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Thursday, September 16, 2010

wedding night surprise

     Your mom gave me a surprise wedding present last night before the wedding.  When I opened it I was surprised to fine a  very large and well worn Hairbush that she said  was the brush that brought you up.  She told me about your need to be spanked to prevent you from slipping into bad habits and also blue moods which cause you to withdraw and swear and yell at people for no real reason.  I told her that as the older sister of  three brat boys in our family that I had alot of spanking experience as mom and dad both worked and traveled for work alot and I was usually left in charge.
      She said that you are used to spankings and that you will co-operate with me or I am to call her and she willl come by for a long, hard session whenever needed. I told her that I was happy that she had raised you so well and that she would support me in keeping you on the straight and narrrow of married life. so tonights session will be long and hard, with huggs and kisses afterward and then on to the fun of the wedding night. 


  1. please feel free to leave comments or to leave your own caption

  2. Way to go Tommy!
    Have fun with the blog!
    I look forward to seeing more of you work.

  3. Hiya Tommy, and welcome to the wonderful world of F/M spanko blogging!

    Really pleased to see you get your own place. Great pictures, great captions. I look forward to seeing many more.

    Best wishes,


  4. You have a wonderful knack of imaging scenes that are very erotically charged spankings. I am looking forward to following your blog regularly.

  5. Tommy

    Wonderful drawing and very erotic, love the story line as well.

    Thanks for sharing your talents.


  6. compliments are great and even greater when coming from artists that i admire so much. thank you again underling and jeorg. a special thank you to all who take the time to comment.

  7. I just discovered your blog.Great artwork and storylines.
    Men used to have bacholer/stag parties before they got married.Now many women forbid thier husband-to-bes from having them.But the women are now having bacholerette/hen parties. Ive known at least two male friends whose wives forbid them from having a bachelor party,while at the same time they had a bachelorrete party featuring a male stripper

    Who knows what the future trend will be. My fantsy would be for my bride to have a bachelorrete party where she stripped me in front of her female friends.After serving as thier male waiter/servant she would then bring in male strippers .After helplessly watching my bride and her friends strip the hunks naked. My wife w-to -be would then spank me in front of her laughing friends and d the male strippers

    It would be great to see more spankingartwork showing bacheloreete parties and weddings that are Female Dominated.With naked grooms agreeing to "Love and obey " thier fully clothed wives in front of a cheering femaledominated audience.With brides spanking thier husbands symbolicaly in front of thier female friends in a wedding or bachelorette party, to symbolise thier new status as "the boss" and thier husband's new status as "the obedient househusband .

    It would be great to see a weddingwhere a man's female family member[sister or mother ]stripped him and led him naked to his new bride