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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sent to the Principals Office Again

       Well, here I am again, the only senior high school student in the city,  about to be spanked by the Asst. Principal.  My mom refused to update my preferred form of punishment form since i started school.  Earlier in the semester, when I and two friends heard about Senior Skip day we decided to skip school for one of the last days the area amusement park was still open.  We skipped, had a great day, and then found out when we went to the school after it released for the day to tell everyone what a great day we had had.  That was when we found out that we had been reported missing as the school had called our parents to find out why we were not in school.  When they said that we had left for school on time in the morning,  the school sent a missing persons report to the police.  they had been looking for us all day.  Now they showed up at school and took us to the police station to straighten this out.  This was when we found out that a skip day was all right when planned with the school.  We hadn't so we were in trouble.  While deciding what our punishment should be  the Asst. Principal,  Ms C had pulled our student files.  My two friends files were up to date.  Mine still showed an over the knee bare bottom spanking ... Ms C asked one of the clerks to get my mom on the line so she could find out why this form had not been updated since I had started school.  Mom told her that I was still spanked at home and that she had never wanted to change the form.  "the instructions on the form are still the way he is to be disciplined if needed at school.  Any how I am reminiscing as this was already in the story about our skip day already on my blog.  this was to update you why  Tommy, a senior, is now lowering his pants and drawers in the Asst Principals back office
Ms. C is sitting in front of him, patting her palm with that qwful hairbrush his mom had brought in to her for when he needed discipline.  just 3 days before he had been in the same place for the same reason.  late for school again this morning. 
         Tommy blushing very much, was pushing his drawers below his knees as Ms. C said that Ms. Scanlon was going to be a few minutes late arriving to witness the spanking as required by the still in existence state law on school spankings.  Ms Scanlon is Tommy's Home room teacher.  he also has her for English this year.  She was the one who turned him in for being late again this morning knowing that she would be there afterschool to witness him getting spanked again  just on Monday he had been late and he was spanked quite hard after school that time.  he didn't learn to be on time form that one ..  Ms C was scolding Tommy while patting her hand with the brush when through the open door they heard Jennifer,  a classmate of tommy's who was one of the clerks that works part time in the office so she can add some experience to her résumé for after graduation when she applies to business school.
        Hi, Ms Scanlon, "yes they are in there and about ready to start.  Ms. C said to send you right in when you arrived".  Then more quietly added,  "Please leave the door open a little as it has been pretty boring here this after noon and a little excitement will make for a better afternoon".   Ms Scanlon mouthed "OK", with a wink, and she entered the room leaving the door a little ajar.
       Ms Scanlon entered and took the chair just off to the side where Tommy was standing.  Ms C simply told him over, and Tommy laid himself over her lap in the position that he knew from experience she preferred.  His thighs resting on her right thigh and his lower chest on her left thigh.  this let his naked penis to hang in the space between her thighs and laying gently on the fabric of her skirt.  he placed his hands flat on the floor and was determined to keep them there for the duration of the spanking.  He  looked around as she adjusted him just a little and looking under the chair he could see Ms Scanlon setting herself down to witness this spanking.  She crossed her legs and adjusted her skirt  Tommy felt stirring beginning in his penis and he was glad that it had not happened before he was in position.   Ms Scanlon, "would you like to say anything to him before I start". 
       She thought for a moment and asked, "Do you like being spanked ,  Tommy?  Just a few days ago we were here for the same reason.  it seems you do not learn, or you enjoy this extra attention you get"?  Tommy blushed furiously, was his secret out?  He blurted out, "No, I just have a hard time getting going in the morning.  I truly try to get to school on time," he lied. trying to move around just a little he noticed that he had become aroused,  When Ms Scanlon asked him that and now he was poking Ms C on the inside of her left thigh.   She set the hairbrush against Tommy's bare bottom and patted it a coupple of times and she said.  "It is time for the lesson to be taught  and we will see if it is learned".
       Ms C shifted slightly and Tommy gasped as the brush landed hard on his right cheek.  "Ahhhh" he moaned.   it was followed by a hard smack on his left cheek,  "OHHHH'  hs moaned louder, this was hurting far more than he remembered even from the spanking just the other day. Again a hard smack.  Just below where the original had landed.  "Ouwww", Tommy whimpered.  Another just below the other had struck on his left cheek.  "Owww".   Again just below the first two on his right and then below the others on the left.  he was starting to squirm some on her lap now.  She pushed down harder with her hand and arm to hold him in place. Smack , another following the pattern Ms C had been using.  the pain was getting to where he did not think he would be able to stand it.  "ArRRRGGGGG",  Tommy cried out.  "Please not so hard,  I am learning my lesson already.  Ahhoooo," Tommy cried as he saw movement by the back office door and saw Jennifer and another girl peeking around the edge of the door way,   "Nooo",  he cried.  OWWW,  help me, please help me Ms Scanlon.  I can't take it today.  Owwwww, Please Ms.  Please.   Help me..   OUUUUUUCCHHH", Tommy cried and threw his hand back to protect his bottom.  Tommy had lost the little control he had left.  Ms Scanlon hurried over to help hold him in place pinning his arms behind his back.  Tommy now was no longer reacting to the spanks which were falling at a much faster rate then when it started.  He was just crying and begging.  promises of good behavior were  screamed out for anyone who would listen,  However the two that were disciplining him were not listening to his pleas.  Finally Tommy was laying still on her lap,  sobbing away.  Ms Scanlon and Ms C were both just holding him in place and waiting for him to stop sobbing.  When he finally did stop, Ms Scanlon helped him up and stood him in the corner where he had recovered form the other spankings he had received at school.  Ms Scanlon then went to the small washroom in the office and got a facecloth that she had wet in the sink to bring to Tommy to wash his face, and she told him to tell them when he was ready to apologize for them having to discipline him and how he intends to improve his behavior so he is not spanked again.  She kind of smiled at that, knowing and suspecting that Tommy would probably be back again next week where there will be a big surprise waiting for him..  he did look cute standing there with his pants and drawers around his ankles and his bright red bottom so nicely displayed.
       Tommy quickly turned his head to watch Ms Scanlon walk back to where Ms C was still sitting on the spanking chair looking at the hair brush.  Ms  Scanlon pulled her chair closer and the chatted amiably while waiting on Tommy.  He kept looking over his shoulder to see if they were watching him.  No not really,  they were just waiting to talk to him.  He turned and told them he was ready.  they asked him to come to them.   Here he was, a thoroughly spanked young man,  with a very hot sore bottom, facing these two strong and beautiful women who had just turned him in to  a 7 year old boy crying and begging while they spanked his bottom. they smiled at him and just said, "Well, Thomas, what do you have to say for yourself.  Remembering from his previous spankings he told them that he was sorry his behavior had caused them to have to discipline him.  while he was talking he was looking at them, noticing how strict and beautiful they looked.  Then he was checking out Ms Scanlon's lap.  Then Ms Scanlon  started to smile and told him to not get to wishful for I will be taking Ms C's place as the Asst Principal for the next two weeks while she goes to a state meeting  of Principals and Asst Principals.  if you misbehave at all you will be across my knees and begging for me to take it easy will not work any better than it does with Ms C.  Both of them noticed I was starting to point at Ms Scanlon and not with my finger.  Pull up your pants and then come sign the discipline report.  while they were signing the discipline report Tommy was becoming even more erect thinking about struggling to control himself across Ms Scanlon's lovely lap.  he felt how strong  she was when she was holding him to stop him from reaching back today... she is very strong he thought.   "I will try very hard not to be late or have any other problem to make you have to spank me, Ms Scanlon", Tommy said trying to be a truthful looking as he could with his pants sticking out in front of him and his face bright red from embarrassment..  She told me then and there,  "If you need  to be spanked it would be in front of Jennifer and the other clerks working that day.  She said maybe that will make you behave".  At that point she called out to Jennifer in the office and asked her to come in,
        She told Jennifer that she would be replacing Ms C while she is at that principal's meeting.  "I will have to depend on you clerks to be witnesses if I have to spank Tommy for any reason during that time.  would you be willing to do that".   Jennifer looked at me with a great big smile and she told her ,"we would be glad to ."   "Very good, then that is settled",   Ms Scanlon said, said as she handed the discipline report to Jennifer and asked her to copy it and file it in Tommy's folder,  the school discipline folder and the asst principals folder as well.  She smiled and told Tommy,  "now you know what the big surprise I mentioned is.  this will show me whether you actually like to be spanked.  If you need to be spanked early next week I think it will be a sign that you do and when Ms C comes back we will have to figure perhaps a reward spanking system to help you get thru to graduation"

"I wonder what she meant by that," thought Tommy wondering.

finally this story is written.  I typed it many times only to have it disappear just before publishing to my blog.  if it does again this may never make it.