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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

fantasy realized

it was a usual sunday.  late morning church and then home.  when we got home my bride told me that i had a spanking coming and to go get her chair and her hair brush and bring them into the living room.  well I must admit that i was not surprised because sunday after church was when I usually received my weekly maintinance spanking.  today though something else was going on because my bride was a little nervous and kept looking out the window while i was preparing the area with her chair and brush.  shortly i saw her smile out the window and then she came to the chair and sat down.  that was the signal for me to take my pants and under drawers down, which i did showing my usual concern that i hoped that my weekly demerits would not cause a long and painful spanking today.  She looked at me and smiled as i stood in front of her,  She said that i had mentioned many times that i would like to be spanked in front of another woman and that i would also like it if she spanked me also.  i crinkled my brow and i said that yes, i had told her that many times.  that it had been a fantasy that i had had sense my mom had spanked me in front of some
girl class mate when i was seven years old and that the memory of them watching me kick and cry while my mom spanked my bare bottom in front of them had always stayed as the moment that i had become a spankee and liked to be spanked although not particularly by my mom.  As i was remembering i was becoming aroused and my bride pointed it out to me and said that would mean another spanking at bedtime.  I liked that as that usually meant hot sex play afterwards.  Just then there was a knockon the door.  My wife stood up and told me to stay there just as I was.
        She walked to the door and opened it.  Oh good, she said,  come on in i was just about to get started.  i was craning my neck to see who she was talking to with out moving from the spot she had left me in.  she returned and she had two young ladies and the older woman i recognized as the preachers wife from church.  My bride asked if i remembers mrs jones the preachers wife and i said that i did.  I was blushing so red i could feel the heat radiating from my face not to mention my arousal which was so hard it was trying to bend over backwards.  i was wanting to cover my self but i knew that it would just lead to more spanking and where she had that big mean eboney brush i was already sure it was going to be a hard time this afternoon.  Mrs jones looked at me and said that i was obviously a very naughty boy and that a good hard spanking would help me to behave myself in the future.  she introduced me to the two younger ladies as becky and jennifer.  she said that they were newly weds in the church and that they were having problems with their new husbands so my wife and mrs jones had been meeting with them.  my wife had told them that when i needed a spanking she gave it to me with her hair brush and that i usually was a model husband.  she also explained about  sunday after church mantinance spankings so that i would remember to behave my self during the week.  Becky and jennifer were looking at me with sort of a smirk on there faces and i thought that they were going to just break out laughing at me.  this made me blush even more and my arousal was so hard it was starting to hurt me.  my wife said that she would get some cold water for them and then we can get started.  We i said.  Yes, it looks like you are going to get yor fantasy spanking by more women than just me.  I will demonstrate how to spank you nad then jennifer will spank you after you compse your self again.,  then
becky will take a turn also.  if Mrs Jones decides you still need more she will also spank you.  I can assure you that she is very good at turning a naughty boy or girl over as she spanked me many times as i was growing up.  ok lady's, you can take a seat and tom you come get over my lap now... I will start with ten hard smacks civerubg the entire bottom on both sides. Smack, Smack, Smack, ow i said. smack, smack.  each time now i was giving an ow response. then smack, smack, smack, smack smack.  i was breathless from oh and owing, my bride told me to stand an face the ladies.  I did and they noticed that my arousal had gone away.  Nothing like a good hair brush to get a naughty boys attention away from arousal to the discipline at hand. ok back over.  she then told the lady;'s that i had had one cycle, she called it.  ten hard smack covering both buttocks cheeks from top to bottom, now she said she would get serious and apply 5 more cycles or 50 hard spanks without a pause.  she did and i put on quite a show of kicking my legs. pleading with her to stop and tryng to move my bottom so she couldn't hit it..  it didn;t work. after 5 cycles i was having real tears coming down my cheeks and i was out of breath from pleading and crying.  normally i would smack another 5 cycles but i will let him off today as he has been pretty good all week.  i will just color his thighs some and then we will take a short break while he composes himself.  with that she lifted the brush and gave me 20 hard macks from about half way down my thighs to the spot where the bottom and thighs meet.  i was begging that i had enough when she had me stand and she went to get a glass of water for herself. the other girls got up and walked over to look at my bottom.  wow said jennifer.  does she spank you this hard every week.  I said she usually spanks for a lot longer but apparently as i am to get at least 3 spankings  she has cut back the amount of smacks.. My bride came in and she started shaking her finger at me and listed my misdeeds of the week.  thankfully there were not many. i rubbed my bottom for a bit and she asked if i was ready to continue.
I thought about what would happen if i said no and said that yes i was ready.
        My bride invited jennifer to take a seat and she reached into her handbag and took out a slightly smaller eboney hair brush and said that she had brought her own and would like to try it out.. My bride said sure,k especially if it is the one you will use on your husband, you should get some practice with it. i watched jennifer approach.  she was very cute and had a very nice figure,  the tight blue skirt hugged her thighs and bottom when she walked.  i felt myself starting to get aroused but she quickly sat and said for me to get over.  thank goodness. she said that she would do a cycle and then stop for opinions.  man, for a young lady she could realy apply that brush.  i was begging after 10 swats.  the others told her she was doing very well and that she should go with another 6 cycles and then 20 too the thighs as well.  she did,  i screamed and begged,  cried big crocodile tears but she did not stop until she had completed the number of swats she had promised.  she let me up and then she stood in front of me and she shook her finger at me as she said that any time that my bride thought that i needed more spanking, she could call her and she would come to help out, now get control of yourself so i stood there rubbing my bottom and wiping my face.  i was watching becky who was now chatting with my wife and jennifer.  jennifer seemed to be explaining how much pressure to put on my back to hold me in place when the spanks were coming hot and heavy and i was kicking and trying to squirm off of her lap.  after about 15 minutes becky walked up to me.l  looked at my bottom and said softly.  you poor naughty boy.  you think you have been spanked so far but you are about to get spanked my me.  come to the chair.  as she walked by the arm chair she picked up my wifes hair brush and lightly slapped her thigh as she approached the chair.  she told my wife that she was going to have to find one of these brushes.  she sat, smoothed out her dress on her lap and had me get across her lap.  she followed the same routine as jennifer.  again i was impressed at how hard she could spank.  she looked so young and innocent but she was an  expert with the brush and she showed she knew how and could really spank a full grown man.  at the end she also gave 20 hard to the thighs.  when she told me to get up she had to help me.  I was exhausted.  getting spanked by all three of them had really worn me out.,  my bottom had blisters on the blisters and my bottom and thighs burned.  i  was told to go stand in the corner.  Mrs Jones stopped me and examined my bottom.  she said that she was going to come by on wednesday night to give me her part of the spanking as she though i had had enough for today.  my wife smiled and said he is still going to get a bedtime spanking tonight  as have already promised him and he would not want me to break my promise.  i sobbed,  no dear.  well ladies, do what i told you this week and get evidence of there misbehavior and we will hold our first church ladies behavior modification meeting next sunday night at the church rectory.  Please bring your favorite hairbrush.  after a short while they thanked my bride and left.
        She turned to me and said well now was that everything you were hoping for? I said, right now i just want to lay down for a while. but yes i did enjoy it and tomorrow after the spankings have started to lose there heat, then i will be able to say if it was all I hoped for,  well i hope it was as you've got to see me and mrs jones wednesday night and that is a real task.  oh oh i thought

this is a fake art made by tommyspt.  it is parts of 8 differant pictures which have been cut and pasted and then overpainted to illustrate the story written above.  I hope you enjoyed it.  feel free to comment.. i will correct spelling and punctuation in the morning. to tired tonight.

Monday, November 28, 2011

called to miss c's office

Seventh grade, i had arrived a few minutes late and my home room teacher Miss S told me that she had a call from Miss C , the assistant principal, that I was to report to her in her office during my fourth period study hall.  I swallowed hard and went to my seat.  Miss S said that she would also give me a note for Miss C that  I was 5 minutes late getting into the home room just before the bell for first period was going to ring.  She felt that i could learn to be on time if Miss C would talk with me about tardiness along with what ever she already wanted to see me for.  Now Miss C was also the detention monitor for the school in the assembly hall and a firm believer in corporal punishment as an alternative punishment to the usual lines that she had students in detention print ever so neatly.  the sentence she had them print was over four printed lines long and it had to be repeated 100 times neatly without any mistakes.  If you chose to do lines you would be there for about 2 hours if you were a good and quick printer.
      She also offered 2 corporal punishment alternatives which she gave in front of the class but with a file cabinet protecting the students modesty from other students and printers eyes.  I had received of two of her spankings, otk.  I should comment here that I was already a very confirmed spankeeand when offered the choice before i had  accepted a spanking instead of lines.  the first i was called up and stood behind the file cabinet.  Miss C pushed her chair back and smoothed out her skirt and told me to drop my pants and drawers. she moved her chair closer to the cabinet and had me lay over her lap and then proceeded to give me one of the hardest hand spankings i had ever had in my life.  i yelped, begged and pleaded for her to stop. every now and then i would riase my head high enough to see the other students writing lines or watching the goings on.  my private areas were behind the file cabinet but they could see me struggling  and could see Miss C 's hand raising and falling and my yelps  were in perfect time to the beat that she was drumming on my bottom.  after about four minutes she told me to stand again and replace my clothes,  handed me a kleenex and told me to compose myself,  she moved over a foot or two behind her desk again and shuffled some paper work.  when i said i was composed she told me that this spanking was only a hand spanking.  by picking spanking as a punishment she would from here on out use spanking as my punishment but that any further lessons from her would be done with her hairbrush.  she told me that i could leave and to behave myself in the future.  AS i was leaving i heard her call the next student who had picked a paddleing.  as i was leaving the front door i could hear him yell.  i was glad that i prefer a spanking, it is painful but a lot more personal as a form of punishment.  About a month later is was back for detention again and i did get introduced to her big black ebony hair brush .  extremely painful.  cried real tears before she was through.
        Now was the start of my study hall so i went to the teacher in charge and gave her the note that i was to report to Miss C in her office for the period,   I walled to her office and was greeted by one of the student assistants who happened to be a friend of my older sisters.  She told me to have a seat and that Miss C would call me in in a few minutes.  She also giggled and told me that Miss C had sent her to the assembly hall to get her hair brush and that she had set it on a chair that she had placed in front of Miss C's desk.  I guess you are going to get a spanking she said with a big smile on her face.  we will get to hear you out here in the front office.  I looked and one of the secretaries was smiling and nodding her head.  In a moment the buzzer sounded on the intercom and Miss C told the secretary that she was ready for me now.  I stood and walked in slightly rubbing my bottom in anticipation.  AS I entered Miss C was behind her desk and a straight chair and a her hair brush was set in front of the desk as i had been told.
          Well Thomas, it has been what, two weeks since i spanked you with my hair brush and here it seems i am going to have to give you another hairbrush spanking already.  she stood and started to walk around the desk andtook a seat on the chair.  you may lower your pants and shorts for we are going to have a chat. i lowered them and stood n front of her.. Just then the phone rang and she got up and went around the desk and answered it.  She told the secretary that she had requested all calls held while holding a discussion with Thomas.  Ok  she said , and she had a quiet conversation while I stood there naked from the waste down staring at that hairbrush she had set back on the chair. yes, she said, that she would take care of that at lunch time.. she hung up and walked around the desk again.  picked up the hair brush. resmoothed out her skirt and then told me that she had a report that i had slid a ruler under one of the girls bottoms in math class yesterday afternoon and that the girl had jumped up and then slapped me.  I was stunned,  i didn't think that it had gone beyond the class.  some of my buddy's had egged me on to do it  and finally i did.  she had slapped me really hard and i figured that that was going to be the end of it because the teacher was not in the room when i did it.  well the girl had gone to Miss C and told her how embarrassed she was and that i was going to learn a very hard lesson today.  A knock on the door and Elaine, the girl i had goosed, walked in.  Miss C told her to pullup another chair and that i was going to get a very hard spanking for my action of the day before.  i was blushing more than i ever had in y life.  Elaine had a great big smile on her face and said that i really needed a good hard spanking to learn my lesson.  Miss C turned me over her lap and the brush started landing,  i was yelping but trying to be brave, she continued,  all thought of being brave quickly left my mind and i was begging her to stop.  i was yelling how sorry i was to Elaine that i had embarrassed her like that.  Miss C continued until i was worn out.  completely limp laying across her knees.  i looked at Elaine and saw that she was not smiling any more.  she looked very impressed at the spanking that she had just witnessed.  after a few minutes i was allowed to get up, then i had to apologize to Elaine. she said that she would think about forgiving me but not today. Miss C said that was fine and that she could leave.  Miss C told me to replace my clothes and gave me a pass to the boys room to wash my face and then return to study class.  She added that she did not want to see me again for punishment for a long time.  I told her I would try but down deep i knew that it would not be long at all.  I was just a boy who enjoyed being across a woman's lap getting his bottom warmed and she was really good at it.

This story is pretty much true,  time tends to streach the truth a little and memories get a little clouded in times.  yes Miss C is the same lady in the reunion story a couple of blog pictures earlier.  I am redoing my studio and i have found some of my old drawing pad and this picture i drew of Miss C was in the pad. I processed it and hope you enjoyed the story and the drawing.  I hope to be creating new drawings again by the end of next month.  I will update with more of the old drawings as i find them.

Friday, October 21, 2011

10th high school reunion, Miss C

wow,  I couldn't believe it.  I had been out of high school 10 years already,  I had gone to college, got a degree after a short stint in the army for my country.  things were going real well so I was looking forward to seeing some of my old friends and find out how things were going with them.  I should probably say that the was 1972.  lYes I am oplder than most of the readers of this blog and that I had gone to school in a time when corporal punishment was still a choice you could make for discipline, at least when i was in junior high school.  grades 7 through 9,  I should also state that i was a confirmed spankee and was not unfamiliar with the sting of a hairbrush.  any how i tend to get either ahead or reminicent about the story is am writing.
       I had read the list of folks that were going to be there and saw many friends listed.  I was real happy and kept reading about the guests that were going to be there.  the high school principal and some of the teachers and i was very surprised that the jr high principal and Miss C were going to be there also  well about a third of the kids I graduated with had all gone to the same jr high that i did.  Seeing Miss C listed immediately brought back some very warm bottom memories to me.  She was the music teacher and assistant principal at the junior high.  She supervised the detention room after school and always offered either lines or a paddeling or spanking,  She sat at a desk in front of about 12 desk seats the students used in classes. she  had a collection of large books on the front of her desk and a large file cabinet beside her desk.  I can remember plain as day a blackboard that had a  long three line sentence that she had everyone print neatly 150 times for lines.  If you choose lines you were going to be there for at least two hours to complete the lines and if they were messy or misspelled she would see you again the next after school day...
     MIss C was tall, attractive and a very pleasant lady and also a very good teacher.  I learned alot about music in her class and also got to know her lap and spanking technique very well also.  she would call your name when detention started and ask you to choose one of the three punishments.  I always chose a spanking.  she gave a pen and paper to those that chose lines.  then would call the person to be paddled to come to stand behind the file cabinet.  paddeling  had two choices. 4 bare or 6 over clothes.  usually the miscreant would drop there pants and shorts and then mend over the back of Miss C's chair.  people in front of the desk could only see the top half of the spankee but could see and hear the paddle swing and the spankees reaction to it.  how anyone could concentrate on writing lines was beyond me.  when i was called to be spanked i would go stand behind the file cabinet and drop my pants and undershorts.  she would then push her chair back and smooth her skirt over her lap.  She would then open her drawer and take out her large hairbrush that she kept in the drawer.  most spankees just got a hand spanking but where i had smiled thru my tears at her after my first spanking from her she decided that when i was to be spanked i need  harder and more severe spanking to be gotten through too.  She then would signal me to get across her lap and then she would spank me pretty severely and i yelled and wiggled and eventually even broke down and cryed.  when she finished she would keep me across her lap while i started to compose myself and then help me up behind the file cabinett.  she would then give me some tissues  to wipe away the tears and then she would say.  ok now get out of here and see if you can behave so i don;t have to spank you agian for some time.  it seemed i was there about once a month.
         At the reunion i was having a great time.  old friends and storys to tell.   I kept looking over at Miss C.  She still looked real good,  tall and firm and i noticed that she still had a very nice, comfortable looking lap.  She saw me looking at her and beckoned me to come over.  I got extremely nervous but i went and stood in front of her and told her how nice it was to see her again.  i was surprised when she asked me if i still enjpyed being spanked.  i stuttered and blushed a real dark shade of red to which she said that she knew every time that she had spanked me that i had enjpyed it eventhough it hurt..  she said that thru the years she had many boys and some girls that used to get in trouble hust to get spanked by her.  I stammered that yes I was one of those boys and that i really missed the spankings that she gave me.  she told me that if i wanted she would give me her hotel room and i could come for some discipline and and a chat the next night.

I went, i was spanked by her so hard i thought the people in the room next to her were going to complain.  she answered a knock and i had to stand up and wait while she told the neighbor at the door that she was giving a spanking to a student who had about 14 years of spankings to make up for.  the woman peeked in.  saw me standing there next to the chair and said  that she should carry on but please don;t go beyond mid night.  any how she finished my spanking.  we had a lovely chat and i headed home happy and very warm bottomed.

Friday, September 23, 2011

supervisor will participate

"Well Thomas, this is the third after work discipline session that I will have given you.  You still are making the same stupid mistakes on programming the check writing printer and today every check was printed with the wrong date.  Don't you even look at the calendar when you are setting these up.  Now every check that was written today will have to be reprinted and you and Ruth will have to stay and do it.  If you weren't the son of my only sister I would have fired you after the first time, but I told your mom that I would handle your discipline problems like i used to when you got out of hand and your mom sent you to see me," Aunt Clara said very sternly.  "You will get the chair I use when disciplining you from the table and bring it over in front of my desk,  then remove your clothing and stand by it." she said.
     "Ruth, You are his supervisor and you know that at times I have called tom into my office to chat about problems that you have reported to me.  I have decided that my attention to correct his problem of not concentrating on the task at hand is not working.  As his failures show that you are not strict enough with him, I have decided that you shall have to discipline him also.  I have asked you before about how you felt about corporal discipline and you said that it has a purpose when reasoning does not do the trick and that you had used spanking with your son as he was growing up... Well Tom is in need of discipline and I have reasoned with him until I am blue in the face.  When he was younger, he spent alot of time over my knee learning right from wrong.  When he got out of school he went from job to job always getting fired for not concentrating on his work so that his mom asked me to take him on and straighten him out.  Well this is the third time this month that i have called him in for a spanking so I have decided that I must not be giving him enough of a spanking so I am going to start having you spank him also.  I assume that you will agree to this." Aunt Clara said.
     Ruth had been watching me get the chair and place it in front of her and the desk as Aunt Clara had requested.  She then watched while I took off all of my clothes and blushingly stood before her.  Aunt Clara then opened a drawer in her desk and reached in and took out her favorite heavy wooden hairbrush.  She walked around the desk and sat gracefully on the chair I had brought around.  'I will start his punishment with a good application of 50 slow, hard spanks.  At that point we will change places and I will watch you spank him until I feel he is ready for me to finish him up." Aunt Clara said.  Aunt Clara smothed down her skirt and told me to get into position.  Rose took a few steps back and sat on the edge of the desk to watch the proceedings.  Rose said,  "I see that he is not aroused,  when I spank my son he is always pointing right at me before going across my lap.  Of couse a couple of smacks with my brush, he has his mind on other things than arousal." Aunt Clara said, "Tom knows that when he is going to be spanked by me there is no reason at all for him to be aroused.  the business end of my brush has him in too much fear to be thinking arousal thoughts."  I gently laid myself across her lap with my backside up high the way she likes it.  I placed my right hand up on my back and extended my thumb so Aunt Clara could grip my thumb and hold me firmly in place.  I then felt her move slightly and smack.  WOW did that hurt.  no matter how prepared you are to be spanked that first hairbrush smack is a real eye opener., She then started smacking me about every 5 seconds, letting each on sink in and using the brush so that each smack just overlapped the proceeding one.  by ten I was wiggling around  and OWING with every smack.  i was careful not to fall of her lap and get out of position.  I had done that a few times when I was a kid and that had gotten me a bedtime spanking as well and another spanking after supper the next night.finally after 50 very hard spanks I was allowed up.  "Well" Rose said, with a little smile on her lips,  "it looks like it is my turn now.  I had thought that there were spankings going on hin Clara's office 'cause every now and then a yeow or an ouch would make it under the door.  Who knew that I would be sitting down on  chair in her office getting ready to spank such a big and deserving young man.  Please come and get across my lap so I can teach you a lesson about paying attention and concentrating."  As she was talking she smoothed down her skirt and patted my aunts hairbush against her thigh.  I got into position the same as I did with my aunt.  She also grabbed my thumb and the spanking started almost immediately. 
Wow, who would have thought that such a nice quiet supervisor would be such a harsh and hard spanker.  I was begging within a few smacks and promising to concentrate more and be more carful.  She spanked hard and fast , a smack every second or so with no stops to scold or anything.  After about 4 minutes I was just laying limp across her lap and sobbing away.  My aunt said that she was very impressed.  I guess i picked the right supervisor to help Tom correct his ways.  She had to help me get off of her lap and then as I stood in front of her, she lit into me about how this was just a sample spanking that she had given me.  If I didn't improve she would bring in her favorite clothes brush from home to use on me.  I sobbed and said that I was very sorry and would try hard to improve.  Meanwhile Rose got up from the chair and my aunt sat down again.  She again smoothed her skirt and then pulled it up so I was looking at her stocking covered thighs.    I started to beg, " Please no more.  I am so sore now, I can't take any more."  She said, " you can and you will."   She spread her thighs and move me in between then forced me over her left thigh while she swung her right leg over my legs to hold me in place.  She told me to present my hands.  I brought both hands up on my back with thumbs extended.  She gripped the thumbs. and she spanked harder than I had ever been spanked by her.  Fast spanks covered my cheeks and upper thighs.  I screamed, tried to kick but couldn't.   Finally I just lay limp over her thigh and  she stopped.  She gave the brush to Rose and had her put it on the desk but told her to leave it out and use it as she  had just done if I gave her any trouble at all while redoing the checks   Rose smiled at me and said that from now on there would be no more trouble from me or she would personally take care of it and report to Aunt Clara for another double session..  I finally got up and stood crying before both of them.  Ruth told me to get dressed and that I had to redo all the checks.  She would check them in 30 minutes and may God help your butt if there are any mistakes.  

The art work used to illustrate this story is a fake art.  it is made up from many pictures taken from the web, cut and pasted and then overpainted to make the charachter no longer look like the originals. I hope you enjoyed. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Try My Hairbrush Jennie

This afternoon had been very upsetting for you.  You were at wits end because your newly wed hubby had blown more money than he should have playing cards last night.  You had told him that you had called his mom and that she had said that what you needed was a good hard spanking like she used to give you when you lived at home with her.  You said that if it worked for her you would be willing to spank him. this morning was saturday and after he had showered you pulled out a chair and said that because of his behaviour you were going to give him a good, hard spanking,  He asked if I had been talking to his mom and i told him that she said that I sould spani him long and hard for everytime he misbehaved.  I said that as he had just gotten out of the shower, now would be a good time to give it to him.  He immediately teared up and started rubbing his bottom. Please, please don;t spank me he said. I was worried about his reaction but I was resolute to carry through with his punishment.  I turned him over my knee and raised my hand.  No, no, Please, I promise I will be good. Please don;t spank me.  well I smacked him with my hand and he kicked and screamed. Ow that hurts. I smacked him some more and he was really yelping and crying.  After about 20 spanks I stopped to talk to him.  He had big tears in his eyes as he looked back at me over his left sholder.  You spank too hard.  it hurts so bad I can;t stand it.  How can you be so mean to me.  I promise I will be better in the future, I won;t misbehave.  please stop, I am very sorry.  Ok O saod get pff my ;ap and you go stand in the connor and think about why you got spanked. 
      I qwas really impressed with my self.  He had cryed and was very apolpgetic and seemed very sorry. I went into the kitchen to put away some dishes and slowly and quietly returned to the room where i had spanked him.   He was giggling and patting his bottom.  wow, did I trick her he said outloud. so you were just faking it were you.  You stay there because I am going to call your mom. Maybe I will have her come over and spank you so I can see how hard you need to be spanked.  I called his mom and she was at home.  I told her what had happened and she  gave a little chuckel and said that he was always acting when she had first started spanking him butr she said that she had bought a nice heavy wood hairbrush that she had used on him for years. She said that she would bring it over.  I asked if she would give me a demonstration of how hard and long to give tom the spanking I knew he deserved and she said that she would watch me spank him and give critiques on my spanking style.  I went back into the room and told Tom that his mom was on her way over and that she was going to teach me to give him a proper spanking.  He immediately started his same routine about please Jen, You spanked me way haered than I deserved, Pklease I don;t need anymore spankings,.  I told him that if he didn;t be quiet both I and his mom would give him a spanking when she got here.
      As we don;t live very far from his mom, she arrived about 15 minutes later and came in through the back door and into the room where i was sitting and he was sniffling in the connor.  Mom took one look at his bottom and said that it was barely even pink and that tyom had oviously tried to pull a fast one by saying the spanking was much harder than  it actually was. she handed me the hairbrush that she had brought with her. I hefted it up and felt how heavy it was.  she told me to smack my hand , not too hard, but enough so that I can feel what a smack with the brush will feel like.  I did.  Ow, I said,  I was surprised that not only had it hurt but the heat in the palm of my hand was very noticable. she said that tom i very aware at how much that brush sting.  He had lots of spanking, usually 2 a week from the time he was about 7 to 19 when you and jen got married.  I remeber a few times when we were petting I had commented abou;t how he was acting like he wasn;t very comfortqable sitting in the car or at a movie.  Also while petting sometimes his bottom was hot like a fireplace.  I had no Idea that he was still being spanked like a naughty boy.
     His mom told him to come out of the connor and assume the position across my knee.  He begged her and all he got for it was a full arm swat on his but that really made hime yelp.  get o;ver her knee now.  you got a lesson to learn about play acting to avoid a much needed punishment.  tom walked slowly like a doomed man approaching the executioner. I laid him over my lap amnd his mother told him to scoot up alittle on my lap so that his bottom was on top in front of me.  I saw the light pink color and it made me angry that he had play acted to avoid his punishment.  His mom then said that i could start spanking now.  Hold him at the side of his waste and raise the brush as high as you can.  Ok swat him as hard as you can.  SMACK,  the brush landed/.  his leggs kicked and he yelped.  his mom said that that was a good one.  she recommended 50 more just like that moving the brush all aroou;nd his bottom and the tops of his thighs. I started spanking.  each smack got a real reaction. by 20 he was sobbing. and saying that he really was sorry.  at 50, he had a real bright red bottom over my lap and was crying real crockadile tears.  His mom pressed her hand and told me that I had made a pretty good start.  She suggested I swing my right leg over hil legs to help control him better as the next 50 smakcks were really going to get him moving around on my lap. I started spanking again and he howled, apoligixed. made promises of good behaivior. i was impressed at how the hiarbrush was making white spots on his bottom over the bright red as the smacks continued.  hjw was throing his hand back to try and protect his bottom.  I reached and pulled his hand up on his back and continued warming his butt good and properly.  the leg ovver his thighs reall did control the amount of kicking and wiggeling he was doing and reall made his bottom a nice set target for the brush. i sotopped again and felt the heat coming from his bottom.  It felt as hot as I remembered on the nights that he was too figity to sit still while we were dating. tom m;om said that I had done a good spanking but now was the time to really drive home that tom had misbehaved and she said that i should give him 15 smack, hard and fast as I could and then have him repeat why he was being spanked and then 15 more to hear how sorry he was that I had to spank him and then an extra 20 hard as i can give them for pretending theat the first bottom patting I had given him was a spanking to much for hime to take.  I gave him the rest,  when I fished He was laying limp over my knee sobbing.  I told him to get up and get back in the conner and to not move at all or giggle or say anything that would make me return to give him more spankings .  His mom and i had a nice chat in the kitchen check
ing everyonce in a while to see if he was misbehaving.  He was, he was just standing there as he was supposed tol. His mom said that I should go to the bed bath and beyond and buy a spanking brush as she needed to have her brush at home as toms brother was  oming home from college and that she was going to have to punish him for his not so great grades.  I asked if she would like to go shopping tomorrow with me and she said that they have some real nice spanking brushes at that store and she would be glad to advise me as to the good qualities of each of them. 
      I told tom to go get dressed and get going on his chores.  His mom said that for the time being he will remember that spoanking .  but ususally within a week you will have to spank him again.  He is such a bad boy at heart and need to be spanked often.  I thanked her and returned her brush as she started out the door to go home.  See you tomorrow to go shopping I said and i went back to the chores i needed to get going on.

this peicture is a fake art peice that I rcreated to illustrate the story which i have just written.  I hope you enjoy them.  I am still on the road but had a day that I could take it easy so i created the picture from a few pictures I had found on the web. the characters havbe had there appearances altered and art techniques were overpainted.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Spanked before your Mother iIn Law

sorry but I am traveling again for the rest of the month.  I have added my latest drawings.  Please feel free to write a story or a comment.  will be back the beginning of july.

Fun for You

Sorry but I am unexpectedly traveling again on family business.  I am adding my newest drawings.  I should be back by the start of july.  Please feel free to caption or comment on the drawings.  thanks for your understanding

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

You are not too old.

I am sorry that the month of may was so busy for me.  I was expectiing to have time for all kinds of things but I ended up traveling most of the month on family business.  Nothing life threatening but still important.  I am hoping that this month will give me more time for my artistic persuits.
I am sorry also that I seem to be having writers block and cannot seem to be able to come up with stories at this time.  Please feel free to write a short story to go with the picture that I have drawn.  HE had told his mom that he is just too old to be spanked anymore.  He is now away at college and a man of his own now  She showed him that he was not too old and  said that she will show him again anytime that she feels a sore, hot bottom will benifit him.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

His First Spanking

Things could not be worse for you.  You are standing with your pants down,  drawers lowered to mid thigh and blushing like you have never blushed in your life.,  Your best friend is standing in the connor of the bosses office with his pants and drawers down also .  He is sniffing back tears and rubbing his extremely red and sore bottom.  You had never been spanked before in your entire life and here you are standing beside your boss while your supervisor  is watching the procedings with her hands on her hips and showing how annoyed she is with you by the steady tapping of her shoe on the floor. 
It had been a stupid Idea your freind had had at work to take advantage of the bosses being at a meeting to connect to the internet and surf some porn sites instead of working on the accounts that you had been assigned to go over while they were out.   You had never even thought of fem dom as being sexy but when jim showed you those web pages with the ladies all dressed in leather and other outfits where they appeared to be so strict and strong you had to admit that they were very attractive and sexy.  He said that he had been attracted to dom women ever since he had had a cute baby sitter who had spanked him almost everytime that she had sat for him when he was 13 years old.  She was only 17 years old but was very experienced in giving  spankings as she had three younger brothers who were always in trouble and she had been given permission by her mom to spank them when they needed it which was very often.  Spanked I said,  horrified, did it hurt?  Yes, he said, but it was so sexy that he had done things that he knew would get her to put him over her knees on purpose.  He described how she would get angry and tell him that he had earned a good spanking and that she was going to give it to him. She would then go and get a straight chair from the kitchen, the hairbrush my mom kept in the drawer in the kitchen and would bring them into the living room. seat herself, smooth her skirt and have me lower my pants and drawers.  then she would scold me for a few minutes, take me over her knee and then spank my bare backside very hard for a few minutes.  I would kick and wiggle to try and avoid that brush but she would hold me and continue until she felt a lesson had been taught.  Then she ould sit me on her lap and talk about how she didn;t like to have to spank me but how discipline is very important for young boys to learn and that she would continue to spank me as long as my behaviour showed that it was necessary.  well she continued looking after me until I was sixteen so I had spent alot of time bare backside up learning lessons from her.  the main one I learned was that I really liked being across the lap of an attractive lady having my backside warmed.  After she no longer sat for me I still contacted her and told her of my misdeeds and then I would go visit her so that she could correct my faults.  All this was going through my head as I looked at the boss sitting with a hairbrush in her hand.  Her eye brows were raised as she noticed my state of arousal.  my supervisor just tapped her foot harder and said that I was just another naughty boy who would definetly benifit from a long hard spanking.  My boss said that she agreed and i found myself being pulled across her very lovely lap.  She raised the brush and my spanking had begun.  She smacked hard and I was surprised to find that it stung quite a bit but I also noticed that the warmth of her thighs on my thighs and stomach was quite pleasant.  My penis was rubbing against the material of her skirt and that felt real good also.  She increased the force of the smacks and the speed  which in turn made me wiggle and the next thing I knew i had climaxed on her thighs and skirt.  She gave me an additional 10 smacks and had me get off her lap and told the supervisor to put me in the connor and to please bring some paper towels to clean her skirt and thighs. She did so and they both watched us standing and displaying our red sore bottoms to them.  The supervisor asked us to come and face them while they discussed what had happened.Jim was smiling when we stood before them.  the supervisor asked me if I felt that I had learned a lesson from being spanked like I was.  I said that I had and that i had found it to be very embarrassing.  She said that Jim originally had been very embarrassed when she had first started spanking him when she baby sat for him when he was a kid. I did a double take and looked at Jim.  Yes, the boss said,  I was glad that I had hired you to babysit him as his behaviour improved alot so naturally I hired you as a supervisor for him when he came to work in the family business.  Now that Tom is working here also I beleive that a good spanking will help him apply himself also.  they asked if we thought that spanking would be a good way to keep office discipline and jim said immediately that he did.  He looked at me and said he was sorry that he had tricked me into getting spanked at the office.  He didn;t know that I had never been spanked before but that it looked like I had found it painful but interesting.  I admitted that It had been an unusual experiance but i felt that I could benifit from it as well.  Good the supervisor said because I am going to spank both of you before you go home this evening for not working on those accounts.  now get to work and I will see both of you at 4:30 pm for a good bottom warming.    Yes ma'am we both said and got to work.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Long time deserved

one more for you to caption or write a short story about.  I will be back in a month. tommyspt

after wiggle and dance

While on vacation I have posted some of my favorite drawings that you may comment on or write your own short story about.  Have fun

a very hard hairbrush spanking

I am really going on vacation for the month of March.  my other two time i said i was going I actually went to the hospital and had necessary but not life threatening surguries.  Now that i am really feeling well again I am taking time off and am going to a warmer climate.  I will be back in april.  I am posting some drawing and i encourage you to comment or write a short story about the drawing I did.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

bedtime spanking

Your bride had warned you over the past few days that the mood you were in was going to get you a spanking if you didn;t snap out of it pretty quick.  At breakfast you had been grumping away about the world in general.  You reached for your coffee and knocked it over onto your plate and made a complete mess of the pancakes that she had made hoping that a good breakfast would get you out of your mood.  Well that was all she could take.  "tonight when you get home from work you will go to the bathroom and shower, come down to supper with just your undershorts on and we will have supper together.  After you will accompany me to the bedroom where you shall get a thorough bed time spanking." she said very angrily.  You just said," honey i am over that mood now,  yOu won;t have to spank me.  when I get home I will be another happy guy again"  "too bad you didn;t get up as that guy instead of some grump that needs a lesson" she said. 
        You left for workand all day long all you could think about was that spanking that you had earned.  When your bride gave a serious spanking it was always very painful.  How that sweet young lady that you married could cause you so much painyou never quite understood, but she sure was an expert at it.  sitting would be difficult for a few days after the spanking,
         As you arrived at home you were at the point of wanting to scream out oud.  the prospect fo a long  trip over your brides lap was intimidating. you slowly walked up the walk and slowly opened the door.  As you entered you were met by the most wonderful smell in the world.  fresh made pot roast with all the trimmings.  "Wow, that sure smells good. Pot roast isn;t it" I said.  She came from the kitchen into the living room.. She was dressed in that sexy black nighty that you had bought her for your last aniversary and did she ever look sexy.  "well it is good that your grumpy mood seems to have broken today.  to bad it didn;t happen yesterday or we would not be preparing for the business at hand tonight.  Go upstairs and shower and come down to supper. It will be ready in 15 minutes from right now so don;t be late," she said.  I didn;t want to be late as I had suffered through another spanking the next night before for being late when punishment was at hand.  i came to the table just as set the last hot dish on it.  we sat and had a very nice dinner.  we chatted about the day  and then the talk turned to why I was going to be spanked this evening.  She discribed how distressing my mode had been for her.  my cursing, general unhappiness and just finding fault with everything going on at work and home.  I told her how i had been thimking of it all day and was hoping that she would not spank me tonight.  She said that I had well earned one and that I was going to get all that I had earned.   With that she stood and said, "come with me, it is time for your spanking."  I followed her upstairs to the bed room. she had me stand by the bed as she went into the bathroom and came out with that big hairbrush that i really hated.  She sart up on the bed and had me remove my undershorts.
then she asked me to explain why we her to have her spank my bottom.  I told her because i had been moody and unco=operative for the past few days. She said that it was good that I understood why i was to be spanked.  she seettled on the matress and made a very nice lap for me to lay across  I gently climbed over and felt her adjust me a little and then slap. the first whack landed.  I involuntarily said "Ow" ,  First whack and I was already making noise. the hairbrush fell again and agin, so many times I lost track of how many spanks I had gotten.  I also was crying real tears and pleading for her to please stop.  She continued until i was worn out.  just laying there blubering.  She then told me to get off her lap and stand by the bed.  I did. she went to the bathroom and put the brush away.  She then sat on the bed and had me go back over her lap as she rubbed in some dry dkin oil.  She said that it would not help the sting but it would moisturize the skin. while i was still over hel lap she asked if i was sorry that i had made her spank me.  I told her I was very sorry and that I would try hard to improve my mood so she would not have to spank me for that for a long time again.  It was strange because while i was over her lap and we were chatting aboout the spanking i was becoming arroused. she was now talking about why I was pushing against her lap and I said that she was turning me on keeping me across her knees like this.  She admitted that she was turned on also and that to make sure my mood was over she was going to have  hot sex tonight to make sure my mood was improve.
      The best mmorning we were both in a really great mood.  It had been a wonderful night.  My mood problems were gone. the world had changed.  My bride kissed me as i left for work and told me to be a good boy oir we would have to have a repeat performance again soon.  She smiled eveily as she cvlosed the door.

this is a fake art peice created by tommyspt from at least 6 differant pictures taken from the web.  I hope you enjoy it.

Friday, February 11, 2011

see Ms. Delaney after classes.

The last class of the day.  All day long you had been expecting to be called to Ms. Delaneys' office as your housemother in the dorm had caught youtrying to sneak back into the dorm at almost 1 A. M.  School nights the rules were that you had to be in and studying by 9 P.M. at the latest.  You had been out with a girl from the ladies prep school  associated with your school.  You were having such a great time at the pub that you completely lost tract of the time and when the bar keep said last call you looked at her and said, "Oh my God,  What time is it?"  She said  "Last call is usually about midnight.  We have tomorrow off for Our Schools founders day celebration.  I thought your school was off tomorrow also."  "No, our school was founded earlier by a professer in the 1700's, and founders day for us is the first day of school where
the new students are welcomed and set up for the year with dormitory,  books and other supplys that are needed for the school year.  I got caught last monday trying to sneak back to my room at the dorm at 10 P.M. after a bull session in the boys room went for two long.  The whole group got sent to see Professor Delaney, who is the Dean of students.  We all had to stand facing the wall while she called each of us to her for our punishment.  It was very embarrassing" I said.  Susan asked," Punishment, What kind of punishment did you get?"  I blushed and told her "We all were spanked, trousers down, across her lap, 50 hard smacks on the seat of our underwear."  Susan giggled, "all of you were spanked like bad little school boys, over the Deans lap,  I would have loved to have seen that. Young gentlemen standing looking at the wall while there friends are being spanked.  It probably embarrassed the heck out of you all."  "Yes we all protested that we were too old for such treatment but Ms Delaney said that the rule books that we got when we first came to school told that missing curfue was a childish offense and that the dean would apply a child like punishment for such violations. She told us that any more violations would end up with a long bare bottom hairbush spanking and it looks like i will be caught again tonight.  the housemom was told to keep a watch on all of us for being late to our rooms.  I will try to sneak in but chances are she will be waiting either in the corridor or in my room,"  I explained.  Susan said.  I am sorry that you are in trouble, wow a bare bottom spanking, well I got to go or I am going to miss curfew also, who knows maybe they will make me stand in the connor," she giggled as she hurried out to get back to her dorm.  I hurried also hoping against hope that the house mom would have fallen asleep in the livingroom area off the entrance way. I quietly opened the door and looking all around i walked quickly but steathily to the stars leading to my room.  Our house mom was seated on a chair right outside my dorm room reading a book.  When I approached she put down her book, pulled out a note pad,  She looked at me, said, " you are late and I am writing a note to Ms Delany as she requested.  I can not beleive that you are late for curfew a second time.  Usually one trip to Ms Delaneys office is enough to make gentlemen aware of the time of evening it is.  Go straight to bed and I hope your lessons are done for tomorrow."  I pleaded, "PLease, don;t turn me in,  I will never do it again."  Seh turned, looked at me with an evil smile and said, "I am sure when Ms Delaney is through with you you will keep better tract of the time and your responsibilities."  As she walked away she gently swatted her bottom and then rubbed it while giggling.  I went into my room and straight to bed..
Just before the last class ended a message runner knocked on the door. The messenger brought the note to the professor and then left.  "Master Thomas, Dean Delaney would like to see you in her office directly uppon dismisal for the day.  Perhaps you should gather your books and leave now as I would not want for you to be late,"  he smiled as he said that and the class giggled.  I gathered my books and hurried from the room, I felt like a prisoner walking his last mile on the date with the executioner..  I was worried, and mad at myself for not thinking of consequences.  I shortly arrived at Ms Delaneys office.  Her clerk said,  Ms Delaney is preparing to see you.  Have a seat over there. I heard her say under her breath, while you still can."  then she smiled very nicely and looked back at her work.  I set my books down and seated my self on the seat next to them.  the intercom buzzed and  the clerk chatted on her headset with the caller.  a quick series of yes an no answers and then she looked at me and smiled and said, "Yes he is here, Yes Ma'am, I will send him in, No the witness has not arrived, ok I will leave the intercom on  to witness the discipline.  "You may leave your books where they are and go in to see Ms Delany now., the clerk said.  I will witness your discipline over the closed circuit cam in her office. your house mother was to witness it but she has been delayed by a problem at the dorm. Ms Delaney has a web cam so I can witness while continueing to answer the phone while discipline is going on.  She turned the monitor so I could see a straight chair taking up on quarter of her monitor screen.  She has to have discipline monitored so there is no allegations of sex abuse or improper behaviour.  Just discipline as required in the  students rule book.  Now get in there and don;t keep her waiting.  I saw Ms Delaney cross in front of the chair and the door opened.  She said,  "Thomas, get in here now and remove your pants, shoes and under garmet. and stad by my discipline chair.  You know where it is because you were here on monday for a quick group spanking."  I blushed knowing that the clerk would be watching me disrobe, but I was more concerned with Ms Delaney.  She looked very sexy in her tight khaki skirt and a light sweater for a shirt.  She is very tall and her legs are really great.  In a few moments I would be bare from the waste down and over her lovely thighs.  I was becoming very arroused thinking of what was going to happen during the preparations.  Ms Delaney opened he desk drawer and picked up a very large wood hairbrush and walked back over to the chair where I was standing.  She looked at my arrousal and said aloud, "Kathy, do you see what this naughty boy has pointing at me. if so bzz 2 times".  The intercom BBuzzed 2 times.  I blushed even more than I was before,  thinking of her clerk looking at my aroused state.  Ms Delany sat and smoothed her skirt and streached her arms.  She looked at me and asked me for my underpants,  She laid them strategically on the middle of her lap and told me to get over so my arrousal was on my underpants.  She said, "Some times the hairbrush causes accidents and I do not wish to mess my skirt..  She looked at the cam and asked if all looked good to Kathy, the buzzer went off 2 times and Ms Delaey said to record the session as Maria,  the housemother would be in later to review the punishment with Ms Delany.   The intercom buzzed 2 times more   there was a pause and then the buzzer went off 2 more times.   Ms Delany  said, "the discipline session of Master Thomas, Student at Lord Yelltons Preparitory Academy.  This is his second spanking session this week so he is to receive a long hard hairbrush spanking.  Witnesses to the punishment are Kathy Johnson, my clrerk and Maria Lopes his house mother. .  The discipline is starting at 3:15 P.M."  With that she lifted the hairbrush high and brought it down very hard on my right cheek.  I gasped, I could not imagine that a hairbrush would hurt so much. She lifted the brush again and smack my left cheek smarted. the spanks were slow and hard. I was crying out ow,  ouch,  please Ma"am, after only a few...but the spanks kept falling. after a while she stopped and rubbed my bottom with the brush.  "The color is coming up rapidly, His whole bottom is now pink with red blotches. he is showing signs of leg kicking and wiggleing.  It is time to pick it up a knotch." Ms Delaney said.  I flelt her lean back a little and I knew she was raising the brush even higher than the first spanks.  I scrunched up my eyes and press hard into her lap hoping to avoid the coming smack.  I didn't fall, I unscrunched and looked back over my left sholder and then I saw her move.  It was almost instatanious that a red flash  lit up my vision as a deep burning spot happened on my right bottom cheek.  It was quickly followed by the same and my left cheek.  i yelled loudly, "ooouuuuuchh" but it was interupted by more hard smacks alternating cheeks and now to the top of my thighs where thigh and bottom meet.  I was kicking , dancing, and I tried to put my right hand back to protect my bottom.  That got another pause. Ms Delaney grabbed my hand and laid it palm up on my bottom.  She said, " Hands that block spankings get spanked themselves and she smack the palm three times hard."  She let my hand go and I quickly put it back on the floor.  She asked " do you uderstand that you are not to interfer with you spanking by putting your hands back and covering your bottom?"  "Yes Ma'am,  I will try to not cover up again."  I flet her upper body move again, I was waiting for the smack and again it did not come. I looked back again,  I could see her legs and skirt coming off the bottom of the chair, her legs and feet coming donw to the floor. She shifted her legs and lowered her left knee just a little which elevated my bottom over her lap.  I looked back over my shoulder and saw her round bottom in the kahki skirt outlining her beautiful bottom and then I saw her lean forward and my bottom exploded again.  more than 20 hard fast smacks covered both cheeks and the tops of my thighs.  I was screaming for her to please stop and I through my hand back over my bottom again.  this cause an instant stoppage of the spanking.  She told me to get up.  I stood, she got up and went to her desk again, took a 18 inch heavy ruler from the drawer and came back and stood looking at me.  "Right hand out" she said and then she smacked my palm 5 times,  I withdrew my hand.She said, "Do not impede me when I am administering punishment, right hand out palm up. this time she held my wrist as she gave me 5 more swats with that heavy ruler. Tears were falling freely from my eyes and i tryed to massage my hand with my left.  She put the ruler down by the chair and picked up the hairbrush again.  She sat and smothed her skirt and replaced my underpants on her lap again. She pointed to her lap and told me to get over again.  I hesitated which got me a smack on the fron of my thigh.  I quickly got back into position.  Now she said "Hands behind your back with you thumbs together and up.'  I did as she requested and she seized both thumbs in one hand and pushed my arms up higher on my back.  "now there will be no more interferring hands," she said as she raised the hairbrush again.  there was no pause this time.  she smacked hard and fast. I begged,  cryed and screamed for about 5 minutes as the brush fell with out stopping.  I was completely worn out. laying limply across her lap.  I sobbed for a few minutes while she assest the damage to my bottom.  Bright red, with white blisters, some compression blood but not bad. all resistance to the punishment is gone. black and blue brush marks are visible.  He will not sit comfortabley for days.  Ok, Master Thomas you my stand up.I stood and she picked up my underwear.  she looked at them and said it was good that she had used them as a barrier as they were wet .  she looked at the camera and shrugged,  She said sometimes that happens if the spanking is severe enough.  His resistance caused him to get a harder spanking than he would have gotten if he hadn't resisted." she then had me kneel on the chair and had me bend slightly to point my spanked bottom at the camera. she pointed out the color, blisters and marks.  she got some hand sanitizer and rubbed it over my bottom because of the compression blood that was there.  funny how it didn;t sting but then i realized my bottom was stinging so bad that a little alchohol applied to the bottom was bit even noticable.  The intercom buzzer went off.  Kathy said that Maria had arrived.  Oh one last thing before ending the recording.  Send maria in.  MS  Delany stood beside me,  She said to the camera" 03:45 pm.  The spanking of Master Thomas has ended. Please stop the recording kathy and bring in the flash drive so maria and I can review it together."  Maria came in and Kathy followed close behind.  Maria said, "Wow Deborah you really applied yourself on this spanking.  did he resist?" Yes un forunatly for him.  He had rather a hard hand spanking as well on his offending palm."  Ms delaney had maria go check out the spank bottom i was displaying.  She was impressed but no where near as impressed as I was.  I never wanted to be in that position again..  Ms Delaney made me stay in position on the chair while she and Maria watched the replay of my spanking.  Kathy had returned to her desk to finish up some paper work.  about the time that the replay ended she ame in with a paper that Ms Delaney and Kathy signed.  Maria signed in another spot that she had seen the video and that no other activity had happened accept the discipline session that she had witnessed on replay.  I was told to approach the desk and they indicated a spot marked punishee that i was to sign.  I did.  Ms Delany said "all right Master Thomas, You may dress. YOu should carry your underwear and place them for laundry when you get back to the dormitory.  tonight you are restricted to your room.  Maria when you get him back to dorm please provide him with some body creme to put on his bottom as a very hard spanked bottom is very dry.  the creme will also help with the sting so that he will be able to sleep tonight, although probably laying on his stomach."  She smiled at me and I blushed harder than I ever had in my life.  maria and kathy agreed that that might me a good Idea and they smiled at me also. She looked very sternly at me then and warned me, "  if I ever missed curfew again I would be back again over her lap for another long hard spanking , the next time with her clothes brush or paddle .  You think todays spanking was bad., the next will be much harder and longer".  I gulped and said. I will never miss curfew again.  MsDelaney patted my backside as I walked by with Maria on our way out and she said for me to be good.  I assured her I would.    

this is a fiction story written by tommyspt to go with the drawing i made about Ms Delany's behaviour modification offic at a fiction preparitory school.   The studetns are high school graduates preparing for college and are of 19 years old or older.   

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Grandma Adjusts His Attitude

You had received a phone call at 7 am and were not out of bed yet. you mumbled a half asleep "hello" and then realized you had the phone upside down.  I guess you are going to have to actually open your eyes.  You straightened the phone and said "Hello, its awful early, why would anyone be calling at this time of the morning.  I was partying last night and only got to bed about an hour ago."  On the other end of the phone I heard the voice, the last person that I ever thought I would hear from.  It was my Grandma,  "Partying all night on a school night?  No wonder your mom called me to say your grades have slipped and you are on the warning list at college. You do remember that I am  paying your tuition and your folks got you that apartment by the college.  I had warned them that you should stay with me so that I could keep an eye on your study habits.  Your folks are very upset and they have asked me to have a chat with you about  how important good study habits are."  You were now completely awake.  You said, "Grandma,  I am way to old for one of your chats, I am 21 and a senior at college.  I remember your chats when I was at bording school.  I was young enough for a spanking  back then but now I am a man, living on my own and"   Grandma broke in and said,  "You are on warning and may be thrown out of school if you do not vastly improve your grades.  I also will not pay your tuition  for your final semester if you do not try to improve yourself.  Our chats have worked very well in the past and I have no intention of wasting the thousands of dollars that I have given you for your college education.  You will get up now, get ready for school, and be in class on time and in every class.  No more cutting classes,  no more missed assignments, no more wise mouth or mistreatment of underclassmen.  Remeber, your folks and I are both alumni of this school and I also gave them an large endowment so when I ask for information about my grandson they give me feedback immediately. No one from our family has ever flunked out, and you are not going to be the first.  Be here at 6 pm for our chat,  and do not be late.  You know what happens when you are late for a chat."  "B B  B But Grandma, I stammered, I have a date tonight, I can't be there at 6"   "You will be here at  6 PM,  No Excuses, It sounds like we will have to have chats about respect  as well.  We will set a schedule  for more chats when you are here.  If there is any problems that arise,  You will end up moving in with me so I can keep a better eye on you and your college behaviour.  It seems we should have been watching you more closely and you have gotten way out of hand. Well starting this evening we will bring you back to being a good college student." said Grandma.
       I showered, ate some cereal , got dressed and headed for school. First class my girlfriend came in and I
siad to her, "Sorry, but I have to cancel going to the concert with you this evening. My grandmother got word that I have been put on warning and she wants to have a chat with me about my school work."  She said,  "What has she got to do with you college education?"  I explained that Grandma had paid my tuition all through school and that if I don't go chat with her she will cut it off and I don't want to have to leave school so close to my degree...  She said, " I wondered why you looked so worryed when you came into class.  I guess  we had better cancel tonight."   "Thanks." I said, "Grandma thinks this chat will be very important so I just have to go."  All day long, I got more and more worried about tonight,  I knew that ebony hairbrush Grandma had really stung when I was a young teenager, but I am much tougher now so it will probably not be so bad.  As a full grown man, she will probably apply it to the seat of my pants instead of bare, Yup,  I really got nothing to worry about.  The day dragged by and at 4 PM I was in my apartment.  I looked at my message machine and there was one message.  It was From Grandma,  Just a reminder to not be late, 6 PM for a long serious chat and a behaviour adjustment.  Back came all the worry again, Her attitude adjustments were always over the knee,  me stripped bare before the session would start, and then a very long, slow application of Grandma's discipline.  It would be a very long night.

I arrived about 3 minutes to 6 and I knocked on the door.  Grandma opened the door and said for me to come on in.  I entered and she hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.  She asked if I had eaten and I told her that I had.  "Good," she said. That way we can get to the business at hand or brush as I apply it." 
She smiled and said that she had set up in the living room. As we enter i saw that awful brush sitting on the arm of her favorite recliner chair.  "Shit," I said, and she looked  angrily at me and she said "Do you remember how I treat little naughty boys who use foul language?"  I said, "I am sorry Ma'am, I forgot myself 
when I saw that horrible hairbrush sitting there."  "Yes" she said, "it is good that you remember how much my brush stings, but we will have a mouth soaping before we start to remind you about your language.  Now remove your clothing and stack it neatly on the floor in front of my chair,"  she said as she sat and watched me take my clothes off.  To my horror I was so embarrassed that I was aroused when I took my underware off.  I was sticking out and pointing at her like I did when I was a young teen sent for a spanking by the boarding school.  She noticed and said that I had grown alot since I was 15 years old.  She said, but it is normal for a young man to get arroused when in an embarrassing situation so we will ignore it and get on with our business.  She stood and took me by the ear and walked me to the bathroom.  She had me stand by the sink while she reached under the sink and took out a new bar of Ivory soap.  My nose started to crinkle up as I could remember how bad it tasted on other occasions when she washed my mouth.  She smiled at me and said, "now stand there while I work up a nice lather to clean out that nasty mouth of yours. She worked up the lather for a couplle of minutes and then said for me to put my face over the sink.  I hesitated, That got me a coulple of hard bare hand swats to my naked backside.  I couldn;t get over the sting,  I hadn't remembered her hand spankings as hurting to much over the years but those smacks got a loud ow with each of them.  I had tears forming as I bent my face over the sink.  she took the soap and ran it into my mouth making me gag almost immediately. and I stood up again, more hand spanks and I was back in position as she worked the soft soap over my teeth and then had me stick out my tongue while she soaped  the top and underside of it.  Then she had me open up and look at her.  she put the bar of soap half way in my mouth and said for me to bite down,  I did, tears in my eyes, gagging at the awful taste and she stood lecturing me about not using foul language.  After 5 minutes she asked if I had learned my lesson.  She said. "All right, take the soap out of your mouth., throw it in the waste basket after placing it in it wrapper, take a glass of hot water, gargle with it and then spit in the sink. use a face cloth to wash you face and chest where you dribbled while gagging and then clean the sink area.  I will be back in a couple of minutes to inspect how clean it and you are."  She left and I looked in the mirror.  What a sight I was, red eys from crying, slobber soap all over my cheeks and chin,  and dribbles all the way down to my stomach and worst of all I was still aroused and pointing at the sink. I cleaned quilkly and made sure to get it all.  I took hold of my penis and tried to squeeze it to get the arousal to go away.  I heard my Grandma  clear her throat, She was standing there watching me squeeze my penis.  "Well now, she said,  "What a naughty nasty boy you are. Playing with yourself while being punished."  I started  to say something but she just said. fortunately we are going to have a chat and we can talk about that at that time.  She checked me and the bathroom and announced  that all was clean and we would now go to the livingroom to take care of the business at hand, "I hope that you have learned not to use foul language in my house"  "Yes ma'am" I said as we did the ear pull walk back to the living room.  I did notice that she was smiling, apparently she was enjoying my humilition as I walked beside her.  When we got to the living room she sat on he chair and told me that it was time for our chat. "Over my lap now" she said pointing at the lap with the brush in her hand.  Now lets see if I remember how to do this",  She raised the hairbrush and brought it down very hard on my bottom 10 times. I was surprised at how much it hurt.  I realized I had no memory that it stung that much.  I yelled "ouch" with each whack and then she had me stand up and face her again.  I stood with a few tears in my eyes already.  She looked at my groin area and said, "Yes, I guess I do remember how to give a good spanking,  your arousal has decided it doesn't want to be hanging around when we get down to serious business.  It is already trying to withdraw into your body for protection.  All right back over my lap and we will get serious about your lesson."  Now she asked "how many nights I go out partying."    I told her "I go out everynight." That got an additional 10 smacks.   Grandma asked, "Is your at home work all up to date on your papers for all your classes?"  I said, "No.  but I have plenty of time left before the end of semester."  She said the semester ends in 14 days.  14 very hard smacks had me kicking my feet and pounding the floorwith my hands.  "Do you think you should stop going out partying and stay home and  get your papers done?" She asked?   I answered, "Every night?" That got me another 14 hard smacks, tears were falling freely now and I threw my hand back to protect my poor bottom.  She held my hand and smacked the palm very hard 5 times.  She said that I was not to interfer with her carrying out the business at hand or brush.  She almost giggled at the joke.  So the 14 smacks were repeated again..  I was already begging her to stop and promising to be far better behaved and to study hard in the future.  "How about the partys, are you going to stop going to them until your marks are up?"   I hesitated, she said "Alright 20 for that".  She gave me 20 very slow but very hard spanks over the next 2 minutes.  I was promising no more partys before the 5th spank but she kept on going until all were applied.  Shesaid "I guess I need to give your bottom a little rest so the next spanks will be on the tops of you thighs."  Grandma  continued questioning me and spanking my thighs for the next 15 minutes.
she then declared it was time for a break as her arm was getting tired.  I stood before her and she had me turn away so she could assess the damage I had suffered so far.  She said, " it is very red and there are some bruises on your thighs but your bottom can take alot more.  So go to the conner by the door and think about the lesson so far".  I couldn't believe that  I was going to get more spankings,  I stood very still and heard her turn on the tv and settle in her chair again.  After a while she asked if I still had soap taste in my mouth.  I told her that "yes, but it was mostly gone."   She asked, "would like a drink of water before we gor back to business?"  I said. "please maam. I was thinking anything to delay the return over her knee.  She brought me a glass of water and had me stand and drink it in front of her.  To my horror mister arousal was starting again.  She looked, said for me not to be worried about it as natural thing and would not effect my punishment.  Shortly she picked up the brush again.  "Now young man, she said, "we will find out how well the lesson has set in."   She asked me all of the same questions followed by 14 to 20 spanks for each one. when we were finished I was completely in tears and sobbing like a 5 year old. she said, "I think this lesson has gone very well, Friday night come by at 6 pm again and we will review the week.  Tell your girlfriend that you are sorry but until the end of term you will be just doing your school work and studying.  I will get reports on your progress daily and I will call you to come see me for any failures to meet your obligations during the week,  Friday I will serve supper and then we will have a scheduled spanking to remind you what my hairbrush feels like."  She walked to the bathroom while i stood by the chair.  She took some body lotion and rubbed it into my sore rear end.  She told me to get dressed and then walked me to the door,  kissed me on the cheek and told me how much she loved me and that she was disciplining me again because I needed to know that limits are to be followed and that she knew if I applied myself I would be on the deans list by graduation time. I walked down her walk and started crying again as I rubbed my very sore bottom.  Sitting in class for the next few days was gong to be very uncomfortable.  If I  applied myself I would only have to worry about friday nights  until the end of the next semester.  My girlfriend , well that was going to be another problem.