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Saturday, January 28, 2012

straight home after work

You had been getting in trouble with your bride again.  The past few nights you had listened to your buddies from work, saying that you were "whipped"
and always just did what ever your wife said.  You had acted brave and told them  that you were your own man and that you do whatever you want to do, and that this evening you were in the mood to go to the local pub for a couple of large beers.  They all slapped you on the back and told you that's the way it should be.  So right after work as you were hurrying to punch out at the time clock so you could quickly sneak out and be gone by the time they got there, you heard Jim say,  "hey Tom, hold up for a second,  I know you are in a hurry to get to the bar but the others are coming right along.  we can all walk down together."  You smiled outwardly but inside you were cringing in fear.  You bride had warned you after two nights of coming home smelling of beer, that if you did it again she would have to start your behavior modification program that she and you marriage counselor had started when your marriage was in jepordy from drinking so much and that led to other problems.  Your mom had been called in also and she had told them that she had kept you in line right up until you left home to get married.  She had said that she was going to give your bride her hair brush but you had begged her to let you show how good a husband you could be.  Well it lasted for almost 3 months until the guys started ribbing you about being owned by your wife so you started going out drinking and carousing with them.  the marriage counselor, your bride and your mom had met and decided that seeing spankings had worked so well , that they should meet with you and start the program. it had been very embarrassing going naked from lap to lap as they drove home their point about how you need to behave and listen to your wife if your marriage is to survive.  your wife started giving you twice weekly spankings and then cut down to one a week after a month and then had said that you were doing so well that she was, at least temporarily ending your spankings except on a needed basis..  In other words you would get spanked when you needed it.  Now for two nights after going out with the boys you had been spanked each night and when you went to work today she had said that if you didn't come straight home she would call a three way spanking for you next night  after she had taken you for a real long hard lesson tonight.....
    Well that had led up to the predicament that you now found yourself in.,  As you as quietly as possible let yourself into the apartment and tip toed across the living room to the bed room.  Peaked in and immediately  you started begging for forgiveness.  Pleading that it wasn't your fault, the boys at work had embarrassed you so bad that you had to go with them.  "Please Honey, give me another chance.  I know I did wrong and I swear I will never do it again.  i know you are mad at me ,but i am so sore from the other 2 nights spnkings you gave me....please show a little pity for me and let me off tonight.  I REALLY,  REALLY, have learned my lesson,  I was so upset tonight knowing i was forced to go with the guys, I didn't even enjoy my beers.  All I could think about was that I was really going to catch it tonight when I came in."  All the time he was pleading she was listening quietly while tapping her palm with the horrible ebony hair brush that your mom had given her after the marriage counselor meeting.
        After a few minutes of letting you squirm and look at her, she just turned her back on you and walked to the night table.  She removed the chair and brought it beside the bed where you were standing.  She looked at you and said, " You are so pathetic. Now listen to me Thomas, (I cringed more as I only am called Thomas before a really severe spanking is in the making) I have called our marriage counselor and you mom and we are going to go for a meeting and group spanking tomorrow night. As of right now your corrective, preventative spankings are back on for 3 a week now,,,UH, uh, do not say anything, right now you had better be taking off you clothes because when I am ready you will be very sorry that you think the boys words can embarrass you into doing things that you know you are not allowed to do.  If you are not naked by the time I sit down to spank you, I will invite the boys and their wives to tomorrow nights incentive meeting with the marriage counselor.  Maybe their wives will appreciate that and learn how to control the boys.  I am starting to sit down, you better hurry."
      Just as she was almost seated I tore my socks and underpants off of my legs and as she settled I settled across her lap, bottom high, my penis hanging between her slightly spread thighs so there would be no rubbing of erotic areas. I felt her grip my waist hard and she said. "Do not cover your bottom with your hands.  You will grab the chair rungs and hold still as possible. this will be a very, long hard lesson. After your so called excuses as to why you went with the guys again, knowing full well what was going to happen,  You probably should have just kept quiet and just said,  ""I am sorry honey and I am ready for my punishment."" and I may have lightened up a little but now I will try to spank even harder as my vocal warnings obviously do not work."

          I felt her shift slightly and then that brush landed with the first whack.  I yelped and gripped the rails of the chair harder.  Then the spanking really took off.  My bottom was blazing and I was crying after just a few spanks.  She was really letting me have it as I had never seen her as angry as she was when this spanking started.  After a while she started to lay off a little. I was sobbing and not moving at all.  She added some extra hard spanks to my upper thighs and i suddenly came back to life and started pleading again. finally she stopped.  She had to help me off of her lap.  I stood by the chair, waiting for her to say ok you can rub some now. finally she did and then she giggled.  "You very much deserved this very hard spanking that you got and you had better remember it well.  If you ever tell me that you did something because you were embarrassed to tell you friend that your wife wanted you home tonight you will get the same or worse again.  Ok, now lie down on the bed as I am going to rub some cream into your bottom because tomorrow night you will be getting spanked by your mom, Ms Snierson and myself.  I am smiling because looking at you now, I can see that naughty little boy that was let off his moms' lap after a long taste of this hair brush.  You actually look very cute with you bottom bright red and your face all red with tear streaks."  I started to say something but  managed to stop myself.  My bride looked at me and said, See, you are learning already.
       I climbed on the bed and she gently rubbed in some lotion.  She asked if I would like the covers pulled up and I said, "No the cool air feels good and cool on my burning bottom.  She said that she would come in and check on me in a little while and that I was to stay in bed unless I had to go to the bath room.. She stood at the door waiting,  I quickly added, "Thank you dear, for caring enough to discipline me when I need it." 
She turned off the light and threw me a kiss. and closed the door.

This is a fake art that I produced from pictures taken from the web.  I have over painted the persons in it as it is an art work and not an actual drawing.  I hope you like it.


  1. Great story, can't wait to hear more!!

  2. yes, when i wrote this story i kept thinking that it could be a serial. we will see

  3. Tommyspt-
    I have been reading past posts and really love your stories (and pix too, of course). I can't wait to read about the Three-Lady spanking consequence.

  4. Nice story, love the composit picture. The world needs more wives like that. I am looking forward to the three ladies spanking him.

  5. If she closes her leg around his penis it could get messy if the up and down movement of his bare bottom....Good story..