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Monday, October 18, 2010

southern female sheriff

 A friend of mine on face book asked a question about whether i would prefer to spank or be spanked by Suzanne Sommers.  The answer came very quick to me as i have always fantsized being across her lap for a nice long hard session.  I remembered that quite a few years ago i had drawn a picture of her doing after hours duty on her tv show where she played a southern female sheriff. For some reason the first time i saw the show implanted this picture in my memory.  When my friend asked the question i immediatley thought of the drawing.  it took a little while to find it but i thought it might make a good blog post.

This drawing is a fantasy of mine,  I in no way am preposing or inferring that suzanne sommers would act like the drawing shows.  Again it is strickly a fantasy drawing showing what i wish a southern sheriff might do to add extra discipline to a hard to crack prisoner.


  1. Another excellent composition. Thanks for all your hard work Tommy

  2. Wow, like the spanking, short, hard and to the point, thanks