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Monday, February 28, 2011

Long time deserved

one more for you to caption or write a short story about.  I will be back in a month. tommyspt

after wiggle and dance

While on vacation I have posted some of my favorite drawings that you may comment on or write your own short story about.  Have fun

a very hard hairbrush spanking

I am really going on vacation for the month of March.  my other two time i said i was going I actually went to the hospital and had necessary but not life threatening surguries.  Now that i am really feeling well again I am taking time off and am going to a warmer climate.  I will be back in april.  I am posting some drawing and i encourage you to comment or write a short story about the drawing I did.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

bedtime spanking

Your bride had warned you over the past few days that the mood you were in was going to get you a spanking if you didn;t snap out of it pretty quick.  At breakfast you had been grumping away about the world in general.  You reached for your coffee and knocked it over onto your plate and made a complete mess of the pancakes that she had made hoping that a good breakfast would get you out of your mood.  Well that was all she could take.  "tonight when you get home from work you will go to the bathroom and shower, come down to supper with just your undershorts on and we will have supper together.  After you will accompany me to the bedroom where you shall get a thorough bed time spanking." she said very angrily.  You just said," honey i am over that mood now,  yOu won;t have to spank me.  when I get home I will be another happy guy again"  "too bad you didn;t get up as that guy instead of some grump that needs a lesson" she said. 
        You left for workand all day long all you could think about was that spanking that you had earned.  When your bride gave a serious spanking it was always very painful.  How that sweet young lady that you married could cause you so much painyou never quite understood, but she sure was an expert at it.  sitting would be difficult for a few days after the spanking,
         As you arrived at home you were at the point of wanting to scream out oud.  the prospect fo a long  trip over your brides lap was intimidating. you slowly walked up the walk and slowly opened the door.  As you entered you were met by the most wonderful smell in the world.  fresh made pot roast with all the trimmings.  "Wow, that sure smells good. Pot roast isn;t it" I said.  She came from the kitchen into the living room.. She was dressed in that sexy black nighty that you had bought her for your last aniversary and did she ever look sexy.  "well it is good that your grumpy mood seems to have broken today.  to bad it didn;t happen yesterday or we would not be preparing for the business at hand tonight.  Go upstairs and shower and come down to supper. It will be ready in 15 minutes from right now so don;t be late," she said.  I didn;t want to be late as I had suffered through another spanking the next night before for being late when punishment was at hand.  i came to the table just as set the last hot dish on it.  we sat and had a very nice dinner.  we chatted about the day  and then the talk turned to why I was going to be spanked this evening.  She discribed how distressing my mode had been for her.  my cursing, general unhappiness and just finding fault with everything going on at work and home.  I told her how i had been thimking of it all day and was hoping that she would not spank me tonight.  She said that I had well earned one and that I was going to get all that I had earned.   With that she stood and said, "come with me, it is time for your spanking."  I followed her upstairs to the bed room. she had me stand by the bed as she went into the bathroom and came out with that big hairbrush that i really hated.  She sart up on the bed and had me remove my undershorts.
then she asked me to explain why we her to have her spank my bottom.  I told her because i had been moody and unco=operative for the past few days. She said that it was good that I understood why i was to be spanked.  she seettled on the matress and made a very nice lap for me to lay across  I gently climbed over and felt her adjust me a little and then slap. the first whack landed.  I involuntarily said "Ow" ,  First whack and I was already making noise. the hairbrush fell again and agin, so many times I lost track of how many spanks I had gotten.  I also was crying real tears and pleading for her to please stop.  She continued until i was worn out.  just laying there blubering.  She then told me to get off her lap and stand by the bed.  I did. she went to the bathroom and put the brush away.  She then sat on the bed and had me go back over her lap as she rubbed in some dry dkin oil.  She said that it would not help the sting but it would moisturize the skin. while i was still over hel lap she asked if i was sorry that i had made her spank me.  I told her I was very sorry and that I would try hard to improve my mood so she would not have to spank me for that for a long time again.  It was strange because while i was over her lap and we were chatting aboout the spanking i was becoming arroused. she was now talking about why I was pushing against her lap and I said that she was turning me on keeping me across her knees like this.  She admitted that she was turned on also and that to make sure my mood was over she was going to have  hot sex tonight to make sure my mood was improve.
      The best mmorning we were both in a really great mood.  It had been a wonderful night.  My mood problems were gone. the world had changed.  My bride kissed me as i left for work and told me to be a good boy oir we would have to have a repeat performance again soon.  She smiled eveily as she cvlosed the door.

this is a fake art peice created by tommyspt from at least 6 differant pictures taken from the web.  I hope you enjoy it.

Friday, February 11, 2011

see Ms. Delaney after classes.

The last class of the day.  All day long you had been expecting to be called to Ms. Delaneys' office as your housemother in the dorm had caught youtrying to sneak back into the dorm at almost 1 A. M.  School nights the rules were that you had to be in and studying by 9 P.M. at the latest.  You had been out with a girl from the ladies prep school  associated with your school.  You were having such a great time at the pub that you completely lost tract of the time and when the bar keep said last call you looked at her and said, "Oh my God,  What time is it?"  She said  "Last call is usually about midnight.  We have tomorrow off for Our Schools founders day celebration.  I thought your school was off tomorrow also."  "No, our school was founded earlier by a professer in the 1700's, and founders day for us is the first day of school where
the new students are welcomed and set up for the year with dormitory,  books and other supplys that are needed for the school year.  I got caught last monday trying to sneak back to my room at the dorm at 10 P.M. after a bull session in the boys room went for two long.  The whole group got sent to see Professor Delaney, who is the Dean of students.  We all had to stand facing the wall while she called each of us to her for our punishment.  It was very embarrassing" I said.  Susan asked," Punishment, What kind of punishment did you get?"  I blushed and told her "We all were spanked, trousers down, across her lap, 50 hard smacks on the seat of our underwear."  Susan giggled, "all of you were spanked like bad little school boys, over the Deans lap,  I would have loved to have seen that. Young gentlemen standing looking at the wall while there friends are being spanked.  It probably embarrassed the heck out of you all."  "Yes we all protested that we were too old for such treatment but Ms Delaney said that the rule books that we got when we first came to school told that missing curfue was a childish offense and that the dean would apply a child like punishment for such violations. She told us that any more violations would end up with a long bare bottom hairbush spanking and it looks like i will be caught again tonight.  the housemom was told to keep a watch on all of us for being late to our rooms.  I will try to sneak in but chances are she will be waiting either in the corridor or in my room,"  I explained.  Susan said.  I am sorry that you are in trouble, wow a bare bottom spanking, well I got to go or I am going to miss curfew also, who knows maybe they will make me stand in the connor," she giggled as she hurried out to get back to her dorm.  I hurried also hoping against hope that the house mom would have fallen asleep in the livingroom area off the entrance way. I quietly opened the door and looking all around i walked quickly but steathily to the stars leading to my room.  Our house mom was seated on a chair right outside my dorm room reading a book.  When I approached she put down her book, pulled out a note pad,  She looked at me, said, " you are late and I am writing a note to Ms Delany as she requested.  I can not beleive that you are late for curfew a second time.  Usually one trip to Ms Delaneys office is enough to make gentlemen aware of the time of evening it is.  Go straight to bed and I hope your lessons are done for tomorrow."  I pleaded, "PLease, don;t turn me in,  I will never do it again."  Seh turned, looked at me with an evil smile and said, "I am sure when Ms Delaney is through with you you will keep better tract of the time and your responsibilities."  As she walked away she gently swatted her bottom and then rubbed it while giggling.  I went into my room and straight to bed..
Just before the last class ended a message runner knocked on the door. The messenger brought the note to the professor and then left.  "Master Thomas, Dean Delaney would like to see you in her office directly uppon dismisal for the day.  Perhaps you should gather your books and leave now as I would not want for you to be late,"  he smiled as he said that and the class giggled.  I gathered my books and hurried from the room, I felt like a prisoner walking his last mile on the date with the executioner..  I was worried, and mad at myself for not thinking of consequences.  I shortly arrived at Ms Delaneys office.  Her clerk said,  Ms Delaney is preparing to see you.  Have a seat over there. I heard her say under her breath, while you still can."  then she smiled very nicely and looked back at her work.  I set my books down and seated my self on the seat next to them.  the intercom buzzed and  the clerk chatted on her headset with the caller.  a quick series of yes an no answers and then she looked at me and smiled and said, "Yes he is here, Yes Ma'am, I will send him in, No the witness has not arrived, ok I will leave the intercom on  to witness the discipline.  "You may leave your books where they are and go in to see Ms Delany now., the clerk said.  I will witness your discipline over the closed circuit cam in her office. your house mother was to witness it but she has been delayed by a problem at the dorm. Ms Delaney has a web cam so I can witness while continueing to answer the phone while discipline is going on.  She turned the monitor so I could see a straight chair taking up on quarter of her monitor screen.  She has to have discipline monitored so there is no allegations of sex abuse or improper behaviour.  Just discipline as required in the  students rule book.  Now get in there and don;t keep her waiting.  I saw Ms Delaney cross in front of the chair and the door opened.  She said,  "Thomas, get in here now and remove your pants, shoes and under garmet. and stad by my discipline chair.  You know where it is because you were here on monday for a quick group spanking."  I blushed knowing that the clerk would be watching me disrobe, but I was more concerned with Ms Delaney.  She looked very sexy in her tight khaki skirt and a light sweater for a shirt.  She is very tall and her legs are really great.  In a few moments I would be bare from the waste down and over her lovely thighs.  I was becoming very arroused thinking of what was going to happen during the preparations.  Ms Delaney opened he desk drawer and picked up a very large wood hairbrush and walked back over to the chair where I was standing.  She looked at my arrousal and said aloud, "Kathy, do you see what this naughty boy has pointing at me. if so bzz 2 times".  The intercom BBuzzed 2 times.  I blushed even more than I was before,  thinking of her clerk looking at my aroused state.  Ms Delany sat and smoothed her skirt and streached her arms.  She looked at me and asked me for my underpants,  She laid them strategically on the middle of her lap and told me to get over so my arrousal was on my underpants.  She said, "Some times the hairbrush causes accidents and I do not wish to mess my skirt..  She looked at the cam and asked if all looked good to Kathy, the buzzer went off 2 times and Ms Delaey said to record the session as Maria,  the housemother would be in later to review the punishment with Ms Delany.   The intercom buzzed 2 times more   there was a pause and then the buzzer went off 2 more times.   Ms Delany  said, "the discipline session of Master Thomas, Student at Lord Yelltons Preparitory Academy.  This is his second spanking session this week so he is to receive a long hard hairbrush spanking.  Witnesses to the punishment are Kathy Johnson, my clrerk and Maria Lopes his house mother. .  The discipline is starting at 3:15 P.M."  With that she lifted the hairbrush high and brought it down very hard on my right cheek.  I gasped, I could not imagine that a hairbrush would hurt so much. She lifted the brush again and smack my left cheek smarted. the spanks were slow and hard. I was crying out ow,  ouch,  please Ma"am, after only a few...but the spanks kept falling. after a while she stopped and rubbed my bottom with the brush.  "The color is coming up rapidly, His whole bottom is now pink with red blotches. he is showing signs of leg kicking and wiggleing.  It is time to pick it up a knotch." Ms Delaney said.  I flelt her lean back a little and I knew she was raising the brush even higher than the first spanks.  I scrunched up my eyes and press hard into her lap hoping to avoid the coming smack.  I didn't fall, I unscrunched and looked back over my left sholder and then I saw her move.  It was almost instatanious that a red flash  lit up my vision as a deep burning spot happened on my right bottom cheek.  It was quickly followed by the same and my left cheek.  i yelled loudly, "ooouuuuuchh" but it was interupted by more hard smacks alternating cheeks and now to the top of my thighs where thigh and bottom meet.  I was kicking , dancing, and I tried to put my right hand back to protect my bottom.  That got another pause. Ms Delaney grabbed my hand and laid it palm up on my bottom.  She said, " Hands that block spankings get spanked themselves and she smack the palm three times hard."  She let my hand go and I quickly put it back on the floor.  She asked " do you uderstand that you are not to interfer with you spanking by putting your hands back and covering your bottom?"  "Yes Ma'am,  I will try to not cover up again."  I flet her upper body move again, I was waiting for the smack and again it did not come. I looked back again,  I could see her legs and skirt coming off the bottom of the chair, her legs and feet coming donw to the floor. She shifted her legs and lowered her left knee just a little which elevated my bottom over her lap.  I looked back over my shoulder and saw her round bottom in the kahki skirt outlining her beautiful bottom and then I saw her lean forward and my bottom exploded again.  more than 20 hard fast smacks covered both cheeks and the tops of my thighs.  I was screaming for her to please stop and I through my hand back over my bottom again.  this cause an instant stoppage of the spanking.  She told me to get up.  I stood, she got up and went to her desk again, took a 18 inch heavy ruler from the drawer and came back and stood looking at me.  "Right hand out" she said and then she smacked my palm 5 times,  I withdrew my hand.She said, "Do not impede me when I am administering punishment, right hand out palm up. this time she held my wrist as she gave me 5 more swats with that heavy ruler. Tears were falling freely from my eyes and i tryed to massage my hand with my left.  She put the ruler down by the chair and picked up the hairbrush again.  She sat and smothed her skirt and replaced my underpants on her lap again. She pointed to her lap and told me to get over again.  I hesitated which got me a smack on the fron of my thigh.  I quickly got back into position.  Now she said "Hands behind your back with you thumbs together and up.'  I did as she requested and she seized both thumbs in one hand and pushed my arms up higher on my back.  "now there will be no more interferring hands," she said as she raised the hairbrush again.  there was no pause this time.  she smacked hard and fast. I begged,  cryed and screamed for about 5 minutes as the brush fell with out stopping.  I was completely worn out. laying limply across her lap.  I sobbed for a few minutes while she assest the damage to my bottom.  Bright red, with white blisters, some compression blood but not bad. all resistance to the punishment is gone. black and blue brush marks are visible.  He will not sit comfortabley for days.  Ok, Master Thomas you my stand up.I stood and she picked up my underwear.  she looked at them and said it was good that she had used them as a barrier as they were wet .  she looked at the camera and shrugged,  She said sometimes that happens if the spanking is severe enough.  His resistance caused him to get a harder spanking than he would have gotten if he hadn't resisted." she then had me kneel on the chair and had me bend slightly to point my spanked bottom at the camera. she pointed out the color, blisters and marks.  she got some hand sanitizer and rubbed it over my bottom because of the compression blood that was there.  funny how it didn;t sting but then i realized my bottom was stinging so bad that a little alchohol applied to the bottom was bit even noticable.  The intercom buzzer went off.  Kathy said that Maria had arrived.  Oh one last thing before ending the recording.  Send maria in.  MS  Delany stood beside me,  She said to the camera" 03:45 pm.  The spanking of Master Thomas has ended. Please stop the recording kathy and bring in the flash drive so maria and I can review it together."  Maria came in and Kathy followed close behind.  Maria said, "Wow Deborah you really applied yourself on this spanking.  did he resist?" Yes un forunatly for him.  He had rather a hard hand spanking as well on his offending palm."  Ms delaney had maria go check out the spank bottom i was displaying.  She was impressed but no where near as impressed as I was.  I never wanted to be in that position again..  Ms Delaney made me stay in position on the chair while she and Maria watched the replay of my spanking.  Kathy had returned to her desk to finish up some paper work.  about the time that the replay ended she ame in with a paper that Ms Delaney and Kathy signed.  Maria signed in another spot that she had seen the video and that no other activity had happened accept the discipline session that she had witnessed on replay.  I was told to approach the desk and they indicated a spot marked punishee that i was to sign.  I did.  Ms Delany said "all right Master Thomas, You may dress. YOu should carry your underwear and place them for laundry when you get back to the dormitory.  tonight you are restricted to your room.  Maria when you get him back to dorm please provide him with some body creme to put on his bottom as a very hard spanked bottom is very dry.  the creme will also help with the sting so that he will be able to sleep tonight, although probably laying on his stomach."  She smiled at me and I blushed harder than I ever had in my life.  maria and kathy agreed that that might me a good Idea and they smiled at me also. She looked very sternly at me then and warned me, "  if I ever missed curfew again I would be back again over her lap for another long hard spanking , the next time with her clothes brush or paddle .  You think todays spanking was bad., the next will be much harder and longer".  I gulped and said. I will never miss curfew again.  MsDelaney patted my backside as I walked by with Maria on our way out and she said for me to be good.  I assured her I would.    

this is a fiction story written by tommyspt to go with the drawing i made about Ms Delany's behaviour modification offic at a fiction preparitory school.   The studetns are high school graduates preparing for college and are of 19 years old or older.