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Saturday, October 23, 2010

student teacher maintenance review

"Please Susan, please tell her that i am not in good enough health for a spanking like she gave me the last time" Tom said.  Susan the school nurse said," You might be able to sell that to me or to Ms Scanlon if you were not aroused and pointing at the door."  Just then the door opened and Ms Scanlon came in carrying that very large  hairbrush that you hate so much.  Well Nurse Susan, I see our naughty young teacher is already in trouble for becoming aroused at punishment time.  You would think that he would have learned that by now.  well Tom come over here and get across my lap while Nurse Susan reads off the demerits that have been listed by myself and training teacher.. Oh Nurse Susan, I see you have added a few mor demerits as well.  All right susan you read and I will assign spanks for each demerit and administer them after you report them." 
"First demirit is for him trying to convince me to lie about his health to try and get the spanking lessoned or put off together.  I have examined him thoroughly and he can take quite a severe spanking today, she said with a slight grin at me as I hung across Ms Scanlon lap."  "Well that deserves 25 hard fast spanks, Ms Scanlon said."  You gritted your teeth and braces as she administered them.  You managed to stay quiet and still for the first 8 or so but then you started yelpoing, owing and yipeing as the heat started to rise.  "Ok, Ms Scanlon said, what is the next one. " Being aroused when I had him strip in front of me for his exam.  I told him that he sould become unaroused right now or I would have to report him to you and he just became even more aroused, I wonder if he actually likes these sessions Nursee susan wondered?"  "NO, no I don't." you gasped looking at her standing in front of the spanking scene, and now grinning from ear to ear, knowing
that she had just gotten you into more trouble.  "Please, I could not help it,  i was nervous, not excited by the prospect of the spanking that i am getting now.  Please understand the differance." you said. "No, Nurse Susan said,  if you were nervouse you would have already been aroused before you took removed your clothes  but you got aroused as you stood naked before me for your exam.  I think that means you became aroused because i was seeing you naked.(not like it is the first time, actually it is the third spanking you have had  since you agreeded to this program to help you )."Yes said Ms Scanlon, I agree with nurse Susan, 25 more hard fast spanks for that added demerit." The spanks were well adminstered and this time you did not remain stioic at all. you kicked and weiggled on her lap, and begged her to stop although you knew she would not.
Nurse susan then read from the list, Miss Jones states that you were joking with some of the cheer leader girls in the class in stead of  starting the class as she had left the room to get some suppies from the office,  when she returned you were still joking around and telling stories instead of  teaching."  Really! Well brace yourself Tom, you just earned another 25 fast and hard. Ms Scanlon said. This time you had tears in your eyes and tried to reach back to cover your hot , sore bottom. "Reaching back. Add 10 more spanks at end
of todays spanking." Ms Scanlon said. "Added" said Nurse Susan.
The spanking went on as demerits were read and punishment meeted out.  Tom had had over 200 spanks and 40 extrras when the spanking had ended.  Ms Scanlon said,  "You can get up now" but you just kept sobbing while laying across her lap.  Ms Scanlon said that she would talk to Miss Jones into joining and participating  in these maintenance spankings. She was quite angry when he joked around  instead of teaching the class like she asked him to.. That caused you to stir.  "Please, Ma am, Please don't, I could not stand being spanked by the woman I work with all day long. I could not look at the class  with her in front of it,  I would be afraid that she would tell the class of how i am spanked when naughty." Tom said.  "Well then it sounds like a very good idea then Ms Scanlon said .  Nurse Susan also  agreed.  She said "now get up and come to me so i can take your vitals."  "No", you said.  Nurse Susan pulled you off of Ms Scanlons lap and said, "Well there is the proof on your leg that he really is turned on when he is going to get a spanking,  I guess we had better start using a towell on you lap when you spank him from now on."  Tom just hung his head in shame. Tom passed his vitals ok and Ms Scanlon said, "Same time next week and try to behave so all three of us don't have to turn you over and spank you ".  You were doubley embarrased as you started getting aroused again.
This is a fake art i created from at least 7 other pictures.  all have been overpainted so that the original people in the pictures are no longer resembling themselves.  hope you enjoy the artwork and the story.


  1. Another fantastic fake Tommy. I think you use photoshop. It looks really perfect.


  2. i use photosuite 3 platinum edition. It is an old program and it took awhile to figure out how to get it to run with vista. it works well now. photosuite was aquired by rosio a few years back and the newer products do not have anywhere near the features for developing or being creative with digital photos. they have shortcut everything to where i don't use roxio at all now.

  3. Nice Tommy, thanks. Not a fan of being nude but love the story.