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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

the Meter Maid

It had been a rough day.  Ms Stern, your boss, had been all over you as your sales figures were slipping.. One of your co workers had accused you of trying to steal away one of her customers and you had yelled at her . Ms Stern had come over and suggested that you needed to calm down and suggested that you take the rest of the day and go home, take a pill or something and just relax.  Maybe tomorrow, will be a better day for you.  You called your wife at her office and said that you were having a bad day and were going to pick up a prescription refill of your nerve pills. She asked if i was getting anxious and if i might need a home remedy treatment as she had noticed that you were being more and more withdrawn and moody.  You said, " i don;t think it has come to that yet" and quickly said good by and picked up your things and headed home.  When you got to the drug store, there was only one parking spot and it was clearly marked, Handycapped Parking Only.  You thought
to yourself that you would only be in there for a few minutes and then right out again , so you parked and went into the store.  You headed for the Pharmicists section and requested a refill of your nerve medication.  the pharmicist looked up your prescription and said that it had expired but that she would call your doctor and get permission to refill it.  she was on the phone for about 10 minutes and then she smiled and said that it would just be another minute as the doctor had given her the ok.  you paid for the prescription andas you were leaving you noticed that a meter maid was about to put a parking ticket on your windshield.  One hundred dollar fine for parking in a handicapped parking spot.  well maybe you could sweet talk her into tearing it up.  She told you, very nice and politly that once the ticket is written it is in the computer and it cannot be withdrawn.  she suggested that i should have been more patient and waited for a regular parking spot to open before going in.  can;t be withdrawn,  100 bucks for ten minutes of parking.  well i might as well get some atisfaction of at least letting her know what you thought about how she does her job. You lit into her for about five minutes about what a bitch she must be and how she must like to see people suffer from her just doing her job. She said, "that was completely uncalled for Thomas, just be sure you pay your fine on time or i will have to go to court and tell them about you accosting me after i did my job. You took the ticket from the windshiels and thru it on the front seat beside you and  while still quite upset took off out of the parking lot heading home.  your cell started ringing when you about half way home so you pulled over and answered it. 
      It was your wife. She said, "I  have received more word about  the fact that you were sent home for abusing a co worker today and also some other altercations.  I think tonight when i get home we should have a home remedy session so have the hairbrush and a chair set up in the living room.  Take a couple of pills to try and relax.  I have an errand to do so I will be home around 6 pm, have everything ready, I love you" she said and then hung up.
     You took a couple of pills and then laid down on the couch in the living roomto try and relax,  Knowing that you were going to get a long hard spanking was not helping you relax but you realized that when it was over you would feel alot less stressed.  You hated to admit it, but a spanking did seem to get rid of the stress and moods that you sometimes got stuck in.the pills kicked in and you managed a short nap.  When you woke up it was 5:45 pm so you got a chair from the kitchen and set it in the middle of the living room and then went to the bedroom and got her big ebony backed hairbrush that she spanked you with.  carrying it to the chair you kept tapping your thighs as you walked.  My how just a tap hurt.  You set it on the chair and set down on the sofa again. then you heard the back door being opened.
     When you wife came in she had some bags in her hands and was talking to someone.  Her bringing home take out food was not unusual but talking to someone was very unusual.  You said "Hello, how was your day.  who are you talking to?"  She just said, "Never nind who I am talking to, you just go stand by the chair and take your pants and drawers down  and wait for me to come in to attend to you."  Knowing that you should do as you are told when a spanking is imminent you went and stood by the chair and lowered your pants and drawers.  You scould hear her talking in the kitchen bout could not place the voice although she did sound familiar. in a few minutes they came into the living room. Oh NO, it is the meter maid that you had abussed vocally this afternoon.  when she saw me she broke into a great big smile and said "Surprise,  bet you were not expecting to see me tonight.  I called your wife and told her what i scene you had made when i told you a ticket written is a ticket and nothing can withdraw it.  I am an old friend of your wife, we used to babysit together for the toubled little boys in our neighborhood when we were growing up.  I recognized your adress and last name so I called her to tell her of your behaviour.  I was really surprised when she said that you were spanked regularly to help with your mood swings and then she invited me over to witness how good a job she does now, i figured you deserve a good spanking and so i decided to witness it."
      I couldn;t believe what was happening,  here i was, Pants and drawers around my ankles, exposed because i knew that covering up would just make things worse, this cute meter maid standing and smiling at me and looking forward to watching me kick and plead as that brush stung my poor bottom.  My wife seated herself and straightened her skirt, asked the metermaid to have a seat on the couch and then she had me go across her lap and started applying that brush hard and fast to my bottom and upper thighs.  I guess i put on a good show as when it was over the meter maid stood up, applauded my wife and said " now that is one really well spanked bottom i see in front of me."  I was made to shuffle off to the connor after my wife had hugged me and told me that everything was ok now and to wait in the connor until dinner is ready.  do not pull up your pants or drawers. actually take them off so we can see that naughty bottom until it is time for bed..
after about 10 minutes they called me in for dinner.  they were seated at the table.  I had to show my bottom to them both again and then they pulled out a chair and said help yourself and you can sit here.  I filled my plate, My bride asked if i felt better now and if the moods had gone from my mind.  I thanked her and then she told me to thank the metermaid also as i would have still been moody for a few more days if she hadn;t called your wife.  i told them that i would preferr to stand at the counter when eating.  they both laughed and said that they understood.  while haviing super the meter maid offered her services as a spanker whenever my wife thought it would be helpful.  I was shocked and excited when she said that they might make such an arrangement.  the meter maid pointed to me and said i think that he is liking the idea as he is pointing at me now.  thus ended my introduction to the meter maid.



  1. I like your stories and your drawings are fantastic.

  2. Great story and love the picture, the face on the meter maid is priceless as is the wife, great spanking scene. Thanks

  3. Great drawings and so sexual. Cant get enough of these.