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Friday, January 14, 2011

Am I getting through to you?

Here I am again.  Over her knee, getting a severe spanking with her hairbrush.  I am really sorry that i have a problem about thinking of consequences when I get a chance to do something I really enjoy.  I love to play cards.  Not games like rummy or cribbage, but games where i can make alot of money quickly.  My favorite is on line Poker.  Last week I ended up, across my wifes knee for a long spanking as i had lost 400 dollars and my wife was not pleased because I didn;t have any money in my for fun checking account to cover my losses.  She gave me the money but told me that she was instituting a program to help me  with my gambling problem.  I told her I didn;t have a gambling problem, just that I didn;t make enough money to keep my checking account in order when i had a loss over a couple of hundred dollars.  She said that perhaps the program would help me remember what happens when I do something wrong that I have to get money from her.  She said that she was going to start spanking me like a naughty little boy for the gambling problem and that I should think about how sore my bottom will be if i go over my budget on wagering which is the reason I have my fun checking account..  She then blistered me real good.  about a half an hour of begging and crying as her hairbrush taught me a lesson.  Well It worked real well for a few days and then i got an email from a friend who said a bunch of the regular players were going to get together tonight for a closed door game.  just the 6 of us friends would be playing.  I could hardly wait.  I went to my account and discovered that my funds were on the low side, i thought about how hard a spanking I had gotten last week. how painful and embarrasing it was.  I thought to myself, well that was because I lost.  If i Play tonight I will win big time so I will borrow a 1000 dollars from our joint checking account and when I win I will replace it in the morning and my wife will be none the wiser. I went to the bank and tranferred the funds at the atm machine.  That night the game was going real well.  after just an hour i was up by 1500 dollars.  things were good,  I couldn;t seem to get a bad hand.  I was doing so well I suggested we raise the minimum bet by 100 dollars.  all but one of the players agreed.  Poor charlie had already lost a bunch of money so he withdrew from the game.  The bets and pots got hotter and within an hour had lost the extra 500 dollars that i had won and was barley hanging even with the money I had when I started.I then won a coupl;e of hands and was up another 1300 dollars.  I started pushing the betting again. I got a great hand delt to me.  I opened . three kings in my hand is a nice start. fred uped the open by another hundred,  I checked  I drew 2 cards.  as luck would have it, the 2 cards were a pair of nines.  Kings and nines in a full house is one heck of a hand, the others had all taken 3 cards except fred who only wanted one. I figured he was shooting a straight or a flush. well I obviouly had this hand locked so i bet 300 dollars.  I was surprised when fred saw it and raised another 200 but i noticed he took about 2 minutes to decide whether to bet or not. that is a sure sign that he is bluffing. every one else had dropped out.   the bet came back to me and i pushed the rest of my money in. I chuckled as I waited for his reponse, knowing he would drop out.  well to make a long story shorter. he had four tens and a ace high.  beat my full barn with no problem at all.  Flat broke I withdrew from the game.  I got up from the chair, went to the bedroom, got my wifes hairbrush and went to the living room. I had put the brlush in my back pocket and asked if she was watching anything important.  No nothing that  matter or that she couln;t see again later.  I said I would be right back.  I went to the kitchen got a straight back chair.  she raised an eye brow when i brought it in, then she noticed the hairbrush in my back pocket.  OH OH, what have you done.  I started taking off my clothes as she sat down in the chair.  I confessed the whole story. I told her how sure I was that I was going to win, That I had moved money from our joint account  and that I obviously needed to be tought a very severe lesson as I deserved it.  She was very upset. She told me to wait standing in the connor until she calmed down enough to give me a severe spanking without ending me in the hospital.  she came in, sat in the chair and that was how the story began.  I was promising to never do it again, wiggleing and even crying.  This spanking was much more intense than the one about a week before.  She kept asking me, AM i getting through to you. I gasped,    Yes dear through my tears.  She finally stopped, I lay exhausted and limp across her lap.  I guess we have to pick this up a noch or too.  I will call my sister who works at bank and have her monitor our checking accout and you fun account as well.  I may even ask her to join in our spanking sessions if there is ever a need to repeat this again.   Now get up and stand in the connor while I decide if you need more spanking than i gave you already..... Yes dear, I said and as i walked by her to go to the connor she swatted me again, not fast enough she said.  I ran to the connor and sniffed while i stood there.


  1. Great story, and pic. Glad to see your finally back.

  2. thanks James, I actually wasn;t on vacation, I had knee surgury and it was a slow recovery period, I am doing well and getting around now.

  3. Love it, great story and love the drawing.