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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Grandma Adjusts His Attitude

You had received a phone call at 7 am and were not out of bed yet. you mumbled a half asleep "hello" and then realized you had the phone upside down.  I guess you are going to have to actually open your eyes.  You straightened the phone and said "Hello, its awful early, why would anyone be calling at this time of the morning.  I was partying last night and only got to bed about an hour ago."  On the other end of the phone I heard the voice, the last person that I ever thought I would hear from.  It was my Grandma,  "Partying all night on a school night?  No wonder your mom called me to say your grades have slipped and you are on the warning list at college. You do remember that I am  paying your tuition and your folks got you that apartment by the college.  I had warned them that you should stay with me so that I could keep an eye on your study habits.  Your folks are very upset and they have asked me to have a chat with you about  how important good study habits are."  You were now completely awake.  You said, "Grandma,  I am way to old for one of your chats, I am 21 and a senior at college.  I remember your chats when I was at bording school.  I was young enough for a spanking  back then but now I am a man, living on my own and"   Grandma broke in and said,  "You are on warning and may be thrown out of school if you do not vastly improve your grades.  I also will not pay your tuition  for your final semester if you do not try to improve yourself.  Our chats have worked very well in the past and I have no intention of wasting the thousands of dollars that I have given you for your college education.  You will get up now, get ready for school, and be in class on time and in every class.  No more cutting classes,  no more missed assignments, no more wise mouth or mistreatment of underclassmen.  Remeber, your folks and I are both alumni of this school and I also gave them an large endowment so when I ask for information about my grandson they give me feedback immediately. No one from our family has ever flunked out, and you are not going to be the first.  Be here at 6 pm for our chat,  and do not be late.  You know what happens when you are late for a chat."  "B B  B But Grandma, I stammered, I have a date tonight, I can't be there at 6"   "You will be here at  6 PM,  No Excuses, It sounds like we will have to have chats about respect  as well.  We will set a schedule  for more chats when you are here.  If there is any problems that arise,  You will end up moving in with me so I can keep a better eye on you and your college behaviour.  It seems we should have been watching you more closely and you have gotten way out of hand. Well starting this evening we will bring you back to being a good college student." said Grandma.
       I showered, ate some cereal , got dressed and headed for school. First class my girlfriend came in and I
siad to her, "Sorry, but I have to cancel going to the concert with you this evening. My grandmother got word that I have been put on warning and she wants to have a chat with me about my school work."  She said,  "What has she got to do with you college education?"  I explained that Grandma had paid my tuition all through school and that if I don't go chat with her she will cut it off and I don't want to have to leave school so close to my degree...  She said, " I wondered why you looked so worryed when you came into class.  I guess  we had better cancel tonight."   "Thanks." I said, "Grandma thinks this chat will be very important so I just have to go."  All day long, I got more and more worried about tonight,  I knew that ebony hairbrush Grandma had really stung when I was a young teenager, but I am much tougher now so it will probably not be so bad.  As a full grown man, she will probably apply it to the seat of my pants instead of bare, Yup,  I really got nothing to worry about.  The day dragged by and at 4 PM I was in my apartment.  I looked at my message machine and there was one message.  It was From Grandma,  Just a reminder to not be late, 6 PM for a long serious chat and a behaviour adjustment.  Back came all the worry again, Her attitude adjustments were always over the knee,  me stripped bare before the session would start, and then a very long, slow application of Grandma's discipline.  It would be a very long night.

I arrived about 3 minutes to 6 and I knocked on the door.  Grandma opened the door and said for me to come on in.  I entered and she hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.  She asked if I had eaten and I told her that I had.  "Good," she said. That way we can get to the business at hand or brush as I apply it." 
She smiled and said that she had set up in the living room. As we enter i saw that awful brush sitting on the arm of her favorite recliner chair.  "Shit," I said, and she looked  angrily at me and she said "Do you remember how I treat little naughty boys who use foul language?"  I said, "I am sorry Ma'am, I forgot myself 
when I saw that horrible hairbrush sitting there."  "Yes" she said, "it is good that you remember how much my brush stings, but we will have a mouth soaping before we start to remind you about your language.  Now remove your clothing and stack it neatly on the floor in front of my chair,"  she said as she sat and watched me take my clothes off.  To my horror I was so embarrassed that I was aroused when I took my underware off.  I was sticking out and pointing at her like I did when I was a young teen sent for a spanking by the boarding school.  She noticed and said that I had grown alot since I was 15 years old.  She said, but it is normal for a young man to get arroused when in an embarrassing situation so we will ignore it and get on with our business.  She stood and took me by the ear and walked me to the bathroom.  She had me stand by the sink while she reached under the sink and took out a new bar of Ivory soap.  My nose started to crinkle up as I could remember how bad it tasted on other occasions when she washed my mouth.  She smiled at me and said, "now stand there while I work up a nice lather to clean out that nasty mouth of yours. She worked up the lather for a couplle of minutes and then said for me to put my face over the sink.  I hesitated, That got me a coulple of hard bare hand swats to my naked backside.  I couldn;t get over the sting,  I hadn't remembered her hand spankings as hurting to much over the years but those smacks got a loud ow with each of them.  I had tears forming as I bent my face over the sink.  she took the soap and ran it into my mouth making me gag almost immediately. and I stood up again, more hand spanks and I was back in position as she worked the soft soap over my teeth and then had me stick out my tongue while she soaped  the top and underside of it.  Then she had me open up and look at her.  she put the bar of soap half way in my mouth and said for me to bite down,  I did, tears in my eyes, gagging at the awful taste and she stood lecturing me about not using foul language.  After 5 minutes she asked if I had learned my lesson.  She said. "All right, take the soap out of your mouth., throw it in the waste basket after placing it in it wrapper, take a glass of hot water, gargle with it and then spit in the sink. use a face cloth to wash you face and chest where you dribbled while gagging and then clean the sink area.  I will be back in a couple of minutes to inspect how clean it and you are."  She left and I looked in the mirror.  What a sight I was, red eys from crying, slobber soap all over my cheeks and chin,  and dribbles all the way down to my stomach and worst of all I was still aroused and pointing at the sink. I cleaned quilkly and made sure to get it all.  I took hold of my penis and tried to squeeze it to get the arousal to go away.  I heard my Grandma  clear her throat, She was standing there watching me squeeze my penis.  "Well now, she said,  "What a naughty nasty boy you are. Playing with yourself while being punished."  I started  to say something but she just said. fortunately we are going to have a chat and we can talk about that at that time.  She checked me and the bathroom and announced  that all was clean and we would now go to the livingroom to take care of the business at hand, "I hope that you have learned not to use foul language in my house"  "Yes ma'am" I said as we did the ear pull walk back to the living room.  I did notice that she was smiling, apparently she was enjoying my humilition as I walked beside her.  When we got to the living room she sat on he chair and told me that it was time for our chat. "Over my lap now" she said pointing at the lap with the brush in her hand.  Now lets see if I remember how to do this",  She raised the hairbrush and brought it down very hard on my bottom 10 times. I was surprised at how much it hurt.  I realized I had no memory that it stung that much.  I yelled "ouch" with each whack and then she had me stand up and face her again.  I stood with a few tears in my eyes already.  She looked at my groin area and said, "Yes, I guess I do remember how to give a good spanking,  your arousal has decided it doesn't want to be hanging around when we get down to serious business.  It is already trying to withdraw into your body for protection.  All right back over my lap and we will get serious about your lesson."  Now she asked "how many nights I go out partying."    I told her "I go out everynight." That got an additional 10 smacks.   Grandma asked, "Is your at home work all up to date on your papers for all your classes?"  I said, "No.  but I have plenty of time left before the end of semester."  She said the semester ends in 14 days.  14 very hard smacks had me kicking my feet and pounding the floorwith my hands.  "Do you think you should stop going out partying and stay home and  get your papers done?" She asked?   I answered, "Every night?" That got me another 14 hard smacks, tears were falling freely now and I threw my hand back to protect my poor bottom.  She held my hand and smacked the palm very hard 5 times.  She said that I was not to interfer with her carrying out the business at hand or brush.  She almost giggled at the joke.  So the 14 smacks were repeated again..  I was already begging her to stop and promising to be far better behaved and to study hard in the future.  "How about the partys, are you going to stop going to them until your marks are up?"   I hesitated, she said "Alright 20 for that".  She gave me 20 very slow but very hard spanks over the next 2 minutes.  I was promising no more partys before the 5th spank but she kept on going until all were applied.  Shesaid "I guess I need to give your bottom a little rest so the next spanks will be on the tops of you thighs."  Grandma  continued questioning me and spanking my thighs for the next 15 minutes.
she then declared it was time for a break as her arm was getting tired.  I stood before her and she had me turn away so she could assess the damage I had suffered so far.  She said, " it is very red and there are some bruises on your thighs but your bottom can take alot more.  So go to the conner by the door and think about the lesson so far".  I couldn't believe that  I was going to get more spankings,  I stood very still and heard her turn on the tv and settle in her chair again.  After a while she asked if I still had soap taste in my mouth.  I told her that "yes, but it was mostly gone."   She asked, "would like a drink of water before we gor back to business?"  I said. "please maam. I was thinking anything to delay the return over her knee.  She brought me a glass of water and had me stand and drink it in front of her.  To my horror mister arousal was starting again.  She looked, said for me not to be worried about it as natural thing and would not effect my punishment.  Shortly she picked up the brush again.  "Now young man, she said, "we will find out how well the lesson has set in."   She asked me all of the same questions followed by 14 to 20 spanks for each one. when we were finished I was completely in tears and sobbing like a 5 year old. she said, "I think this lesson has gone very well, Friday night come by at 6 pm again and we will review the week.  Tell your girlfriend that you are sorry but until the end of term you will be just doing your school work and studying.  I will get reports on your progress daily and I will call you to come see me for any failures to meet your obligations during the week,  Friday I will serve supper and then we will have a scheduled spanking to remind you what my hairbrush feels like."  She walked to the bathroom while i stood by the chair.  She took some body lotion and rubbed it into my sore rear end.  She told me to get dressed and then walked me to the door,  kissed me on the cheek and told me how much she loved me and that she was disciplining me again because I needed to know that limits are to be followed and that she knew if I applied myself I would be on the deans list by graduation time. I walked down her walk and started crying again as I rubbed my very sore bottom.  Sitting in class for the next few days was gong to be very uncomfortable.  If I  applied myself I would only have to worry about friday nights  until the end of the next semester.  My girlfriend , well that was going to be another problem.


  1. this post took awhile as there were 2 art peices to make for it. I will correct the cpunctuation over the next few days, thanks for your support, tommy

  2. this is fake art. these pictures are made up from several pictures and overpainted so that it becomes a separate and new peice of art.

  3. Ohmigod! that mouthsoaping your grandmother gave you before your spanking sounds so hot! I can totally picture being led by the ear to the bathroom. I get hard just reading your account of it. Good thing my disciplinarian or your grandmother is not here. ;)

    That tug on my ear pulling me toward the bathroom has always been the dreaded cue that I associate with the taste of IVORY soap about to follow the march to her bathroom sink. And that taste is always the lingering memory of the spanking that goes with every one of my mouthsoapings. Funny, how those sensations are all linked together. The tug on my ear, the smell of the fresh new bar of Ivory, the awful sound of her hands vigorously lathering up the soap bar in her pink sink, and the disgusting taste filling my mouth as the spanking begins and I am forced to witness my own punishment in the mirror. Nothing has ever made me blush or feel so childish as those bathroom sink spankings with Ivory filling my mouth, especially as my lady spanker/mouthsoaper also likes to add an additional humiliating touch by putting a big pink towel around my neck like a bib to catch all those dribbling suds. Then come her order to open wide. By then I am in a whole different world and there's nothing to do but obey and submit.

    As you know, that taste lingers for as long as the sting on your bottom - like one won't let the other forget. You have captured it all, tommy. I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one who has suffered through an Ivory soap spanking and come out so much the cleaner and redder for it.

    Yes, my penis, too, always ends up pointing at the sink full of suds. What is that makes it do that? I've learned it never fails that my offensive erection gets a long harsh Ivory scrubbing with the bristles of her bathbrush to "clean and soften" my naughty reaction. She makes me hold the Ivory firmly in my mouth as she rubs the steaming wet bathbrush and lathers it up for my crotch scrubbing. As she scrubs me in front, I know my bottom is about to feel the other side of her bathbrush as soon as she stops the painful scrubbing. She loves to make me moan big bubbles by starting the spanking with a rapid soapy bathbrush bristle attack over my ass crack.