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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Try My Hairbrush Jennie

This afternoon had been very upsetting for you.  You were at wits end because your newly wed hubby had blown more money than he should have playing cards last night.  You had told him that you had called his mom and that she had said that what you needed was a good hard spanking like she used to give you when you lived at home with her.  You said that if it worked for her you would be willing to spank him. this morning was saturday and after he had showered you pulled out a chair and said that because of his behaviour you were going to give him a good, hard spanking,  He asked if I had been talking to his mom and i told him that she said that I sould spani him long and hard for everytime he misbehaved.  I said that as he had just gotten out of the shower, now would be a good time to give it to him.  He immediately teared up and started rubbing his bottom. Please, please don;t spank me he said. I was worried about his reaction but I was resolute to carry through with his punishment.  I turned him over my knee and raised my hand.  No, no, Please, I promise I will be good. Please don;t spank me.  well I smacked him with my hand and he kicked and screamed. Ow that hurts. I smacked him some more and he was really yelping and crying.  After about 20 spanks I stopped to talk to him.  He had big tears in his eyes as he looked back at me over his left sholder.  You spank too hard.  it hurts so bad I can;t stand it.  How can you be so mean to me.  I promise I will be better in the future, I won;t misbehave.  please stop, I am very sorry.  Ok O saod get pff my ;ap and you go stand in the connor and think about why you got spanked. 
      I qwas really impressed with my self.  He had cryed and was very apolpgetic and seemed very sorry. I went into the kitchen to put away some dishes and slowly and quietly returned to the room where i had spanked him.   He was giggling and patting his bottom.  wow, did I trick her he said outloud. so you were just faking it were you.  You stay there because I am going to call your mom. Maybe I will have her come over and spank you so I can see how hard you need to be spanked.  I called his mom and she was at home.  I told her what had happened and she  gave a little chuckel and said that he was always acting when she had first started spanking him butr she said that she had bought a nice heavy wood hairbrush that she had used on him for years. She said that she would bring it over.  I asked if she would give me a demonstration of how hard and long to give tom the spanking I knew he deserved and she said that she would watch me spank him and give critiques on my spanking style.  I went back into the room and told Tom that his mom was on her way over and that she was going to teach me to give him a proper spanking.  He immediately started his same routine about please Jen, You spanked me way haered than I deserved, Pklease I don;t need anymore spankings,.  I told him that if he didn;t be quiet both I and his mom would give him a spanking when she got here.
      As we don;t live very far from his mom, she arrived about 15 minutes later and came in through the back door and into the room where i was sitting and he was sniffling in the connor.  Mom took one look at his bottom and said that it was barely even pink and that tyom had oviously tried to pull a fast one by saying the spanking was much harder than  it actually was. she handed me the hairbrush that she had brought with her. I hefted it up and felt how heavy it was.  she told me to smack my hand , not too hard, but enough so that I can feel what a smack with the brush will feel like.  I did.  Ow, I said,  I was surprised that not only had it hurt but the heat in the palm of my hand was very noticable. she said that tom i very aware at how much that brush sting.  He had lots of spanking, usually 2 a week from the time he was about 7 to 19 when you and jen got married.  I remeber a few times when we were petting I had commented abou;t how he was acting like he wasn;t very comfortqable sitting in the car or at a movie.  Also while petting sometimes his bottom was hot like a fireplace.  I had no Idea that he was still being spanked like a naughty boy.
     His mom told him to come out of the connor and assume the position across my knee.  He begged her and all he got for it was a full arm swat on his but that really made hime yelp.  get o;ver her knee now.  you got a lesson to learn about play acting to avoid a much needed punishment.  tom walked slowly like a doomed man approaching the executioner. I laid him over my lap amnd his mother told him to scoot up alittle on my lap so that his bottom was on top in front of me.  I saw the light pink color and it made me angry that he had play acted to avoid his punishment.  His mom then said that i could start spanking now.  Hold him at the side of his waste and raise the brush as high as you can.  Ok swat him as hard as you can.  SMACK,  the brush landed/.  his leggs kicked and he yelped.  his mom said that that was a good one.  she recommended 50 more just like that moving the brush all aroou;nd his bottom and the tops of his thighs. I started spanking.  each smack got a real reaction. by 20 he was sobbing. and saying that he really was sorry.  at 50, he had a real bright red bottom over my lap and was crying real crockadile tears.  His mom pressed her hand and told me that I had made a pretty good start.  She suggested I swing my right leg over hil legs to help control him better as the next 50 smakcks were really going to get him moving around on my lap. I started spanking again and he howled, apoligixed. made promises of good behaivior. i was impressed at how the hiarbrush was making white spots on his bottom over the bright red as the smacks continued.  hjw was throing his hand back to try and protect his bottom.  I reached and pulled his hand up on his back and continued warming his butt good and properly.  the leg ovver his thighs reall did control the amount of kicking and wiggeling he was doing and reall made his bottom a nice set target for the brush. i sotopped again and felt the heat coming from his bottom.  It felt as hot as I remembered on the nights that he was too figity to sit still while we were dating. tom m;om said that I had done a good spanking but now was the time to really drive home that tom had misbehaved and she said that i should give him 15 smack, hard and fast as I could and then have him repeat why he was being spanked and then 15 more to hear how sorry he was that I had to spank him and then an extra 20 hard as i can give them for pretending theat the first bottom patting I had given him was a spanking to much for hime to take.  I gave him the rest,  when I fished He was laying limp over my knee sobbing.  I told him to get up and get back in the conner and to not move at all or giggle or say anything that would make me return to give him more spankings .  His mom and i had a nice chat in the kitchen check
ing everyonce in a while to see if he was misbehaving.  He was, he was just standing there as he was supposed tol. His mom said that I should go to the bed bath and beyond and buy a spanking brush as she needed to have her brush at home as toms brother was  oming home from college and that she was going to have to punish him for his not so great grades.  I asked if she would like to go shopping tomorrow with me and she said that they have some real nice spanking brushes at that store and she would be glad to advise me as to the good qualities of each of them. 
      I told tom to go get dressed and get going on his chores.  His mom said that for the time being he will remember that spoanking .  but ususally within a week you will have to spank him again.  He is such a bad boy at heart and need to be spanked often.  I thanked her and returned her brush as she started out the door to go home.  See you tomorrow to go shopping I said and i went back to the chores i needed to get going on.

this peicture is a fake art peice that I rcreated to illustrate the story which i have just written.  I hope you enjoy them.  I am still on the road but had a day that I could take it easy so i created the picture from a few pictures I had found on the web. the characters havbe had there appearances altered and art techniques were overpainted.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Spanked before your Mother iIn Law

sorry but I am traveling again for the rest of the month.  I have added my latest drawings.  Please feel free to write a story or a comment.  will be back the beginning of july.

Fun for You

Sorry but I am unexpectedly traveling again on family business.  I am adding my newest drawings.  I should be back by the start of july.  Please feel free to caption or comment on the drawings.  thanks for your understanding

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

You are not too old.

I am sorry that the month of may was so busy for me.  I was expectiing to have time for all kinds of things but I ended up traveling most of the month on family business.  Nothing life threatening but still important.  I am hoping that this month will give me more time for my artistic persuits.
I am sorry also that I seem to be having writers block and cannot seem to be able to come up with stories at this time.  Please feel free to write a short story to go with the picture that I have drawn.  HE had told his mom that he is just too old to be spanked anymore.  He is now away at college and a man of his own now  She showed him that he was not too old and  said that she will show him again anytime that she feels a sore, hot bottom will benifit him.