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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

sister in law takes charge

Your wife had told you that she was going away on business for a week.  Right away your mind drifted to all the fun you were going to have with out her checking on everything you do.  You will especially not miss the weekly maintinance spanking that she gives you on sunday evenings and the embarrassing reading of the demerit list while you stand naked before her. As you start thinking of who to call to go drinking with, she casually says that her sister will be looking in on you every evening to be sure that you get all your responsibilities accomplished and also to update the demerit list when needed.  She also said that she has her permission to spank you whenever needed beyond the weekly maintinance spanking you get.  you know that your sister in law also spanks her husband and that she has the same maintinance program with her husband. Your wife also stated that she would be dropping by tonight to go over all the proceedures and that she will give you a maintinace spanking tonight.

Please feel free to leave comments or even you own caption for the drawing i have published.


  1. Frightful brush, great commentary to accompany the drawing of a fantasy many men have.

  2. Awesome, I have a sister in law I would to spank me. My wife who is now spanking me has threatened but not yet.

    Very hot drawing, very hot.