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Wednesday, January 16, 2013



My dad had recently remarried.  Dads' wife was much younger than Tommys' mom had been and Tommy could not help but notice how attractive she really was.   She had noticed how Tommy watched her when ever she walked through a room, came and sat down in a chair in the living room, sitting at the desk table in the living room using her computer,  just pretty much what ever she did he was watching.
        I  was a student, getting close to an associate degree at the local community college and my dad had been very lax with me since my mom passed on.  I didn't have to do chores,  bumed around for a year after high school and then my dad had met Jennifer  and shortly brought her home to meet me.  I didn't know what to think,  here, Jenifer was only eight years older than me and she was looking  very romantically inclined toward my dad.    I had decided that I didn't like her for my dad but that she would be a good date for me.  When  dad had left the room I  said to her, " what is a beautiful young lady like you doing hanging around an old guy like dad.   He is old fashioned and probably doesn't have any interests you have.  Have you ever tried going out with younger guys, like me for example?  I could show you a good time and we could go to come concerts or things like that."
        Jennifer just stared at me with her mouth open.  " I can't believe that you disrespect your dad so much as to hit on a new friend that he brings home to meet you.  I care for your dad very much and have for over a month now already.  He is fun and we have many similar interest.  How can you even think of doing this.  If I was your mom,  if i was your mom I would teach you some manners.  In my home, naughty boys were spanked by my mom and also by me.  If you lived there right now you wouldn't be so disrespectful.  I would have you over my knee and I would teach you some proper respect and manners..."
        I was sitting wide eyed looking at her.  She was so angry I thought I could see steam rising from her face.  I swallowed and told her,  "Wow,  don't get so steamed,  I was only kidding.  I just wanted to know what your intentions are, I lied.  Geezzz, don't take it so seriously, " I said.  she crossed her legs and said again,  " If you lived in my house, right now you would be over my knee getting the spanking of your life.  I would teach you some manners for sure," Jenifer said and she uncrossed her knees and pointed at her lap and gave her thighs a loud slap.  Then she crossed her legs again and she notice how I was looking at her again.  "Knock it off or I will tell your dad," she said.  At that point my dad came back in.  "What's going on," he said to Jennifer. " Oh, we are just getting to know each other a little.  Tommy seems like a nice kid that is missing the discipline your wife used to provide.  He seems particularly to need to learn to repect others from our quick conversation and he should probably use some chores to do around here to see that he isn't getting a free ride," Jennifer said.  "I am sure that he is missing his mom which leads to some of his moodiness at times and yes maybe I should give him some chores to do so that he will see how a family has to pull together.  I will ad that to my list of things to do.  So are you ready to go Jennifer,  Tommy, we are going out for a few hours.  I leave you to do what you have to do for school and will be back before you go to bed most likely.  See you in a little while., he said as they went out the door together.  I peeked out the window on the door and watched them walk hand in hand down the walk to my dads car.  "Man, I thought, what a waste of a very pretty, still young lady.   I was so turned on just talking and looking at her I was glad that I didn't have to stand up.   It would have been very embarrassing.  But what is this spanking thing she has going on.  she says she spanks what gorgous legs she has and I think she kept crossing them to watch me watching her.  Then she hit me with the spanking thing.  no way , she isn't going to spank me.  It would be way to embarrassing.  but, wow  those gorgeous legs,  how beautiful she is sitting up with her legs together.  crossed also.  oh oh,  I got to stop rubbing myself while thinking this stuf.. I headed for the bathroom.
         Later dad came home.  He was smiling and as he hung up his jacket he asked  "Well, how did you like Jennifer?  Isn't she fantastic?  I feel so lucky to have found her.  She has a lot of the best points I loved about your mom.  She is an in charge type of person and can really get me organized.  So, what did you think?"
I told him "She really is a beautiful girl.  Young ,  a little strong willed,  seems like she would take charge of everything.  I don't think she is right for you because she is way to young for you."   "yes, dad said,  I expected you to say that.  She said that you were like a dirty old man looking at her, She said that she had to point out how out of line you were and that she got a feeling that you are going to be hard to handle if things continue to work out with us.  Just so you know,  I love her and am going to ask her to marry me so  I suggest that you get on her good side of her.  We have decided to elope to Vagas and get married next weekend and then you will have plenty of time to get to know her better.  By the way,  I will back her on anything that she wants to do to improve family conditions.".  
        The week end came.  I had planned to have friends over and drink myself into a stupor.  When I  walked in I found my Mom's sister waiting for me in the kitchen.  "Well" she said, "this weekend will be like old times,  Your dad and Jennifer are eloping as planned and they have asked me to babysit for you for the week end.  Yes,  I brought your favorite hairbrush with me and I suggest you behave and don"t make me have to use it.  I still know how and I remember how cute your bare backside was as you wiggled and begged me to stop spanking you.  So you just be a good little boy and we will get along famously."
        "How did you get involved in this anyway, I questioned"?  Aunty said, "when your mom was on her dieing bed she asked her to find a strong woman for your father and you as you both need it.  So happens that I am friends with Jennifers' mom  and I told her about my quest.  Well she said that although Jennifer is young she sounds like she would fit the bill so I introduced her to your dad.  they hit it off right away.  I mean HIT it off.  You didn't know that your mom kept your dad under the same discipline that she did you.  The music room in the cellar is not sound proof to keep the music in.  It was to keep the spanking sounds in so you wouldn't hear them.   Your dad also got spanked by Jennifers' mom that same night.  When I took him  home, he was a very sore but a happy guy .  The romance bloomed quickly and your dad popped the question the night before he brought her by to meet you.  My advice is do what she tells you.  she is truely a very hard and experienced spanker".   Well aunty kept good control of me.  She one time got the hairbrush and asked me if I wanted to yell, dance and cry.  I immediately told her no and she said ok that is one.  If I say two you will be spanked.  she never said two.
            Dad and Jennifer arrived home mid afternoon on Sunday.  Auntie and I met them at the door  when Jennifer came in she looked at auntie and asked how things went.  Auntie said, " very well.  no spankings were needed.  We chatted about how you met and he knows that things are going to change around here.  He is going to have to help out for his own good".  Jennifer came over to me and told me that she is now my step mom but you can call me Jennifer or mom, which ever you prefer,  I told her "thank you, Jennifer".  she smiled and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and said,  I hope this change is going to work out for you.  We are all looking forward to helping you through it.  She gave me a list of chores I would be responsible for.  I started to balk at laundry but she told me it was past time for me to learn to do it.  It would be just my own laundry I would have to do. She walked to the living room and put her hairbrush and the list on the desk table  there.  she said to read the list as tomorrow morning it goes into effect.
            Monday night supper was good.  Jennifer is a good cook and real home made food tasted real good,  After supper as we were about to get up from eating she told my dad to do his chore (dishes) and that she and I were going to have a chat in the living room.  Oh crap,  I remembered that I was in such a hurry this morning I did not water the  window boxes and plants on the front porch.  I felt sick as I knew exactly what she meant when she said a chat.  Dad looked at me and rubbed his back side  and then started the dishes.  I followed her into the living room.  She went to the desk table and took the straight chair  in front of it and set it in the middle of the living room facing the sofa.  She went back and picked up the hairbrush and returned to the chair and softly seated herself letting her house dress settle on her lap and then rising again to smooth it out behind her and over her lap. She called me to stand in front of her.  I wanted to die.  I knew it was going to happen but I hoped lightning would strike through the house and kill me dead.  it didn't happen.  She told me to lower my pants and under drawers.  I hesitated as I was having a reaction that I really did not want to happen..  Now she said slapping the brush not to hard but hard enough to make me jump.  Pants down now or we will have an extra spanking when you go to bed.  I slowly opened my belt and dropped my pants.  my drawers stood out pointing in her direction.  She asked me if I found this sexy and was aroused,  I told her,  "no Jennifer".  she interrupted me.  She said, "when I am disciplining you I am mom".   You said I could." I countered.  "Ten extra spanks  for stalling when the spanking would have normally ended.  Take them down now, " she said.  "Yes mom", I stammered.  I took them down and yes my arousal stood almost straight up. It was so aroused it was trying to bend over backwards.  So hard it hurt.  She looked at it.  "Twenty more for being aroused at a discipline session.  the first spanking you have earned is going to be a very severe spanking.  now come to my right side," she said.  I did. I stood there m my erection was bobbing up and down in front of her eyes.  She shook her head.  "I guess I will have to spank that away," she added.  She pulled me down and over her lap.  Wiggled her lap a little until my erection landed in the soft material of her house dress.  "Now", she said,  "why are you here in this position"?   I forgot to do my chore this morning as I was late leaving for school",  I responded.  "Why were you late." she went on?  " I overslept", I stated.  "Why, she continued?   "I was up late last night worrying about the changes that are taking place in our family, I admitted. "Do you fear me, She asked?.   "Sort of", I said.  "Well you should not fear me.  You find yourself in this position because of your own failure to do what you knew you were responsible for,  is that not so", She asked?   "Yes Jenni--",  SMACK  "yeowww", I cried out!!.  What did I say to call me during discipline, She asked?.  "Mom,  Yes.  Mom ,  I screwed up so I find myself over your lap getting a spanking", I said  "Correct.  so you think you can get up earlier to get your chores done", she asked?    Yes Mom",  I answered  "Good.  now to see if we can spank away that erection she said as she raised the hairbrush up high and  the spanks fell hot and heavy covering my entire bottom  I didn't count but there must have been near 50 before she stopped.  I was tearing already.  panicky, and dancing over her lap.  She told me to lay still.  I did.,  "Alright, now we are going to get to the serious spanking.  Stay put. Scream and cry if you wish.  It will not stop me from carrying out the spanking that you deserve.  Hold the legs of the chair and do not interfere with my spanking you".  The smacks started again  all up and down my bottom,   a bunch to where my bottom and thighs meet.  When she stopped I was red in the face.  screaming and crying like a eight year old.  Crying so hard I was not breathing in,   just out.  I lay still. " Now" ,she said,  "normally your spanking would be over, but you have earned another 30 spanks".  She gave them also hard and fast.  I was to worn out to dance or struggle.  I just laid there blubbering,  tears streaming down my face..  She let me lay there for a few minutes and rubbed my bottom. "Alright carefully get up and stand in front of me", she said. I did, she looked and said "well the erection is gone.  It usually is after a few smacks but do not let it happen again,  when you are in front of me for a spanking that is all you are there for.  Do  you understand".  I said, "Yes,  Je.   ah,  Mom.  I understand".  "Alright. go to the cabinet in the bathroom and get some body lotion and then come back again,  do not pull up your drawers or pants.  When you are in the bathroom remove them and on the way back put them on the stairs going up to the bedrooms", Jennifer said..    I removed them. picked up the lotion and then I walked to the stairs and  placed my pants and drawers where I was told.  Then I turned to go back to Jennifer.  She was still sitting in the chair with the hairbrush in her hand.  I felt very disturbing feeling starting to rise in front of me.  I hurried quickly to her  she told me to get back over her knee.  Then she felt me pushing against her thigh.  "Alright.  twenty more for becoming aroused again", she said.    "Please Mom," I begged but it did no good,  twenty more stingers had me bawling again.  She then put the hairbrush on the floor and picked up the lotion..  She spread it thick over the blistered areas and then gently rubbed it in.  She had me stand again. She stood and hugged me close to her,  She told me she loved me and that was why she spanked me so hard, to really set the lesson in.  She said that I should thank my new mom and then get my pajamas on and come back down for some family time.  I didn't argue.  I put the jammies on and put my pants and drawers in the dirty clothes and then went back down stairs.  we watched a movie together and then it was bed time.  she came in and kissed me good night and asked if I had learned my lesson,  I told her I had and she told me to remember the list and do the chores. . I told her  her I would. she gave me a good night kiss on the forhead and turned off the light. I felt forgiven and slept well.
         The week went well and I got no more spankings.   The following week I overslept again and didn't get  a chore done.  Things had been going so well that when I got home I did the chore,  That evening after supper Jenifer told me that we were going to have a chat.  I cringed. as I followed her into the livingroom, tonight she was in a business skirt and blouse.  Again following her to the livingroom I was watching how well the skirt fit her bottom and how interestingly it moved as she walked. She again got the chair and placed it in front of the sofa. She sat. smoothed out the skirt. told me to lower them and then looked with disbelief as I was standing tall and pointing at her again.   "Again" she said

a story written by tommyspt to go with the illustration at the top of it,  I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to leave comments.