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Monday, February 18, 2013

Old English Massage and Lap Dance

                                        Old English Massage and Lap Dance

        I was nineteen years old and away from home at a nice college in a large city in the north east United States.  It was a real nice college and I was living in a dormitory that was very close to public transportation, the subway was cheap and a fast easy way to get around the city.
         I was not experienced as through out high school I always had a job that kept me busy nights and Saturdays.  The money was nice but I didn't have time for a real social life.  My room mate introduced me to  a newspaper that had a large massage and personal advertisement section.  He said," if you want cheap, easy sex with no commitment call a number and make an appointment,.  Most of the ladies give a student discount also."
         Well, here I was nineteen years old and never had any sex with the opposite sex before and I decided the time had come.  I figured a nice quick sex alternative to intercourse would be the way to go.  the first ad that I read said a nice young lady that was very "handy"  and that satisfaction was assured.  I called her and she said that yes, she gave a student discount.  Her discount fee was 50 dollars for a half hour session.  I scheduled an appointment for  one hour from now and she gave me her address.  Only two blocks to her apartment building.  I waited around out side and as the time approached I was getting nervous.  I told my self , you really have to do this. you are too old to not have ever had a sex encounter with a young lady.  Finally the time had arrived.  I walked up the steps and pushed the door bell for room 205.  a female voice answered my ring on the intercom and asked what I wanted.  I said, " I made an appointment and I am here. My name is Tom. "  "Oh, all right, come in, go one flight up, room 205 is at the head of the stairs.  The door buzzed and I opened it and went up the stairs.  As I was climbing the stairs I realized that the voice on the intercom did not sound like the lady I had talked to on the phone. I knocked lightly on the door and it opened almost immediately.   The woman that opened it was very attractive.  Mid to late thirties dressed in a very nice looking blue dress that reminded me of a sailors out fit.  She told me that her daughter was complaining about being very sore and that was was not feeling well right now.  She had just put her to bed.  She asked me what the ad had said and I told her.  Her eyes rolled when I said Handy  and then I told her satisfaction was guaranteed..  Well I don't do that myself but I will say that I give the best old English Massage and a great lap dance is a sure thing.  A massage and a lap dance sounds really good I said.  She opened the door beside me and told me to go in, remove all of my clothes and put them on the bed.  I will be in in just a minute. As i started in she opened the other door and i heard a couple of loud sobs.  wow, I said.  she sure sounds like she is hurting..  I removed my clothes, placed them neatly on the bed a stood there feeling quite silly .  The door opened and as the lady came back in I turned and faced the bed.   Thinking of being naked with this woman had gotten me turned on and I was embarrassed.  She went to the dresser and set down something that she had carried when she came in.  It clunked as she put it down. then I heard her pull out the chair that was there.. "Oh yes, get the fee and give it to me.  Get the business out of the way before the fun.".  She took the money and put it in the drawer.  She told me to come and stand in front of her as she sat down on the chair she had turned to face the bed..  I still was looking at the bed.  "Enough of this shy act your putting on,  turn and face me," she ordered.   When I saw her it took my breath away.  That dress she was wearing looked very tight and sexy.  Her hips  were fantastic and her legs even better. she was a very beautiful lady.  Then I noticed the old black hairbrush that she had in her hand.   "Ah....what is that for," I asked starting to get very frightened.  That was the same type of brush that my mom had used on me until I was seventeen years old and I still remembered how much it stung and hurt.
          You kids go away to college and the next thing you know, the girls are having sex for money and the boys are paying them for it.l  You both ought to be arrested  I should call  the police right now and have themn take you both in.  How old are you, anyways," she asked.  When she said arrested, and kids away,k paying for sex, i suddenly found the floor very interesting .  Then I heard it.  the slow slapping of that hairbrush on the palm of her hand,, "I dropped in on my daughter and found the she is supplementing her income giving hand jobs to students for money,  that makes her a prostitute and you are taking advantage of her, that makes you a john.  I had just finished spanking her when you rang the bell and after listening to you tell me what her ad said, I will probably give her more after you leave, but  right now you are going to get the spanking of your life," she told me.  "NNNNNNNNo,, please,  I have never been spanked in my life," I lied.  She grabbed me and hauled me across her lap, moved me around a little until she was happy with my position.  my arousal was now  laying on the fabric of her dress, my legs were not touching the floor and my arms reached to the floor to help support me.  She spoke , casually I thought for what was about to happen,. "I promised you and Old English Massage, well this hairbrush is well over a hundred years old and it is English.  It is going to do a nice hot massage on your bottom and thighs and the naked lap dance will be you reacting to the brush while across my lap.  When you leave you will be a very well spanked, naughty little boy...."  With that I felt her move a little and then there was a very loud noise, followed by a searing pain .  it felt like a hundred bee's had just stung my bottom all at once ia a small area. I yelled  "Ouch" then another noise and sting. I yelled  "Ouch, please Ma'am,  that hurts so much,  please no more."  Ha" she said," I haven't even started yet"  My arousal had decided that it did not want to stay around and had withdrawn from the scene.

the smacks started falling at about one a second.  I was kicking my feet and begging her in what sounded like a little boy's voice.   Yelling and begging,  I could not believe that this was hurting as much as it was.  My pleas did no good.,  she continued smacking my bottom and upper thighs for what seemed like an hour.  Then she started rubbing my bottom with the brush. I was crying and sobbing,  hardly able to breath from the crying effort.  She said, " well that is a good start" and with that she started an extra hard attack on the place where by bottom meets my thighs and also spanking lower on the thighs where the brush had not visited before.  It was awful.  It was like a new spanking had begun and the pain came to the same level as the original spanking in such a short time.  She stopped again and rubbed my bottom with the brush again.  She asked if I thought that i had, had enough while I lay limp across her lap. I said Yes, Ma'am,  please don't spank me any more.  Well I think one more round ought to do it," and the brush started on my bottom again,  I was so worn out I couldn't do anything but sob, she continued on my thighs as well.  The spanking stopped again, I could not even beg for her to please stop spanking me.  "Well," she said, "Only fifteen minutes have gone by since we started this Old English Massage.I guess I will have to spank yuou again so that you get your money's worth".  I found my voice though it still sounded like a little boy,  "Please Ma'am,  no more  I am so sore,  please ,  PLEASE," I begged.  "Well I guess I could stand you in the corner for 15 minutes or so," she scolded.  With that she stood me up, took me by the ear and marched me to the other room, tapping her thigh with that hairbrush the whole way,
            We entered the room.  On the bed was a very cute naked girl that had a very red bottom and upper thighs.  I was steered to a handy corner and told to press my nose into it or I would get a return trip over her lap.  She pulled up a chair and sat down. called the girl to her.  She started to plead that she had been spanked enough and that she had learned her lesson,  Her mom cut her off.  "Over right now," she said and the girl got up and laid herself over her mom's knee.   She was starting to cry while just getting in to position,
I quickly peeked over my shoulder to see her laying there looking so afraid and misserable.  Her mom caught me  and told me. " All right , when i finish witrh my daughter you will come across for one more round yourself..  i stuck my nose hard in the corner again  and I started to sob as well.  the spaning was very hard and the girl begged and screamed until she could not scream any more.  the spanking ended with a long, very hard series that apparently covered the whole spanked area one more time..  with that  Her mom said. " all right you two change places and be very quick about it.  she ran to the corner as I hurried to  her mom. I didn;t want to disobey her again.  the girl ouched as she pushed her nose in the corner so hard she actually bumped it.  I lid into position across her moms' lap.  she gripped me firmly the the spanking started all over agian , only the pain was worse than before.  I started lap dancing again and an amazing thing happened.   I was in so much pain, I could not believe it but my arousal game back   My lap dancing was causing me to slide on and off of her thighs. she realized what was happening and she stopped and stood me up.  She said,  "not on my lap you don't."  She stood and started spanking me again and as I tried to avoid the spanks she followed me continuing to spank me. We were walking in a small circle.  I was yelling and crying and my arousal was bending over backwards I was so aroused.  Then I  started spurting.  She spanked harder.  my knees buckled and I fell down on the floor.  She spanked me aopbut 10 more real hard ones and then it was over.  i was wasted.  I was firghtened,  nothing like that had ever happened to me before.  I was embarrassed by it, but I was thinking, "wow, that was really weird but wow again, it was really exciting.  Her daughter was standing wide eyed and naked looking at me breathing hard on the floor.  of course my arousal had gone away again but I was really confused and looked at her mom.  She was looking at me an breathing hard herself.  "Well," she said., " I wasn't expecting that to happen. usually a spanking gets rid of the arousal after a few smacks and then it is just punishment.  but somehow you got aroused again as the last part of your spanking really hit the heavy pain area.  Luckily I felt it and was able to get you off of my lap before you climaxed.  I have heard of this happening but this was not the first I have seen it.  She looked at her daughter and told her if you want to raise some extra money  take up spanking naughty boys. The rates are higher and spanking is perfectly legal as long as sex is not the object of it.  I learned about it when I was a sorority girl and I was chosen to spank all the new fraternity pledges. They all started aroused but after  a few swats it went away.  Some however, the same thing happened.  That is how I met your father," she said to her daughter.  I was getting more and more embarrassed as this conversation went on.  Apparently her daughter was becoming interested when her mom said it was a good way to earn some extra money.  At that point  I was told to go get my clothes and come back to the room we were in.   I did so.  I walked in and mom and daughter were embraced and  the daughter was saying that she was sorry and would not do any more hand jobs to make money.  She did say though that spanking seemed like it might be something she would persue.  I was standing there naked with my clothes in my hand.  Her mom noticed me and looked at me below my navel.  "See", she said, this poor boy is already aroused again.  Was it from all this spanking talk?
Do you think you would like to be spanked by my daughter.  She got alot of experience  when she was a baby sitter and also used to leave her in charge of her younger brother.  She usually found a reason to spank him.  Her own spankings fell off until today.   So what did you think of your Old English Masage I gave you".  Still naked and aroused I had to admit that it was the strongest climax I had ever had and that yes the spanking really hurt but there were some really exciting things involved in it also.  Standing naked before these two women was exciting also.  Her mom told me to get dressed and that she will be keeping an eye on her daughter much closer than she had in the past.  She smiled and winked and told me, "We have your number from the caller id so we can call you sometime when we both are here and you can try a two on one Old English Massage sometime in the near future after your bottom has healed.  Let us know.  I finished dressing and as I was leaving I was surprised to hear myself say that "yes, I would porbably be interested in seeing the daughter again and also a double spankiing with her mom."  I guess this was the turning point where I realized that punishment could be very sexy.

this story is a rewrite of a story that I had posted on a yahoo story site. It did pretty well with hits (no pun intended)  I changed some part of the story and i redid the picture I drew back when I originally posted it.  I with drew the story from the page when spammers took it over.  I hope you enjoyed it and please feel free to ad your comments.  I love comments.


  1. Loved the story and I especially loved the illustration. But then I like all your artwork. This one is particulary evocative.

  2. Terrific story and drawing.

  3. willi.radzuwait
    61440 Oberursel

  4. Just so well done, like his bottom, wish I worked in that office.