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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Visit To Moms

     Well I really did not want to do this.  I could not tell my wife about a sure win bet that I had made which turned out to be a sucker bet.  I had lost one thousand dollars.  Our vacation fund that we had been putting away to go away to the lake that we had spent our honeymoon at just one year ago,  I had figured that if i had won the bet we could really live it up in one of the really plush condominiums that they rented instead of the small cabin that had enjoyed so much.  It just made sense to me that bigger would be better.  So i steeled myself for a real long scolding and knocked on my Moms' front door.
     When she opened the door she took one look at me and said, "Oh oh, something is wrong.  What trouble have you gotten yourself into now?"  IU was taken aback as i thought that i was just looking pleasant so that i could casually bring up the problem.  I should have realized that I never could hide a problem from her no matter how hard I tried.  Seh invited me in and we went into the kitchen to have a cup of coffee and chat.
      She said after a few minutes of chit chat,  "Ok lets hear what is bothering you."  I took a big breath in and said " A friend of mine told me that he had the inside scoop on a race this morning at the dog track.  He said the 3rd dog in the 3rd race was a shoo in as the race had been fixed by the track owner.  The odds were over 20 to 1 and that all of the other dogs were given a seditive to make sure that they would not be able to run fast. Well I decided that it was just to good to miss out on so I withdrew the vacation money we were going to use  to go back to the lake this summer, made the bet and then got to watch number three set a new track record.  He set it for the absolute slowest time ever.  He finished 10 lengths behind the next slowest dog.  So the problem is, "i can't tell my wife about losing the money,  she has been telling everyone about how the trip to the lake is going to be like another honeymoon so soon after our first one.  She just will not understand how close we came to making 20 to 1 on that bet.  So I figured that I could come to you and borrow the money to put back in our account and my wife would never know.  I will pay it back as soon as possible as my friend has told me of another sure bet coming up."
      My mom was sitting there listening to me. when i noticed the little blood vessel by her ear start to throb.  That was never a good sign.  It always did that just before whe would start with a very calm voice to scold me.  She said,  I thought that you said that you had beaten this little gamboling problem of yours.  Do you not remember the counseling sessiob for 2 years that I paid for with the stipulation that you pay me back the money I had put out.  When you didn't pay me when you had some money I had changed my mind about more counseling and decided that a brat boy you were acting like needed to be adressed in the way that I had always adressed your being a brat.  That right, Over the knee spankings.  It would seem that the brat boy is now here in my kitchen again so I am going to start by giving you what you need. stand and remove your pants and underwear.  I am going to go get my hairbrush and then after the spanking we will decide what to do about the money you owe your wife and your stupid behavior."  This is not what I had planned you thought I thought to myself as Ii took down my pants and under wear. Mom came back in,  pulled out a chair and sat.  Then she asked me to dial my wife on the phone.  "What"  I said. I don't want her to know about this."  Yes, but this is not only about gamboling, it is also about being dishonest to your wife by stealing the money from yours and her account.  She needs to know about your bad habits and how to conrtol them.  "When she answers, give the phone to me". It rang, she answered, I handed to my mom,  "Tom has a real problem and I am about to put him over my lap and spank him as I did when he was still living at home.  When he gets home this afternoon I would recommend that you and he have a chat about his gambeling problem,  have him confess what he did and then start a plan of control spankings.  Yes, I realize that you
had know idea of his problem and really don't think that a spanking will help.  Well I can assure you that after he confesses you will agree with me.  Spankings really do keep him on the straight and narrow path.  A well applied hairbrush makes him think before he acts.  Now just hang on and listen while I spank this naughty boy the way he deserves. " She set the phone on the edge of the table, looked at me, "over" she said and i found myself in a very familiar position.  The spanking started,  I really had forgotten how much that hiarbrush scould sting.  Shhortly i was  begging her to stop and promising better behaviour in the future.  shorlty after that i was blubering and telling her how sorry i was for making her have to do this to me again.  she said tos ay it loudly so my wife could hear me also,  She ended with 10 really hard smaks to my upper thighs and then told me to get up.  pull up my slothes and then to go home to my wife and confess the whole story.  Tonight come back for supper with your wife and we will set up a program to help you agin. whe picked up the phone and told my wife that I was on my way home and that  you were in a mood for some real serious talk about my gamboling problems and that mom had invited us to dinner tonight to talk about w way for me to pay back her 1000 dollar loan that she would give me as long as my wife participates in my problems solution.   


  1. good drawings, and interesting reading. cheers