it was like my feet were glued to the floor.  my knees were shaking and I didn't think I could walk at all.  "Mom,  Would you please go get Tommy,  I have a very important chore to do.  Ginny smiled as she came and took hold of my ear and pulled me along behind her to Joanie.  I was so afraid that any idea of an arrousal over nervousness had long gone.  Joanie drew me across her lap and raised the brush high.  From the very first smack I was crying and begging.  My pleas were falling on deaf ears.  while no longer mad Joanie was in her I am going to give you exactly what you need mode.  The spanks were landing.  I was dancing.  begging,  crying, but that awful hairbrush just kept tanning my bottom and thighs. then I heard the sound of the brush change from smack to splatt.  A dozen more.  Joanie called her mom to take a look.  She whistled and said that that is a very well spanked bottom.  some pressure blood had escaped the surface capillaries and that was the splatting sound.  I think it is time to end the spanking for tonight.  Ginny walked to the cabinet and got a face cloth and some alchohol and also some skin cream.   She told Joanie to poor herself another glass of wine and that she would do some quick first aid.  Joanie got up and looked at the back of the hairbrush.  Better wipe this with alchohol also," she said.  To my surprise Ginny sat down on the chair and pulled me over her lap.  She wet the face cloth and wiped my bottoms surface clean and then pressed on some of the reddest areas..  She whistled and said that Joanie had given a real number 10 spanking..  Joanie looked and smiled.   "Yes I thought it was the hardest one yet.  You see I kept my promise to you.  I know you won't keep yours you made the other night but remember this spanking as this is what you will get every time I catch you looking again".  Then I noticed with horror that I was becoming aroused again while over Ginny's lap.  I know that she noticed as she adjusted me so that my arousal wasn't rubbing on her leg.  She asked Joanie to get her another glass of wine and told me to hurry to the corner while Joanie was busy.  I ran and hugged myself into the corner as close as I could get, after about another half hour Joanie called me out again and put me over her lap and rubbed in the skin cream.  She told me to stand and apologize to Ginny and her and then told me to go to bed.  she would be up later.

As I went up the stairs to our bedroom I was having all kinds of thoughts about the coming sunday.  As I got to the door my thought had changed to how wonderful being across Ginny's wonderful warm lap had been.  I realized I was getting aroused.. I quickly put my hands on my bottom and the feeling quickly passed.        

having revised this story i am thining of futre parts for this adventure for this naughty boy.  the paths seem to be opening up.

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