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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

no longer the rookie

This is a fantasy episode of one of my favorite television shows of the 1970's.  The name of the show was the rookies, a show about rookie police men and women in california.  Of course my favorite was the female policewoman played by kate jackson.  In myfantasy episode Ms Jackson has been promoted to corporal and is in charge of the work release program at the county lock up. upon the end of the inmates sentence, usually a week or 2 of comunity service Ms Jackson takes the inmate, naked, over her knee on a special built spanking chair that is high enough so that the inmate feels like a small child , not being able to touch the floor with his hands of feet, Just laying across her lap as she administers the  number of hairbrush strokes set by the judge as a reminder that he is to keep straight and not get introuble with the law again. The judge usually assigns 100 to 150 hard swats with the brush where upon the prisoner can washup and dress before being released.  since the program has been in effect the number of repeat inmates has dropped of tremendously and the judge has presented ms. Jackson with nlumerous crime fighting awards.  
This drawing and story represents my fantasy and does not in anyway imply that Ms Jackson would participate in this activity.  I have the utmost repect for her as and actress and also as a strong, independant woman that I admire for her many talents and work thru the years.

A quick  apology to the folks who enjoy my blog.  Being away for most of november i was way behind of the holiday preparations at home.  I am sorry for not posting much this past month and hope to do better after the new year.  IN the mean time have a glorious christmas and new years and any other holidays that you celebrate at this time of year.  Thanks for staying with my blog

Saturday, December 4, 2010

office discipline 3

Ok.  You screwed up again,  this time it cost your company a large contract that  the client took to a competitor.  As  you had agreed that any company related issues would be handled by your boss and her manager you had found yourself again over her knee as she chatted with you about how you could have done better to keep the client from going elseware with his order.  It was a real long spanking and her manager had encouraged her to spank you even harder as obviously you had not learned you lesson last week when you had found yourself in the same position. now that your spanking is over the manager will inspect your bottom and quiz you on how you can do a better job in the future.   she suggests that although your bottom is really red and blistered that you probably should be spanked again tomorrow after work.  Your boss quickly  agrees that although you are in pain and very compliant right now you will probably fall back into your old ways withina few days.  the surprise is that the manager is going to administer tomorrows spanking and then the boss will also apply some strokes with a good thick strap after.  more discipline sessions will depend on how well the lesson is learned over the next week. your boss looks at her manger and then she winks and says that it is a lucky thing for you that your mom owns the company otherwise they would not be spending this extra effort to set you straight.  you just sob and agree todo what ever they think is necessary to straighten you out.

this is a fake art picture created by tommyspt.  fake art is made by taking several pictures,  cutting and pasting them into a new scene and then overpainting to creat the desired effect.  I hope you enjoy it as much as i do making them.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hot blond, hot bottom

I am back from my trip.  unfortunately the wifi i was told worked well, didn't, so i was unable to do any updating.  I am home at last and i hope to continue updating,  todays update is about a guy who laways leers at the lady next store.  after a chat with his wife the lady takes action.  Hope you enjoy it.

Monday, November 8, 2010

trip is back on

the trip  i was going on last month that was canceled at the last minute is back on again .  Tomorrow i will be leaving for 3 to 4 weeks.  After a week I hope to be able to connect to the internet again with my laptop so i hope to be able to update the blog.  I will try to get one more update in today before I leave.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday after church

                                                                        Saturday had been a busy day.  I had mowed the lawn, raked the yard, prepared the mower for winter storage. It was alot of hard work.  My neighbor came by and asked if I would like to go for some liquid refreshment, so i rapidly agreed.  We went to the local Hooters Bar and had a few beers.  Well those few beers of course led to a few more and then something to eat and of course watching the dance shows that the waitresses put on when not serving.  We had a great time.   could not believe it when the bar tender called last call and I looked at my watch and discovered that it was one o'clock in the morning.  When I got home my wife was waiting for me in the kitchen, frantic, as to where I had been.  I had somehow neglected to tell her that we were going out for a couple of beers.  After she calmed down, she said that we would have more discussion about it tomorrow as it was now after three in the morning and we had to go to church at nine o'clock service.  I looked at her and said, "Are you kidding, I am not going to be in any shape to go to church and listen to preacher jones give one of his long winded sermons.  I think I will just stay in bed in the morning." She pointed out that how I felt was my own fault and that she had told friends that we would go to breakfast after church with them and that I was not going to embarrass her by making her change the plans that she had made.
      At seven in the morning she started telling me to get ready for church.  i could hardly open my eyes and my tongue felt like it was wearing a mo hair sweater and my eyes seemed to be cemented shut.  I rolled over again, plled up the covers and groaned and moaned.  "Out of bed NOW, " she said as she puled the cover completely off the bed and left them on the floor. "This is your own fault and I don' feel at all sorry for the way you feel this morning.  Now get out of bed or I will throw a pither of cold water on you.  Your suit is laid out and the shower is running. Now get going or i will get my hairbrush and give you some incentive to move."  It had been over a month since the last time she had spanked you with her hairbrush and you did not want a repeat performance of that so you got up and headed to the shower.  30 minutes later you were dressed and ready to go.  "How are you feeling now?" she said.  You toldher that you were so tired and sick, head ache and nasty taste in your mouth, and upset stomach and really wanted to go back to bed.  She handed you a cup of strong coffee and a piece of toast and told you to eat something and hope it makes you feel better.  Shortly after you left for church.
        Charlie, your friend who you had gone for liquid refreshment was there with his wife also.  He didn;t look in any better shape than you were either.  He pointed at you and began to laugh,  You shrugged and said, "Yup, hungover real bad, but Hooters was a good time last night, I guess it was worth it."  You caught a very hard elbow in the ribs and you looked at your wife.  She was livid, as angry as you had ever seen her.  Then you remembered that she had said " what a disgusting bar had opened a few blocks from the house.  Hooters was the name.  Scanty clad waitresses with big "hooters "  wearing shirts too skimpy, just not the type of place we need in out neighborhood.  I had better never hear that you have been patronizing it"  Of course with the hangover you had not been thinking very clearly and had blurted out what a time you had had th in front of her and the other familys that were gathered waiting to go into the church.  Charlie also was looking at you like "what the heck did you ever say that fr=or and his wife was standing with her hands on her hips looking at him and also livid with  steam coming out of her ears she was so angry.  Again you just shrugged and figured anything you said now would just make things worse.  Shortly the church doors opened and greating the preacher you went into the church.
       It was very hot in there.  Stuffy also, and of course you were not feeling well to begin with. you had to loosen your tie to breath.   Open your jacket,  Your wife looked at you and told you to sit still. The service started.  Up and down you got,  groaning, Everytime you move,  Your wife shushed you and said to be quiet if you were not going particpate, at least.  Then came the sermon.  Your head immediately dropped on your shest as you fell asleep.  the combination of the heat, the hangover, the pressure of knowing that your trouble you were in was mounting, led to deep sleep very quickly.  Your wife elbowed you but even that did not wake you up.  Finaaly the sund of everyone laughing woke youl you opened your eyes and heard the preacher say, "If you cannot get him to stop snoring could you please take him hoe so that others can at least hear my sermon."  Your wife, when you looked at her was the brightest red that you had ever seen her,  She grabbed you by the ear and led you out of the church saying apologies all the way out.  She even smacked your bottom a few times when you stumbled.  She stopped where the deacon and his wife were tosay that unfortunately we were not going to be able to make breakfast with them this morning but she had business to attend to when we got home this morning.  Maybe we can arrange another time to go out.  with thatshe smacked my bottom a couple of more times as we went out the door.  When we got to the car I tryed to apologize.  She just said that she had never been so embarrassed in her whole life and that I was ging to get the spanking of my life when we got home.
        When we arrived home, I knew better than to argue, apologize or anything else that would land me in more trouble.  I asked where she was going to spank me and she said in the bed room.  get the dresser chair out, get my hairbrush,  strip naked and wait for me by the chair,  I will be in in a few minutes.  I need some coffee to calm down a little so that I don;t spank your bottom completely off of you.  I knew I had it cming so i did as she told me.  i was standing as she requested when she came in.  She sat down. piced up the hiarbrsh. patted her lap and said for me to get over.  I did.  Then she started to scold. Punctuated each grievance with abut 10 hard smacks,  I had had over a hundred hard spanks before she finally got down to the real spanking.  I was wiggeling, moving on her lap, bouncing up and down across it and begging as much as i could between the ows and ouches. then it happened,  I had never been reduced to tears when being spanked by her before.  I was blubbering, crying my eyes out. telling her how sorry I was. Sniffing and just laying still .  finally she stopped.  She said that this is not the end of it.  I was to be on a very short leash for the next month.  Any infractions in my behaviour would end up over her lap with the hairbrush being applyed again and again.  The she said tht i was to go to bed and not come down until supper tonight.  I didn;t argue.
As i lay in bed all I could think about was  what a jerk I was and how lucky i was to have my wife to look for me and to care enough to correct me when my many faults caused problems.  then I fell asleep. 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Tender Moment

It had been a very hard spanking.  You had begged her to please delay it for another day as you bottom was still sore and red from the unscheduled spanking that you had gotten last night.  You had deserved that one also as you had gone to a ber after work with the guys, had a little too much to drink and had then backed into the bar tenders car as you were attempting ot come home two hours late for dinner which was your night to cook it.  the bartender being a nice young lady had taken your information and phone number and had said. "Don;t worry Tom,  I will take care of everything. "   the damage had only been a small dent and a scrape on the bumpers of both cars and you had told her to call you when she got an estimate.  One of the bar patrons it turns out was was an autobody repairman and hd told her that 159 bucks would fix it up and no one would no it had happened.  She got on the phone right away to give you the good news that the repair would be inexpensive.  Un fortunately you had not even got home yet and when the phone rang your wife answered.  You were late because you stopped for pick up food at a local itailian bistro that you knew your wife liked.  AS you walked in the door you heard your wife on the phone, "an accident?  Was anyone hurt?  Well that is good. Only 150.00 dollars damage. Well that is lucky again.  Yes, Tom will come by tomorrow with the money to repair your car. He has just come in.  Was je drinking tonight?  Yes but not a lot.  Well we will have a little chat about drinking and driving tonight and he will apologize and give you the money tomorrow.  I am glad no wone was hurt.  I will tell him. Thank you for calling,"  and she hung up and looked at Tom.
     You quickly  held up the bags of delicious smelling food and you told her that you had take out from her favorite restaurant,  She told you to leave it on the table, remove your clothes and place a chair in the middle of the kitchen.  You sltarted to plead but she just told you to strip and wit by the chair.  You knew that you were supposed to come right home today as it was your turn to make supper.  She came right back with that awful hairbrush that she kept for just one purpose, Spanking you.  she wiggled her fingure at you and pointed to her lap where she had just sat down.  you could see how mad she was because her face and ears were really red.  You laid down across her lap and she adjusted you so your butt was high across her lap and in just the right position to leave the cheeks as perfect targets for her brush.  She scolded slowly punctuating points with hard smack to your butt.  uou were wiggling and struggeling as she again warned about drinking and driving,  not being ome when you were supposed to be and causing damage to another vehicle.  she said in the morning she would look at your bumper and if there was any damage you would be scheduled for another hiairbrushing tomorrow after work.  Then she really laid it onto you and your but and upper thighs were bright red and white blistered when she finished.  She told you to go to bed and think about what you had learned tonight. She at the supper you had bought and then went to the bedroom  and applyed some body cream to the welts and blistes.  you thanked her and said that you were very sorry and it would not happen again.  She said she hoped not but if the car was damaged you would get more of the same tomorrow night, she kissed you and turned off the light and said straight to sleep you naughty boy.
     The next morning you and she went to look at the car.  Yes there  was a large scratch.  "Ok more lessons tonight.  go to the bank and withdraw the money fro;m your account to fix the bartenders car.  Ask her who gave her the estimate and call him an bring the car t him right after work and get an estimate from him. then come straight home.  I will have dinner ready at 6:30 pm.  Don't be late or there will be no dinner before your spanking."  You started to ask her not to spank you again so son but decided not to and just said "yes dear"  It was a long day even with all the extra things you had to do. when you got home dinner was just o the table. YOu washed and came to he table. You noticed the hairbrush on the chair at the end of the table.  It was a mostly quiet dinner with polite chat about the happenings of the day, when dinner was over she pulled out the chair, picked up the brush and said "it is time for lesson two. clothes off now and over my lap." You started to argue again but she swatted your upper thighs ablout ten hard ones and said I hope you are not going to argue about this spanking.  If you do you will get another tomorrow night."  "No dear, I was not going to argue."  Good, She scolded and spanked again. Long and hard again as the night before.  You were completely worn out, laying on ther lap, crying hard and just too tired to even get off of her.  She gently helped you to a kneeling position and said. " "I spank you because I care about you, You know i do it out of love and that the reason is to help you improveyourself." she wiped aome tears from your face and gently kissed your forhead.  She said that you were a good boy but just needed some correction now and then and tht because she loved you she would spank you long and hard whenever she determined that you needed one. now tell me you are sorry and then go up to bed,  I will be along in a while to put body creme on your sores. You stood, looked at her and said,' Thank you, I love you.' and walked off to go to bed as instructed.



Saturday, October 30, 2010

Visiting Aunt Susan

Aunt Susan had always been your favorite aunt. She was 12 years younger than my mom and 12 years older than me.  When I was younger she was a ready made baby sitter as she only lived a few blocks from you.  Aunt Susan of course was a spanking baby sitter as she was your moms' youngest sister and had learned child raising from her mom and older sisters.  They all believed that frequent spankings kept kids on the straight and narrow.
       Another nice thing about Aunt Susan was that she was still young enough to enjoy playing board games and  other games like hide and seek and such indoors.  Some times when playing games I would cheat and she would put me over her knees with my pants and underwear down and hand spank me until my bottom started to sting and then she would sit me on her knees and hug me and ask me if i had learned my lesson.  I would say "yes Aunty
Susan,  I am sorry and I won't ever do it again."  She would hug and kiss me and then we would go on to some other fun.  It seemed that whenever she sat for me I would end up over her knee being spanked.  It was never for anything real seious just something from the game  like misscounting the number of moves or such so the spankings were never mush more than just some more of the fun.
       AS i was getting to be a mid teen and the rebel against authority thing was getting me in trouble, and mom had me go to her houseafter school.  sometimes i would try to get her to spank me to bring back those memories when i had been younger,  the spankings had seemed like part of the game.  She told me, you can come to me for a spanking any time that you feel you need one but as you are older i am going to make sure that you feel them by using my hairbrush to impress on you that you need to be aware that spankings are to correct moods, or other problems that are troubling you.  I didn't llike the idea of the hairbrush but i did want that nice warm feeling of being over her lap so i agreed.  She spanked me many time  until i was 19 years old and heading to college.  While i was at college she had gotten a new job in Florida and had written to me to describe the new place she was living,  It was near enough to one of the major beachs and she told me that i should come for a visit after i graduate. the years flew by and graduation came up.  I had mentioned to mom that i would like to take a month or two off before starting the  job hunt and that Aunt Susan had offered to let me stay there for a month or so while i got my resumee ready to start the job hunt.  She even hinted at helping me prepare for interviews as that ws what she did for a living there. 
        I arrived at her house, we settled my bags into the room I would be staying at.  She had made some pastry and milk for a snack after I came out from putting my things away.  I said it was almost like when i used to get out of school and head to her house back home.  I started giggeling and mentioned that sometimes she would give me a spaning if i needed it.. She looked at me and smiled.  She said that she actually enjoyed warming my bottom  while over her lap and that she had felt my arousal as the spanking progressed,  She even said that the evidence on her lap made her think that I enjoyed the spankings.. I told her while blushing that the spankings did hurt but that it was worth the hurt for the warmth and the love that i felt while she was spanking me.  She said "well I have the time and i still have that big old hairbrush,  I remember telling you that I would spank you whenever you felt that you needed one and that still goes."  I was blushing and I said, "I was hoping that you would remember that."  We ate our snacks and laughed about old times and then she said, "Well I think I will go get my hairbrush, why don't you take off you pants and underwear and place a chair in the middle of the kitchen."  When she came back in she had changed to a nice red dress and high heels.  Just looking at her tapping that brush on her thighs as she approached the chair.  She sat and smoothed her skirt on her lap, moved a little forward on the chair, patted her palm with the brush and looked at me, "Ah ha, I guess you really are a naughty boy who is in need of a nice hard spanking.  Come here and get across my lap."  I laid across and she adjusted me slightly.  She had me place my right hand on my back and she held it firmly  and said with a laugh, "this is going to hurt you alot more than me but I think it will bring back fond memories to both of us."  I had forgotten how much that brush hurt but she stopped and rubbed and scolded every 10 or so smacks so it hurt but was bearable up until the finally. which really took my breath away. When she let me up she had me sit on her lap and i noticed the wet spot on her thighs,  I said "Sorry Auntie" and she said that it just shows how naughty a boy I am and that she will have to spnk my little bottom alot during the visit.  As luck wuld have it i managed to get a job at a local company right near where she lived so I have been able to continue seeing my aunt whenever I really need a spanking to set things straight again.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ow, please honey ouch, thats enough

this is similar to another of my drawings.  again the real short story i wrote  to cover in http://www.flickr.com/ seems to cover it all.  enjoy

Saturday, October 23, 2010

trip was canceled

yes i had said that i was going away for at least a month but the trip was canceled at the last moment
  It will be rescheduled  but when i do not know at this time.  i will continue to update my blog on a regular basis in the mean time.  thanks for your interest

student teacher maintenance review

"Please Susan, please tell her that i am not in good enough health for a spanking like she gave me the last time" Tom said.  Susan the school nurse said," You might be able to sell that to me or to Ms Scanlon if you were not aroused and pointing at the door."  Just then the door opened and Ms Scanlon came in carrying that very large  hairbrush that you hate so much.  Well Nurse Susan, I see our naughty young teacher is already in trouble for becoming aroused at punishment time.  You would think that he would have learned that by now.  well Tom come over here and get across my lap while Nurse Susan reads off the demerits that have been listed by myself and training teacher.. Oh Nurse Susan, I see you have added a few mor demerits as well.  All right susan you read and I will assign spanks for each demerit and administer them after you report them." 
"First demirit is for him trying to convince me to lie about his health to try and get the spanking lessoned or put off together.  I have examined him thoroughly and he can take quite a severe spanking today, she said with a slight grin at me as I hung across Ms Scanlon lap."  "Well that deserves 25 hard fast spanks, Ms Scanlon said."  You gritted your teeth and braces as she administered them.  You managed to stay quiet and still for the first 8 or so but then you started yelpoing, owing and yipeing as the heat started to rise.  "Ok, Ms Scanlon said, what is the next one. " Being aroused when I had him strip in front of me for his exam.  I told him that he sould become unaroused right now or I would have to report him to you and he just became even more aroused, I wonder if he actually likes these sessions Nursee susan wondered?"  "NO, no I don't." you gasped looking at her standing in front of the spanking scene, and now grinning from ear to ear, knowing
that she had just gotten you into more trouble.  "Please, I could not help it,  i was nervous, not excited by the prospect of the spanking that i am getting now.  Please understand the differance." you said. "No, Nurse Susan said,  if you were nervouse you would have already been aroused before you took removed your clothes  but you got aroused as you stood naked before me for your exam.  I think that means you became aroused because i was seeing you naked.(not like it is the first time, actually it is the third spanking you have had  since you agreeded to this program to help you )."Yes said Ms Scanlon, I agree with nurse Susan, 25 more hard fast spanks for that added demerit." The spanks were well adminstered and this time you did not remain stioic at all. you kicked and weiggled on her lap, and begged her to stop although you knew she would not.
Nurse susan then read from the list, Miss Jones states that you were joking with some of the cheer leader girls in the class in stead of  starting the class as she had left the room to get some suppies from the office,  when she returned you were still joking around and telling stories instead of  teaching."  Really! Well brace yourself Tom, you just earned another 25 fast and hard. Ms Scanlon said. This time you had tears in your eyes and tried to reach back to cover your hot , sore bottom. "Reaching back. Add 10 more spanks at end
of todays spanking." Ms Scanlon said. "Added" said Nurse Susan.
The spanking went on as demerits were read and punishment meeted out.  Tom had had over 200 spanks and 40 extrras when the spanking had ended.  Ms Scanlon said,  "You can get up now" but you just kept sobbing while laying across her lap.  Ms Scanlon said that she would talk to Miss Jones into joining and participating  in these maintenance spankings. She was quite angry when he joked around  instead of teaching the class like she asked him to.. That caused you to stir.  "Please, Ma am, Please don't, I could not stand being spanked by the woman I work with all day long. I could not look at the class  with her in front of it,  I would be afraid that she would tell the class of how i am spanked when naughty." Tom said.  "Well then it sounds like a very good idea then Ms Scanlon said .  Nurse Susan also  agreed.  She said "now get up and come to me so i can take your vitals."  "No", you said.  Nurse Susan pulled you off of Ms Scanlons lap and said, "Well there is the proof on your leg that he really is turned on when he is going to get a spanking,  I guess we had better start using a towell on you lap when you spank him from now on."  Tom just hung his head in shame. Tom passed his vitals ok and Ms Scanlon said, "Same time next week and try to behave so all three of us don't have to turn you over and spank you ".  You were doubley embarrased as you started getting aroused again.
This is a fake art i created from at least 7 other pictures.  all have been overpainted so that the original people in the pictures are no longer resembling themselves.  hope you enjoy the artwork and the story.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

never lie to your wifes friend

        Your wife's friend Susan had come over for dinner tonight as her husband was out of town on business for a few days.  after dinner you and the lady's decided that a game would be a good way to pass the time and have some fun as well.  you all had decided on a video trivia game that that you had never seen before that was based on old TV quiz programs. when the game came to truth or consequences the girls got to ask you questions.  the questions quickly turned embarrassing to you but the lady's were giggling and having a real good time.  Susan asked, "When you look at me, what part of my body to you find the most attractive?"  Immediately you thought of her beautiful legs and rear end. Thinking though, that that answer would probably not go well with your wife you said "you have a beautiful smile"  She smiled really big and said, "that's not what your wife said that you would say.  She said that you would say my butt because you had said to her how much you liked looking at me from behind"  Jan smiled at her and told her" He didn't sit well for a few days after he confessed that. "What?" Susan exclaimed. "Why did he not sit well"?
     When we first got married Tom was always checking out the other girls and I told him that it hurt me when he looked at other women when he was supposed to be mine all mine.  Then he actually went out for a  weekend with one girl I knew.  He denied it but when I needled her she fest up real quick.(fest is a slang word for confessed in American English).  to say that I was mad was an understatement. He fessed up also  and we decided that drastic action needed to be take to save our marriage.  I called his mom to see what she had to say and she bluntly told me that he always was a girl watcher and even was in trouble at school a lot when in high school.  She said that she went back to basics and just turned him over and spanked the daylights out of him with her big hairbrush right up to the time that he finally left home.  she suggested that I should do the same.
     We had a long chat about marriage counseling,  spanking  or divorce and we agreed on the spanking part of it.  It seems to work well except when he lets slip or lies like he did tonight. She said that that was enough games for tonight.  it is time to teach this bad boy a lesson.  Jan told him to go get the hairbrush and that he would receive a hard spanking for lying to Susan.  Susan asked if she could give him some smacks also as he had lied to her.  Jan thought a moment and said that when she was finished, ,Yes she could give him a few smacks as well.  when you came back with the brush Jan told you to remove everything below your waste.  You started to protest about Susan being there and Jan said that as you had lied to her she would witness your spanking and at the end you would go over her lap as well for a short spanking from her to teach you about lying to her.  It was a tough spanking.  you were worn out by Jan well before she ended her part of the spanking.  Susan took her place on the chair and patted her thighs with the brush.  Over you went and then she added about 40 hard spanks before Jan said it looked like your lesson was well learned.  You had to stand and thank both of them for taking the time to correct you and then you headed up to the bedroom to cry yourself to sleep.

Monday, October 18, 2010

southern female sheriff

 A friend of mine on face book asked a question about whether i would prefer to spank or be spanked by Suzanne Sommers.  The answer came very quick to me as i have always fantsized being across her lap for a nice long hard session.  I remembered that quite a few years ago i had drawn a picture of her doing after hours duty on her tv show where she played a southern female sheriff. For some reason the first time i saw the show implanted this picture in my memory.  When my friend asked the question i immediatley thought of the drawing.  it took a little while to find it but i thought it might make a good blog post.

This drawing is a fantasy of mine,  I in no way am preposing or inferring that suzanne sommers would act like the drawing shows.  Again it is strickly a fantasy drawing showing what i wish a southern sheriff might do to add extra discipline to a hard to crack prisoner.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Visit To Moms

     Well I really did not want to do this.  I could not tell my wife about a sure win bet that I had made which turned out to be a sucker bet.  I had lost one thousand dollars.  Our vacation fund that we had been putting away to go away to the lake that we had spent our honeymoon at just one year ago,  I had figured that if i had won the bet we could really live it up in one of the really plush condominiums that they rented instead of the small cabin that had enjoyed so much.  It just made sense to me that bigger would be better.  So i steeled myself for a real long scolding and knocked on my Moms' front door.
     When she opened the door she took one look at me and said, "Oh oh, something is wrong.  What trouble have you gotten yourself into now?"  IU was taken aback as i thought that i was just looking pleasant so that i could casually bring up the problem.  I should have realized that I never could hide a problem from her no matter how hard I tried.  Seh invited me in and we went into the kitchen to have a cup of coffee and chat.
      She said after a few minutes of chit chat,  "Ok lets hear what is bothering you."  I took a big breath in and said " A friend of mine told me that he had the inside scoop on a race this morning at the dog track.  He said the 3rd dog in the 3rd race was a shoo in as the race had been fixed by the track owner.  The odds were over 20 to 1 and that all of the other dogs were given a seditive to make sure that they would not be able to run fast. Well I decided that it was just to good to miss out on so I withdrew the vacation money we were going to use  to go back to the lake this summer, made the bet and then got to watch number three set a new track record.  He set it for the absolute slowest time ever.  He finished 10 lengths behind the next slowest dog.  So the problem is, "i can't tell my wife about losing the money,  she has been telling everyone about how the trip to the lake is going to be like another honeymoon so soon after our first one.  She just will not understand how close we came to making 20 to 1 on that bet.  So I figured that I could come to you and borrow the money to put back in our account and my wife would never know.  I will pay it back as soon as possible as my friend has told me of another sure bet coming up."
      My mom was sitting there listening to me. when i noticed the little blood vessel by her ear start to throb.  That was never a good sign.  It always did that just before whe would start with a very calm voice to scold me.  She said,  I thought that you said that you had beaten this little gamboling problem of yours.  Do you not remember the counseling sessiob for 2 years that I paid for with the stipulation that you pay me back the money I had put out.  When you didn't pay me when you had some money I had changed my mind about more counseling and decided that a brat boy you were acting like needed to be adressed in the way that I had always adressed your being a brat.  That right, Over the knee spankings.  It would seem that the brat boy is now here in my kitchen again so I am going to start by giving you what you need. stand and remove your pants and underwear.  I am going to go get my hairbrush and then after the spanking we will decide what to do about the money you owe your wife and your stupid behavior."  This is not what I had planned you thought I thought to myself as Ii took down my pants and under wear. Mom came back in,  pulled out a chair and sat.  Then she asked me to dial my wife on the phone.  "What"  I said. I don't want her to know about this."  Yes, but this is not only about gamboling, it is also about being dishonest to your wife by stealing the money from yours and her account.  She needs to know about your bad habits and how to conrtol them.  "When she answers, give the phone to me". It rang, she answered, I handed to my mom,  "Tom has a real problem and I am about to put him over my lap and spank him as I did when he was still living at home.  When he gets home this afternoon I would recommend that you and he have a chat about his gambeling problem,  have him confess what he did and then start a plan of control spankings.  Yes, I realize that you
had know idea of his problem and really don't think that a spanking will help.  Well I can assure you that after he confesses you will agree with me.  Spankings really do keep him on the straight and narrow path.  A well applied hairbrush makes him think before he acts.  Now just hang on and listen while I spank this naughty boy the way he deserves. " She set the phone on the edge of the table, looked at me, "over" she said and i found myself in a very familiar position.  The spanking started,  I really had forgotten how much that hiarbrush scould sting.  Shhortly i was  begging her to stop and promising better behaviour in the future.  shorlty after that i was blubering and telling her how sorry i was for making her have to do this to me again.  she said tos ay it loudly so my wife could hear me also,  She ended with 10 really hard smaks to my upper thighs and then told me to get up.  pull up my slothes and then to go home to my wife and confess the whole story.  Tonight come back for supper with your wife and we will set up a program to help you agin. whe picked up the phone and told my wife that I was on my way home and that  you were in a mood for some real serious talk about my gamboling problems and that mom had invited us to dinner tonight to talk about w way for me to pay back her 1000 dollar loan that she would give me as long as my wife participates in my problems solution.   

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Court Ordered Spanking Sessions

You are now nineteen years old and juvenile court is sick of all your petty crime arrests.  Your latest, you grabbed the charity collection can at the local supermarket.  You ran about 2 blocks with a clerk chasing you and then ran right into the side of a police car that was responding to the scene.  You fell down with the can still in your hands.  The officers got out of the car. cuffed you and put you in the back,  they took you back to the store and got the statements of all the witnesses and had them identify you while sitting in the car.   Lets see, the last arrest was just 3 weeks ago when you stole a purse from a woman leaving an atm machine.  A couple of hundred bucks if you hadn't been run down by the woman,  She was an athlete who competed in track and fiels events.  Luckily for you the police arrived before she could start beating on you  with the purse that she had recovered.  Anyway when they brought you into the station to book you for grabbing the charity fundraiser can, the officers on duty said, "not again, what is this the 6th time in about 6 months.  i guess you just don't realise what trouble you could actually be in."  When the booking was over you asked for your lawyer and were told that she had given up on defending you, and that a new lawyer, Ms Vera Stern had volunteered to take over your case.  She is well known as a defender of  young men who have authority problems and also for the  plea bargains that she gets for her clients.  Well that sounded alot better than the 6 months if the correction center that the last judge had threatened you with when she just fined you and released you to your mom again.    
     The next morning you met with your new lawyer, she was a very attractive 30 something lady and carried a large brief case.  You smiled and said hello with out even getting up from the chair.  She told you to stand up and greet her properly or she would walk out and leave him to the judge to send you away.  He stood slowly and said, "Hello Ma'am, it is nice to meet you.  Now can we discuss my case,  I was framed.  a kid handed me the coin box and told me to run with it."  "Stop Lying,  and sit back down.  There are over 30 witnesses that saw what you did." Ms Stern said.  "We will Plead guilty and i will ask the judge for a plea bargain.  She will probably recommend, your nineteen now i see on the report, so that makes you elegible for hard time in the house of correction.  She will probably recommend 6 months to a year, hard labor with the general population.  They are going to love having a sweet young thing like you around there."  "No, No, anything but that"  you  said so she added that she would try to make a deal for house arrest for a few months with supervised discipline sessions that will be administered by your mother and witnessed by myself or other court officers,  I feel that the problem is that you have never had discipline for anything in your life and you do not respect other people, especially those with authority over you.  it shows where you quit school as soon as you turned 16 and then went into petty crime to get money to do things you wanted to do. you never gave a thought to those you hurt by stealing there things.  Any how i think i can get this judge to accept this plea bargin as i have worked the same bargian with her before. " 
      "Discipline, what do you mean by that?"  he said.  "It is simple, the good old fasioned , over the knee, bare bottom up, hairbrush spankings that you should have been getting when you were younger to teach you repect for other folk and people in authority.  I have called your mom, she seemed unsure at first, but I told her that she will have full support from nyself and the courts and will be taught how to administer a real discipline spanking to you." Ms Stern said.   "I don;t think I want to accept that," you said.  Ms Stern said "its either the discipline you so richly deserve and need or 6 months to a year of being the favorite of every career criminal in the house of correction."  After a while, you accepted and Ms Stern went to see the judge.  Both the judge and Ms Stern came back in soon.  The judge asked if you undertood what this bargain entailed, (she smiled at Ms Stern when she said that),  You stammered that "yes, you understood and that you agreed ."  The judge then added that a court officer would apply 6 to 12 swats with a prison paddle at the end of your spanking. the number will depend on your behaviour during the week,  Spankings will be given of friday evenings.  "Yes Ma'am," you said.  Ms Stern added that it seemed you were already acting more polite.
     When your mom came in to pick you up, Ms stern said that she would give your mom instruction on how to give a good hairbrush spanking to you now before going home.  She pulled a chair out from the table and sat, reached into her purse and  took out this large black hairbrush and told you to drop your pants and get across her lap.  you started to argue and Ms Stern said that she could call the court officers to come with the paddle that she had bought the court to apply it before the instructional spanking.  You laid over and she showed your mom how to hold you so you can't struggle too much. then she raised the brush and gave you about 20 hard slow spanks.  you were yelling and asking for her to stop.  She said that she was starting to get through to you and that the force and speed should be picked up at this point. she raised the brush and added about 40 quick hard smacks that had you starting to cry.. OK she said. to you to get up and your mom was going to take over.  She sat, told you to get over. and then you got your first ever spanking from your mom.  Oh how it stung, you struggled but the way Ms Stern had told her to hold you while spanking kept you in position,  soon there were real tears and promises to never do anything wrong again, when you were just limp over her lap Ms Stern said that your mom had reached the point where you had really learned that doing bad things to people is not good.  Ms Stern congradulated your mom and told her to keep the hairbush and to use it for correcting you.   You were allowed to dress, had a bracelt put on your ankle and were told that court officers would be visiting every friday evening to monitor and to add extra discipline when warranted.  You left with your mom and you were a very meek and compliant young man when you got into the car on your way home .  "Behave yourself, and we hope you will not be back here again  for more trouble ."Ms Stern said as your mom pulled away from the station.

The art accompanying this story is a fake art picture created by tommyspt.  ti is made by taking other pictures and using parts of them and combining them to make a totaly new picture to tell the story.  the depiction is of the first court ordered discipline session where the court officers are monitoring. the clock on the wall is my signature in this picture,

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

the Meter Maid

It had been a rough day.  Ms Stern, your boss, had been all over you as your sales figures were slipping.. One of your co workers had accused you of trying to steal away one of her customers and you had yelled at her . Ms Stern had come over and suggested that you needed to calm down and suggested that you take the rest of the day and go home, take a pill or something and just relax.  Maybe tomorrow, will be a better day for you.  You called your wife at her office and said that you were having a bad day and were going to pick up a prescription refill of your nerve pills. She asked if i was getting anxious and if i might need a home remedy treatment as she had noticed that you were being more and more withdrawn and moody.  You said, " i don;t think it has come to that yet" and quickly said good by and picked up your things and headed home.  When you got to the drug store, there was only one parking spot and it was clearly marked, Handycapped Parking Only.  You thought
to yourself that you would only be in there for a few minutes and then right out again , so you parked and went into the store.  You headed for the Pharmicists section and requested a refill of your nerve medication.  the pharmicist looked up your prescription and said that it had expired but that she would call your doctor and get permission to refill it.  she was on the phone for about 10 minutes and then she smiled and said that it would just be another minute as the doctor had given her the ok.  you paid for the prescription andas you were leaving you noticed that a meter maid was about to put a parking ticket on your windshield.  One hundred dollar fine for parking in a handicapped parking spot.  well maybe you could sweet talk her into tearing it up.  She told you, very nice and politly that once the ticket is written it is in the computer and it cannot be withdrawn.  she suggested that i should have been more patient and waited for a regular parking spot to open before going in.  can;t be withdrawn,  100 bucks for ten minutes of parking.  well i might as well get some atisfaction of at least letting her know what you thought about how she does her job. You lit into her for about five minutes about what a bitch she must be and how she must like to see people suffer from her just doing her job. She said, "that was completely uncalled for Thomas, just be sure you pay your fine on time or i will have to go to court and tell them about you accosting me after i did my job. You took the ticket from the windshiels and thru it on the front seat beside you and  while still quite upset took off out of the parking lot heading home.  your cell started ringing when you about half way home so you pulled over and answered it. 
      It was your wife. She said, "I  have received more word about  the fact that you were sent home for abusing a co worker today and also some other altercations.  I think tonight when i get home we should have a home remedy session so have the hairbrush and a chair set up in the living room.  Take a couple of pills to try and relax.  I have an errand to do so I will be home around 6 pm, have everything ready, I love you" she said and then hung up.
     You took a couple of pills and then laid down on the couch in the living roomto try and relax,  Knowing that you were going to get a long hard spanking was not helping you relax but you realized that when it was over you would feel alot less stressed.  You hated to admit it, but a spanking did seem to get rid of the stress and moods that you sometimes got stuck in.the pills kicked in and you managed a short nap.  When you woke up it was 5:45 pm so you got a chair from the kitchen and set it in the middle of the living room and then went to the bedroom and got her big ebony backed hairbrush that she spanked you with.  carrying it to the chair you kept tapping your thighs as you walked.  My how just a tap hurt.  You set it on the chair and set down on the sofa again. then you heard the back door being opened.
     When you wife came in she had some bags in her hands and was talking to someone.  Her bringing home take out food was not unusual but talking to someone was very unusual.  You said "Hello, how was your day.  who are you talking to?"  She just said, "Never nind who I am talking to, you just go stand by the chair and take your pants and drawers down  and wait for me to come in to attend to you."  Knowing that you should do as you are told when a spanking is imminent you went and stood by the chair and lowered your pants and drawers.  You scould hear her talking in the kitchen bout could not place the voice although she did sound familiar. in a few minutes they came into the living room. Oh NO, it is the meter maid that you had abussed vocally this afternoon.  when she saw me she broke into a great big smile and said "Surprise,  bet you were not expecting to see me tonight.  I called your wife and told her what i scene you had made when i told you a ticket written is a ticket and nothing can withdraw it.  I am an old friend of your wife, we used to babysit together for the toubled little boys in our neighborhood when we were growing up.  I recognized your adress and last name so I called her to tell her of your behaviour.  I was really surprised when she said that you were spanked regularly to help with your mood swings and then she invited me over to witness how good a job she does now, i figured you deserve a good spanking and so i decided to witness it."
      I couldn;t believe what was happening,  here i was, Pants and drawers around my ankles, exposed because i knew that covering up would just make things worse, this cute meter maid standing and smiling at me and looking forward to watching me kick and plead as that brush stung my poor bottom.  My wife seated herself and straightened her skirt, asked the metermaid to have a seat on the couch and then she had me go across her lap and started applying that brush hard and fast to my bottom and upper thighs.  I guess i put on a good show as when it was over the meter maid stood up, applauded my wife and said " now that is one really well spanked bottom i see in front of me."  I was made to shuffle off to the connor after my wife had hugged me and told me that everything was ok now and to wait in the connor until dinner is ready.  do not pull up your pants or drawers. actually take them off so we can see that naughty bottom until it is time for bed..
after about 10 minutes they called me in for dinner.  they were seated at the table.  I had to show my bottom to them both again and then they pulled out a chair and said help yourself and you can sit here.  I filled my plate, My bride asked if i felt better now and if the moods had gone from my mind.  I thanked her and then she told me to thank the metermaid also as i would have still been moody for a few more days if she hadn;t called your wife.  i told them that i would preferr to stand at the counter when eating.  they both laughed and said that they understood.  while haviing super the meter maid offered her services as a spanker whenever my wife thought it would be helpful.  I was shocked and excited when she said that they might make such an arrangement.  the meter maid pointed to me and said i think that he is liking the idea as he is pointing at me now.  thus ended my introduction to the meter maid.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Double lap spanking

back in the late 70's or early 80"s, i saw this picture in a magazine called corporal (i think).  I had never dreamed of being spanked across two laps in my life.  I had to admit that the picture was very interesting aand also an extreme turn on.  i imagined the warmth of four thighs, or three the way the picture shows, under my thighs and stomach, the extreme sting of  two hairbrushes spanking alternately.  the extra arms holding me in place so that i would have no hope of avoiding spanks. any how i just had to draw the  picture. i still find it very fascinating.  i have never had it happen  to me , but it is interesting to think about.  I hope you all enjoy it .

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Please honey, stop

this is a drawing from my http://www.flickr/ page.  normally i would write a short story too go along with the picture but the caption i put on flickr  seem sto cover it very well

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Annies model husband

Annie’s Model Husband Saturday, September 25, 2010 Annie had been married now for almost five years. Her friend Heidi was recently engaged and told Annie that she hoped that her marriage would be as happy and successful as Annie’s. Annie told her that the secret was to set the rules right away and that she needs to buy a real good hairbrush to use to enforce the rules. Heidi was very taken back by this and asked her if that meant that she spanked her husband. Annie smiled very broadly and said, "yes, that is exactly what I mean. Husbands are little boys at heart always looking to get in trouble, and looking for approval when they do something right. I gave him a birthday spanking after we first got married and he was amazed to find out that it turned him on. After the spanking we also had the best love session that we had ever had and soon my spanking him became part of our married fun. One time he embarrassed me in front of his mother and when she told him to apologize to me on the spot, he started acting like a little boy again. I told him, ”you are going to get a spanking for acting so spoiled and kid like when we get home. His mom said that she agreed that he could use a spanking, but then added that she would like to spank him also for being rude to me. She looked at him and said, “go get my hairbrush. You are going over my knee”. His mom gave him a real hard, bare bottom up, over her lap spanking as I watched, when she ended she told him to apologize to me and ask me to give him a hard spanking also. He did, and I gave him his first real discipline spanking that I had ever given him. His mom said that she was glad he has a wife who will look after him and keep him on the straight and narrow. Then she gave me the hairbrush and told me to use it hard and often to keep him on the path of wedded bliss. “Ever since then he has been a model husband. He has a spanking coming tonight for getting a speeding ticket the other day, he confessed last night after a love making session. I told him that we would take care of it tonight along with some extra for not admitting it when it happened, Annie explained to Heidi. “I think your being here to witness it will be just the extra needed to make him pay real attention to his driving in the future. As it is going to be a punishment session, come by around 7:30 pm as he will have finished the dishes and will be acting very submissive at that time, Annie added. “Alright, I will be back then”, Heidi said and she left to go and fix dinner for her fiancée. Supper was a very quiet affair tonight as Tom did not want to talk much. He kept staring at the chair in the middle of the kitchen with the hairbrush on it. After dinner I excused myself and told him to tell me when the dishes were done and then we would chat about the ticket . Just before 7:30 PM, the doorbell rang. I answered it and it was Heidi. She was flushed from hurrying up the walkway and she said that she hoped she wasn’t late. Tom yelled, “I heard the door bell, is there anyone there,” he said with a slight sign of hope that company would postpone the spanking? “Have you finished the dishes,” I asked”? He said , “I have just finished”. I said, “Alright, prepare yourself and we will be right in”. “WE”, he asked in horror? “Yes”, I told Tom, Heidi has just become engaged and I am going to show her how to control her new husband, so she is going to witness the discipline. We will be in, in 1 minute and you had better be standing by the spanking chair”. I heard him scrabbling to get his clothes off. I winked at Heidi and we went into the kitchen. Tom was naked and standing by the chair and blushing the reddest blush I had ever seen. Annie picked up the brush and sat down on the chair, straightened her skirt and told tom for him to pull up a stool for Heidi so that she would be able to see how a good spanking is administered. As Tom got the stool and set it to the right of where Annie was waiting he was horrified to find that he was becoming very aroused. Heidi thanked him and set down on the stool as tom approached me. He stood in front of me while I scolded him for about five minutes about how he drives too fast and could kill or hurt someone including himself. He agreed that in the future he would drive more carefully. Annie then said get over and he laid himself across her lap with his arousal hanging between her legs. Annie said that spreading the legs keep his penis from rubbing on the skirt and legs and that can sometimes lead to sexual pleasure from the spanking and seeing this is discipline I let it hang in air and no rubbing takes place. She looked at Heidi and said, “this is going to be a very hard spanking, he will kick, plead and may even cry before it is over. He deserves it as getting tickets is on our list of spanking offenses for him”. Heidi almost winced at how hard the spanks were coming down on Tom’s bottom. He was kicking and wiggling and trying to block the brush by putting his hands back to protect his backside. Annie stopped and asked for his hand. She held the wrist and administered five hard quick smacks to the palm of his hand. He yelped at each one and she said, “do not cover your bottom again”. Tom whispered, “ yes, dear”. Then the spanking became faster. Annie gave him over one hundred spanks in less than a minute. Tom broke down and just cried like a baby. He lay limp over her lap and sobbed. Annie stopped, asked Heidi to come look at his bottom, It was redder than red and had white blisters shaped like the back of the hairbrush all over the bottom part of his backside and the very top of his thighs. Annie said, “this is the area you need to spank the hardest as that is where he sits and for the next few days he will be reminded of this spanking whenever he sits. All right Tom, you may get up and thank me for disciplining you and apologize to Heidi for making such a fuss for her to witness”. Tom did as he was told with great big tears still running down his cheeks. Annie told him. “to bed now”. He moved slowly but steadily out of the kitchen and then on to the bedroom. Heidi asked, “are all of his spankings arere like this”? Annie told her that she had put some added effort into tonight’s spanking because, “he had not confessed to her yesterday when he had gotten the ticket”. She added that she spanks him over her lap because it makes him feel like the naughty boy he is. Most are not as hard as the one tonight but hard enough that I know that he is truly sorry for whatever reason he is being spanked for”. Annie and Heidi chatted for a while longer and then Heidi excused herself as her future hubby was going to come by her place for birthday cake and a birthday spanking, she said with a big smile on her face. “Good for you”, Annie said as Heidi went out the door”. “Remember keep it a fun birthday spanking and have rewards afterwards”. Heidi waved and said, “don’t worry about that, right now I am extremely horny and by the time the spanking is over I will probably wear him out. “Good luck”, Annie said. She then picked up a bottle of skin cream and headed to the bedroom. Posted by tommyspt at 9:51 AM Labels: Fem dom spankings, female spanks male. over the knee spankings, hairbrush spankings, spanked hubby Story and art work by tommyspt Web page tommysptoriginalart@blogspot.com

Friday, September 24, 2010

It had been a fun night out.  A nice meal and a few drinks had you in a playful mood when you got home. As you held the door open for her you gave her a light spank on her butt as she walked by.  You giggled and she looked at you and said that you were acting like a naughty little boy. You walked over to her and wrapped your arms around her and gently pulled her tight against you and with both hands squeezed her bottom cheeks.  She pushed away and looked at you with her hands on her hips and tapped one foot on the floor as she decided what needed to be done.
     Ok naughty boy, I guess its time to show you how I handle naughty boys.  Go to the bedroom and  remove all your clothes and I will be there in a minute.  You ran up the stairs, opened the door and already had your shoes and sox and pants off by the time you reached the bed.  Off came the shirt and the tee shirt and you laid on the bed and you started congratualting yourself on such a well planned night. As you were thinking about it you became very aroused.  She came in and noticed and said that you still have naughty thoughts going through your head.  She went to the vanity, pulled out the chair and brought it over to the bed. went back to the vanity, picked up her hairbrush and started brushing her hair as you lay there watching her.  She walked over still brushing her hair and reached down and grabbed you by the ear and pulled you up and off the bed and over to the chair. She pulled you down across her lap and laying the brush on the bed started, fun, just hard enough to be felt hand spanks on your up turned bottom.  she scolded as she spanked, so the naughty boy thinks he can just spank and squeeze his brides butt and get away with it when he has been a naughty boy all evening. Well this is what happens to naughty boys, they get spanked, after about 5 minutes she reached over and picked up the brush, tonight you are learning a lesson about what happens to naughty boys.  Now you are going to get some harder spanks with the brush to show you what happens if you ever really get out of hand. With that she laid on about 30 hard full arm spanks with her brush. it stung and made him squirm on her lap, which he really found to be arousing.  He was harder than he had ever been in his entire life.  She stopped spanking, looked at him and said are you a naughty boy any more.  You said no maam.  Do you understand what is going to happen when you are naughty from now on.  You said yes maam. So you are my good little man now. You said yes maam.   Good come to me and i will show you how good little men are treated,

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

your mom, to help give you responsibility decided to try retirement, by taking the summer off from her real estate business.  she named you as being in charge while she is away and told the supervisors in the office, that if there was any problems to call her, and gave them her number at the summer farm where she is going,  She took you into the office and explained that you were to sign the paychecks and let the supervisors run the office. sure mom you told her as you started looking around the office to redecorate it to be more you friendly. She left shortly after that and you immediately called a staff meeting to make changes in how the office would run.  You told them how you like your coffee and that a hot cup should be waiting when you came back into the office. you also said that one of them should massage your back every day as a painful back made you grouchy and they would not like a grouchy boss. then you got the check book and wrote yourself a big bonus check tog o shopping for a new car and clothes that are suitable for a new executive officer. As soon as you left , they immediately called your mom and informed her of the changes that you were instituting and the fact that you wrote a very large check for yourself to go shopping.  Mom said that she would be right down.  when she came in she went right into the office to call to cancel the check you had written.  She was told that you had already cashed it and that you had gone to an expensive suit store near by. about 15 minutes later you came back to the office with new suits in hand.  you asked if your coffee was ready and that you would have it in the office.  they both just looked at you and smiled.  Your mom stepped out of the office and said " in charge for less than 2 hours and you have upset the staff, written an no good check, spent company money without authorization.  so you remember what the judge told you when you were caught stealing when you were fifteen years old?  You blushed bright red and said "Yes Maam, I do.  If i am ever caught again i will be looking at hard time because the amount i stole before represented a feleoy in adult court." Mom asked, "Do you remember what the court offered to let you out in my custody?"  "gulp, Yes Ma'am I do" I said. ""Spankings, bare naked, over your knee like a little boy."  Mom said, "Ok take everything off  and come stand beside me." As I stripped the supervisors just stared and had small smiles that looked like they were suppressing giggles and snickering.  Mom said, "All right now apologize to the ladies and then assume the position for your spanking."  I apologized with tears of embarrassment coming to my eyes and hurried to get over mom's lap if only to hide my embarrassment of being aroused because i was so nervous. Mom scolded me about my actions,, and to make it worse she asked if the supervisors would be willing to let me stay on as a gopher, running errands and making coffee and waiting on clients that came into the office for signings and other business.  i was crying and begging when i heard her ask if the supervisors would be willing to take over my discipline so she could at least get to go away for the summer.  that took my breath away and i just held it until i heard them agree and then i just stopped resisting and laid there. 
so each of the supervisors also had me over there knees as mom told them how i act when the spanking is really not hurting.  she knew all my tricks.  it is looking like it is going to be a long hot summer in more ways than one,   maintenance spankings will be given on saturday noon times and others spankings as needed will be given at the time of the infraction.  any abuse of sales reps will result in them witnessing the discipline sessions.  OH my oh my,  i guess i will have to really watch my step.  by the way, mom hung up the hairbrush by the executive office door as a reminder to me and i have a small desk next to the supervisors assistants desk so they can keep tract of my demerits for saturday sessions.
this short story was written by tommyspt and the accompanying picture is a fake art picture made up of many
peices which have been over painted to change the appearances.  I hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

wedding night surprise

     Your mom gave me a surprise wedding present last night before the wedding.  When I opened it I was surprised to fine a  very large and well worn Hairbush that she said  was the brush that brought you up.  She told me about your need to be spanked to prevent you from slipping into bad habits and also blue moods which cause you to withdraw and swear and yell at people for no real reason.  I told her that as the older sister of  three brat boys in our family that I had alot of spanking experience as mom and dad both worked and traveled for work alot and I was usually left in charge.
      She said that you are used to spankings and that you will co-operate with me or I am to call her and she willl come by for a long, hard session whenever needed. I told her that I was happy that she had raised you so well and that she would support me in keeping you on the straight and narrrow of married life. so tonights session will be long and hard, with huggs and kisses afterward and then on to the fun of the wedding night. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

sister in law takes charge

Your wife had told you that she was going away on business for a week.  Right away your mind drifted to all the fun you were going to have with out her checking on everything you do.  You will especially not miss the weekly maintinance spanking that she gives you on sunday evenings and the embarrassing reading of the demerit list while you stand naked before her. As you start thinking of who to call to go drinking with, she casually says that her sister will be looking in on you every evening to be sure that you get all your responsibilities accomplished and also to update the demerit list when needed.  She also said that she has her permission to spank you whenever needed beyond the weekly maintinance spanking you get.  you know that your sister in law also spanks her husband and that she has the same maintinance program with her husband. Your wife also stated that she would be dropping by tonight to go over all the proceedures and that she will give you a maintinace spanking tonight.

Please feel free to leave comments or even you own caption for the drawing i have published.

Another office spanking

Your boss has taken a personal interest in improving your performance at the office.  The last review of your work, she called you in and was going to fire you.  You pleaded that you just could not seem to concentrate and spent too much time daydreaming instead of doing your job.  She said that you could use more discipline at work and that would help you concentrate. She said that daydreaming was a childish habit and that probably a good hard spanking could cure the problem. She said that during lunch today you will get your first spanking asnd then when necessary she would administer more when needed.
During lunch she just took her hairbrush from her purse, rolled out the chair and told you to strip for your spanking.  when you hesitated, she said or you can pack up your things and be fired,  you stood and stripped slowly in front of her, and she told you that you had better hurry as others would be back in the office soon,   you removed your underpants and got over her lap.  She then gave you the hardest spanking you ever had in your life,  you kicked, pleaded and even cried. s;he let you up. dried you eyes and gave you a hug and said, now concentrate and we won;t have to do this again.  unfortunately every time your mind drifts you see her sitting there with a brush in her hand and a get over hear look on her face. i guess it is going to a painful few weeks as you try to concentrate.

this is a fake art created by tommyspt, the story is not true but a fantasy of mine. I love to make fake art and also i draw pictures of  females spanking males.  comments or even you own captions for the pictures are welcome