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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

fantasy realized

it was a usual sunday.  late morning church and then home.  when we got home my bride told me that i had a spanking coming and to go get her chair and her hair brush and bring them into the living room.  well I must admit that i was not surprised because sunday after church was when I usually received my weekly maintinance spanking.  today though something else was going on because my bride was a little nervous and kept looking out the window while i was preparing the area with her chair and brush.  shortly i saw her smile out the window and then she came to the chair and sat down.  that was the signal for me to take my pants and under drawers down, which i did showing my usual concern that i hoped that my weekly demerits would not cause a long and painful spanking today.  She looked at me and smiled as i stood in front of her,  She said that i had mentioned many times that i would like to be spanked in front of another woman and that i would also like it if she spanked me also.  i crinkled my brow and i said that yes, i had told her that many times.  that it had been a fantasy that i had had sense my mom had spanked me in front of some
girl class mate when i was seven years old and that the memory of them watching me kick and cry while my mom spanked my bare bottom in front of them had always stayed as the moment that i had become a spankee and liked to be spanked although not particularly by my mom.  As i was remembering i was becoming aroused and my bride pointed it out to me and said that would mean another spanking at bedtime.  I liked that as that usually meant hot sex play afterwards.  Just then there was a knockon the door.  My wife stood up and told me to stay there just as I was.
        She walked to the door and opened it.  Oh good, she said,  come on in i was just about to get started.  i was craning my neck to see who she was talking to with out moving from the spot she had left me in.  she returned and she had two young ladies and the older woman i recognized as the preachers wife from church.  My bride asked if i remembers mrs jones the preachers wife and i said that i did.  I was blushing so red i could feel the heat radiating from my face not to mention my arousal which was so hard it was trying to bend over backwards.  i was wanting to cover my self but i knew that it would just lead to more spanking and where she had that big mean eboney brush i was already sure it was going to be a hard time this afternoon.  Mrs jones looked at me and said that i was obviously a very naughty boy and that a good hard spanking would help me to behave myself in the future.  she introduced me to the two younger ladies as becky and jennifer.  she said that they were newly weds in the church and that they were having problems with their new husbands so my wife and mrs jones had been meeting with them.  my wife had told them that when i needed a spanking she gave it to me with her hair brush and that i usually was a model husband.  she also explained about  sunday after church mantinance spankings so that i would remember to behave my self during the week.  Becky and jennifer were looking at me with sort of a smirk on there faces and i thought that they were going to just break out laughing at me.  this made me blush even more and my arousal was so hard it was starting to hurt me.  my wife said that she would get some cold water for them and then we can get started.  We i said.  Yes, it looks like you are going to get yor fantasy spanking by more women than just me.  I will demonstrate how to spank you nad then jennifer will spank you after you compse your self again.,  then
becky will take a turn also.  if Mrs Jones decides you still need more she will also spank you.  I can assure you that she is very good at turning a naughty boy or girl over as she spanked me many times as i was growing up.  ok lady's, you can take a seat and tom you come get over my lap now... I will start with ten hard smacks civerubg the entire bottom on both sides. Smack, Smack, Smack, ow i said. smack, smack.  each time now i was giving an ow response. then smack, smack, smack, smack smack.  i was breathless from oh and owing, my bride told me to stand an face the ladies.  I did and they noticed that my arousal had gone away.  Nothing like a good hair brush to get a naughty boys attention away from arousal to the discipline at hand. ok back over.  she then told the lady;'s that i had had one cycle, she called it.  ten hard smack covering both buttocks cheeks from top to bottom, now she said she would get serious and apply 5 more cycles or 50 hard spanks without a pause.  she did and i put on quite a show of kicking my legs. pleading with her to stop and tryng to move my bottom so she couldn't hit it..  it didn;t work. after 5 cycles i was having real tears coming down my cheeks and i was out of breath from pleading and crying.  normally i would smack another 5 cycles but i will let him off today as he has been pretty good all week.  i will just color his thighs some and then we will take a short break while he composes himself.  with that she lifted the brush and gave me 20 hard macks from about half way down my thighs to the spot where the bottom and thighs meet.  i was begging that i had enough when she had me stand and she went to get a glass of water for herself. the other girls got up and walked over to look at my bottom.  wow said jennifer.  does she spank you this hard every week.  I said she usually spanks for a lot longer but apparently as i am to get at least 3 spankings  she has cut back the amount of smacks.. My bride came in and she started shaking her finger at me and listed my misdeeds of the week.  thankfully there were not many. i rubbed my bottom for a bit and she asked if i was ready to continue.
I thought about what would happen if i said no and said that yes i was ready.
        My bride invited jennifer to take a seat and she reached into her handbag and took out a slightly smaller eboney hair brush and said that she had brought her own and would like to try it out.. My bride said sure,k especially if it is the one you will use on your husband, you should get some practice with it. i watched jennifer approach.  she was very cute and had a very nice figure,  the tight blue skirt hugged her thighs and bottom when she walked.  i felt myself starting to get aroused but she quickly sat and said for me to get over.  thank goodness. she said that she would do a cycle and then stop for opinions.  man, for a young lady she could realy apply that brush.  i was begging after 10 swats.  the others told her she was doing very well and that she should go with another 6 cycles and then 20 too the thighs as well.  she did,  i screamed and begged,  cried big crocodile tears but she did not stop until she had completed the number of swats she had promised.  she let me up and then she stood in front of me and she shook her finger at me as she said that any time that my bride thought that i needed more spanking, she could call her and she would come to help out, now get control of yourself so i stood there rubbing my bottom and wiping my face.  i was watching becky who was now chatting with my wife and jennifer.  jennifer seemed to be explaining how much pressure to put on my back to hold me in place when the spanks were coming hot and heavy and i was kicking and trying to squirm off of her lap.  after about 15 minutes becky walked up to me.l  looked at my bottom and said softly.  you poor naughty boy.  you think you have been spanked so far but you are about to get spanked my me.  come to the chair.  as she walked by the arm chair she picked up my wifes hair brush and lightly slapped her thigh as she approached the chair.  she told my wife that she was going to have to find one of these brushes.  she sat, smoothed out her dress on her lap and had me get across her lap.  she followed the same routine as jennifer.  again i was impressed at how hard she could spank.  she looked so young and innocent but she was an  expert with the brush and she showed she knew how and could really spank a full grown man.  at the end she also gave 20 hard to the thighs.  when she told me to get up she had to help me.  I was exhausted.  getting spanked by all three of them had really worn me out.,  my bottom had blisters on the blisters and my bottom and thighs burned.  i  was told to go stand in the corner.  Mrs Jones stopped me and examined my bottom.  she said that she was going to come by on wednesday night to give me her part of the spanking as she though i had had enough for today.  my wife smiled and said he is still going to get a bedtime spanking tonight  as have already promised him and he would not want me to break my promise.  i sobbed,  no dear.  well ladies, do what i told you this week and get evidence of there misbehavior and we will hold our first church ladies behavior modification meeting next sunday night at the church rectory.  Please bring your favorite hairbrush.  after a short while they thanked my bride and left.
        She turned to me and said well now was that everything you were hoping for? I said, right now i just want to lay down for a while. but yes i did enjoy it and tomorrow after the spankings have started to lose there heat, then i will be able to say if it was all I hoped for,  well i hope it was as you've got to see me and mrs jones wednesday night and that is a real task.  oh oh i thought

this is a fake art made by tommyspt.  it is parts of 8 differant pictures which have been cut and pasted and then overpainted to illustrate the story written above.  I hope you enjoyed it.  feel free to comment.. i will correct spelling and punctuation in the morning. to tired tonight.