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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

His First Spanking

Things could not be worse for you.  You are standing with your pants down,  drawers lowered to mid thigh and blushing like you have never blushed in your life.,  Your best friend is standing in the connor of the bosses office with his pants and drawers down also .  He is sniffing back tears and rubbing his extremely red and sore bottom.  You had never been spanked before in your entire life and here you are standing beside your boss while your supervisor  is watching the procedings with her hands on her hips and showing how annoyed she is with you by the steady tapping of her shoe on the floor. 
It had been a stupid Idea your freind had had at work to take advantage of the bosses being at a meeting to connect to the internet and surf some porn sites instead of working on the accounts that you had been assigned to go over while they were out.   You had never even thought of fem dom as being sexy but when jim showed you those web pages with the ladies all dressed in leather and other outfits where they appeared to be so strict and strong you had to admit that they were very attractive and sexy.  He said that he had been attracted to dom women ever since he had had a cute baby sitter who had spanked him almost everytime that she had sat for him when he was 13 years old.  She was only 17 years old but was very experienced in giving  spankings as she had three younger brothers who were always in trouble and she had been given permission by her mom to spank them when they needed it which was very often.  Spanked I said,  horrified, did it hurt?  Yes, he said, but it was so sexy that he had done things that he knew would get her to put him over her knees on purpose.  He described how she would get angry and tell him that he had earned a good spanking and that she was going to give it to him. She would then go and get a straight chair from the kitchen, the hairbrush my mom kept in the drawer in the kitchen and would bring them into the living room. seat herself, smooth her skirt and have me lower my pants and drawers.  then she would scold me for a few minutes, take me over her knee and then spank my bare backside very hard for a few minutes.  I would kick and wiggle to try and avoid that brush but she would hold me and continue until she felt a lesson had been taught.  Then she ould sit me on her lap and talk about how she didn;t like to have to spank me but how discipline is very important for young boys to learn and that she would continue to spank me as long as my behaviour showed that it was necessary.  well she continued looking after me until I was sixteen so I had spent alot of time bare backside up learning lessons from her.  the main one I learned was that I really liked being across the lap of an attractive lady having my backside warmed.  After she no longer sat for me I still contacted her and told her of my misdeeds and then I would go visit her so that she could correct my faults.  All this was going through my head as I looked at the boss sitting with a hairbrush in her hand.  Her eye brows were raised as she noticed my state of arousal.  my supervisor just tapped her foot harder and said that I was just another naughty boy who would definetly benifit from a long hard spanking.  My boss said that she agreed and i found myself being pulled across her very lovely lap.  She raised the brush and my spanking had begun.  She smacked hard and I was surprised to find that it stung quite a bit but I also noticed that the warmth of her thighs on my thighs and stomach was quite pleasant.  My penis was rubbing against the material of her skirt and that felt real good also.  She increased the force of the smacks and the speed  which in turn made me wiggle and the next thing I knew i had climaxed on her thighs and skirt.  She gave me an additional 10 smacks and had me get off her lap and told the supervisor to put me in the connor and to please bring some paper towels to clean her skirt and thighs. She did so and they both watched us standing and displaying our red sore bottoms to them.  The supervisor asked us to come and face them while they discussed what had happened.Jim was smiling when we stood before them.  the supervisor asked me if I felt that I had learned a lesson from being spanked like I was.  I said that I had and that i had found it to be very embarrassing.  She said that Jim originally had been very embarrassed when she had first started spanking him when she baby sat for him when he was a kid. I did a double take and looked at Jim.  Yes, the boss said,  I was glad that I had hired you to babysit him as his behaviour improved alot so naturally I hired you as a supervisor for him when he came to work in the family business.  Now that Tom is working here also I beleive that a good spanking will help him apply himself also.  they asked if we thought that spanking would be a good way to keep office discipline and jim said immediately that he did.  He looked at me and said he was sorry that he had tricked me into getting spanked at the office.  He didn;t know that I had never been spanked before but that it looked like I had found it painful but interesting.  I admitted that It had been an unusual experiance but i felt that I could benifit from it as well.  Good the supervisor said because I am going to spank both of you before you go home this evening for not working on those accounts.  now get to work and I will see both of you at 4:30 pm for a good bottom warming.    Yes ma'am we both said and got to work.