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Saturday, November 21, 2015

You Knew You Would Be Spanked For That

I made this drawing a few years ago and i found it unfinished in a drawing pad in the back of my old studio while cleaning up in there.  I showed it to a friend and he said it looks like Sally Field.  I remembered that the model i had found on line looked a lot like her but was not Sally Field.  I finished up the drawing and I have published it on Flickr and Face Book as well.
     This is not a drawing of Sally Field and I would never suggest that Sally Field would ever partake in such activities, but I do love this drawing and I am sharing it on my blog.


  1. I had to Google Sally Field, but she certainly looks the type to warm some buns!

  2. I well remember Sally Field. She did get spanked (kind of) on "Gidget" lo, these many years ago. Always liked her. She GAVE at least on spanking too ("Places In The Heart") as a farm wife who had to take over the discipline of her children when her husband died suddenly.

    Wish the drawing was "wider" and I could see his face. I always like to see the reactions on the face of the spankee...