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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

never lie to your wifes friend

        Your wife's friend Susan had come over for dinner tonight as her husband was out of town on business for a few days.  after dinner you and the lady's decided that a game would be a good way to pass the time and have some fun as well.  you all had decided on a video trivia game that that you had never seen before that was based on old TV quiz programs. when the game came to truth or consequences the girls got to ask you questions.  the questions quickly turned embarrassing to you but the lady's were giggling and having a real good time.  Susan asked, "When you look at me, what part of my body to you find the most attractive?"  Immediately you thought of her beautiful legs and rear end. Thinking though, that that answer would probably not go well with your wife you said "you have a beautiful smile"  She smiled really big and said, "that's not what your wife said that you would say.  She said that you would say my butt because you had said to her how much you liked looking at me from behind"  Jan smiled at her and told her" He didn't sit well for a few days after he confessed that. "What?" Susan exclaimed. "Why did he not sit well"?
     When we first got married Tom was always checking out the other girls and I told him that it hurt me when he looked at other women when he was supposed to be mine all mine.  Then he actually went out for a  weekend with one girl I knew.  He denied it but when I needled her she fest up real quick.(fest is a slang word for confessed in American English).  to say that I was mad was an understatement. He fessed up also  and we decided that drastic action needed to be take to save our marriage.  I called his mom to see what she had to say and she bluntly told me that he always was a girl watcher and even was in trouble at school a lot when in high school.  She said that she went back to basics and just turned him over and spanked the daylights out of him with her big hairbrush right up to the time that he finally left home.  she suggested that I should do the same.
     We had a long chat about marriage counseling,  spanking  or divorce and we agreed on the spanking part of it.  It seems to work well except when he lets slip or lies like he did tonight. She said that that was enough games for tonight.  it is time to teach this bad boy a lesson.  Jan told him to go get the hairbrush and that he would receive a hard spanking for lying to Susan.  Susan asked if she could give him some smacks also as he had lied to her.  Jan thought a moment and said that when she was finished, ,Yes she could give him a few smacks as well.  when you came back with the brush Jan told you to remove everything below your waste.  You started to protest about Susan being there and Jan said that as you had lied to her she would witness your spanking and at the end you would go over her lap as well for a short spanking from her to teach you about lying to her.  It was a tough spanking.  you were worn out by Jan well before she ended her part of the spanking.  Susan took her place on the chair and patted her thighs with the brush.  Over you went and then she added about 40 hard spanks before Jan said it looked like your lesson was well learned.  You had to stand and thank both of them for taking the time to correct you and then you headed up to the bedroom to cry yourself to sleep.


  1. Wow, great story and awesome drawing, very detailed and shows the good sound brushing, also this is every man's dream by the way.


  2. love the drawing is he despite the pain looking up the friends skirt I know I would be

  3. Great drawing and story! I love stories and drawings where the wife's female friends watch her husband be stripped naked and humiliated. I love drawing and stories where the naked and spanked househusband has to serve his wife and her friends drinks and food and act as thier servant.