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Saturday, November 9, 2013


HOLIDAY WOODSHED SPANKING Here it is, Thanksgiving, The harvest festival, most of our family has gathered at Aunt Susan’s farm to enjoy the festival. Here I am at eleven in the morning, standing in the woodshed awaiting Aunt Susan to come and give me a spanking that I so richly deserved. I hear the screen door on the house shut and Aunt Susan telling the others to just continue enjoying some down time as the food is now all in the oven and on the stove so everyone can relax for a while. I hurriedly dropped my pants to my ankles and pulled my underpants down to my mid thighs. Aunt Susan came in the doorway with a very satisfied look on her face and that horrible ebony hairbrush that she called the family heirloom. “So, here you are in my wood shed again awaiting a very hard spanking from me. That was quite a trick you pulled on the last night of your summer stay with us and you probably thought that you had gotten away with it. When I couldn’t find you and your bed was unslept in, I was very worried. Then I noticed that your travel bag was missing. I then looked in my handbag and discovered that the bus ticket from town to your hometown was missing also. You know that taking that ticket without asking me is a very spankable offense. You do not go into other people’s belongings and take things without permission. Also for your information, your partner in this crime, James, was spanked long and hard by his mom while I found out that you had told him you needed a ride to the station early in the morning because you wanted to let me sleep, rather than you wanted to escape the strap in the woodshed you had been promised the night before for sassing your cousins. That is another spanking that we will make up, This long weekend,” she added. “What”? I asked, “Mom said that we were coming for thanksgiving dinner and didn’t say anything about staying for the week end, besides she has to pick up dad tomorrow at the airport. Actually I was pretty surprised she had agreed to come to dinner at all.” Aunt Susan seated herself on the straight chair just inside the woodshed and was smoothing her skirt and maneuvering herself on the chair to be sure she was comfortable. She said, “there now, you come on over and stand by my lap. You know the drill.” I could not believe how embarrassing this was, Here I was 19 years old now, hobbling over to stand by her lap. She was patting the hairbrush in her palm which made very slight slapping noises, and to make things even worse, I was aroused so much my arousal was actually bending back and starting to hurt. Of course she had noticed as soon as she came in the shed. I heard the screen door open and Jenny and Haley coming out in the back yard. “Mom, is it ok if we sit outside? The sun feels so nice and there are not going to many more days like this. Auntie is watching the pans on the stove so we can get some sun.” I looked at Aunt Susan with very large pleading Eyes, “Please don’t let them listen to my spanking Auntie,” I begged” Aunt Susan said, “Ok, just ignore the sounds that are coming from the woodshed. They were also very worried when you slipped away at the end of the summer. I think they have a right to hear you pay for worrying them.” She then pulled her apron and skirt to her waist and told me, “over you go” She spread her legs slightly so my arousal fell between her thighs and dangled just over the end of the seat of the chair. I looked out as my head was almost halfway past the door jam. My cousins had taken lawn chairs and were facing the door about 15 feet away. Haley made air spanking signals and Jenny made shame on you signals with her hands as they were both smiling and enjoying my predicament. Aunt Susan told me. “This is going to be a long, hard spanking. You are going to be very sorry for causing us all that worry while you sneaked away to avoid that strapping. We will make that up this week end also. Now I want you to hold still and answer any questions I ask you, do you understand”? I was looking at my cousins and really not paying attention. The noise sounded like a shot gun going off. My right cheek exploded like I had been shot by a load of bird shot. |ARRRG yeouch!!!” I screamed. “Well?” She asked me. “Well what?” I questioned her. Whack, smack, whap, smack and a final crack. I was begging and screaming at the same time. I threw my hand back and I screamed “ I am sorry, I didn’t hear what you said. I was watching Jenny and Haley in the yard”. Aunt Susan told me to stand, she smiled at me when she saw my tears already, the fact that my arousal had decided to go away, and the little dance I was doing while knowing better than to rub my bottom. She went to the door and told the girls that they were distracting me from paying attention to what she was saying while spanking me. I was relieved. She is going to send them in I thought. “I think it will be less of a distraction if you come into the shed and watch from behind him, after all you were also worried by his running out early. I heard them giggle and in seconds they came into the shed with their lawn chairs in hand. They looked me up and down with big grins on their faces. I immediately covered myself with my hands. Aunt Susan told me to put my hands straight out in front of me. She picked up a piece of rope and tied my hands together. “There, that will take care of him putting his hands back to cover his bottom “. Jenny and Haley had set up their chairs just to the right side and forward of my aunts spanking chair. Yes they are going to have a real good view of the proceedings. My aunt sat down again and adjusted her skirt and apron, and told me to stand in front of her. Having my aunt in front of me and Haley and Jenny on my left, I felt the arousal starting again. Jenny said, “Ow, I see it”, to Haley as she had apparently elbowed her as my arousal had started to rise. It continued rising as my aunt asked me, “Would I answer all questions and pay attention while being spanked,” she added. I told her with tears in my eyes, “yes, I would”. “All right then go to my right side, get over again.”. “Wow’, Jenny said, “look how red his backside is already,” as I bent to lay over Aunt Susan’s lap again. I checked out the view while Aunt Susan told the girls that they were not to make remarks while the spanking was going on. Aunt Susan’s legs and the chair bottom, and then Haley and Jenny sitting with legs crossed and Haleys elbow on the chair arm. I arched my back and looked back at my Aunt. Even with her skirt pulled up her backside was lined perfectly by her skirt. “Tommy, put your head down, hold still, the more you move the longer this spanking will take”. I heard the girls giggle. Aunt Susan asked me, ” are you sorry that you made us all worry the way you did”? “Yes” I said, “I am very sorry”, I said “Are you sure that you will never do that again”? Aunt Susan said again. “Yes, I am sure”, I answered. “All right, let’s get this spanking going, the sooner it starts the sooner it will end and we can get back to thanksgiving festivities”, she added. Aunty rubbed my bottom with the back of the brush and then stopped. I felt he shift a little and then crack, the sound of a shotgun going off again and the sting associated with it. I yelled, the other cheek, again I yelled. This went on about 1 smack a second for about a minute. I was breathless. I looked back and saw Haley bending down smiling at me. Aunt Susan then rubbed my bottom for about a minute and then with the brush again. “Ok, this is going to be hard and fast for about 100 smacks. You don’t have to count them Tommy, besides I think you will be to occupied just remembering to breath,” she said as the brush rubbing stopped again. Then it started. I remember reading somewhere that a hard spanking causes your bottom to go numb. Well after that minute I can verify that it does not. It just keeps hurting more and more. She paused again. Rubbed my bottom some more commenting about how nice and red and very hot my bottom was. She asked the girls what they thought. Haley said it really was red and Jenny said that it looked like my bottom was on fire. The next part was again slow and hard spanks. This time also including the very tops of my thighs. I really hollered and danced when she spanked me there. It was like a new spanking just starting. This hard spanking was also interspersed with questions that I blurted out answers between sobs and tears. It seemed like I had been being spanked for about an hour when Aunt Susan said that I should again ready myself for another very hard and fast spanking on the entire bottom and thighs. I started to say something when the first landed,. I kicked so hard I fell off of her lap. I got no sympathy, Aunt Susan told me to get up. I did, She had me stand facing her left thigh while between her legs. Over she said. I laid over and she then took he right leg and pinned me so I could not move. Haley and Jenny were watching entranced. Aunty said, “now stay still or we will redo this entire spanking after dinner”. All I could do was plead. “Please don’t”. She rubbed the brush again and then it started, I could not move at all my tied hands were beating on the floor in front of me and my backside was being turned into an inferno. Finally it stopped. I was just laying limp over her knee. Halley sounded like she was as out of breath as I was. Aunt Susan told her to get some skin cream out of the cabinet on the other side of the doorway. She did and brought it to her mom. Aunt Susan gently applied a heavy layer and then gently rubbed it in. It was amazing to me how gentle she was after just about taking all the skin off my bottom just a few minutes before. About four or five minutes later I had stopped sobbing and started to look around. Halley and Jenny were standing now looking at my bottom. Aunt Susan asked if I could stand. I told he I thought so. She had me stand and had Halley and Jenny take there seats again. I had to go stand in front of them and apologize to then individually. Then I returned to Aunt Susan and I apologized to her also. Aunt Susan stood up, adjusted her skirts and apron, told me it was time for a hug and forgiveness. She hugged me in close and I started to cry gain. She said, “this part of your discipline is over and forgotten. Haley and Jenny come and hug him also. Jenny hugged me hard, pressing herself tightly against me. Things started rising again, Haley looked and smiled, she then also hugged tightly against me. I turned to Aunt Susan and she noticed. We will discuss that tonight when you receive a good night spanking before bed. Halley and Jenny both giggled as they watched me pull up my underpants and pants very gingerly. We all four walked back to the kitchen and mom asked if everything was all right. Aunt Susan said that yes things are now forgiven on the leaving early incident. :Mom looked relieved. So what time Sunday are you all coming to bring Tommy home. I should be mid morning when we arrive. Here ends part one obviously. This story took weeks and many rewrites but it is now ready for my blog. Please enjoy it and feel free to comment