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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another office spanking

Your boss has taken a personal interest in improving your performance at the office.  The last review of your work, she called you in and was going to fire you.  You pleaded that you just could not seem to concentrate and spent too much time daydreaming instead of doing your job.  She said that you could use more discipline at work and that would help you concentrate. She said that daydreaming was a childish habit and that probably a good hard spanking could cure the problem. She said that during lunch today you will get your first spanking asnd then when necessary she would administer more when needed.
During lunch she just took her hairbrush from her purse, rolled out the chair and told you to strip for your spanking.  when you hesitated, she said or you can pack up your things and be fired,  you stood and stripped slowly in front of her, and she told you that you had better hurry as others would be back in the office soon,   you removed your underpants and got over her lap.  She then gave you the hardest spanking you ever had in your life,  you kicked, pleaded and even cried. s;he let you up. dried you eyes and gave you a hug and said, now concentrate and we won;t have to do this again.  unfortunately every time your mind drifts you see her sitting there with a brush in her hand and a get over hear look on her face. i guess it is going to a painful few weeks as you try to concentrate.

this is a fake art created by tommyspt, the story is not true but a fantasy of mine. I love to make fake art and also i draw pictures of  females spanking males.  comments or even you own captions for the pictures are welcome


  1. Wonderful to see that you have started a blog. Hopefully you will start posting your F/M drawings that I have seen on yahoo groups.
    best wishes

  2. Vert hot and love the smile on her face and that brush!!


  3. Why brushes? Must be very painful! The hand is so much more sexual.But that's my opinion.