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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Tommy's Fantasy, A spanking from Marilyn Monroe.

My fantasy, being a teenager in the 50's and 60's,  I was in love with many movie stars.  Also already being a very happy spankee by that time, I usually fantasized being spanked by these stars.  I  never missed a Marilyn Movie .  I dreamed of being in a movie with her that called for her to put me over her knee and give me a good spanking.   I  know it would never happen but I did have that dream often.
          I drew this picture in rough form, from a picture in the early seventies , from a Last Photo shoot article in one of the News magazines of the time.   Only recently did I find the picture again and finshed the drawing...
          I state right now , that I have always had the greatest respect for Marilyn Monroe.  I would never say that this drawing is of her spanking.  it is a drawing of my personal fantasy.  it was not in any way her fantasy  at all.

           It is not a young picture of Marilyn.  it was form a last Photo shoot  group of pictures.  i found the picture on line and cut out the head shoat of Marilyn i used.  she was older than most pictures and it was taken only a few months before she died... I don;t know if any ever tried, besides me of course, to find a picture of her that showed her slightly upset when the picture was snapped.  anyhow, it was the picture that fir my fantasy.  i still some times dream of this fantasy.  I hope you enjoy the drawing and please feel free to leave comments.


  1. I was eight when Marilyn died, but I always thought she was beautiful. Later of course, I had other fantasies about her. I was a bit younger than you but still imagined a spanking from her...

  2. Goodness me.I never thought someone else thought about M.Monroe as I did. When I saw her the movie Niagara I craved to go across her knee.

  3. I love Tommys drawings. They are not perfect by any means but they portray sexual arousal for wanting to be across the females knee.

  4. I ma still amazed that someone thinks as I do about M.Monroe. I wonder how many other guys are out there with the same thoughts about being across her knee.I shall watch this blog more often now.

  5. i have had fantasy's of many movie and tv stars. also prominent women of the world. actually i have the female spanking bug so bad that even a trip tpo the local super market i find many women that inspire thoughts of being over their knees also,. i started drawing female spanking male drawings when i was 12 years old. my mom discoverrd a drawing pad of them when i was 13. she never spanked me again after finding it. she talked to me for a while about it and she decided to spank me no more. however as i had a lot of young lady friends and and aunt and a cousin who loved to spank me i still managed to be spanking happy. I am sorry that for the past three months i have been not active, it just seems that from november to the end of december is a very busy time in my for real life. i should have more posts coming soon as i have some that are almost ready. thank you for your comments.