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Monday, November 28, 2011

called to miss c's office

Seventh grade, i had arrived a few minutes late and my home room teacher Miss S told me that she had a call from Miss C , the assistant principal, that I was to report to her in her office during my fourth period study hall.  I swallowed hard and went to my seat.  Miss S said that she would also give me a note for Miss C that  I was 5 minutes late getting into the home room just before the bell for first period was going to ring.  She felt that i could learn to be on time if Miss C would talk with me about tardiness along with what ever she already wanted to see me for.  Now Miss C was also the detention monitor for the school in the assembly hall and a firm believer in corporal punishment as an alternative punishment to the usual lines that she had students in detention print ever so neatly.  the sentence she had them print was over four printed lines long and it had to be repeated 100 times neatly without any mistakes.  If you chose to do lines you would be there for about 2 hours if you were a good and quick printer.
      She also offered 2 corporal punishment alternatives which she gave in front of the class but with a file cabinet protecting the students modesty from other students and printers eyes.  I had received of two of her spankings, otk.  I should comment here that I was already a very confirmed spankeeand when offered the choice before i had  accepted a spanking instead of lines.  the first i was called up and stood behind the file cabinet.  Miss C pushed her chair back and smoothed out her skirt and told me to drop my pants and drawers. she moved her chair closer to the cabinet and had me lay over her lap and then proceeded to give me one of the hardest hand spankings i had ever had in my life.  i yelped, begged and pleaded for her to stop. every now and then i would riase my head high enough to see the other students writing lines or watching the goings on.  my private areas were behind the file cabinet but they could see me struggling  and could see Miss C 's hand raising and falling and my yelps  were in perfect time to the beat that she was drumming on my bottom.  after about four minutes she told me to stand again and replace my clothes,  handed me a kleenex and told me to compose myself,  she moved over a foot or two behind her desk again and shuffled some paper work.  when i said i was composed she told me that this spanking was only a hand spanking.  by picking spanking as a punishment she would from here on out use spanking as my punishment but that any further lessons from her would be done with her hairbrush.  she told me that i could leave and to behave myself in the future.  AS i was leaving i heard her call the next student who had picked a paddleing.  as i was leaving the front door i could hear him yell.  i was glad that i prefer a spanking, it is painful but a lot more personal as a form of punishment.  About a month later is was back for detention again and i did get introduced to her big black ebony hair brush .  extremely painful.  cried real tears before she was through.
        Now was the start of my study hall so i went to the teacher in charge and gave her the note that i was to report to Miss C in her office for the period,   I walled to her office and was greeted by one of the student assistants who happened to be a friend of my older sisters.  She told me to have a seat and that Miss C would call me in in a few minutes.  She also giggled and told me that Miss C had sent her to the assembly hall to get her hair brush and that she had set it on a chair that she had placed in front of Miss C's desk.  I guess you are going to get a spanking she said with a big smile on her face.  we will get to hear you out here in the front office.  I looked and one of the secretaries was smiling and nodding her head.  In a moment the buzzer sounded on the intercom and Miss C told the secretary that she was ready for me now.  I stood and walked in slightly rubbing my bottom in anticipation.  AS I entered Miss C was behind her desk and a straight chair and a her hair brush was set in front of the desk as i had been told.
          Well Thomas, it has been what, two weeks since i spanked you with my hair brush and here it seems i am going to have to give you another hairbrush spanking already.  she stood and started to walk around the desk andtook a seat on the chair.  you may lower your pants and shorts for we are going to have a chat. i lowered them and stood n front of her.. Just then the phone rang and she got up and went around the desk and answered it.  She told the secretary that she had requested all calls held while holding a discussion with Thomas.  Ok  she said , and she had a quiet conversation while I stood there naked from the waste down staring at that hairbrush she had set back on the chair. yes, she said, that she would take care of that at lunch time.. she hung up and walked around the desk again.  picked up the hair brush. resmoothed out her skirt and then told me that she had a report that i had slid a ruler under one of the girls bottoms in math class yesterday afternoon and that the girl had jumped up and then slapped me.  I was stunned,  i didn't think that it had gone beyond the class.  some of my buddy's had egged me on to do it  and finally i did.  she had slapped me really hard and i figured that that was going to be the end of it because the teacher was not in the room when i did it.  well the girl had gone to Miss C and told her how embarrassed she was and that i was going to learn a very hard lesson today.  A knock on the door and Elaine, the girl i had goosed, walked in.  Miss C told her to pullup another chair and that i was going to get a very hard spanking for my action of the day before.  i was blushing more than i ever had in y life.  Elaine had a great big smile on her face and said that i really needed a good hard spanking to learn my lesson.  Miss C turned me over her lap and the brush started landing,  i was yelping but trying to be brave, she continued,  all thought of being brave quickly left my mind and i was begging her to stop.  i was yelling how sorry i was to Elaine that i had embarrassed her like that.  Miss C continued until i was worn out.  completely limp laying across her knees.  i looked at Elaine and saw that she was not smiling any more.  she looked very impressed at the spanking that she had just witnessed.  after a few minutes i was allowed to get up, then i had to apologize to Elaine. she said that she would think about forgiving me but not today. Miss C said that was fine and that she could leave.  Miss C told me to replace my clothes and gave me a pass to the boys room to wash my face and then return to study class.  She added that she did not want to see me again for punishment for a long time.  I told her I would try but down deep i knew that it would not be long at all.  I was just a boy who enjoyed being across a woman's lap getting his bottom warmed and she was really good at it.

This story is pretty much true,  time tends to streach the truth a little and memories get a little clouded in times.  yes Miss C is the same lady in the reunion story a couple of blog pictures earlier.  I am redoing my studio and i have found some of my old drawing pad and this picture i drew of Miss C was in the pad. I processed it and hope you enjoyed the story and the drawing.  I hope to be creating new drawings again by the end of next month.  I will update with more of the old drawings as i find them.