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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Please honey, stop

this is a drawing from my http://www.flickr/ page.  normally i would write a short story too go along with the picture but the caption i put on flickr  seem sto cover it very well

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Annies model husband

Annie’s Model Husband Saturday, September 25, 2010 Annie had been married now for almost five years. Her friend Heidi was recently engaged and told Annie that she hoped that her marriage would be as happy and successful as Annie’s. Annie told her that the secret was to set the rules right away and that she needs to buy a real good hairbrush to use to enforce the rules. Heidi was very taken back by this and asked her if that meant that she spanked her husband. Annie smiled very broadly and said, "yes, that is exactly what I mean. Husbands are little boys at heart always looking to get in trouble, and looking for approval when they do something right. I gave him a birthday spanking after we first got married and he was amazed to find out that it turned him on. After the spanking we also had the best love session that we had ever had and soon my spanking him became part of our married fun. One time he embarrassed me in front of his mother and when she told him to apologize to me on the spot, he started acting like a little boy again. I told him, ”you are going to get a spanking for acting so spoiled and kid like when we get home. His mom said that she agreed that he could use a spanking, but then added that she would like to spank him also for being rude to me. She looked at him and said, “go get my hairbrush. You are going over my knee”. His mom gave him a real hard, bare bottom up, over her lap spanking as I watched, when she ended she told him to apologize to me and ask me to give him a hard spanking also. He did, and I gave him his first real discipline spanking that I had ever given him. His mom said that she was glad he has a wife who will look after him and keep him on the straight and narrow. Then she gave me the hairbrush and told me to use it hard and often to keep him on the path of wedded bliss. “Ever since then he has been a model husband. He has a spanking coming tonight for getting a speeding ticket the other day, he confessed last night after a love making session. I told him that we would take care of it tonight along with some extra for not admitting it when it happened, Annie explained to Heidi. “I think your being here to witness it will be just the extra needed to make him pay real attention to his driving in the future. As it is going to be a punishment session, come by around 7:30 pm as he will have finished the dishes and will be acting very submissive at that time, Annie added. “Alright, I will be back then”, Heidi said and she left to go and fix dinner for her fiancée. Supper was a very quiet affair tonight as Tom did not want to talk much. He kept staring at the chair in the middle of the kitchen with the hairbrush on it. After dinner I excused myself and told him to tell me when the dishes were done and then we would chat about the ticket . Just before 7:30 PM, the doorbell rang. I answered it and it was Heidi. She was flushed from hurrying up the walkway and she said that she hoped she wasn’t late. Tom yelled, “I heard the door bell, is there anyone there,” he said with a slight sign of hope that company would postpone the spanking? “Have you finished the dishes,” I asked”? He said , “I have just finished”. I said, “Alright, prepare yourself and we will be right in”. “WE”, he asked in horror? “Yes”, I told Tom, Heidi has just become engaged and I am going to show her how to control her new husband, so she is going to witness the discipline. We will be in, in 1 minute and you had better be standing by the spanking chair”. I heard him scrabbling to get his clothes off. I winked at Heidi and we went into the kitchen. Tom was naked and standing by the chair and blushing the reddest blush I had ever seen. Annie picked up the brush and sat down on the chair, straightened her skirt and told tom for him to pull up a stool for Heidi so that she would be able to see how a good spanking is administered. As Tom got the stool and set it to the right of where Annie was waiting he was horrified to find that he was becoming very aroused. Heidi thanked him and set down on the stool as tom approached me. He stood in front of me while I scolded him for about five minutes about how he drives too fast and could kill or hurt someone including himself. He agreed that in the future he would drive more carefully. Annie then said get over and he laid himself across her lap with his arousal hanging between her legs. Annie said that spreading the legs keep his penis from rubbing on the skirt and legs and that can sometimes lead to sexual pleasure from the spanking and seeing this is discipline I let it hang in air and no rubbing takes place. She looked at Heidi and said, “this is going to be a very hard spanking, he will kick, plead and may even cry before it is over. He deserves it as getting tickets is on our list of spanking offenses for him”. Heidi almost winced at how hard the spanks were coming down on Tom’s bottom. He was kicking and wiggling and trying to block the brush by putting his hands back to protect his backside. Annie stopped and asked for his hand. She held the wrist and administered five hard quick smacks to the palm of his hand. He yelped at each one and she said, “do not cover your bottom again”. Tom whispered, “ yes, dear”. Then the spanking became faster. Annie gave him over one hundred spanks in less than a minute. Tom broke down and just cried like a baby. He lay limp over her lap and sobbed. Annie stopped, asked Heidi to come look at his bottom, It was redder than red and had white blisters shaped like the back of the hairbrush all over the bottom part of his backside and the very top of his thighs. Annie said, “this is the area you need to spank the hardest as that is where he sits and for the next few days he will be reminded of this spanking whenever he sits. All right Tom, you may get up and thank me for disciplining you and apologize to Heidi for making such a fuss for her to witness”. Tom did as he was told with great big tears still running down his cheeks. Annie told him. “to bed now”. He moved slowly but steadily out of the kitchen and then on to the bedroom. Heidi asked, “are all of his spankings arere like this”? Annie told her that she had put some added effort into tonight’s spanking because, “he had not confessed to her yesterday when he had gotten the ticket”. She added that she spanks him over her lap because it makes him feel like the naughty boy he is. Most are not as hard as the one tonight but hard enough that I know that he is truly sorry for whatever reason he is being spanked for”. Annie and Heidi chatted for a while longer and then Heidi excused herself as her future hubby was going to come by her place for birthday cake and a birthday spanking, she said with a big smile on her face. “Good for you”, Annie said as Heidi went out the door”. “Remember keep it a fun birthday spanking and have rewards afterwards”. Heidi waved and said, “don’t worry about that, right now I am extremely horny and by the time the spanking is over I will probably wear him out. “Good luck”, Annie said. She then picked up a bottle of skin cream and headed to the bedroom. Posted by tommyspt at 9:51 AM Labels: Fem dom spankings, female spanks male. over the knee spankings, hairbrush spankings, spanked hubby Story and art work by tommyspt Web page tommysptoriginalart@blogspot.com

Friday, September 24, 2010

It had been a fun night out.  A nice meal and a few drinks had you in a playful mood when you got home. As you held the door open for her you gave her a light spank on her butt as she walked by.  You giggled and she looked at you and said that you were acting like a naughty little boy. You walked over to her and wrapped your arms around her and gently pulled her tight against you and with both hands squeezed her bottom cheeks.  She pushed away and looked at you with her hands on her hips and tapped one foot on the floor as she decided what needed to be done.
     Ok naughty boy, I guess its time to show you how I handle naughty boys.  Go to the bedroom and  remove all your clothes and I will be there in a minute.  You ran up the stairs, opened the door and already had your shoes and sox and pants off by the time you reached the bed.  Off came the shirt and the tee shirt and you laid on the bed and you started congratualting yourself on such a well planned night. As you were thinking about it you became very aroused.  She came in and noticed and said that you still have naughty thoughts going through your head.  She went to the vanity, pulled out the chair and brought it over to the bed. went back to the vanity, picked up her hairbrush and started brushing her hair as you lay there watching her.  She walked over still brushing her hair and reached down and grabbed you by the ear and pulled you up and off the bed and over to the chair. She pulled you down across her lap and laying the brush on the bed started, fun, just hard enough to be felt hand spanks on your up turned bottom.  she scolded as she spanked, so the naughty boy thinks he can just spank and squeeze his brides butt and get away with it when he has been a naughty boy all evening. Well this is what happens to naughty boys, they get spanked, after about 5 minutes she reached over and picked up the brush, tonight you are learning a lesson about what happens to naughty boys.  Now you are going to get some harder spanks with the brush to show you what happens if you ever really get out of hand. With that she laid on about 30 hard full arm spanks with her brush. it stung and made him squirm on her lap, which he really found to be arousing.  He was harder than he had ever been in his entire life.  She stopped spanking, looked at him and said are you a naughty boy any more.  You said no maam.  Do you understand what is going to happen when you are naughty from now on.  You said yes maam. So you are my good little man now. You said yes maam.   Good come to me and i will show you how good little men are treated,

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

your mom, to help give you responsibility decided to try retirement, by taking the summer off from her real estate business.  she named you as being in charge while she is away and told the supervisors in the office, that if there was any problems to call her, and gave them her number at the summer farm where she is going,  She took you into the office and explained that you were to sign the paychecks and let the supervisors run the office. sure mom you told her as you started looking around the office to redecorate it to be more you friendly. She left shortly after that and you immediately called a staff meeting to make changes in how the office would run.  You told them how you like your coffee and that a hot cup should be waiting when you came back into the office. you also said that one of them should massage your back every day as a painful back made you grouchy and they would not like a grouchy boss. then you got the check book and wrote yourself a big bonus check tog o shopping for a new car and clothes that are suitable for a new executive officer. As soon as you left , they immediately called your mom and informed her of the changes that you were instituting and the fact that you wrote a very large check for yourself to go shopping.  Mom said that she would be right down.  when she came in she went right into the office to call to cancel the check you had written.  She was told that you had already cashed it and that you had gone to an expensive suit store near by. about 15 minutes later you came back to the office with new suits in hand.  you asked if your coffee was ready and that you would have it in the office.  they both just looked at you and smiled.  Your mom stepped out of the office and said " in charge for less than 2 hours and you have upset the staff, written an no good check, spent company money without authorization.  so you remember what the judge told you when you were caught stealing when you were fifteen years old?  You blushed bright red and said "Yes Maam, I do.  If i am ever caught again i will be looking at hard time because the amount i stole before represented a feleoy in adult court." Mom asked, "Do you remember what the court offered to let you out in my custody?"  "gulp, Yes Ma'am I do" I said. ""Spankings, bare naked, over your knee like a little boy."  Mom said, "Ok take everything off  and come stand beside me." As I stripped the supervisors just stared and had small smiles that looked like they were suppressing giggles and snickering.  Mom said, "All right now apologize to the ladies and then assume the position for your spanking."  I apologized with tears of embarrassment coming to my eyes and hurried to get over mom's lap if only to hide my embarrassment of being aroused because i was so nervous. Mom scolded me about my actions,, and to make it worse she asked if the supervisors would be willing to let me stay on as a gopher, running errands and making coffee and waiting on clients that came into the office for signings and other business.  i was crying and begging when i heard her ask if the supervisors would be willing to take over my discipline so she could at least get to go away for the summer.  that took my breath away and i just held it until i heard them agree and then i just stopped resisting and laid there. 
so each of the supervisors also had me over there knees as mom told them how i act when the spanking is really not hurting.  she knew all my tricks.  it is looking like it is going to be a long hot summer in more ways than one,   maintenance spankings will be given on saturday noon times and others spankings as needed will be given at the time of the infraction.  any abuse of sales reps will result in them witnessing the discipline sessions.  OH my oh my,  i guess i will have to really watch my step.  by the way, mom hung up the hairbrush by the executive office door as a reminder to me and i have a small desk next to the supervisors assistants desk so they can keep tract of my demerits for saturday sessions.
this short story was written by tommyspt and the accompanying picture is a fake art picture made up of many
peices which have been over painted to change the appearances.  I hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

wedding night surprise

     Your mom gave me a surprise wedding present last night before the wedding.  When I opened it I was surprised to fine a  very large and well worn Hairbush that she said  was the brush that brought you up.  She told me about your need to be spanked to prevent you from slipping into bad habits and also blue moods which cause you to withdraw and swear and yell at people for no real reason.  I told her that as the older sister of  three brat boys in our family that I had alot of spanking experience as mom and dad both worked and traveled for work alot and I was usually left in charge.
      She said that you are used to spankings and that you will co-operate with me or I am to call her and she willl come by for a long, hard session whenever needed. I told her that I was happy that she had raised you so well and that she would support me in keeping you on the straight and narrrow of married life. so tonights session will be long and hard, with huggs and kisses afterward and then on to the fun of the wedding night. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

sister in law takes charge

Your wife had told you that she was going away on business for a week.  Right away your mind drifted to all the fun you were going to have with out her checking on everything you do.  You will especially not miss the weekly maintinance spanking that she gives you on sunday evenings and the embarrassing reading of the demerit list while you stand naked before her. As you start thinking of who to call to go drinking with, she casually says that her sister will be looking in on you every evening to be sure that you get all your responsibilities accomplished and also to update the demerit list when needed.  She also said that she has her permission to spank you whenever needed beyond the weekly maintinance spanking you get.  you know that your sister in law also spanks her husband and that she has the same maintinance program with her husband. Your wife also stated that she would be dropping by tonight to go over all the proceedures and that she will give you a maintinace spanking tonight.

Please feel free to leave comments or even you own caption for the drawing i have published.

Another office spanking

Your boss has taken a personal interest in improving your performance at the office.  The last review of your work, she called you in and was going to fire you.  You pleaded that you just could not seem to concentrate and spent too much time daydreaming instead of doing your job.  She said that you could use more discipline at work and that would help you concentrate. She said that daydreaming was a childish habit and that probably a good hard spanking could cure the problem. She said that during lunch today you will get your first spanking asnd then when necessary she would administer more when needed.
During lunch she just took her hairbrush from her purse, rolled out the chair and told you to strip for your spanking.  when you hesitated, she said or you can pack up your things and be fired,  you stood and stripped slowly in front of her, and she told you that you had better hurry as others would be back in the office soon,   you removed your underpants and got over her lap.  She then gave you the hardest spanking you ever had in your life,  you kicked, pleaded and even cried. s;he let you up. dried you eyes and gave you a hug and said, now concentrate and we won;t have to do this again.  unfortunately every time your mind drifts you see her sitting there with a brush in her hand and a get over hear look on her face. i guess it is going to a painful few weeks as you try to concentrate.

this is a fake art created by tommyspt, the story is not true but a fantasy of mine. I love to make fake art and also i draw pictures of  females spanking males.  comments or even you own captions for the pictures are welcome