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Monday, January 30, 2012

mom requests help from granmum

what the heck,  it's senior year and your supposed to have a good time your last year of high school.  I cut school this morning and took a walk downtown instead.  Around 10 am i was checking out the dream car of mine that was parked in a parking lot.  I was leaning against the door with mu face between my arms checking out the dash and the leather interior of the expensive dream car.  I knew in my heart that I would never own one but that didn;t mean I could not dream about it.  Just then i heard a voice that said step, " step back from the car and put your hands behind your back." as i started to jump back i heard her say, "i am a police officer and cars have been broken into in this lot so i have been assigned foot patrol.  Do not say anything until i have you cuffed.  she stepped forward and quickly set handcuffs on my wrist.  Turn around slowlly and face me."  I did as she said.  "all right,m what were you doing looking into that car like that?  and why are you not in school Thomas," she said.  It was officer Janet who lived down the street from me.  I hung my head in shame and told her that I had cut school for the day and was just roaming around down town having a little fun.  then I realized, I wasn't going to break into that car, I was just looking at it because it is the dream car that I hope to buy some day."
well officer Janet said that she had been notified by the school department that you had not shown up at school so I was looking for you also.  It's good to see you are safe but I will have to take you to the station and investigate about your looking into the car like you wanted to break in.."  Please Janet, i wasn't going to break in, It was just like i told you.,, i just wanted to see the inside of it." " ok but you will have to go to the station while i file a report.  You will need your mom to come pick you up.", she said'. (oh crap I thought.  now mom is going to be mad.)
         Officer Janet wrote up her report, she stated in it that she did not think i was going to break in but was just looking at the car. and then she came back to me and took off the cuffs and said, " your Mom is tied up at a business meeting and that she had heard from the school about you not being there today .  she is relieved that you are safe but has called your grandmum to come pick you up and take you home. she is going to come talk to you after her meeting is over.  Apparently you have been flunking your courses and this is not your first skip this year.  I hope you smarten up or you will never have a job that will pay enough to get a car like that.  She says that you are to stay right where you are until your grandmum gets here.  She asked the duty officer to watch you until then and she left."
     When grandmum arrived she was livid.  apparently she was supposed to have a hair appointment and had to cancel it. she went to the duty officer and said, "she was heare to pick up thomas and to take him home for a chat with his mom and her.  apparently he is slacking off and we will have to make sure he understands how serious skipping school is."  With that she walked over, put her hands on her hips, started tapping her toe and said, " have told your mom right along that the permisive way you were raised was going to end you up as a failure.  She is at witts end with you and I think things are going to change as she asked me to bring my hairbrush when I cmae to pick you up.  Uh uh, nothing out of you right now,  you are in enough trouble. Now march." she said.
she followed me out and opened the door for me and watched me climb in.  she then fastened me in with the seat belt real tight.  she said that seat belt have two uses, to keep people from b=eing injured and also to keep them in there place,   she pushed a button and i noticed the belt click . she said now only I can open your belt. 
she lectured me all the way home about how could I treat my poor mom this way and did she know how she raised my dad, and that he never tried anything as stupid as letting his grades slip and skip school.  well I hope things are going to change when your mom gets home. She is really fed up."  Surprisingly when we arrived mom was just getting out of her car.  "did you have any problems with him when you picked him up or on the way home." No ,granmum said, he was very quiet and just sat there.  I think he is thinking about his situation.."  She opened my door , unlocked the belt and said,       " out, go right to the front door and wait there."  y mom walked over to her and said in a quiet voice to her, "Did you bring it."  Yes I have it in my pocket book. I am sure it will correct his ways while there is still time."  They walked over to me and mom handed granmum the keys and she took ahold of my ear and led me in after the door was opened.
we went to the living room and mom guided me to a corner and told me to think about what had happened today and that things were going to drastically change.  stay in that corner until we call you to come out."  I again thought it would be best if I didn;t say anything at this point. mom and granmum left the room and in less than a minute they returned, i heard them set things down and wanted to look but decided not to.  mom left again and came right back in. they then called me to come sit with them.  I was surprised that they had brought three kitchen table chairs into the room.  I was told to lsit in the one chair facing the other two,  I did so.
      Mom started the talk.  She said that she knew that she was partly at fault for what was going on today, that when my dad had died when I was just 7 years old that she knew she was going to be responsible for me, so she read all the books on child rearing that she could find.  she said that she really believed that reasoning was the way to go for discipline.  Yes, we had had a few times when she was yelling and i was yelling but time in my room usually brought me back to reason.  However she said,"today has made me realize that you might have needed a much firmer hand when you were wrong.  She said that she didn't think that i was really ready to face the problems of the world as she had protected me from it for so long.  Her and granmum had had many arguements when i was growing up that usually left one or the other mad at the other for long periods.  but today, being told that i was in the police station in cuffs, had cut school,,,, again ( she hadn't actually known, I had cut about once a week since school started this year,writing my own excuse notes so she wouldn't find out, but the call she got ruined everything and I was caught cold to right.She said that granmum had always said that permisive upbringing just lets a kid know how much they can get away with.  Well, I guess she was right so I have asked her over today to show me the proper use of that hair brush that she raised your dad with.  you will be getting spanked by her as instruction and then by me to show i know how hard to spank you to teach you a lesson.  I apologize to her as she has opbviously been right all along. "What? " I couldn;t beleive my ears.
granmum was going to get her way and spank me, right here and now.  I said that they couldn't do that .  I would call the police and turn them in for child abuse.  Mom said that she had asked officer Janet about that and she said that a spanking is not considered child abuse and that she would be glad to help out if needed.  she said that I was spoiled rotten and would probably benifit by a few good spankings.Oh no, she knows i am going to be spanked also.   yes she does said mom and granmum added that she will happily come and restrain you if you make a fuss.  You are going to be spanked and you will be spanked regularly  every sunday afternoon for the nest 2 months.  granmum will participate also.  I will also keep track of your school work and i also will be quick to spank you whenever you need it.  your life has changed and we just hope it isn;'t  to late to change you.   With that Granmum reached into her hand bag and took out a large black hairbrush.  Mom got up and walked over to me and granmum pulled her chair a little further forward.  Mom grabbed me by the ear again and took me to stand in front of granmum.  she placed the brush on her lap and reached for my belt. I pushed back from her and mom twisted my ear.  oh, i guess we should have told you all spankings will be on your bare bottom.  Now hold still so Granmum can lower your pants and underpants.  I was so embarrassed i started to cry.  No Mom, no,  please don;t let her do this,  i will be good, no more cutting classes and i will study hard.  mom said, that right, that is exactly what you are going to do and you will report ontime for your scheduled spankings and not argue when i decide you need one right then,  down came the pants and under shorts.  i thought i might be able to hide between a floorboard i was so embarrassed, but that wasn't the end of it.  My penis decided to start to get erect,  please i begged.  mom helped me by pulling my ear over to granmum side.  she quickly pushed her knee into mine and i tripped and ended up over her lap with my bare but right on top of her thighs.,  what a nice target i was presenting.  she had me put my right hand on her back and gripped my thumb and pushed it up my back so I couldn't move.  my mom pulled the chair i had been on closer so she could watch the preparations.  she was embarrassed by my enlarging penis.  granmum  said that as soon as the brush started its job any erection thoughts would soon go away.  mom sat back and watched.  Granmum scolded me for about 5 minutes, telling me how much i had screwed up and that she was sorry that i had needed this spanking for so long.  they would make sure it would be a regular consequence of bad behavior from now on.  she told me that she was lending her brush to mom so she would have a nice spanking brush to use until she could find her own. quickly i will tell you the best way to spank an older teen (18). use the brush like a paint brush move the brush so the stroked over lay each other and the collor spreads from the top of the bottom to the bottom of it and then start all over again.  deep it up regardless of his protests as an older boy can take quite a hard spanking.  ok, i am going to start.  she gave ten good full arm swingsthat did exactly as she said. tom ouched after the first and his voice got higher and higher after each one.
whe asked mom to look under him as she spread her legs just a little  my small non erect penis came into view.  like i said granmum knows that it won;t last when introduced to a hiarbruch on his backside
 she continued and i was completley in ears and begging for her to stop.  she did stop and then said , ok now i will give hime 20 on the sweet spot. this is where he sits down. where the thigh meets the bototm , 10 on each side.  i screamed , i lleaded but nothing stopped those smacks. when she finished she let me lie for a few minutes. while she reviewed what she had done. . she reached into her hand bag and took out some lotion and rubbed it into my bottom.  ok that is enough from me today;' future spankings i give will be much more severe but as you are going to get another in 30 minutes  i will let you go to the corner and rest for the allotted time.  with that she let me stand up and then she stood and took me by the ear to the corner again. she told me to stand there. sub some if you need to but do not move other than that.  I did as i was told.  mom and granmom went out to the kitchen anbd took the extra chair with them.  i heard the tea pot boil and i guessed they were having tes.  i was glad because tea usually calmed mom down.  
         After what seemed like no time i heard them enter the room again.  granmum came and got me out of the corner and ear walked me over to mymom who was now sitting on the chair and patting her thigh with the hair brush.  darn here came another erection. i stood there while they watched it grow.  mom said you really need to stop doing that.  someone may get the wrong idea.  granmum said it was probably just nerves causing it and reccomended i get on with the work at hand.  she pulled me across her lap, adjusted me so my bottom was high in front of her and took my right hand up on my back and grabbed tight on my thumb. again i couldn;t move. she paused for a moment and felt my bottom and said that now she knew what was meant by a bottom warming.  my but was even hotter on my side of it.  granmum said remember the pattern of spanking and start and just continue until his bottom is scarlet all over with a few minor blue spots.  that should do for a first spanking.  mom raised the brush and withing a minute she was as good at it as granmum was.again i squirmed , kicked screamed and begged but nothing took my mom away from her task.  finally she stopped.
after about 30 seconds granmum said don;t forget the sweet spot.  20 more screams later it was over.  mom applied lotion and again i went to the corner..  after 30 minutes we all met in the kitchen.  granmum asked if i know knew whjat a spanking is.  i still sobbed out yes.  well you are going to be getting a few until uyou change your ways.  do you understand?   yes maam i said. and to mom she said i am very pleased. you showed your self to be a competent discipliarian today.  do not be afraid to use the brush when needed.I f he balks call me or officer Janet. one way or another we will get him thru this problem he is having. with that she stood and told me to come an thank her with a kiss and a hug.  I blushed but did it.  now thank your mom. I did.  it was actually nice to get a kiss and a hug from them  that hadn;t happened in years with mom and since i was real young with granmum.  As she was going out she told mom have him study tonight. any time he screws around take him over for another 20 smacks, that way he will know this is for real.  with that she kissed mom and left.  mom said ok if you don;t have books with you read the encyclopedia about subljects you are taking. i will check and call you when didnners readyl. then tonight it will be to bed early for you so you will be sharp at school tomorrow.  yes maam was all i could answer as i walked away pulling my pants and underwear up ever so gently,


  1. Very nice story! Growing up in the 50's I know a large percentage of the women were like Granmum in your story. Unfortunately books written by Dr. Spock and others like him blasted corporal punishment as being cruel and unusual. Many people bought into his thinking, and abandoned the time honored use of spanking discipline. All one has to do is look around at our world today and see Spock's philosophy has been a colossal failure. For that reason I believe your story is spot on, and the world needs more Granmum's today, showing the younger generation the proper effective methods of discipline. Thanks so much for a great story.

  2. Another GREAT story and Pic. I so admire your work.

    Thanks for all your efforts and sharing these with us.

  3. Always enjoy your postings, they remined me of the spanking I had at the hands of my step mother and two step sisters..