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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Back Home Again

                                  Back Home Again                                    

        It was Saturday evening around seven thirty PM when I came close to her door,  I laid down my suitcase and duffle bag and knocked on the door.  After a minute or so, my mom opened the door and looked at me. Then her eyes wandered to my bags I had set on the stoop and she said, “All right, what happened?”  “May I come in “ I asked?  “Sure,” she said, “but leave your bags on the stoop for now, at least until I find out what happened and why.   Have a seat in the kitchen and we will have a discussion”, as she pulled out a kitchen chair from the table and she indicated that I should also.  I seated myself and looked at her.  “She threw me out,  after only two months of marriage and she said it was over and she had already talked to her lawyer and was having divorce papers drawn up.  To make things worse, as I work for her dad, he fired me this afternoon and told me to go to our apartment and pack my bags and to be sure I didn’t take anything I shouldn’t, he had a security guy escort me out of the business and then to the apartment where my wife(?) let me in and they watched me pack my bags, took my keys for the apartment, our car, and the business.  That was early this afternoon.  I had no money, just my bags so I was lucky enough to hitch a ride back to our neighborhood and walked the last four blocks to your house.  I am out, down and have no prospects for the near future .  You know I hate to beg but I really need a place to stay and regroup myself to try and get a new life going.  Yes, I know you advised me against getting married to her and also you were very angry at the expensive engagement ring I gave her.  Yes I know it wiped out my savings, but as they say,  that is in the past and all I can do now is learn from those mistakes and try and start over,  I added”.
        I could see the steam rising from around her collar and her face was turning red from anger.  “I warned you about her.  Such a daddy's spoiled girl I had never met in my life.  I figured the first time you said no to her for anything she would throw you out, but no, you would not listen to me, now see what it has gotten you.  I assume you have learned enough to not try to fight the devorce.  You have nothing and everything she has is still in her name I would assume?” she continued to vent but paused and looked at me as if waiting for me to answer her question.  I gulped, I told her, “ No,
 I will not contest it at all.  I probably forgot to mention that she had me sign a form saying that although we were married what I had was mine and what she had was hers until we reached or fifth anniversary and only then would we have community joint earnings and property.  As I was so in love and thought the marriage would last forever I signed it.  The security guy just shook hi head and called me a schmuck when he dumped me and my luggage in front of the apartment.”
          “ So now you are coming back home to your Momma, looking for security and wisdom plus a roof over your head and a meal ticket while you get yourself back together to face the world again.  All of this is after you ignored my warnings about this girl to you.  You told me you knew that this was true love and that it was time to get away from my controls.  Well it sure did not work out the way you thought did you?  I will allow you to move in, but it will be under the same restrictions you had before.  You let me know where you are going.  Who you are with,  You will get a job and work and you will help out around the house.  The spankings will br part of the solution and you will accept my discipline without argument.  If I tell you, you need a spanking you will co-operate or you will be out on the street.  You obviously need a firm hand to get yourself together again.  Do you agree with this? She asked”.  I started to argue.  She just pointed with her finger and started to tell me to get out,  When I stammered,  “I have no choice,  I agree,” I said.  I almost cried.  I was a truly beaten man or boy depending on how you looked at it.  My mom smiled and told me to get my bags and bring them to my old room and that she would make me something for supper.
        As I was putting my things away I heard my Mom walking down the hall to her room.  She changed to her nightdress and I heard her rummaging through her dresser drawer.  “Ah”, she said as she closed the drawer again, “we got work to do to straighten this boy out again.  Come along with me”.  I watched as she walked past the door lightly tapping her thigh with that big black hairbrush that I hated so much until the day after supper I left to get married.   “I will have some supper for you in about ten minutes.  Please do not be late”, she said as she walked past the door.  I looked at the clock.  I hurried and found the pajama bottoms and top that she called my punishment pj’s although I never wore them when being punished but an after supper spanking always ended with me going to bed for the night.  It was frightening but reassuring to be back home again.  If I was real careful, this might be just what I need to get myself back on tract.  I looked at the time.  Walked down stairs and could smell Macaroni and cheese, my favorite, as I walked back into the kitchen.  The hairbrush was on the counter by the back door where mom always kept it and she was seated at the table waiting to dish out the mac and cheese.  She smiled when she saw I was in my spanking pj’s.  I settled into a chair and we had supper.  Small chat went back and forth.  Neither of us had to talk about what was going to happen after supper as it was a two to three times weekly occurrence in this house.  After supper I cleaned the dishes while she put away the leftovers. 
         After finishing the dishes, she told me it was time to start our new training program and she moved her chair into the middle of the kitchen.  She told me, “ bring me my hairbrush”.  I got it from the end of the counter and I walked back to stand in front of her.  She said, “it has been a while since your last spanking.  It seems that you are in need of close supervision again and I am going to make sure you are supervised.  I do this to show you that I still love and care about you.  Now take off your pj’s and place them neatly on your chair”.  I removed my pj’s and folded them neatly and  I placed them on my chair.  I turned and walked back to her.
        She was adjusting her position on the chair so that she had full movement of her arms and legs.  I stood there watching her move and of course the embarrassment combined with how attractive my mom really was started a reaction in me.  It caught her eye and she stopped moving and stared at it.  I wanted to get across her lap so bad to stop her looking at it, but she watched it until it was so hard that it was starting to bend backwards some.  She said, "I see that you still get aroused before a spanking.  Well I will take care of that after a few swats, now get across my lap so I can teach you a proper lesson”. I laid over.  She adjusted me so my arousal fell on the fabric of her night dress between her legs.  She had me grip the rungs of the chair she was sitting on and admonished me,”do not let go and try to block the swat of my brush.  The lesson must me undeterred”.  With that she placed the brush on my back and rubbed my bottom with her hands.  She said, “Ah, soft just like a baby’s backside.  I fear this is really going to hurt as your bottom is not used to the hairbrush at all anymore.  It is too bad that you need such a serious correction tonight, but a correction needs to be severe tonight as you are so messed up and have many lessons to learn”.  With that she picked up the brush and lightly slapped both cheeks.  I tensed as that already hurt.
        "Now it starts", she said as she lifted the brush high and brought it down with a resounding smack on my upper left cheek.  “AAHHH,” I shuddered, then the right cheek. Again I shuddered, “AAAHH”, then she really started to lay them on.  Always just overlapping a previous spank.  The ow’s were flying as fast as the spanks.  Then the pleading started.  “Please Mom.  I have learned my lesson,  Owee, Mom,  Please”,  the spanks continued.  I was trying to hold still but my bottom was dancing around on her lap so much that she stopped.  "Stand up:, she ordered.  I sobbed but complied.  She pulled her nightdress up and had me straddle her right knee.  She pulled me down capturing my right leg under hers.  She tightened her grip and had me put my right arm up on my back.  She grabbed my thumb and pulled my arm up my back and caught her elbow behind my neck.  I could no move at all.  Then it started again, as hard and as fast as she could spank me.  I lost all control.  I was crying like a baby.  I could not kick or wiggle.  She was in complete control.  She again stopped.  My bottom was burning,  I could hardly breath from all the screaming and crying I had been doing.  There was a knock on the door.  Mrs. Brown from next door was checking to see if everything was all right as she heard screaming coming from inside.   Mom told her to come in as it is not locked.  Mrs. Brown saw me across mom’s lap with red bottom and red face looking at her.  Oh, she said,  I didn’t know Tommy was home again.  Ok.  I will be going and she closed the door and left with a smile on her face. 
        "All right, now to finish up", mom said and she started a whole new assault on my upper thighs and where the thighs and bottom meet.  I was beyond crying, beyond kicking.  I just lay there and took it.  When she finished she kept me lying over her lap for a while.  Slowly rubbing my throbbing bottom.  When I was able to talk again she asked,” have you learned your lesson”?   I told her, “Yes Mom, I have”.  She asked if it was a hard lesson, I told her probably one of the hardest ever.  She asked if I wanted her to repeat this lesson on another evening.  I cried,  “Please mom.  Don’t.  “All right, stand up, she said.  I stood.  She looked at the floor between her legs.  “You lost control” she said.   “That is good.  The lesson seems to have been well taught.”
  Get some paper towels and clean up that mess".  "Yes Ma’am", I told her and I went to get some paper towels.  She stood and moved the chair back and placed the hairbrush on the end of the counter again.  I wiped up the mess and then got some floor cleaner and washed the area.  She went to the cabinet and got some skin cream.  She pulled out the chair again and told me to get over her lap again so she could put some skin cream on my hot, dry skin.  It felt wonderful.  I realized I was becoming aroused again.  I was pretty sure that she knew I was also.    
        Well it is too early to send you to bed.  I think you should spend some time thinking about the spanking you got tonight and also how you are going to improve yourself.  I will make some tea and we can discuss this evening over it, before you go to bed..  she turned on the kettle,  I went to the corner that I knew ever so well from all of the time a stood thinking about my behavior.  As I was thinking I remembered Mrs Brown coming in to find out what all the yelling was about.  Mrs brown had baby sat for me quite a few times when i was 17 and 18 years old at my moms request.  She also knows how to apply a hairbrush I remembered.  Darn, there goes that arousal again.  The chat went well.  I just agreed to everything my mom said.  At the end she said that it was nice to have me home again and that she would strive to help me be a better man and not just influenced by my sex drive.   I wonder what she meant by that.

This is actually a prequel to the spanking drawing that I included with this story.  I think Tommy is going to be needing a lot of spanking to get him so he can be on his own again sometime in the future.  Who knows, maybe his mom will pick an understanding girl for him.