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Friday, September 23, 2011

supervisor will participate

"Well Thomas, this is the third after work discipline session that I will have given you.  You still are making the same stupid mistakes on programming the check writing printer and today every check was printed with the wrong date.  Don't you even look at the calendar when you are setting these up.  Now every check that was written today will have to be reprinted and you and Ruth will have to stay and do it.  If you weren't the son of my only sister I would have fired you after the first time, but I told your mom that I would handle your discipline problems like i used to when you got out of hand and your mom sent you to see me," Aunt Clara said very sternly.  "You will get the chair I use when disciplining you from the table and bring it over in front of my desk,  then remove your clothing and stand by it." she said.
     "Ruth, You are his supervisor and you know that at times I have called tom into my office to chat about problems that you have reported to me.  I have decided that my attention to correct his problem of not concentrating on the task at hand is not working.  As his failures show that you are not strict enough with him, I have decided that you shall have to discipline him also.  I have asked you before about how you felt about corporal discipline and you said that it has a purpose when reasoning does not do the trick and that you had used spanking with your son as he was growing up... Well Tom is in need of discipline and I have reasoned with him until I am blue in the face.  When he was younger, he spent alot of time over my knee learning right from wrong.  When he got out of school he went from job to job always getting fired for not concentrating on his work so that his mom asked me to take him on and straighten him out.  Well this is the third time this month that i have called him in for a spanking so I have decided that I must not be giving him enough of a spanking so I am going to start having you spank him also.  I assume that you will agree to this." Aunt Clara said.
     Ruth had been watching me get the chair and place it in front of her and the desk as Aunt Clara had requested.  She then watched while I took off all of my clothes and blushingly stood before her.  Aunt Clara then opened a drawer in her desk and reached in and took out her favorite heavy wooden hairbrush.  She walked around the desk and sat gracefully on the chair I had brought around.  'I will start his punishment with a good application of 50 slow, hard spanks.  At that point we will change places and I will watch you spank him until I feel he is ready for me to finish him up." Aunt Clara said.  Aunt Clara smothed down her skirt and told me to get into position.  Rose took a few steps back and sat on the edge of the desk to watch the proceedings.  Rose said,  "I see that he is not aroused,  when I spank my son he is always pointing right at me before going across my lap.  Of couse a couple of smacks with my brush, he has his mind on other things than arousal." Aunt Clara said, "Tom knows that when he is going to be spanked by me there is no reason at all for him to be aroused.  the business end of my brush has him in too much fear to be thinking arousal thoughts."  I gently laid myself across her lap with my backside up high the way she likes it.  I placed my right hand up on my back and extended my thumb so Aunt Clara could grip my thumb and hold me firmly in place.  I then felt her move slightly and smack.  WOW did that hurt.  no matter how prepared you are to be spanked that first hairbrush smack is a real eye opener., She then started smacking me about every 5 seconds, letting each on sink in and using the brush so that each smack just overlapped the proceeding one.  by ten I was wiggling around  and OWING with every smack.  i was careful not to fall of her lap and get out of position.  I had done that a few times when I was a kid and that had gotten me a bedtime spanking as well and another spanking after supper the next night.finally after 50 very hard spanks I was allowed up.  "Well" Rose said, with a little smile on her lips,  "it looks like it is my turn now.  I had thought that there were spankings going on hin Clara's office 'cause every now and then a yeow or an ouch would make it under the door.  Who knew that I would be sitting down on  chair in her office getting ready to spank such a big and deserving young man.  Please come and get across my lap so I can teach you a lesson about paying attention and concentrating."  As she was talking she smoothed down her skirt and patted my aunts hairbush against her thigh.  I got into position the same as I did with my aunt.  She also grabbed my thumb and the spanking started almost immediately. 
Wow, who would have thought that such a nice quiet supervisor would be such a harsh and hard spanker.  I was begging within a few smacks and promising to concentrate more and be more carful.  She spanked hard and fast , a smack every second or so with no stops to scold or anything.  After about 4 minutes I was just laying limp across her lap and sobbing away.  My aunt said that she was very impressed.  I guess i picked the right supervisor to help Tom correct his ways.  She had to help me get off of her lap and then as I stood in front of her, she lit into me about how this was just a sample spanking that she had given me.  If I didn't improve she would bring in her favorite clothes brush from home to use on me.  I sobbed and said that I was very sorry and would try hard to improve.  Meanwhile Rose got up from the chair and my aunt sat down again.  She again smoothed her skirt and then pulled it up so I was looking at her stocking covered thighs.    I started to beg, " Please no more.  I am so sore now, I can't take any more."  She said, " you can and you will."   She spread her thighs and move me in between then forced me over her left thigh while she swung her right leg over my legs to hold me in place.  She told me to present my hands.  I brought both hands up on my back with thumbs extended.  She gripped the thumbs. and she spanked harder than I had ever been spanked by her.  Fast spanks covered my cheeks and upper thighs.  I screamed, tried to kick but couldn't.   Finally I just lay limp over her thigh and  she stopped.  She gave the brush to Rose and had her put it on the desk but told her to leave it out and use it as she  had just done if I gave her any trouble at all while redoing the checks   Rose smiled at me and said that from now on there would be no more trouble from me or she would personally take care of it and report to Aunt Clara for another double session..  I finally got up and stood crying before both of them.  Ruth told me to get dressed and that I had to redo all the checks.  She would check them in 30 minutes and may God help your butt if there are any mistakes.  

The art work used to illustrate this story is a fake art.  it is made up from many pictures taken from the web, cut and pasted and then overpainted to make the charachter no longer look like the originals. I hope you enjoyed.