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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Sent To Aunty Rhoda for Prep School Review

added to my series of  stars that I  fantasy being spanked by.


  1. sorry, the first line has a typo. she tutored tommy thru prep school. not pre school. well every one knows i am a terrible typist. my typing teacher in business course in 10th grade failed me. i had to leave the business course. best thing that ever happened to me. i became a technetion instead of an accountant when 1 got kicked out of the bisinewss course and joined the army after graduating. it was the best thing that happened to me in school.

  2. Nice addition, Tommy. Good to have you back with a new blog entry...many of us wish you would do so more often. Rhoda is a good choice. She puts the "stern" in Morgenstern, for those of us old enough to get the reference. You knew watching the show, that while Mary Richards was too nice to spank anybody, Rhoda would not hesitate for a second to put a boyfriend or a husband over her lap for a session with the hairbrush, if it was needed. You always got the impression from her character that she would be very strict at home.

  3. ohh quanto mi piacerebbe essere la sissy di una bella signora che mi insegna ad esser femminuccia dolce !! baci baci baci

  4. Fun fantasy that I imagine many spankos like us probably had when watching her play Rhoda
    Bottoms up

  5. Your little sister is going to jerk you off and make you cum, all while making your promise to leave that cunt of a girlfriend of yours. Click here

  6. Your story is a lot like my life was with Aunt Kay. Before we were married I got by in life on my wit and charm.

    Once we were together she had a much higher standard for everything I did and as a former teacher she was wise to all my tricks. So there were plenty of spankings for just the reasons in your story. Mediocre performance really annoyed her.