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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

your mom, to help give you responsibility decided to try retirement, by taking the summer off from her real estate business.  she named you as being in charge while she is away and told the supervisors in the office, that if there was any problems to call her, and gave them her number at the summer farm where she is going,  She took you into the office and explained that you were to sign the paychecks and let the supervisors run the office. sure mom you told her as you started looking around the office to redecorate it to be more you friendly. She left shortly after that and you immediately called a staff meeting to make changes in how the office would run.  You told them how you like your coffee and that a hot cup should be waiting when you came back into the office. you also said that one of them should massage your back every day as a painful back made you grouchy and they would not like a grouchy boss. then you got the check book and wrote yourself a big bonus check tog o shopping for a new car and clothes that are suitable for a new executive officer. As soon as you left , they immediately called your mom and informed her of the changes that you were instituting and the fact that you wrote a very large check for yourself to go shopping.  Mom said that she would be right down.  when she came in she went right into the office to call to cancel the check you had written.  She was told that you had already cashed it and that you had gone to an expensive suit store near by. about 15 minutes later you came back to the office with new suits in hand.  you asked if your coffee was ready and that you would have it in the office.  they both just looked at you and smiled.  Your mom stepped out of the office and said " in charge for less than 2 hours and you have upset the staff, written an no good check, spent company money without authorization.  so you remember what the judge told you when you were caught stealing when you were fifteen years old?  You blushed bright red and said "Yes Maam, I do.  If i am ever caught again i will be looking at hard time because the amount i stole before represented a feleoy in adult court." Mom asked, "Do you remember what the court offered to let you out in my custody?"  "gulp, Yes Ma'am I do" I said. ""Spankings, bare naked, over your knee like a little boy."  Mom said, "Ok take everything off  and come stand beside me." As I stripped the supervisors just stared and had small smiles that looked like they were suppressing giggles and snickering.  Mom said, "All right now apologize to the ladies and then assume the position for your spanking."  I apologized with tears of embarrassment coming to my eyes and hurried to get over mom's lap if only to hide my embarrassment of being aroused because i was so nervous. Mom scolded me about my actions,, and to make it worse she asked if the supervisors would be willing to let me stay on as a gopher, running errands and making coffee and waiting on clients that came into the office for signings and other business.  i was crying and begging when i heard her ask if the supervisors would be willing to take over my discipline so she could at least get to go away for the summer.  that took my breath away and i just held it until i heard them agree and then i just stopped resisting and laid there. 
so each of the supervisors also had me over there knees as mom told them how i act when the spanking is really not hurting.  she knew all my tricks.  it is looking like it is going to be a long hot summer in more ways than one,   maintenance spankings will be given on saturday noon times and others spankings as needed will be given at the time of the infraction.  any abuse of sales reps will result in them witnessing the discipline sessions.  OH my oh my,  i guess i will have to really watch my step.  by the way, mom hung up the hairbrush by the executive office door as a reminder to me and i have a small desk next to the supervisors assistants desk so they can keep tract of my demerits for saturday sessions.
this short story was written by tommyspt and the accompanying picture is a fake art picture made up of many
peices which have been over painted to change the appearances.  I hope you enjoy it.


  1. A great fake. I like it very much. How about an otk spanking.


  2. love the art work, and accompanying story. Glad to know you are retired, and thus have time to produce quality like these posts.

  3. Hey, Tommy... good to talk to you again....

    I really like the blog and especially your new medium for producing pictures.. very clever. Now you can provide three different types of entertainment for us lesser abled individuals...

    Thank you, buddy..

    Terry Mc

  4. wow, what nice comments. thank you all.

    to joerg, a particular heart felt thank you as i have long been a fan of your fake art.

  5. Thank you Tommy for your kind words. So you know the SSL yahoo group, where I post my celebrities fakes.


  6. yes jeorg, i am a member of the group but i confess to not being very active in the group. I do however stup by to see the latest captions and when i do i always checkout your folder. I have messaged you a few times thru the group to say how much i like your work.. keep up the good work.

  7. Great artwork and story! I love the fact that he is completly naked in front of clothed women.and the fact that he was at first arrogant and cocky.And ended up being humbled into obedience

    I love the idea of Female Dominated Households where women rule and men obey.
    I love the idea of a daughter or mother taking a feminism course in college and then introducing the concept of "Female Supremacy" and "Wife Led Marriage" into thier family.

    i love the idea of the women in a family slowly enslaving thier men .At first having them do houseowrk, then having them do it barefoot,then shirtless, then only wearing an apron.And finally having a ceremony where they strip the men in front of a group of cheering neighborhood women
    I love the idea of a young woman getting revenge on her arrogant and pesky older brother.And her getting her revenge by showing her Brother's wife the benifits of a Wife Led Marriage.And by helping h her Sister-in-Law enslave her brother and turning him from a cocky young man that doesnt lift a finger to help with houseowrk, to a naked and obedient househusband who does his wife's laundry whil e his sister and her go out for a Girls Night Out.
    I love the idea of a young woman slowly converting an entire neighborhood to the concept of "Female Supremacy " and "Matriarchy". And the idea of the neighborhood women slowly turning thier cocky husbands,sons and brothers into obedient and naked househusbands and houseboys