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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Court Ordered Spanking Sessions

You are now nineteen years old and juvenile court is sick of all your petty crime arrests.  Your latest, you grabbed the charity collection can at the local supermarket.  You ran about 2 blocks with a clerk chasing you and then ran right into the side of a police car that was responding to the scene.  You fell down with the can still in your hands.  The officers got out of the car. cuffed you and put you in the back,  they took you back to the store and got the statements of all the witnesses and had them identify you while sitting in the car.   Lets see, the last arrest was just 3 weeks ago when you stole a purse from a woman leaving an atm machine.  A couple of hundred bucks if you hadn't been run down by the woman,  She was an athlete who competed in track and fiels events.  Luckily for you the police arrived before she could start beating on you  with the purse that she had recovered.  Anyway when they brought you into the station to book you for grabbing the charity fundraiser can, the officers on duty said, "not again, what is this the 6th time in about 6 months.  i guess you just don't realise what trouble you could actually be in."  When the booking was over you asked for your lawyer and were told that she had given up on defending you, and that a new lawyer, Ms Vera Stern had volunteered to take over your case.  She is well known as a defender of  young men who have authority problems and also for the  plea bargains that she gets for her clients.  Well that sounded alot better than the 6 months if the correction center that the last judge had threatened you with when she just fined you and released you to your mom again.    
     The next morning you met with your new lawyer, she was a very attractive 30 something lady and carried a large brief case.  You smiled and said hello with out even getting up from the chair.  She told you to stand up and greet her properly or she would walk out and leave him to the judge to send you away.  He stood slowly and said, "Hello Ma'am, it is nice to meet you.  Now can we discuss my case,  I was framed.  a kid handed me the coin box and told me to run with it."  "Stop Lying,  and sit back down.  There are over 30 witnesses that saw what you did." Ms Stern said.  "We will Plead guilty and i will ask the judge for a plea bargain.  She will probably recommend, your nineteen now i see on the report, so that makes you elegible for hard time in the house of correction.  She will probably recommend 6 months to a year, hard labor with the general population.  They are going to love having a sweet young thing like you around there."  "No, No, anything but that"  you  said so she added that she would try to make a deal for house arrest for a few months with supervised discipline sessions that will be administered by your mother and witnessed by myself or other court officers,  I feel that the problem is that you have never had discipline for anything in your life and you do not respect other people, especially those with authority over you.  it shows where you quit school as soon as you turned 16 and then went into petty crime to get money to do things you wanted to do. you never gave a thought to those you hurt by stealing there things.  Any how i think i can get this judge to accept this plea bargin as i have worked the same bargian with her before. " 
      "Discipline, what do you mean by that?"  he said.  "It is simple, the good old fasioned , over the knee, bare bottom up, hairbrush spankings that you should have been getting when you were younger to teach you repect for other folk and people in authority.  I have called your mom, she seemed unsure at first, but I told her that she will have full support from nyself and the courts and will be taught how to administer a real discipline spanking to you." Ms Stern said.   "I don;t think I want to accept that," you said.  Ms Stern said "its either the discipline you so richly deserve and need or 6 months to a year of being the favorite of every career criminal in the house of correction."  After a while, you accepted and Ms Stern went to see the judge.  Both the judge and Ms Stern came back in soon.  The judge asked if you undertood what this bargain entailed, (she smiled at Ms Stern when she said that),  You stammered that "yes, you understood and that you agreed ."  The judge then added that a court officer would apply 6 to 12 swats with a prison paddle at the end of your spanking. the number will depend on your behaviour during the week,  Spankings will be given of friday evenings.  "Yes Ma'am," you said.  Ms Stern added that it seemed you were already acting more polite.
     When your mom came in to pick you up, Ms stern said that she would give your mom instruction on how to give a good hairbrush spanking to you now before going home.  She pulled a chair out from the table and sat, reached into her purse and  took out this large black hairbrush and told you to drop your pants and get across her lap.  you started to argue and Ms Stern said that she could call the court officers to come with the paddle that she had bought the court to apply it before the instructional spanking.  You laid over and she showed your mom how to hold you so you can't struggle too much. then she raised the brush and gave you about 20 hard slow spanks.  you were yelling and asking for her to stop.  She said that she was starting to get through to you and that the force and speed should be picked up at this point. she raised the brush and added about 40 quick hard smacks that had you starting to cry.. OK she said. to you to get up and your mom was going to take over.  She sat, told you to get over. and then you got your first ever spanking from your mom.  Oh how it stung, you struggled but the way Ms Stern had told her to hold you while spanking kept you in position,  soon there were real tears and promises to never do anything wrong again, when you were just limp over her lap Ms Stern said that your mom had reached the point where you had really learned that doing bad things to people is not good.  Ms Stern congradulated your mom and told her to keep the hairbush and to use it for correcting you.   You were allowed to dress, had a bracelt put on your ankle and were told that court officers would be visiting every friday evening to monitor and to add extra discipline when warranted.  You left with your mom and you were a very meek and compliant young man when you got into the car on your way home .  "Behave yourself, and we hope you will not be back here again  for more trouble ."Ms Stern said as your mom pulled away from the station.

The art accompanying this story is a fake art picture created by tommyspt.  ti is made by taking other pictures and using parts of them and combining them to make a totaly new picture to tell the story.  the depiction is of the first court ordered discipline session where the court officers are monitoring. the clock on the wall is my signature in this picture,


  1. Great story, interesting concept.
    One that should be applied liberally in today's world..............but won't, unfortunately.


  2. A great picture Thanks Tommy


  3. Great story and love the character's faces and bodies, very hot. Would love to see him over that beautiful lap!

    Great stuff