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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Principals application

Well this morning has been a waste of a school day so far.  My meeting with the principal showed what the surprise my mom had mentioned after my severe spanking at home was over.  Could I pay attention in class? No, not at all.  I did pay attention in English when Ms
 Stern, wearing her usual short tight skirt skirt gave the class from seated on the front of her desk.  I was looking at her lap,  crossed legs, gorgeous,
found myself wishing that she was going to spank me after class.  I got an erection, thinking of what it would be like over her thighs , wiggling around, trying to avoid the smacks that she would be applying to my bottom. Would I be brave enough to not cry and beg.  I looked at her bare arms as she was in a short sleeved shirt.  She looked strong, I remembered I had seen her carrying armloads of heavy books  to the storeroom and back,  Yes, she would be very strong.  I would have to be very brave to withstand a spanking from her.  Suddenly  I realized that she was calling my name.,  I said, "Yes Ma'am", and then I realized that she had asked a question.  I said could you please repeat the question?"  She told me, "stand up when i call on you, I was thinking that you were not paying attention to what I was saying.  Now stand up."  I get up and then realized that I was extremely aroused and my pants were pointing straight out in front of me.  Everyone started laughing and Ms Stern looked at me.  "All right". she said  "You will see me after the class". She recrossed her legs and I was so wanting class to end.  Shortly, the bell rang and everyone started to leave.  I walked over to her desk and she got up from the front of the desk and walked around and pulled out her chair.  "Well  Thomas, It seems that you are very distracted this morning. Is it because of your meeting with the principal after lunch today?  Yes I know what is going to happen and I know why, I ran into your mom when she was coming in to drop off her hairbrush.  I got one just like it and now that I know about your discipline permission slip I will be keeping an eye on you.  Your mom told me if I ever have a problem I should call her and she will invite me over so we can both give you the correction you need.  That little erection problem you had today was not the first time I have seen you getting aroused looking at my legs and even some of the girls in the class.  What were you thinking of when you got aroused?"  I knew better than to lie to her, so I told her "I was wondering what it would be like to be spanked over your knee.  I would not like it I am sure but I was wondering."  She smiled, "she said that she had seen that look before and also had heard the same story many times.  She said that soon she will find a reason to visit your mom and you will find out for yourself.  Now get to your class before you are late and sent to the principals office".
             The next class went by fast as Mr Parks had never excited me at all.  Class was over and it was time for lunch.  I ran into Jimmy and David in the lunch room..  They were both wondering what was going on with me  They both got saturday service sentences for the month.  The naughty students come in and help the teachers or principal with projects for the whole day. call it community service. "So what happened with you."  Jimmy said. I hemmed and hawed for a bit and then said "It hasn't been decided yet,  I have to see the principal again right after lunch."  Jimmy snorted out loud.  "So it is you that is going to get spanked by the principal in her office.  I heard rumors, she was going to give the first spanking in 15 years."  I wanted to get up an leave,  if Jimmy and Dave knew then the whole school was going to know.  Suddenly having everyone laugh at me when I stood up in Ms Scanlons class made more sense.  "How can you let her do that,  I thought that was against the law now". Jimmy said.  "Well my mom never changed the discipline permission slip in my file since back in 1st grade.  The principal called her  to see if there was some mistake. My mom told her no and that she expected the punishment to be applied.   You guys know that my mom still spanks me. you have heard her do it in the next room. Well I got a real long hard spanking last night and I have to see the principal for another after lunch.  I have to be in the office at one oh five or there will be extra.  I will be spanked by my moms hairbrush which she brought in this morning for the principal to use.  the principal says that she will buy one to keep on hand in case of further use before graduation.  Also I will be spanked again tonight because she has always said a spanking in school gets one at home that night.  I have to bring the brush home with me after school.  Also the offense that started all this is serious enough so every saturday I will get a maintenance spanking.for the next month. So while you guys are here in school I will be getting spanked and doing corner time and chores. I was told the office discipline is confidential so that no one will know whats going on but I got everyone grinning or laughing at me.  My mom came in and told the story to Ms Stern and now it seems that she might want in on this also.  The bell rang so i told Jimmy and dave that i would see them later., gotta hurry I told them."
               I walked into the office at one oh four.  Ms Clancy said ,  "It is good that you are on time, you would not want to be late for your meeting with Ms Scanlon", she turned to the girls in the office and said, " that she was going to be in conference with Ms Scanlon and Thomas.  Please answer the phone and tell folks that we will return their calls when the meeting is over.the girls all were looking at me with big smiles on their faces.  I hung my head and followed Ms Clancy into the office.  Ms Scanlon had just set an adjustable  seat in front of her desk and another wooden chair just off to the left and in front of the adjustable chair.  She walked over and picked up my Moms' hairbrush from on top of a book case and tried it out easy on the palm of her hand.  Her eyes opened wide and she shook her hand.  Then she tried it on the side of her thigh.  she emitted a small ouch and said, "well this brush will surely do" she brought it over and gave it to Ms Clancy for her opinion.  She did the same testing.  Ms Clancy said,  "antique ebony hairbrush,  Heavy hard wood and a nice 10 inches long with a 4 inch paddle back. this is going to really get to the seat of the problem."  She handed it back to Ms Scanlon who went to the adjustable chair and sat down.  She checked the height to be sure her lap was perpendicular to floor,  She moved a little more forward on the chair and smoothed down her skirt.. set the brush on her lap and said that Ms Clancy can sit in the other chair that she had placed to allow her the best view to witness the spanking.  She also can get up and move around if she wishes.  Now Thomas,  the file says that you must be bare bottom for your spanking.  Both myself and Ms Clancy have given many spankings in our lives and we know that this is embarrassing for the person being spanked.  we can assure you that we have seen many naughty boys in the same position that you now find yourself  in. You need not be embarrassed by being naked from the waist down in front of us.  Please come stand in front of me and lower your trousers and underwear.  I flushed a very bright red when I pulled them down both at once to get it over with... then the arousal started.  I could feel the blood rushing into it and it was growing and getting hard.   Ms Scanlon told me to turn toward my left so that Ms Clancy could see what was happening.  Both of them watched with interest as it continued to grow and even got so hard it started to curve back at me.  I can honestly say that it was the hardest boner I had ever had in my life.  Ms Clancy asked if they sexually excited me.  I said "no.  I am so nervous about this spanking."  She said that that was the correct answer.  If I had said I was sexually excited I would have had an extra 50 smacks added when the spanking would have ended.  Ms Scanlon told me to turn so my back side was facing her.,  she looked at my bottom and said , "well you had a very good spanking last night but it seems to have healed pretty well it is only pink with a couple of red spots left.  You should be able to take a very hard spanking again.:  sSe had me shuffle over to Ms Clancy and she examined my bottom also including setting her palms against the main area.  "She said it is still warm but I concur.  A good spanking will be ok today. Please go stand by Ms Scanlon again so she can ask you if you know why you are here and why you are going to be spanked."  I shuffled over to her.  she had me face her.  I was looking down at her as she sat in front of me.  she had the brush in her right hand and was tapping it lightly against her palm.  I noticed how lovely her lap looked . Her skirt fell about half way to her knees and her lap looked strong and level.  A very good platform to lay a naughty boy across.  My arousal started bend back toward me even more.  I looked at the clock on the wall quickly and saw that it was one fifteen,  it seemed this had been going on for an hour but only 10 minutes had past.  I reviewed our taking a skip day to go to the amusement park,  no we didn't realize that we were supposed to let someone know where we were going.  Yes we and I  especially are sorry that the police were looking for us most of the day.  Yes we filed the reports with the police.  yes my mom had given one of the hardest spankings I had ever gotten.  Yes I was very very sorry and yes I do want to graduate this coming spring.  No I will not get in trouble ever again. Yes I know if I do get in trouble I will be right back inhere for a spanking again.. Ms Scanlon asked if she had covered everything,  Ms Clancy said that yes she had.  Just them the intercom went off.  Ms Scanlon asked Mr Clancy to answer it  as she would not be able to concentrate on spanking if it keeps going off.  Ms Clancy asked what the clerks wanted.  they said my Mom was on the line and wanted to know if things were going alright.   Ms Clancy told her to tell my mom I was just about to get in position over Ms Scanlons lap and that she should call back in about 15 minutes".  I heard back ground laughter when Ms Clancy said that.  "Alrught"  Ms Clancy said., " lets get on with this" Ms Scanlon helped me hobble to her right side and gently tugged me over her knee.  She didn't like the position so she had me stand up and  and said I want your bottom right on top of my lap so I can feel when the erection goes away".  I reset myself as directed.  The warmth of her thighs felt very warm.  She asked me to put my right hand on my back and she gripped it and pulled it up where I could not move.  She looked at Ms Clancy and said "Alright, I am ready to begin."  She moved just a little, I felt her lean slightly left and then there was an explosion of sound and the brush smack,  I expected it but I still yelped.  Even though i had been spanked last night, you never remember how bad it stings until the brush is striking again.  She spanked like my mom. started at the top of the bottom. one side then the other then down one hair brush width and so on when she reached 9 spanks she was on the spot where the bottom and thigh meet.  one on each side and then back to the top again.  man did it sting.  I was already rolling on her lap. She told Ms Clancy that my erection decided to leave by the fourth spank.  It went on for a full ten minutes, not much talking she scolded while she continued to spank.  my bottom was on fire .  I had real tears forming.  Ms Clancy got up from the chair and moved closer where she could see my bottom.  the brush kept falling.  I started howling.  The begging had started about 2 minutes into the actual spanking.  Ms Scanlon stopped and asked how Ms Clancy thought it was comng.  She said. "well it's been a good spanking  I would say thirty hard fast spanks should bring him to no resistance". Then it started  hard and fast  I couldn't breath it hurt so 'much.  All air going out in sobs and  tears flowing down my eyes.,  This spanking had left me just laying across her lap sobbing . no more begging, no kicking my feet.  just plain worn out.  Ms Scanlon said, "I think the lesson has been driven home."  Ms Clancy said "I concur".  Ms Scanlon let me lie there for a few minutes until I was breathing normal again.  "Alright,Thomas, get off my lap and face me again" Ms Scanlon said.  She quickly smoothed her skirt down again as it had ridden most of the way up her thighs and then went over the reasons why my spanking had taken place and said that she hoped I wouldn't be back here again but if needed she would gladly do it again.  she said I was to leave my pants down and stand in the corner to the right of her desk.  Ms Clancy helped me shuffle to the corner. the intercom rang again and Ms Scanlon answered it this time.  "yes put her thru, I will talk to her".  She picked up the phone.  She said, " yes it is over and he is in the corner recovering.  yes he kicked and such, but in the end he just lay there and cried.  yes that is good for them to do.  I will release him early and yes I will send the hairbrush home with him.  I saw one just like it on ebay and have ordered one for the school if any other permission slips so direct spanking.  Thank you for letting me borrow it.  Ms Clancy had put back both of the chairs and said that she was going to return to the outer office.  Ms Scanlon said to send in Ruthy,  "I need her to take a note to Thomas's 6th period class saying that I have dismissed him for the day.  Thank you for your help Ms Clancy."  She said  "My pleasure.  haven't seen a spanking like that in a long time.  I started to ask Ms Scanlon to let me pull up my pants before Ruthie came in but she told me it was part of my punishment.  you may pull them up when I say you can and not before.  a knock.  Ms Scanlon  said "come in".  Ruthy came in and immediately spotted me with my pants down and bright red bottom on display.  She smiled at Ms Scanlon and said,  'you have a message for me to deliver".  "Yes" she said as she handed the note to her.  was it quiet in the office while we were having our meeting.  she said for the first part of it but after about 10 minutes it sounded like someone was getting spanked and he sure made a lot of noise".  well Ms Scanlon said. "some times a principal just has to go the extra distance to teach a lesson.  Isn;t that right Thomas".  "Yes, Ma'am"  I sobbed.



  1. end of part three. this one is illustrated by a fake art of my own. i mean the two characters were drawn back a while ago. i cut and pasted them to five you Ms Scanlon giving tommy a spanking and Ms Clancy being the school witness. hope you like it, i also tried my hand atr computer painting it.

  2. What a great story and picture, Tommy. That was extremely hot.


  3. yes Evan. I think we have the same likes when it comes to spanking. i love the preparation for a spanking.l the spanking hurts alot. can i stand the pain. then afterwards, the relief that it is over.... got to admit that the preparation for the spanking is my favorite part.

  4. Dear Tommy:

    I wrote you an email about possibly meeting in person sometime. Let me know if this might be possible. (No problem if not.)



  5. The best (and worst) part is the humiliation; baring your bottom, having your penis visible to the spanker and witnesses, and having your peers knowing about it if not actually witnessing it.

    Fantastic story!

  6. yes I agree. it is the worst and the best part of the spanking. the spanking itself hurts to blazes.

  7. Tommy
    Hot as heck sir, nice story and again I love the detail of the drawing her slip and all, well done and just hot!

  8. Wonderful art and story Tommy. I wouldnt mind a trip over Ms Clancy's knee, she is rather delectable!