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Friday, September 24, 2010

It had been a fun night out.  A nice meal and a few drinks had you in a playful mood when you got home. As you held the door open for her you gave her a light spank on her butt as she walked by.  You giggled and she looked at you and said that you were acting like a naughty little boy. You walked over to her and wrapped your arms around her and gently pulled her tight against you and with both hands squeezed her bottom cheeks.  She pushed away and looked at you with her hands on her hips and tapped one foot on the floor as she decided what needed to be done.
     Ok naughty boy, I guess its time to show you how I handle naughty boys.  Go to the bedroom and  remove all your clothes and I will be there in a minute.  You ran up the stairs, opened the door and already had your shoes and sox and pants off by the time you reached the bed.  Off came the shirt and the tee shirt and you laid on the bed and you started congratualting yourself on such a well planned night. As you were thinking about it you became very aroused.  She came in and noticed and said that you still have naughty thoughts going through your head.  She went to the vanity, pulled out the chair and brought it over to the bed. went back to the vanity, picked up her hairbrush and started brushing her hair as you lay there watching her.  She walked over still brushing her hair and reached down and grabbed you by the ear and pulled you up and off the bed and over to the chair. She pulled you down across her lap and laying the brush on the bed started, fun, just hard enough to be felt hand spanks on your up turned bottom.  she scolded as she spanked, so the naughty boy thinks he can just spank and squeeze his brides butt and get away with it when he has been a naughty boy all evening. Well this is what happens to naughty boys, they get spanked, after about 5 minutes she reached over and picked up the brush, tonight you are learning a lesson about what happens to naughty boys.  Now you are going to get some harder spanks with the brush to show you what happens if you ever really get out of hand. With that she laid on about 30 hard full arm spanks with her brush. it stung and made him squirm on her lap, which he really found to be arousing.  He was harder than he had ever been in his entire life.  She stopped spanking, looked at him and said are you a naughty boy any more.  You said no maam.  Do you understand what is going to happen when you are naughty from now on.  You said yes maam. So you are my good little man now. You said yes maam.   Good come to me and i will show you how good little men are treated,


  1. Hi Tommy,

    Another inspired piece of work, both the drawing and the storyline. Hoping for lots from you now you have more time..
    Many thanks,

    Terry Mc, London

  2. Very hot and great story, thanks, Love it