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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lost Super Bowl Bet

"But honey, I was not serious about that bet.  Yes I bet you a good hard hairbrush spanking that my team would win, but I wasn't really serious about that," I said after the game had ended and my team had lost, and to make it worse, they hadn't even made a good showing.
         After the game was over my friends had gathered up the beers that had not opened and had left.  Everyone was depressed that the local team had lost and everyone had lost a lot of money to the bookies.  Our team had been heavily favored in the odds and thus had to not only win but also beat the point scale as well,.  Well the point scale wasn't going to be a factor as they had lost by 14 points outright.  the bookies had made a fortune.  I was the only one that had not made a bet and the others were all telling me how lucky I was.  I just said that I sure was but I was not jumping for joy, for I knew about the bet I had made with my wife.  We had made similar bets before and I had always won so she had paid heavily in the past with a nice long lap dance over my lap.   Of course she did like the after reaction in bed that we had after a good spanking was given by me to her, Being a smart guy I only made bets about spanking when I was absolutely positive that I was going to win.   This was one of them.  All of the other bets though had been just a nice hand spanking which my wife liked any how and was always a turn on to her.  In the past I had told her that I would like to sometime give her a real spanking with a hairbrush but she had nixed it over and over again. We had experiments some with spankings for imaginary things while playing fun fantasy games like the naughty school girl and her strict teacher and the sales girl and her boss.  I loved them.  spanking her lovely bottom was enjoyable to watch, spank and then kiss and make better.  She had gone out with the girls to get away from the game and the guy talk that would be going on during it. so while I was picking up the empties and getting rid of the uneaten chips, I had time to think about this.  I decided that her spanking me would not be a good thing.  I started to think up good reasons why we should not do it.  Some how, seeing as in actuality she is a feminist, I knew that just saying women should not spank men.  it is the mans duty to enforce the rules,  Girls should not spank a man, they all seemed lame.  I decided if i put on a good act about how i really only made the bet for fun and would not have spanked her if I had won with a very distressed look on my face while saying it would have the best chance of working.  she always was a sucker for a sad face and an upset look.   I heard the car drive into the driveway so I thru
the dishes into the dish washer, thru in a soap packet and turned it on.
          My bride came in the side door and came into the kitchen.  "How did it go.  The super bowl party that is.  Did you all have fun and did the beer and snacks last ?" she asked.  I said,  "we had plenty,  I just finished picking up and putting on the dishwasher, I knew you wouldn't want to come home to a mess."  Wow, that was unexpected and so thoughtful of you,  so how did the game go", she asked?  Not very well,  they didn't play very well tonight, when the game was over the guys got up and left me the mess to clean up.  I have been working hard ever since."  "Yes," she said, But who won"?  I told her, "Well like I said, they didn't play very well and they ended up losing.  it wasn't a bad game but they lost.  It was close, I lied."
"Whew", my bride said, I was worried I was going to get that hairbush spanking, so I am happy I am not going to get one but I am sorry for you that they lost.  I know how hard you root for the home team".  "Yes,
i am upset by the loss but i will survive it.  its not the first big game that they lost."
         I quickly changed the the subject, "So did you girls go out to eat"?   "Yes, we went to a local grill and had supper.  it was quite good. we all had a real great time.  Do you know how good that game looked on the giant screen they had.,  it was almost like being at the field except of course it was warm and comfortable in there with plenty of complimentary snacks.  I guess we must have watched a different version of the game than you just described,  they really sucked.  the other team walked all over them.  the color announcers  said it was the worst game they ever saw your team play, now really, Are you telling me a fib about the game? she asked.  I looked at her and blushed,  I swallowed and started sweat. You know of course that when you are about to get a very hard spanking you should not tell lies to the woman that is going to give it to you, don't you,". she asked?  So I tried what i had rehearsed.  "Ah, honey,  I just made that bet for fun, I really wasn't going to spank you,  it was just a fun bet", I almost begged.  I am glad that it worked as it led to you and the girls going and watching the game.  you had fun didn't you?  "Well that is lie number two that you have told me, no actually three.  First off, when you first started making these spanking bets with me, I begged to be let off but you only told me a bet is a bet and then you spanked me, The next time I did the same and you spanked me again.  Do you see the pattern that is developing,  you had no idea of not giving me a hard hairbush spanking if you had won this bet and during the first half of the game I was very nervous knowing that I was probably going to get that spanking.  When the other team pulled ahead I finally relaxed and started to enjoy the game and as the game went on I was getting happier and happier.  The girls noticed and asked what was up.  Well I was in such a good mood I told them about the bet and how much I am going to enjoy smacking you bottom with that hairbrush that you bought just for that purpose."  "You told them!  I don;t believe you did that.,  how will I ever live this down?" I spluttered.  "Why did you tell them.  They will tell their husbands and I will be a laughing stalk.  Oh no,  No  this can not get any worse than this," I said. When I was telling them they told me that their husbands had told them that we were into kinky sex and that you said that you spanked me when ever you feel like it.  I guess the husbands didn't hear that from you, Huh?" She steamed at me.  I just started to answer and she put her hands on her hips and said, " go ahead and tell me another lie.  this spanking you are going to get is turning into a very long hard spanking for telling lies as well.  well?"  I told her, "I may have mentioned it at some point in the past when we were having a few drinks on the week end,  but I didn't think that it would embarrass you."  "Well it did and right now I want you to go get that hairbrush and bring it to me right here in the kitchen., Now..right now, go or you will get more after it would have been done.  Go get it and bring it here,  you have 2 minutes." she was really angry when she told me.  I decided I had better go get it  i was not going to get out of this.  I hurried up stairs.  opened the dresser drawer and took out the new brush.,  I looked at it.  Well this won't be to bad.  just a little peice of wood and bristles, I have seen a lot of paddles that were much bigger.  As I was coming down the stairs I heard her counting 20 seconds left.  I rushed back to the kitchen just as she said ten seconds.  She said that finally I had done something right.  She pulled out a kitchen chair and seated herself, took the hairbrush from me and patted her hand with it.  "All right, it is time for your spanking. remove your clothes while I watch you".  I slowly did as she said.  to argue or beg anymore would probably just make things worse.  I took off my shoes and then my pants and shirt.  She crossed her legs,  she was enjoying watching me suffer,  iI started pulling down my underwear and she stood and came closer.  "Well now, what is this", she said, looking as my arousal started to rise.  I blushed,  She added, I think you are enjoying this in a perverted sort of way".  I hung my head as she sat down again.  "Continue", she said .  I removed my tea shirt and socks and now stood completely naked before her.  she looked again and I was standing hard and pointing right up at her face.  She leaned forward and tapped it with the brush.  I almost spurted i was so excited.  she pointed to her right side and told me to stand there.  i had a lovely view of her lap and body sitting there,  she stood again and said i am not going to have you ruin my skirt so she pulled her skirt and slip up and then reseated her self and with a quick tug on my erection i fell over her lap.  she adjusted me so my erection was resting on her right thigh and with that she gripped me hard by my waist and then she started telling me about how disappointed she was that i was trying to talk her out of the spanking that I knew I had coming,  she asked if I was sorry I had done that.  I was in no position to argue so I just told her I was sorry.  she raised the brush. I heard a very loud sound and immediately felt a very large sting on my left buttocks.  I yelled ouch.  She laughed and told me that was just the first . this was going to be a long spanking to make up for trying to talk her out of spanking me.  then they started to fall.  I was shocked at how much this hurt.  she moved the brush so the smack always overlapped the previous and up and down the entire buttocks.  I was wiggeling and bouncing on her lap.  suddenly the impossible happened ,  I started rubbing on her thigh and then I exploded,  she started spanking harder and faster as I came.  I was in the throws of orgasm and the pain of spanking at the same time.  the orgasm passed but the spanking continued. she then gave me about fifty very hard spanks about two a second,  I was screaming and begging. When they were finished she stopped and rubbed my backside some.  I started to relax.  Well now we have three lies to make amends for,  with that she started the brush spanking again, this time though they were all right where the buttocks and the thighs meet.  it was like a new spanking was starting all over again.  I was screaming and begging.  after a few minutes she said that takes care of the first two lies.  now for the other one. she started again and I was really thinking that this would never end.  I was to tired to even wiggle anymore.   I  just laid there and the tears began to flow. I sobbed and finally she stopped. she reached over and set the brush on the table.  she commented about how red , white and blue my bottom was.   She said that she felt very patriotic,  then she began to rub my bottom,  a nice light massage . and then some little circle motions,.  I could no believe it but my arousal started to rise against her thighs again.  "I do not believe it" , she said as she felt it pushing against her . she said I was a real naughty boy and that she should spank me again,  I paniced,  started crying and begging again.  "Please  don't".  my arousal though did not agree with me.  All right get up she told me. get the lotion in the cabinet by the sink.  I did.  ok over again.  this time she let my arousal hang between her legs and she rubbed in the lotion into my poor sore bottom.  I stood again and I was still aroused so she stood and removed her clothes in a hurry and we had sex right on the kitchen table.  iI was fantastic. after she said that it appeared that spanking turned me on even more than she got turned on when I spanked her.  I had to admit that it was incredible.  We decided to stop with the bets and to experiment more with the spanking games. Now it seems I get far more than she does and that I really love the feeling of the embarrassment of stripping for a spanking and then the arousal and pain.

well I don't usually write a story that leads to sex but this one seemed to just flow into it.  hope you liked it.  please feel free to leave comments.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

office boy spanked

I wrote a story to go with this but I did not like it when I finished it so I deleted the story part and went with the short expanation about what it is.. soon I hope to be inspired  and will rewrite it.  I guess it is like writers cramp.  any how, enjoy the drawing.