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Monday, August 20, 2012

RedRump: Stay Still !

RedRump: Stay Still !

Red Rump is one of my favorite artists on the web.  i love his techique'

Sunday, August 19, 2012

It had been a real fun day,  myself and two of my best buddies.  It started when we heard other seniors talking about a skip day for seniors.  They said everyone is allowed one day their senior year to skip school and enjoy a day .  We decided seeing the amusemant park up the street was still open that tomorrow would be a great day to go to the park rather than sitting around in classes that after 12 years we were sick of.  In the morning we met near the school.  Jim had taken his car and we loaded up and headed for the park.  Wow, compared to week days when school was out, there was hardly anyone there.  We rode all the rides as many times as we wanted and around the time school got out we left the park and went by school.  Some of the kids asked where we were all day.  We told them we took a skip day.  They looked at us and said "are you serious?"  Skip days are planned ahead with the teachers and school officials so that you don't miss any work.  In math, the teacher got a call from the attendance office worker and asked if you were present.   The math teacher asked if anyone had seen you today so we told her no we hadn't.  Apparently they called your homes and your moms just said that you left for school on time this morning and they thought you were there. The police were  notified and they still are searching for you.  On our way home a police car pulled us over and checked our id's.  They said a missing person report had been filed on each of us.  We told him that we took our skip day that seniors are allowed every year.  Well they took us to the police station and 3 hours later the paper work was cleared up.  We were sent home and told that we were to report to the principal for school discipline in the morning,  When i got home my mom was waiting and frantic.  I told her what had happened and she told me what we did was stupid and dangerous also.  Someone could have been hurt when the police were hunting for us all day.  With that she told  to set the chair in the middle of the living room and that she would be right back to take care of the business that needed to be taken care of.  I started to complain but the look she gave me made me change my mind.  Yes, in about a minutes time she came back into the living room carryng her large black ebony hairbrush.  I probably forgot to tell you that I still am spanked at home by my mom when I do something wrong.  she came to the chair and said, "Pants and underwear down,  you know the drill."  I stammered, "Yes Ma'am," and pulled them down.  She sat down in front of me and smoothed her skirt and said, "Ok, the whole story and don't leave anything out." I wobbled a little from worry about what was going to happen and twisted my hands as i told her the story of our day.She asked me if we had had a good time and I told her it was fabulous.  We had the roller coasters all to ourselves for the whole day.  It was wonderful.  She said, "do you know how much you made me worry and also everyone else that looking for you."  I paused and thought and told her, "We were just having our senior skip day.  We didn't know that what we were doing is wrong."  "You didn't verify with anyone about how senior skip day works at all,  you just went off for a holiday for your selves. well I guess I  have got  serious lesson to teach you about knowing the rules and notifying people in responsible positions as to what you are doing when you are not where you are supposed to be.  Please step between my legs and face to the right. now lay over my right thigh.  i am going to have to leg lock you in place because this is going to be a very hard , long spanking and I don't want you getting out of position." she told me. " Please, Mom,  I know we did wrong.  we did't know it at the time but we do now.  Please" my voice trailed off as she pushed me over and then locked her left leg over mine. She adjusted me some and then  Smack, the first spank fell.  I gasped,  I didn;t remember it stinging so much,  in the next 30 seconds that brush connected my butt area at least forty times.  I was already crying and pleading with all my best whining I had learned over the years.  It did no good at all, the intensity of the spanks kept building. i was trying to wiggle and move my bottom but there was no way.  I started to cry louder and plead and beg louder.  That was answered with a new assault on the tops of my thighs where they meet my butt.  I screamed.  "Ah" she said, "now we are starting to get somewhere."  She then started harder and faster spanks covering my whole bottom.  The tears were really flowing and the fight was gone from me.  i just lay limp over her lap and cryed.  " There now ," she said. "It looks like the lesson has been taught.  Now go upstairs and get your pajamas on then come to the kitchen"  she stood up and looked at me. Iwas red faced and sobbing.  tears running down my face. She said be fore you go put the chair back,  I did and ran up stairs and fell on my bed sobbing. 
About a minute later,     Mom, called up the stairs and asked if i was coming down right now or if she needed to come up for more spanking tonight.   the jammies went on in a hurry and down i ran.  I had a sandwich she had made and we talked about the spanking I had just gotten.  I said that i had learned my lesson and that I was ready for any punishment the school would want to put on me.  i looked at my mom.  she smiled and winked at me and said, "I hope so, you may find it surprising."  With that she told me off to bed.  I again moved quickly.  I laid on my stomach and pulled the covers over me.  The heat from my bottom was over powering.  I pulled my jammies down and pushed the covers aside.  That nice cool air felt good.   Mom came in a few minutes later and rubbed some skin cream in and that felt really good.   She said that she hoped the lesson was well learned and kissed me on the back of the head and turned the light out as she left the room.  Wow that had been the spanking to end all spankings.  I closed my eyes and started to enjoy the cool air on my butt.    I hope thats the last spanking I ever get.  Then i thought what did she mean I might be surprised with the punishment i would get a school.  well, tomorrow is another day.