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Monday, March 7, 2016

My Fantasy Art Linda Evans

                             My Fantasy Spanking Art


                                                  Linda Evans
Linda Evans, a fantastic television star for so many years.   I must say that I have nothing but the greatest respect for her as a star and actor.  I made this drawing quite a few years drawing years ago and recently finished it.  the fantasy is mine alone.  I under now way would say that she would ever be interested in this activity.  It is my fantasy alone.  I publish this to my blog as I have had requests for me to publish some of my personal fantasy drawings.  I will post some more in the next few months.  please feel free to leave comments.  


  1. Lovely drawing...

    I remember her from "The Big Valley" where she seemed more of a spankable brat than a spanker. Have you ever thought about Barbara Stanwyck as a spanker?

    Perhaps Linda on "Falcon Crest" could have been a spanker. She seemed a lot more "that way" on that show. Who's the lucky guy?

    1. happy birthday by the way. i sent you a sketch i made of Barbara some time ago. i hope you liked it. i am hoping to finish it up for a blog post next month. i sent it to you on facebook.

    2. Thanks, but I have no idea of how to use facebook. I know they aggregate all your online activity and thus can keep track of different email addresses and IDs, so I avoid facebook. I can send you an email address if you like.

  2. You may also want to update your blog list. The "Ottos Femdom Spanking Art" site is some car site now...

  3. thank you. i had noticed it but had not deleted it. i have now...

  4. Sir

    You nailed this one she is a lovely lap.

  5. Your drawings are all excellent representations of domestic female dominance. I would like to echo the comments above regarding Barbara Stanwyck. Not only as the matriarch on "The Big Valley", but in so many other roles, she just exudes that quality of the female disciplinarian that we all love. I'm quite sure that in her real life, Barbara didn't put up with too much nonsense from men.

  6. thank you all for the comments. i really appreciate when folks take the time to make a comment. i am researching online for more pictures of Barbara Stanwyck that i may be able to draw a new picture from. yes i love the strength and demeanor just like you all do,