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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Home for Spring Break

"Great!  I am out of here.  Boy do I need a break.  I admit, this semester I have been lacking in the studying department and strong on the party and hanging out with friends at a local bar.  The music is great and their are lots of girls that like a fun time..  Well next semester I will buckle down and study hard to make up for it," I thought to myself as I headed to Granma's house  just a few blocks from the campus.  Granma has been on vacation in Europe this past 6 weeks and has not been able to keep me on the straight and narrow path to success at college.  She is friends with he dean of students and she keeps her up to date on how I am doing.  Granma has a right to know as she is paying for my college education and most of my expenses at school.  Last year when i had gotten in grade trouble she told the dean that I would improve and she had instituted the old fashioned approach to getting good marks like she had raised my mom and isntilled in my mom as the proper way to raise an intentive, hard working student.  when grades dropped , I was spanked, hard, bare bottomed and long on a scheduled maintenance spanking plan until the grades were all good again.  I hated the spankings but I had to admit that they really worked.  Granma had kept me in school and on the deans list by the end of my first year.  this semester though she had gone on that extended vacation and I immediately went back to my no study and party time ways. I realized that when she gets back I will be back on her spanking schedule and  my grades will improve markedly.  I had written a note for her and I carefully put it through the mail slot of her front door and then  picked up my travel bag and whistling a happy tune hurried down the street to catch a bus home.
     Ah, home again.  I walked up the walk and opened the front door and went in.  I could smell the home cooking as soon as I walked into the hall way.  I yelled, "I am home, Mom,  something sure smells good."
"Just in time, my mom said, i just took the blueberry muffins out of the oven.  Come in the kitchen and we can talk about  how things are going at school."  I set my bag by the stairs and walked into the kitchen.  Mom ran over to me and kissed me,  "Oh Mom", I said, trying to escape her grasp but she would have none of it.  I was hugged and kissed and squeezed for what seemed like an hour.  Finally she let me go.  "I have missed you. its been almost four months since I have seen you so you might as well put up with it.  You will always be my baby, oh , well my little boy".
        She brought me a plate with a nice hot muffin and the butter dish and she got one for herself.  We sat at the kitchen table and enjoyed the muffins.  She asked, "So how are things going at school,  You are still on the deans list I am sure".  I hesitated just a moment and I smiled at her and said, " Well one of my marks is just very good  but the rest are all still up there.  I swear I will work extra hard this semester to be high on the deans list by the end of the year", I lied with my very best believe me smile.   "Well, that's good to hear.  Granma had said that she thought you were going to go into your old habits that landed you in trouble last year.  I don't think you want to go thru that again",  Mom said with a sad smile.  I told her "I don't want to ever go through that again.  Granma sure spanks hard and she also does this washing your mouth out with soap thing.  Believe me when I say I don't want to go through that ever again.  She spanks much harder than you ever did, I added."  that got a raised eye brow from mom, "I guess you don't remember the spankings I gave you,  don't ever give me a reason to show you how hard I spanked when you were in high school again", she told me with a challenging look in her eye. " Don't worry Mom ,  I won't". I added with a mischievious wink which got a smile from her again.  I thanked her for the muffins,  said I was going to put my bag on the bed upstairs and then go out to find my friends.  She just said. "All right,  have fun".  I told her,
"I will be back in a while and out the door I went to find my friends.  a couple of ny friends were not out for break yet from their schools and the others were at work so I left a message at their homes that I would be at the local sports bar at 5;30 pm.  I would love to see them and hash over old times with them and make some plans for the rest of my break.  Then I went back home to unpack my few things and read my yearbook and play some of the old video games.
        About 5: pm I went down stairs and told mom that I was going out with the guys and would be home late.  Don't save dinner as we will eat out.  As I was going out the door the phone rang and mom looked at the caller id and said it's Granma, do you want to talk.  I said tell her I love her and will call her when she gets home.  I got to go now and I hurried out the door and quickly ran to be away from the house. Why the heck is Granma calling tonight when she will be home tomorrow was screaming in my head.  I hope she hasn't called the school to find out about my marks.  Naw,  she's on vacation.  Probably just wants to tell mom what a wonderful time she had and that she will call again when she gets home.  I walked down to the bar and ordered a beer, presented my phoney id that said I was 21 instead of 20 as I actually am.  The beer was cold and good.  A couple of friends showed and the remembering old times began,  A few more friends  showed including an old girl friend I had taken to the prom showed up also. The party was going strong.  We had some nachos, fries and  tacos for supper and then ordered more beers.  everyone else was buying.  Iwas thinking this is my lucky night when I heard a small commotion  over at the main entrance.  Then I saw one of the take out people leading my mom over to our table.  The look on her face was not I hope you are having a good time look. She was looking way beyond just being mad.  She was bright red in the face and marching like a marine going into battle.  I wanted to hide under the table but where I could see her I knew she could see me.  I started to excuse myself but the others had not seen her coming. I said, I just remembered something.  I got to make a phone call now and I tried to get up from the table.  The others all said,  " come on Tom,  the party is just starting , sit and stay a while"  My Mom arrived and the take out girl stepped back to let her face us.  She didn't leave as she was almost laughing at what was about to happen.  I swear that there was steam coming out of Mom's ears she was so mad.
        "So everything is good at school,  you lied to me, directly and with malice.  Granma called her friend at the college and she said that you are on final warning again."  All of my friends looked at me.  Some smiling, some like the girl I had taken to the prom looking very concerned.  I said,  "Mom, you know that I will get the problems straightened out just like I did last year." I replied in my most promising voice I could muster, seeing I was caught red handed.  "Yes you will and you are grounded effective right now and  I am implementing Granma's incentive plan immediately,  as soon as we get home.  Mom, I whined,  not now,  you are embarrassing me, just let me stay for the party and then I will be grounded as long as you want," I said as I blushed bright red, and everyone else in the bar had turned to witness the scene that was unfolding in front of them,  You will excuse yourself right now, or I will take you over my knee and spank you right here in front of everyone.  You know you have it coming at the very least.  Other punishment will be decided as the evening goes on.  get moving Thomas,  right now or it will not only be your face that is bright red around here".  I paused.   Does anyone have a nice heavy wood hairbrush on them I can borrow for about 10 minutes she announced.  my girl friend reached in her handbag and  pulled out a very mean looking brush and held it up.  I looked around and alot of other ladies were also holding up hairbrushes.  The take out girl reached over to the table next to us and took up the menu that was printed on a thick bread cutting paddle.
 I looked at everyone and said. "Excuse me please, it seems I need to go with my mother."  Everyone  including the girl I took to the prom were laughing out loud.  They got up so I could go with my Mom.  When she could get her hands on me, she grabbed me by my ear and marched me out of there smacking my backside with her hand the whole way home.  I was very glad that it was dark out so that not many people noticed what was going on.
        She marched me in the front door.  She told me to go to the kitchen, pull out a chair from the table and lower my pants and drawers and to wait for her.  I did as I was told, it is not a good idea to argue with someone that is intent of spanking your bottom.  very soon, Mom marched in. she had that awful hairbrush that granma had given her so many years ago.  She came in, sat and smoothed her skirt. Checked to be sure  the chair was comfortable for her to spank me for a long time and then told me to get over.  I did as I was asked.  She settled me in and pinned my right arm up on my back.  so you said earlier that I do not spank as hard as Granma,  Well here is my chance to remind you just how hard I can spank. She raised the brush and brought it down hard.  I could not stop myself from muttering an ow.  My god,  that hurt far worse than I remembered granma spanking me last year.   Another smack.  Ow,  louder this time. Smack  I cussed,  ow that hurts.  another , another cuss. and a louder ouch..  mom stopped.  let my hand go and  grabbed my ear and stood me up.  cussing is not allowed in this house.  She said that she did not have any soap but a bar of dove in the bathroom but the dish detergant should do well to clean my dirty mouth.   I stood and watched her soap up a face cloth with the dish detergant she had.  she told me open up and then went to washing the inside of my mouth with it.  I gagged, tried to plead for her to stop but when your mom's hand is in your mouth scrubbing she really can not understand what you are sayingl after about a minute which actually seemed much longer she stopped.  told me to rinse my mouth, then she soaped up the face cloth again and said you will not cuss with the cloth in your mouth so she stuffed it all in.  i was gagging on that foul soap taste and tears were coming to my eyes.  I really was realizing what a naughty boy being punished really felt like.  she tugged my ear and got me back to the chair. this time she pulled me over her left thigh and through her right leg over my legs so i couldn;t move at all from my waist down.   She grabbed my hand up behind my back again and she really went to town spanking my bottom.  I couldn't move, plead, cry out or anything.  She blistered my backside and the tops of my thighs as well.   after what seemed like an eternity she finally stopped,  I just laid there.  Completely tired out and hardly able to move.  For incentive she pulled my ear again and got me standing up by the sink.  She took the face cloth and washed it out.  Then soaped it up again and she sat again and had me over her knee again and then washed my backside and thighs with the soapy cloth.  She had me stand again and went to the sink and  rewashed the facecloth out again and told me to rinse my mouth out again.    She said when you finish go directly to your room and strip off your clothes , turn down the bed and lay on top of the sheets until I come in.I did as directed.  i did not beliec-ve how hot and sore my bottom was.  as I stripped I looked at my bottom in the mirror.  It was red with white blisters and blue bruises spread with in.  I winced just looking at it.  I heard mom coming down the hall and hurried to ay face down on the bed.  Mom walked in and whistled,  "Now that is what I call a well spanked bottom,"  she said,.  I agreed, "It burns like fire and is so sore that when i touched it i cringed"  Yes it is very sore looking and very warm she said putting her hands on it.  I have some lotion to help it stay moist after the spanking took most of the moisture off the top of your bottom. with that she sat on the edge of the bed and spread some of the skin cream gently on my bottom and thighs.  it hurt while she rubbed it in but it did feel cooler when she finished.  "All right",  she told me, "you lied to me and I have punished you for that, next step will be your Granma is coming tomorrow, here before she goes home.  She will spank you for not letting her know what was going on when the marks started to drop".  With that I started crying and begging,  "Please Mom,  I am way to sore for another spanking tomorrow'.  Enough mom said.  "She will also tell you about the plans for next semester.  the maintenance spanking program will be in effect,  any bad marks will get another spanking from her but she also has a surprise for you that I am sure you are not going to like although I will back her 100% on it but I will let her tell you her plan tomorrow before you get the spanking you so justly deserve from her.  you may wear pajamas tonight if you wish but tomorrow you will be naked from the waist down all day as a incentive to remember what tonights' spanking was like.  Now to bed.  sweet dreams and try to sleep well." she kissed me gently on the top of the head and put pj's by my pillow
and left the room and turned the light off.  I laid there for a minute or two and then suddenly I started crying like I had not since I was a small child.  I had realized that I had brought this on myself and that my Mom and
Granma were going to make sure I did what needs to be done for a decent future for me and who ever I should marry.  then I realized   I was remembering the girl I went to the prom with and what a great and exciting night that had been,.  How she had teased me and told me how naughty I was and that I probably needed lots of spankings and she had patted my bottom a few times that night.  I immediately got out of bed and walking arroused I headed for the bath room.  mom called up, " how come your out of bed".  Had a few beers earlier tonight with the gang and I need to use the bathroom" I explained.  "All right then straight back to bed", Mom comanded.  "Yes Ma'am", I said as I started to do my favorite thing in the world at that time.  That night I actually slept quite well. I had a recurring dream where Jennifer (the girl I went to the prom with was scolding me and then pulled me over and spanked me.  I had that dream a few times that night and in the morning my mom was not happy about my sheets.  she said, " from now on you wear pajamas  to bed".

It seems my writers block has gone away finally I wrote a few stories for the pictures I had posted but I didn't like them myself so I did not publish them.  they may still get stories for them but I think this story is going to have a few more parts to it.  thank you for your patience with me and feel free to leave comments.