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Monday, May 30, 2016

Pam Dawber Mindy on Mork and Mindy star fantasy

One of my favorite shows from the 1980's was Mork and Mindy, Pam Dawber played Mindy. I would love to have seen an episode where Orson contacts Mindy to see if she knows how to take Mork down a few pegs as he has been getting out of hand and may be discovered as being an alien from Ork.    Mindy knows just what to do.   She tell Mork to remove his clothes,.. She goes and gets her hairbrush, Sits down and points to her lap and tells him to lay over her lap and teaches him some old fashioned discipline. Of course this is a fantasy episode that never happened, although it could have many times.


  1. Pam Dawber(Mindy)frequently looked very exasperated at Robin Williams' frequently childish, mischievous behavior and many times looked like she wanted very much to turn him over her knee. That would have been awesome. Too bad it never happened. Nice drawing...

  2. yes, i was always wanting it to happen also. i have a drawing of her somewhere in my many drawing pad of her actually giving a spanking. if i can find it i will put it on the blog. thank you for taking the time to comment.

  3. Interesting one, I never thought about her. My fantasy is Elizabeth Monthomery.

  4. if the person is female and has a lap, i thi nk about it, just being truthful. i have a couple of lis montgomery drawings. i will see if they are ready for publication. one i think was already published but i did not i d the model. i think i drew it from samantha on bewitched.