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Saturday, December 28, 2013

a Visit to Aunt Helen

It was a long holiday week end coming up and I had called Aunt Helen to ask if I could come and spend the week end with her. She had quickly agreed that it would be nice to see me again. I called down stairs to Mom and told her that I was talking to Aunt Helen and that she had invited me to come spend the week end there. Mom said, “that would be fine as I had been spending to much time playing games on the computer and if you go see her she will have things planned to do. I think it is a very good idea. Let me talk to her when you finish, as I haven’t chatted with her for a few weeks now. I told Aunt Helen what Mom had said and Aunt Helen added “she would make sure that it was an educational week end for me”. I called down stairs and told mom that I was through and that she could pick Aunt Helen up. I added “I will be there around seven thirty, Friday night and I will leave here right after supper. “ All right, I will have some snacks and a movie for later after you get here,” Aunt Helen said just as Mom picked up the Phone. “I will see you Friday night,” I said as Mom started to chat with her. Friday was a quick day at work even though I was having a hard time concentrating. My boss came in and told me I could leave an hour early, which made it even shorter. I hurried out to my car, and drove carefully home. Last time I was going to spend the weekend with Aunt Helen I had hurried and got a ticket. When I told Aunt Helen about it she told me that I Deserved a good old fashioned spanking for disregarding safety and had given a long hard hairbrush spanking to me that evening. I should say that I am now nineteen, still living at home and working. Mom is right. I spend too much time on the computer although I was not usually playing games. I have loved spanking, me being spanked by a woman, since I was about 14 years old when a girlfriend had given me a birthday spanking. I told her that I really loved it and asked her if she had given spankings before and she told me that, ”yes, I often spanked when I baby sat and sometimes, mom would have me spank one of her brothers if she was too busy for the task”. I asked her if she liked to spank them and she said, it is cute as they try to block my hand or brush, and how embarrassed they are as I take their pants and underwear down, then I scold them before I put them over my lap. I guess you could say that I do not hate it but I am not so sure that I like it.” I wanted her to really spank me and I told her so. “Well, she pondered, “it would be interesting to spank a boy my own age, but be forewarned, I will give you a real spanking with my mom’s hairbrush, My mom is picking up the boys after school to take then to the dentist so we will have about an hour to give you that spanking”. The next day I became very much hooked on being spanked. It hurt, I was embarrassed and naked in front of a girl. It all added to the mystique I had been feeling about it. From that day on I was always checking out females as to how much I would like being spanked by them. Not long afterwards my girlfriend moved as her dad worked for a company that kept relocating him all the time. I was a poor white bottomed boy for a long time after that. I got my drivers license and my mom suggested as she and dad were going away for the weekend that I should drive up to visit Aunt Helen. I told her, “Aw, I would rather spend time on my computer”. “Well Aunt Helen can use some company as Susan has just gone off to School and Bob has a good job down south. “Well all right, so long as I can bring some stuff to do”, I said. I should probably mention that I had started drawing again and was becoming pretty good at drawing pictures of my favorite subject. Yup. That’s right. I was drawing pictures of women, sitting, scolding, pointing, holding brushes, hands on hips, tapping their toes and of course giving good hard over the lap spankings I packed some clothes in a duffle bag and got my drawing pad to fit in also although the sides of the duffle were being pushed on hard by it. By the time I got to Aunt Helen’s I had to go to the bathroom so I dropped my duffle on the kitchen floor and told her I would be right back. When I came in Aunt Helen was sitting at the table with my drawing pads on the table and going through the drawings I had made. I got angry. “What are you doing going through my stuff without asking me,” I accused. Now she got angry at me, “What, in the heck makes you think that you can use that tone of voice at me, Tommy”. She stood and put both hands on her hips, then pointed at me and told me “sit”, she pointed to a chair beside where she was looking at the drawings. I pulled out the chair and sat quickly as I was horrified to see her looking very similar to some of my favorite drawings I had done. “Yes, Ma’am,” I said as I sat and had to adjust my pants as things were starting to rise. “My my,” she said as she leafed through my drawings. She stopped at the one with the lady with her hands on her hips, looking angry at the person who had drawn the picture. She flipped back a page to a picture of a ladies lap with her skirt nice and smooth across it. She pushed back he chair and smoothed her skirt. “Very nicely drawn”, she added the next picture had an open female hand with fingers and thumb held together with a downward motion implied by lines of movement, the next picture was a bare naked behind with a palm print showing on it and thighs turning into knees beyond the bottom. This is very interesting she told me with a very knowing smile and a raised eyebrow. I wanted to get up and run. She just looked and said, “You are not going anywhere. We are going to look at the rest of the pictures and then we are going to hold a nice about conversation about them and then we are going to figure out what these mean to you. Now relax. I am not mad at you for the drawings but I am still angry about the voice you used at me. Stand up and move your chair closer so you can look at them as I do and you can add things about why your draw these pictures.”.. When I stood it was obvious that I was aroused and it was painful to stand with the pants so tight over it. “It’s all right, she said, “ I, having raised a son, know how easy it is to become aroused when in a stressful position like you feel you are in right now. I think you should adjust yourself so you can sit comfortably right now”. I turned 30 shades of red, but moved my pants around so that I was standing straight up inside of my pants.. I reseated. Still blushing more than I ever had in my life. My secret life was coming out in front of my aunt. I could easily have died of embarrassment right there. She smiled knowingly and said, “I think we are coming to the real drawings you crave”, she said with a smile on her face. “Ah yes, a nicely drawn female rear end with a naughty boy over her lap and her thighs and knees and legs, “Yes” very nicely drawn,” she said. “ I love this, all of the drawings have been very good but this really captures the spanking position of both the spanker and the spankee. I can almost feel him wiggle,” she added. Next were drawings of female spankers, spanking from different angles and different utensils being used.. Prominent of course was a big hairbrush. She looked at me and said, “Well, who would have ever thought it, I don’t believe you were ever spanked growing up”. I told her, “I hadn’t. I did however see her spank her son one time when we were visiting and I found it very fascinating. I also saw friends of mine getting spanked. The thing that got me though was a birthday spanking my girlfriend gave me two years ago. That led to real spankings from her. Unfortunately she moved away. I have been drawing a lot and searching spanking sites on the internet., ever since.” “Well I think tonight you are going to get a spanking for the way you talked to me”, Aunt Helen said, and maybe a few more just to see if you really are into it. I wanted to spank you a few times when you visited before but you mom would not allow it. She said you might get to like it like I did. Sure, I spanked your mom quite a few times when our mom left me in charge. She said that was why she never spanked you, as liking spanking seems to run in the family. “All right”, Aunt Helen said. “Let’s get your things put away. Put the drawings on the living room desk as I might want to question you more about some of them. I will give you a spanking, real, genuine, over the knee with my hairbrush. After, we will chat some more about it how it was for you. More spankings will definitely be in order this weekend but tonight’s will probably be the harshest. Be ready for it as I really spank very hard and the lesson must be learned. Put your things away and I will make some tea, We can have a cup and some fresh cheese and crackers and then we will get down to correcting you attitude when you came in this evening”. I went to the room I stayed in when visiting Aunt Helen and put my things in the drawers in the dressers. I could not believe how aroused I was. I laid down on the bed and opened my pants and started to reach for my arousal., There was a knock on the door. Aunt Helen came in just as I finished zipping up again,. She looked at me and saw the top of my tee shirt sticking out of the front of my zipper. “I brought you a pair of my sons’ pajamas to wear tonight, He used to have to wear them when he was going to get a spanking. Put them on and come to the kitchen for cheese and crackers. I think I may spank you in the kitchen tonight but then again, maybe in the living room where we can look at the drawings again after. Any how. jammies on, then come to the kitchen. No underwear under the jammies and do not play with yourself. Pre semen is very easy to detect when your jammies are around your ankles”. I again blushed scarlet. Ok, pants off, underwear off, jammie bottoms on and tee shirt off and jammie top on. I took a big breath and headed to the kitchen. A nice hot mug of tea was on the table and crackers and cheese in a plate for both of us to share. “I stopped on the way to the kitchen and checked out the last drawings, most all of them have the naughty boy naked so I think that that is the way we will go tonight,”.Aunt Helen said with a devilish smile on her face. I just looked at her and tried to not blush more. After tea Aunt Helen said, “I think the living room will be more comfortable. As it is cool tonight I will put an ez burn log on and get it going. Tommy you go to my bedroom and get the large hairbrush that is on my vanity and bring it back here. Don’t dawdle, you are in enough trouble for your attitude earlier this evening”. Now my heart was beating so hard it seemed to be in my throat. I felt like a very naughty boy heading to Aunty Helens’ room to get the hairbrush that she was going to spank my bottom with. I walked into the room. It was very feminine with frilly curtains and spreads on everything. I saw her vanity. I gulped as I saw that really big hairbrush. I slowly picked it up and felt the back of it. It was really hard. This was not going to be fun tonight. My body started to disagree with my thought as the front of my jimmies started to push up and out away from my body. “Oh great”, I thought. “This is going to make Aunt Helen angry at me even more.” I walked quickly back to the living room, the fire was going. Aunt Helen was sitting on the desk chair with her legs crossed and looking at one of the pictures. She held it up for me to see as I drew near to her. The naughty guy was crying big tears and kicking his legs and begging the spanker to stop. “Now that is what I call a good spanking,”she commented. Aunt Helen placed the drawing pad on the desk again and then uncrossed her legs and looked at me. “Are you prepared to be given a very hard spanking tonight, she asked? “Yes Ma’am.” I stammered. She said, “when you talk to me you are to look directly at me and talk to me, not the floor, Do you understand”? “Yes Ma’am,” I said looking at her. “That is better,” she said as she stood and smoothed her skirt over her backside and thighs. My eyes grew very big as she looked just like one of my drawings that she had pointed out earlier.. “all right, it is time to take off the jimmies and place them neatly on the desk”. I took off the shirt first, and fumbled with it while I folded it. Then I took down the pants and stepped out of them, picked them up and folded them also. I walked to one side of her and placed them neatly next to the drawing pad which was still open on the naughty boy crying and begging his spanker to stop. I came back in front of her. My arousal was so stiff it was trying to escape from my body. She looked at it and smiled a little and said., “I guess I need to take one more precaution”.. She stood again and slowly folded her skirt up to almost the top of her thighs. Then she smoothed it down over her backside again and seated herself checking to be sure that the folded skirt was not more than a few inches down on her thighs. “That will keep my skirt from getting wet if you have an accident while being spanked”. I blushed even more.. She quickly went over the reason why I was getting spanked tonight and she asked if I was sorry for the attitude that I showed. I told her, “yes Ma’am, I am very sorry”. She asked if I understood that this was going to be a very hard and long deserved spanking. I again said, “Yes Ma’am”. Well then, I guess it is time for the task at hand. She had me stand by her right side and carefully guided me over her lap so that my arousal fell between her thighs. She started rubbing my cheeks and adding a light slap with her hand. After a minute or so she said, “And now it begins. With that there was a very loud slap noise followed by white stars in my eyesight and quickly followed by a gasp from me. This was followed by some more rubbing, she stopped and the another slap to the other cheek. More stars and an ouch from me. She said, “Now you know what the brush feels like,. You will see that as the spanking goes on the pain just gets worse and worse. Some say you go numb but you will find out that it does not happen. The pain just keeps getting worse. I will spank you until I feel by the color of your bottom, that the spanking is done. No acting or crying or even bribing will stop me from my duty to you. Try to hold the bottom of the chair with you hands and the more still that you keep yourself the more accurate will be the spanks. All right, hold on now. You are going to get about three minutes of hard, very accurate aimed spanks that will really get your attention. You may cry if you want but do not get out of position”. Then it started. I held up for about three on each cheek but then I started ouching and whimpering with each spank. It seemed like about 15 minutes I had been suffering but I looked at the clock and saw that only about four minutes had passed. My arousal was also long gone.. Aunt Helen announced, ”All right, here comes phase two, 30 very hard and fast on the spot where your thighs and bottom cheeks meet”. With that she started. I started screaming. I bucked, I danced, I let go of the chair rungs and threw my hand back just as the last of the thirty fell. She stopped again and told me, ”. You moved around to much, my aim was thrown off so I am going to repeat phase two at the end of the spanking. “NNOOOO, Please Aunty, I can not bear it,´. I cried, “You can and you will”, she told me. She had me stand between her legs, lowered across her left leg and then clamped me in by passing her right leg over my right leg. She took my hands up on my back and had me place my thumbs together. Then gripping both thumbs with her left hand, I was unable to move anywhere except my head. “All right here comes phase three, slow very hard spanks all over your bottom again”. Mostly overlapping the previous spank. It started, I could do nothing but cry and beg. It hurt, it burned I started to wail away. After a couple of minutes she stopped again. I continued to cry. Laying still on her lap as that was all I could do. Well it would be over now but I have to repeat phase two again. Take a deep breath as I will do this as fast as I can; the heat was unbearable. It was like she was applying a burning torch to the tops of my thighs, I just broke down . completely in tears and crying. I also noticed another reaction that I did not think was possible, I had climaxed,. The pain was so great that I actually climaxed and went limp. I think Aunt Helen noticed but she didn’t say anything. The spanking ended. I still lay across her lap pinned in by her leg. She started gently rubbing my bottom. “Well, now, that is a real good spanked bottom that you have there,” she observed. I just lay there still. Smack, “yeow”, I screamed. “You will talk to me after your spanking so I can assess if the lesson is learned,” she demanded. “Yes Ma’am”, I sobbed. “I am sorry that I had to spank you so hard but you really did deserve it, didn’t you”, she added. “Yes, Ma’am,” I said. “Are you sorry for the attitude you showed when you found me looking at your drawings”, she questioned. “Yes Ma’am”. “Were you wrong to talk to me like that”? she asked. “Yes Ma’am”, I cried. “All right I will rub a little more but stand up so you can just lay over my lap”. I struggled to get up but managed and I lay back down across her lovely lap. Lovely lap. Yes it was,. It was very sexy when I went across it at the beginning of the spanking and now it was becoming sexy again. She felt my arousal starting again. “Wow” Aunt Helen said as she felt it pushing on her lap. My son never got aroused until I was putting lotion on him. .After another 5 minutes Aunt Helen had me stand and she went to the kitchen cabinet. She came back in with skin lotion and had me go back over her lap again. She gently rubbed in the lotion until the red dried out skin could absorb no more, then she had me get up and I sat on her lap while she hugged and comforted me. She told me to go wash my face and then come back in by the fire. I smiled as I left as I was thinking the way my backside was burning I didn’t need a fire to stay warm...When I came back in Aunt Helen was sitting in front of the fire and I went and stood beside her. “Do you want to sit down?” she asked. I blushed and told her, “NO thank you . I think I will stand”. She smiled real big and she stood and hugged me again. That started another reaction. She looked at me and told me,”I am willing to be your spanker when you need one and when I think you warrant one but I am your aunt,. Masturbation is all right, in private in this house, either in your room or the bathroom. Just clean up after yourself”. “Yes Ma’am,” I told her. Still glancing at her beautiful lap and legs. “Is arousal ok, or does it bother you?” I asked. She smiled slightly, “I don’t mind your being aroused, just don’t masturbate in front of me. Accidentally while being spanked is an accident and accidents can happen. Here is the story of how tommy found out that a spanking has always been available to him but he had not known it,. Call it a self discovery story.

Saturday, November 9, 2013


HOLIDAY WOODSHED SPANKING Here it is, Thanksgiving, The harvest festival, most of our family has gathered at Aunt Susan’s farm to enjoy the festival. Here I am at eleven in the morning, standing in the woodshed awaiting Aunt Susan to come and give me a spanking that I so richly deserved. I hear the screen door on the house shut and Aunt Susan telling the others to just continue enjoying some down time as the food is now all in the oven and on the stove so everyone can relax for a while. I hurriedly dropped my pants to my ankles and pulled my underpants down to my mid thighs. Aunt Susan came in the doorway with a very satisfied look on her face and that horrible ebony hairbrush that she called the family heirloom. “So, here you are in my wood shed again awaiting a very hard spanking from me. That was quite a trick you pulled on the last night of your summer stay with us and you probably thought that you had gotten away with it. When I couldn’t find you and your bed was unslept in, I was very worried. Then I noticed that your travel bag was missing. I then looked in my handbag and discovered that the bus ticket from town to your hometown was missing also. You know that taking that ticket without asking me is a very spankable offense. You do not go into other people’s belongings and take things without permission. Also for your information, your partner in this crime, James, was spanked long and hard by his mom while I found out that you had told him you needed a ride to the station early in the morning because you wanted to let me sleep, rather than you wanted to escape the strap in the woodshed you had been promised the night before for sassing your cousins. That is another spanking that we will make up, This long weekend,” she added. “What”? I asked, “Mom said that we were coming for thanksgiving dinner and didn’t say anything about staying for the week end, besides she has to pick up dad tomorrow at the airport. Actually I was pretty surprised she had agreed to come to dinner at all.” Aunt Susan seated herself on the straight chair just inside the woodshed and was smoothing her skirt and maneuvering herself on the chair to be sure she was comfortable. She said, “there now, you come on over and stand by my lap. You know the drill.” I could not believe how embarrassing this was, Here I was 19 years old now, hobbling over to stand by her lap. She was patting the hairbrush in her palm which made very slight slapping noises, and to make things even worse, I was aroused so much my arousal was actually bending back and starting to hurt. Of course she had noticed as soon as she came in the shed. I heard the screen door open and Jenny and Haley coming out in the back yard. “Mom, is it ok if we sit outside? The sun feels so nice and there are not going to many more days like this. Auntie is watching the pans on the stove so we can get some sun.” I looked at Aunt Susan with very large pleading Eyes, “Please don’t let them listen to my spanking Auntie,” I begged” Aunt Susan said, “Ok, just ignore the sounds that are coming from the woodshed. They were also very worried when you slipped away at the end of the summer. I think they have a right to hear you pay for worrying them.” She then pulled her apron and skirt to her waist and told me, “over you go” She spread her legs slightly so my arousal fell between her thighs and dangled just over the end of the seat of the chair. I looked out as my head was almost halfway past the door jam. My cousins had taken lawn chairs and were facing the door about 15 feet away. Haley made air spanking signals and Jenny made shame on you signals with her hands as they were both smiling and enjoying my predicament. Aunt Susan told me. “This is going to be a long, hard spanking. You are going to be very sorry for causing us all that worry while you sneaked away to avoid that strapping. We will make that up this week end also. Now I want you to hold still and answer any questions I ask you, do you understand”? I was looking at my cousins and really not paying attention. The noise sounded like a shot gun going off. My right cheek exploded like I had been shot by a load of bird shot. |ARRRG yeouch!!!” I screamed. “Well?” She asked me. “Well what?” I questioned her. Whack, smack, whap, smack and a final crack. I was begging and screaming at the same time. I threw my hand back and I screamed “ I am sorry, I didn’t hear what you said. I was watching Jenny and Haley in the yard”. Aunt Susan told me to stand, she smiled at me when she saw my tears already, the fact that my arousal had decided to go away, and the little dance I was doing while knowing better than to rub my bottom. She went to the door and told the girls that they were distracting me from paying attention to what she was saying while spanking me. I was relieved. She is going to send them in I thought. “I think it will be less of a distraction if you come into the shed and watch from behind him, after all you were also worried by his running out early. I heard them giggle and in seconds they came into the shed with their lawn chairs in hand. They looked me up and down with big grins on their faces. I immediately covered myself with my hands. Aunt Susan told me to put my hands straight out in front of me. She picked up a piece of rope and tied my hands together. “There, that will take care of him putting his hands back to cover his bottom “. Jenny and Haley had set up their chairs just to the right side and forward of my aunts spanking chair. Yes they are going to have a real good view of the proceedings. My aunt sat down again and adjusted her skirt and apron, and told me to stand in front of her. Having my aunt in front of me and Haley and Jenny on my left, I felt the arousal starting again. Jenny said, “Ow, I see it”, to Haley as she had apparently elbowed her as my arousal had started to rise. It continued rising as my aunt asked me, “Would I answer all questions and pay attention while being spanked,” she added. I told her with tears in my eyes, “yes, I would”. “All right then go to my right side, get over again.”. “Wow’, Jenny said, “look how red his backside is already,” as I bent to lay over Aunt Susan’s lap again. I checked out the view while Aunt Susan told the girls that they were not to make remarks while the spanking was going on. Aunt Susan’s legs and the chair bottom, and then Haley and Jenny sitting with legs crossed and Haleys elbow on the chair arm. I arched my back and looked back at my Aunt. Even with her skirt pulled up her backside was lined perfectly by her skirt. “Tommy, put your head down, hold still, the more you move the longer this spanking will take”. I heard the girls giggle. Aunt Susan asked me, ” are you sorry that you made us all worry the way you did”? “Yes” I said, “I am very sorry”, I said “Are you sure that you will never do that again”? Aunt Susan said again. “Yes, I am sure”, I answered. “All right, let’s get this spanking going, the sooner it starts the sooner it will end and we can get back to thanksgiving festivities”, she added. Aunty rubbed my bottom with the back of the brush and then stopped. I felt he shift a little and then crack, the sound of a shotgun going off again and the sting associated with it. I yelled, the other cheek, again I yelled. This went on about 1 smack a second for about a minute. I was breathless. I looked back and saw Haley bending down smiling at me. Aunt Susan then rubbed my bottom for about a minute and then with the brush again. “Ok, this is going to be hard and fast for about 100 smacks. You don’t have to count them Tommy, besides I think you will be to occupied just remembering to breath,” she said as the brush rubbing stopped again. Then it started. I remember reading somewhere that a hard spanking causes your bottom to go numb. Well after that minute I can verify that it does not. It just keeps hurting more and more. She paused again. Rubbed my bottom some more commenting about how nice and red and very hot my bottom was. She asked the girls what they thought. Haley said it really was red and Jenny said that it looked like my bottom was on fire. The next part was again slow and hard spanks. This time also including the very tops of my thighs. I really hollered and danced when she spanked me there. It was like a new spanking just starting. This hard spanking was also interspersed with questions that I blurted out answers between sobs and tears. It seemed like I had been being spanked for about an hour when Aunt Susan said that I should again ready myself for another very hard and fast spanking on the entire bottom and thighs. I started to say something when the first landed,. I kicked so hard I fell off of her lap. I got no sympathy, Aunt Susan told me to get up. I did, She had me stand facing her left thigh while between her legs. Over she said. I laid over and she then took he right leg and pinned me so I could not move. Haley and Jenny were watching entranced. Aunty said, “now stay still or we will redo this entire spanking after dinner”. All I could do was plead. “Please don’t”. She rubbed the brush again and then it started, I could not move at all my tied hands were beating on the floor in front of me and my backside was being turned into an inferno. Finally it stopped. I was just laying limp over her knee. Halley sounded like she was as out of breath as I was. Aunt Susan told her to get some skin cream out of the cabinet on the other side of the doorway. She did and brought it to her mom. Aunt Susan gently applied a heavy layer and then gently rubbed it in. It was amazing to me how gentle she was after just about taking all the skin off my bottom just a few minutes before. About four or five minutes later I had stopped sobbing and started to look around. Halley and Jenny were standing now looking at my bottom. Aunt Susan asked if I could stand. I told he I thought so. She had me stand and had Halley and Jenny take there seats again. I had to go stand in front of them and apologize to then individually. Then I returned to Aunt Susan and I apologized to her also. Aunt Susan stood up, adjusted her skirts and apron, told me it was time for a hug and forgiveness. She hugged me in close and I started to cry gain. She said, “this part of your discipline is over and forgotten. Haley and Jenny come and hug him also. Jenny hugged me hard, pressing herself tightly against me. Things started rising again, Haley looked and smiled, she then also hugged tightly against me. I turned to Aunt Susan and she noticed. We will discuss that tonight when you receive a good night spanking before bed. Halley and Jenny both giggled as they watched me pull up my underpants and pants very gingerly. We all four walked back to the kitchen and mom asked if everything was all right. Aunt Susan said that yes things are now forgiven on the leaving early incident. :Mom looked relieved. So what time Sunday are you all coming to bring Tommy home. I should be mid morning when we arrive. Here ends part one obviously. This story took weeks and many rewrites but it is now ready for my blog. Please enjoy it and feel free to comment

Monday, September 16, 2013

Soaped and Spanked by Granmom

oaped and Spanked by Granmom Granmom spoke to my mom and Jennifer. "Are you ladies comfortable? This will take a little while as Tommy has told a very big lie and he always uses bad language, especially when he is being disciplined. I bought this soap from the hotel I was staying at in Paris when I found out that Tommy was up to his old ways and tricks. As I was leaving he told me everything was good at school and that I would not have to worry. Tommy will not like this soap at all. It is a very strong perfume soap that is very soft and is sticky when wet. I have let this soak in a glass of water for more than an hour and it is ready to use to wash the lies out of his mouth. “All right, Tommy, come over here and stand by me,” Granmom said as she tied on an apron., “you knew full well that your marks had dropped at the end of the last semester, yet you took advantage of the fact that I was going to go on a vacation and was hurrying to get my last items packed when you came in on the last day. While I was trying to close the last suitcase, I asked how things had gone and you smiled and told me that there was nothing to worry about, everything was fine and I should just go and enjoy my vacation as you were going to enjoy the summer break at home. You closed the last bag and took them to the front door just as my limo pulled up to take me to the airport. I remember I thanked you and you quickly carried my bags to the limo and told the driver to take good care of me as you helped him put my bags in the car, then you told me, not to worry, everything was under control and that you would lock up as you left for home for your summer break. You gave me a big hug and a kiss, then you waved and smiled as I headed to the airport. I thought, well, we both can use some time off and I started thinking about Paris as it had been a few years since I had visited.” “On arrival at Paris it was hot. I checked in, had my bags brought to my room and decided a nice bath would help me recover from the trip. As I filled the tub I found this bathing soap and opened it. The aroma was so beautiful, got in the tub and started to soak while enjoying the slow washing of the long airplane trip away. As I was washing my face some of the suds got into my mouth., How could something that smelled so good taste so terrible. I then decided to take the soap and some extra bars of it home with me for future use for cleaning out the lies and language that Tommy so often needed to have washed out of his system. I smiled and soaked for a while longer and then checked the time. It was about 8 pm at home so I thought I would call my friend, the dean of students to let her know I had arrived safely. As we chatted I found out that Tommy had lied and that he had failed his final exams, but was going to be allowed to retake the tests because he had been ill while taking the tests. (hung over from a party to celebrate the coming summer break Seems that a lot of the students had failed and begged for a retest. Yes the college had decided to allow it and the test would be the last week of the break, . As we were talking I was already repacking the bag I had opened and as soon as our conversation ended I called my daughter. I asked to speak to Tommy but she said he had gone out with his friends to a local sports bar. I let her know what had happened and told her that I was catching a red eye back home and I would be there in the morning. She was very upset with you and I told her to go get you and that she should administer a very hard spanking to you and that I would be there around noon tomorrow to figure out what needs to be done to get his school marks up and to figure a way to get and keep him on track to a good degree and future. Mom knew that Jennifer, (the girl you were dating when you went off to college), was a good student and dependable young lady and that she is a deans' list student at the local college in town and is majoring in the same field as Tommy. Your mom said, “ she can not afford to go to a quality school like you do”. Granmom quickly put two and two together and asked your mom to call Jennifer's mom and Jennifer to see if she would like to go to school with you and also tutor you and supervise your study habits. They said they would discuss it and they called your mom not long after Mom had talked to Jennifer’s mom and said that they would love that if it would not be too expensive. Mom told them Granmom would pay all cost, tuition, a small salary, and provide room and board for her. Grandmom made arrangements through the dean of students and the admission office and Jennifer will be a junior with all her credits transferred and both you and she have all the same classes schedule depending on your passing the make up tests the day before the next semester starts. The three of them will go to Granmoms house and settle in and Jennifer will tutor you to pass those tests. Jennifer will be a tough tutor and she has complete authority to discipline you if you slack off. (This has been a recap of what happened leading up to when Jennifer went and got Tommy for the start of today’s discipline session) I started to protest, but Granmom just told me to shush and to stand next to her as she started the discipline of the day. We will talk more about the plans leading up to the next semester. Taking the soap from the glass she told me open up. We have a lot of lies to clean out of that naughty mouth. I was sweating, upset and afraid that I had lost control of my life and future, but I knew better than to not do what Granmom wants. I opened my mouth and she grabbed my lower Jaw and told me to stick my tongue out. I did and I looked a Jennifer and she was watching intently as Granmom took the soap and started lathering up my tongue. I closed my eyes. It was the worst taste I had ever tasted in my life. after lathering it up she asked me how it tasted. I tried to speak but my tongue just sputtered and saliva started dripping around my mouth. I said its horrible but all that came out was not able to be understood and I was drooling really bad on the Apron that Granmom had put on before washing my mouth out. Open she said again and she took the soap and scraped it on my teeth, uppers then lowers. the foam was starting to drip down my throat and I gagged. Gradmom put her face right up to mine and told me, "don't you dare throw up that soap. We will have to start all over". I gagged again but managed to hold it in. i was drooling all over myself and Granmom as well. She told me to open my mouth again and she stuck the bar of soap in my mouth, She told me to hold it with my teeth and she turned and washed her hands. I was facing Jennifer and Mom. I looked for sympathy from them. They were shaking their heads in disgust. Granmom took a paper towel and wiped her shirt and the apron.. She commented about the mess I was making and she asked if Jennifer would mind cleaning up the floor in front of me. She took some paper towels and knelt down in front of me wiping up the saliva and soap mixture As she was wiping she also had a real up close and personal view on my penis and other private areas. I of course reacted in what I felt was the worst way I could. I was growing in front of her eyes. She gave me a, what a naughty boy you are look, and then threw the paper towels in the waste basket and returned to her chair. They chatted while I was choking and gagging. Finally Granmom came back and removed the soap from my mouth and she picked up the face cloth. She soaked it real well and had me open my mouth again. She took the cloth and really washed the inside of my mouth out for about 2 minutes. then she told me to rinse in the sink. I rinsed for a few minutes and finally, looked at them. Jennifer handed me a towel and told me I was to go with her to get cleaned up as Granmom was going to have to change her clothes, as I had made such a mess of them. We went into the bathroom and Jennifer turned on the shower, she tested to be sure it was warm enough and then told me to sit in the tub. She took the shower and then washed all of the soap off of me. She giggled as I start to become aroused again. she told me to stand and she dried me off completely including my private part. She said it is too bad you are being punished, I could get real turned on giving you a bath, but today is different and you still have your real spanking coming. As we were heading back to the kitchen, Granmom was coming down the stairs. Well he does look nice and clean , and we will quickly see how clean his mouth is now. Granmom had changed into a sort black skirt and white blouse. She led the way back to the kitchen. Mom had put the hairbrush on a chair that she had moved front and center of the table. Jennifer and Mom seated themselves in front of Granmom and she told me to stand beside her as she picked up that awful brush and seated herself. She adjusted her skirt and lifted her arms and then looked at me. "All right", she said to me, "the lies have been washed out of you. Now tell us what you did to get in this mess". “I lied to Mom and You, I deceived you into thinking I had passed my courses last semester. I failed my final test miserably because instead of studying a bunch of us just partied real long and hard. We were so sick when we took the test we couldn't do anything. I want to thank you for getting us a second chance to pass the test before the next semester starts”, I confessed. Jennifer spoke up and said, "So you lied to us also when you said that school was going great. Now I wish I had had a good hairbrush to give your mom that night. I know we all would have loved to see you get spanked for lying to us all. Granmom said that she thought that we have the proper study aids in place know to assure you do well at school and she smile at Jennifer who smiled back and nodded. By the way Granmom said, Jennifer is going to be your nanny as well as your tutor. I warn you know that she has quite a reputation as a no nonsense disciplinarian and she gives a real hard spanking when needed. I looked at Jennifer sitting there and she nodded at me and mouthed "be good or else" to me and she looked to see my arousal start growing again. Granmom looked at me and said we are all very disappointed in you and we are starting you on a new discipline program, which we think will get you on your way to a degree and a chance for a real successful life. Over you go, now.
I climbed over her lap in the position I knew so well. Her right thigh on my thighs and her left thigh on my stomach. This let my arousal hang between her legs and was visible ot my mom and Jennifer. Granmom complimented the job that mom had done on my bottom last night as there was still some red and bruises very evident. With that she raise the brush high and brought it down hard on my left butt. I screamed and kicked my leg. “Yes he still seems very tender. Well this should teach him a lesson then,” she added. The brush started raising and falling and I was begging already that I had had enough, Another flurry and I screamed. A bunch of curse words came out of my mouth, Granmom, still holding me in place asked Jennifer to go get the towel that she had dried me off with. When she came back she asked her to put it on the floor under where my head was and spread it out. Jennifer did as requested and Granmom asked her to get the bar of soap that was still in the glass on the sink. She did as requested. "Now take the soap and put it in his mouth, Tommy bite down, You still have dirty words escaping so you will use the soap to keep them in where we can not hear them. Jennifer please move your chair closer so you can move the towel if it becomes necessary". Then when Jenifer said she was comfortable Granmom started with the brush again, I could no longer scream, I cried and gagged but stayed in position. Granmom stopped and had me stand up. I started to remove the soap from my mouth but Granmom said, " We are not finished with you yet tonight". She looked at me and said to Jennifer, "I didn't know that he had lied to you also. I think you should spank him as well. I left the backs of his thigh for you and about thirty hard ones over his entire bottom to end it up with. Are you Ok with that". “Yes Ma'am”, she said as she and Granmom changed places. "Over," Jennifer said. I wanted to scream. The soap wouldn't let me. Here I was being spanked by a girl I had dated before leaving for college and now she was going to be my tutor at school and also my nanny which meant that I would probably find myself in this position a lot over the next two years. Granmom was right. She was a very hard spanker. My thighs and bottom were glowing red hot when I finally was allowed up. My mom also commented on Jennifer’s skill to which she told Granmom, "I hope that you will let me use that hairbrush when I have to give a lesson". "Of course," Granmom said. Granmom asked Jenifer to clean me up again, I was allowed to gargle the soap out of mouth and then I meekly followed Jennifer to the bath room again. Again she showered me down and then marched me back to the kitchen to the corner where Jennifer had first seen me standing. I stood as close as I could but listening to them discussing my spanking that I had just received and the mirror was still there where I could see them sitting and enjoying tea they had made while Jennifer bathed me. It seemed today had been a week long, I could see the clock. it was barely 4 o’clock in the afternoon. I was hoping that the punishment will be over and I can do something else than dread another spanking. After a half hour in the corner I was allowed to join them at the table. They said I could have a seat unless I preferred to stand and they all enjoyed a laugh over that. I told them I prefered to stand at this time. Mom said she was going to out for take out and that Jennifer's mom would be coming for supper tonight to hash out more details, I immediately thought, I hope she isn't going to spank me also. Granmom said she was going to go up and change into something more comfortable. Mom said she would go pick up the food. She asked Jennifer if she would do the first aid by applying skin cream to my backside and thighs. “Sure”, she said and she went to the cabinet and came back with the cream. Jennifer sat again and pointed at her lap and told me "over". She adjusted me a little and then started applying the cream. It felt wonderful although I could actually feel the pressure of her hands as she rubbed it in. She said, “this is much better than spanking your naughty bottom but believe me I will spank you as often as you need it and also when I feel you need it as well. I guess you had better stay naked until you mom or Granmom tell us where your clothes are. Now stand up and face me. I always give my naughty boys a hug to show them that I still love them after giving them a good spanking. Now come here”. She looked down at me and added, “ I see you are still a naughty boy”. She stepped closer and hugged me and I could not believe it but I started crying like a baby. I felt forgiven even if only for a short while and it felt wonderful.. This is like part 4 or so in this ongoing saga. I will have to rename and number them at some point. I am however looking forward to where Tommy is cramming for the re test. I will bet he will find him self over Ms Jennifers knee and of cousrse Granmom as well.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

granmom stops at mom's

I awoke the next morning. dreams all night of spankings from granmom and mom through the years and also Jennifer. (the girl I had dated with some and had gone to my senior prom with me.  Yes, she was the one who offered my mom a hairbrush to use on me right in the bar when I started to argue with mom about why I was in trouble.   Last night before going top bed i had fantasized about being across Jennifer's knee and had had to go to the bathroom to relieve myself in more ways than just urinating.  Mom had yelled up to find out why I was out of bed and I had told her I needed to go to the bath room.  Anyhow the dream of being over Jennifer's knee had come a few times during the night and the condition of the sheets indicated I had cum also a few times.  I sat up on the edge of the bed and realized that I had really had a very thorough spanking by mom the night before.  I yelled to mom,  where are my clothes and she reminded me that because I could not be trusted, I was to remain naked until granmom arrived to set up my new study program for next semester.  I knew that that meant I would be spanked again after she arrived by granmom for not telling her I was on warning again at the end of the last semester.  Granmom was paying for my college and also my room and board at the college, which was a very prestigious  university where she and granpa had graduated from and also she had been on the board of directors for many years and was friends with all the deans  and university higher officers.in my first year i had been on warning also so granmom had me come each week for maintenance spankings and more to help me get my grades up.  it had been a painful lesson but it had worked as i passed on the deans list my freshman year.  this year however I had a new phoney I D card and I had slipped back to party and why study attitude as the partying had become the important thing for me.  when I got the final warning granmom was just leaving to go to Europe on vacation and I had just come by to wish her fun and also to pick up a few things before heading home for the summer.  She asked how I did and I told her no problems at all.(I knew if she found out I would be in serious trouble but in a few minutes she would be on her way to Europe and I would be off to a party filled summer, so I figured what ever happened would be worth it).  Well when granmom arrived at her hotel in France, she called her best friend (the dean of students to say she arrived safely).  She also asked how I had done as she had been so busy with her vacation plans.  The dean told her  I was on warning again.  I guess she yelled so loud that if I had been listening I would have heard her while I was walking into the sports bar where a bunch of friends  and I were meeting to get the summer kicked off right.  Granmom immediately called mom and asked to talk to me.   Mom said I had gone out with my friends and that she had wished me a good time because I had told her I had done well at school also.  Granmom said she would be coming home immediately  and that mom should restrict me to home.  My mom wanted to know what happened.  Granmom told her I was a liar and I need very strict punishment and a new plan set up for the next semester. She would be on the next red eye flight and would be to mom's house as soon as possible the next day.  She would call  again when she knew the exact plans.  Thus mom showed up at the bar and dragged me out smacking my bottom all the way home as described in the previous part of this story.
            Mom called up stairs and said that breakfast was ready and to come on down,  She told me to have a seat, which I did very gently and she laid out french toast and fried ham.  Real maple syrup made it even better.  After breakfast I took the dishes and washed them.  "Well" mom said, that is a pleasant surprise.  Seems you are on your best behavior today".  She added that she had better rub in some more skin cream as my bottom was still red and some small blisters though the black and blue had faded very well.  She took a bottle and pulled a chair out from the table and started to apply a thick coat to rub into my bottom on her hands.  She told me to get over her lap so she could get a thick coat on to sink in.   As she started there was a knock on the kiitchen door.  Mom said, "Come on in, it's open".  Jennifer walked in and stopped immediately as she took in the scene of me, naked, across my mom's knees.  She grinned as I looked back, blushing in my cheeks as red as my bottom was.  " Oh, I can come back later if you are busy," Jennifer said.
Mom said that she just wanted to talk to her for a couple of minutes and that rubbing in the body cream will just take a minute or so.  Mom rubbed and massaged my backside as Jennifer watched,  I hid my face in my hands I was so mortified.  "All right", mom said as she gave me a quick spank, "get to the corner and stay there while I talk with Jennifer for a minute".  I got up and ran the few steps to the corner.  there was a mirror on the wall beside the corner where mom checked to be sure she looked ok when she went out and I could still see Jennifer smiling and looking at me.  Mom was still sitting on the chair and she crossed her legs and they chatted for a couple of minutes.  Then mom added, "granmom had canceled her vacation to prepare things at college for me for the next term.  She will fill you in more when she gets back here, probably afternoon.  it involves a very great chance for you to change from the college you are now in to where tommy goes".  I saw Jennifers eyes go back to mom when she said that.  She added "I talked with your mom and you are an excellent student and granmom will pay expenses, well, we will let her tell you about that this afternoon".  I think granmom will be settled by around 2PM if you can come by then.  Jennifer got up and told mom, "Yes I will be there. thanks for the offer.  See you this afternoon Tommy "she said as she left.  Mom told me,  go upstairs and take a shower.  Granmom will be here around noon.  We will have lunch and granmom can refresh herself  before we sit and discuss your punishment for disrespecting us and also your school.. granmom will be here in about an hour.  so shower, dry off and come down and i will apply more skin cream to your bottom".  I hurried upstairs and quickly took a shower.  my but the towel hurt my bottom when I was drying.  I don't even want to think what that haitbrush will feel like..  I finished drying and when I came downstairs mom was sitting on the chair in the kitchen again.  I went over again and she applied the skin cream again.  She had me stand in the conrner until it soaked in and then told me to watch out the front  for granmoms cab.  It wasn't long, about 5 minutes.  I saw the cab driver (female) get out and open the door for her.  She got out and looked at the house with her hands on her hips and her foot tapping the sidewalk.  I could almost see steam coming out of her ears she was so mad.  the driver opened the trunk and started to get the bags out but grammom told her to just stand by.  she stomped up the side walk, I opened the door.  She took a look at me and an evil grin came on her face.  ok naughty boy, come with me to get my bags.  "But Granmom,  I don't have any clothes." I cryed. .  Granmom said,  "you would if you had been a good boy, but as it is you suffer the consequences.  She grabbed me by the ear and marched me out to the cab.  The driver was laughing out loud when she saw us coming.  I was crouched as low as my ear would let me which left my bottom exposed for granmom to spank as we walked. The driver stood by and I got her bags out of the trunk and holding them in front of me I looked at granmom.  O k, you can take them in, I will pay the driver and be right in.  the driver said , "now that is what I call a real spank bottom he is showing while walking away.". Granmom said, "it is nothing compared to what it will be tonight". then granmom followed me into the house.  Mom told me to take granmoms bags to the guest room and then for me to go to my room and think about how naughty I was and how sorry I was going to be when granmom was through with me later this afternoon.  I hurried up stairs and did as I was told.  I heard granmom come up stair and shortly I heard the shower in the bathroom come on.    I rolled over on my stomach and tried to wish myself far away from where I am right now. Yes, let's see.  How about Paris. I am  going into my hotel.  It is beautiful,  the phone rings and I am forced to cancel my vacation and go home at once.  Wow, is granmom mad and worst of all she has a right to be.  I hear granmom going down stairs now and I know I will soon be called to task.  I hear the doorbell ring and then I hear granmom say, "Oh, you must be Jennifer.  It is nice to meet you please come in.  We are in the kitchen for now and I am about to call Tommy down for another chat as I like to call them".  I heard Jennifer say something but I wasn't sure what she said.  I heard someone coming up stairs,  I looked and Jennifer was in the door and she told me granmom had asked her to tell me that my presence was  needed in the kitchen.. she wanted me to escort you down.  When she came into the room I had covered myself with my hands and started to roll over.,  Jennifer slapped my bare backside hard and I yelped,  She said, " now, and none of that false modesty.   I have already seen you over your moms lap and the hurried walk to the corner left nothing on you I haven't seen before. now you will walk in front of me or I will grab your ear and lead you.  I gulped, "Jennifer, what has come over you.  I thought we were friends and hoped to have a romantic interest in you". Well it seems now that I am in the employment of your granmom.  We will tell you more at our chat" she said.  "Our chat,  your are going to be chatting at me also, I worried". " Actually your punishment will be given by your granmom. I am here to see how  long and hard she spanks you.  I could see your mom did a real good spanking the night last  night when she applied skin cream this morning.  Come on.  we don't want to keep them waiting," she said as she hurried me down the stairs.
          As we entered the kitchen, granmom was standing by the sink  with a face cloth and a bar of soap in a glass of water,  A chair was near the sink and facing the kitchen table.  Granmom's very large ebony hairbrush was resting on the chair.  Mom was at the table facing toward the sink and chair and Jennifer took he seat on the other end of the table also facing the sink and the chair...Grandmom picked up the glass and dunked the soap up and down to get it slippery and gooey.  She looked at me and asked, what do I do when a naughty boy lies or uses fowl language"?.  I hung my head and dropped my eyes to the floor and said "you wash his mouth out with soap to clean the lies away and you use the soapy wash cloth to clean out the dirty words".  "Yes", Granmom said, "now come here and stand beside me facing your mom and Jennifer and I will clean that mouth out real well.  Open your mouth please,"


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Home for Spring Break

"Great!  I am out of here.  Boy do I need a break.  I admit, this semester I have been lacking in the studying department and strong on the party and hanging out with friends at a local bar.  The music is great and their are lots of girls that like a fun time..  Well next semester I will buckle down and study hard to make up for it," I thought to myself as I headed to Granma's house  just a few blocks from the campus.  Granma has been on vacation in Europe this past 6 weeks and has not been able to keep me on the straight and narrow path to success at college.  She is friends with he dean of students and she keeps her up to date on how I am doing.  Granma has a right to know as she is paying for my college education and most of my expenses at school.  Last year when i had gotten in grade trouble she told the dean that I would improve and she had instituted the old fashioned approach to getting good marks like she had raised my mom and isntilled in my mom as the proper way to raise an intentive, hard working student.  when grades dropped , I was spanked, hard, bare bottomed and long on a scheduled maintenance spanking plan until the grades were all good again.  I hated the spankings but I had to admit that they really worked.  Granma had kept me in school and on the deans list by the end of my first year.  this semester though she had gone on that extended vacation and I immediately went back to my no study and party time ways. I realized that when she gets back I will be back on her spanking schedule and  my grades will improve markedly.  I had written a note for her and I carefully put it through the mail slot of her front door and then  picked up my travel bag and whistling a happy tune hurried down the street to catch a bus home.
     Ah, home again.  I walked up the walk and opened the front door and went in.  I could smell the home cooking as soon as I walked into the hall way.  I yelled, "I am home, Mom,  something sure smells good."
"Just in time, my mom said, i just took the blueberry muffins out of the oven.  Come in the kitchen and we can talk about  how things are going at school."  I set my bag by the stairs and walked into the kitchen.  Mom ran over to me and kissed me,  "Oh Mom", I said, trying to escape her grasp but she would have none of it.  I was hugged and kissed and squeezed for what seemed like an hour.  Finally she let me go.  "I have missed you. its been almost four months since I have seen you so you might as well put up with it.  You will always be my baby, oh , well my little boy".
        She brought me a plate with a nice hot muffin and the butter dish and she got one for herself.  We sat at the kitchen table and enjoyed the muffins.  She asked, "So how are things going at school,  You are still on the deans list I am sure".  I hesitated just a moment and I smiled at her and said, " Well one of my marks is just very good  but the rest are all still up there.  I swear I will work extra hard this semester to be high on the deans list by the end of the year", I lied with my very best believe me smile.   "Well, that's good to hear.  Granma had said that she thought you were going to go into your old habits that landed you in trouble last year.  I don't think you want to go thru that again",  Mom said with a sad smile.  I told her "I don't want to ever go through that again.  Granma sure spanks hard and she also does this washing your mouth out with soap thing.  Believe me when I say I don't want to go through that ever again.  She spanks much harder than you ever did, I added."  that got a raised eye brow from mom, "I guess you don't remember the spankings I gave you,  don't ever give me a reason to show you how hard I spanked when you were in high school again", she told me with a challenging look in her eye. " Don't worry Mom ,  I won't". I added with a mischievious wink which got a smile from her again.  I thanked her for the muffins,  said I was going to put my bag on the bed upstairs and then go out to find my friends.  She just said. "All right,  have fun".  I told her,
"I will be back in a while and out the door I went to find my friends.  a couple of ny friends were not out for break yet from their schools and the others were at work so I left a message at their homes that I would be at the local sports bar at 5;30 pm.  I would love to see them and hash over old times with them and make some plans for the rest of my break.  Then I went back home to unpack my few things and read my yearbook and play some of the old video games.
        About 5: pm I went down stairs and told mom that I was going out with the guys and would be home late.  Don't save dinner as we will eat out.  As I was going out the door the phone rang and mom looked at the caller id and said it's Granma, do you want to talk.  I said tell her I love her and will call her when she gets home.  I got to go now and I hurried out the door and quickly ran to be away from the house. Why the heck is Granma calling tonight when she will be home tomorrow was screaming in my head.  I hope she hasn't called the school to find out about my marks.  Naw,  she's on vacation.  Probably just wants to tell mom what a wonderful time she had and that she will call again when she gets home.  I walked down to the bar and ordered a beer, presented my phoney id that said I was 21 instead of 20 as I actually am.  The beer was cold and good.  A couple of friends showed and the remembering old times began,  A few more friends  showed including an old girl friend I had taken to the prom showed up also. The party was going strong.  We had some nachos, fries and  tacos for supper and then ordered more beers.  everyone else was buying.  Iwas thinking this is my lucky night when I heard a small commotion  over at the main entrance.  Then I saw one of the take out people leading my mom over to our table.  The look on her face was not I hope you are having a good time look. She was looking way beyond just being mad.  She was bright red in the face and marching like a marine going into battle.  I wanted to hide under the table but where I could see her I knew she could see me.  I started to excuse myself but the others had not seen her coming. I said, I just remembered something.  I got to make a phone call now and I tried to get up from the table.  The others all said,  " come on Tom,  the party is just starting , sit and stay a while"  My Mom arrived and the take out girl stepped back to let her face us.  She didn't leave as she was almost laughing at what was about to happen.  I swear that there was steam coming out of Mom's ears she was so mad.
        "So everything is good at school,  you lied to me, directly and with malice.  Granma called her friend at the college and she said that you are on final warning again."  All of my friends looked at me.  Some smiling, some like the girl I had taken to the prom looking very concerned.  I said,  "Mom, you know that I will get the problems straightened out just like I did last year." I replied in my most promising voice I could muster, seeing I was caught red handed.  "Yes you will and you are grounded effective right now and  I am implementing Granma's incentive plan immediately,  as soon as we get home.  Mom, I whined,  not now,  you are embarrassing me, just let me stay for the party and then I will be grounded as long as you want," I said as I blushed bright red, and everyone else in the bar had turned to witness the scene that was unfolding in front of them,  You will excuse yourself right now, or I will take you over my knee and spank you right here in front of everyone.  You know you have it coming at the very least.  Other punishment will be decided as the evening goes on.  get moving Thomas,  right now or it will not only be your face that is bright red around here".  I paused.   Does anyone have a nice heavy wood hairbrush on them I can borrow for about 10 minutes she announced.  my girl friend reached in her handbag and  pulled out a very mean looking brush and held it up.  I looked around and alot of other ladies were also holding up hairbrushes.  The take out girl reached over to the table next to us and took up the menu that was printed on a thick bread cutting paddle.
 I looked at everyone and said. "Excuse me please, it seems I need to go with my mother."  Everyone  including the girl I took to the prom were laughing out loud.  They got up so I could go with my Mom.  When she could get her hands on me, she grabbed me by my ear and marched me out of there smacking my backside with her hand the whole way home.  I was very glad that it was dark out so that not many people noticed what was going on.
        She marched me in the front door.  She told me to go to the kitchen, pull out a chair from the table and lower my pants and drawers and to wait for her.  I did as I was told, it is not a good idea to argue with someone that is intent of spanking your bottom.  very soon, Mom marched in. she had that awful hairbrush that granma had given her so many years ago.  She came in, sat and smoothed her skirt. Checked to be sure  the chair was comfortable for her to spank me for a long time and then told me to get over.  I did as I was asked.  She settled me in and pinned my right arm up on my back.  so you said earlier that I do not spank as hard as Granma,  Well here is my chance to remind you just how hard I can spank. She raised the brush and brought it down hard.  I could not stop myself from muttering an ow.  My god,  that hurt far worse than I remembered granma spanking me last year.   Another smack.  Ow,  louder this time. Smack  I cussed,  ow that hurts.  another , another cuss. and a louder ouch..  mom stopped.  let my hand go and  grabbed my ear and stood me up.  cussing is not allowed in this house.  She said that she did not have any soap but a bar of dove in the bathroom but the dish detergant should do well to clean my dirty mouth.   I stood and watched her soap up a face cloth with the dish detergant she had.  she told me open up and then went to washing the inside of my mouth with it.  I gagged, tried to plead for her to stop but when your mom's hand is in your mouth scrubbing she really can not understand what you are sayingl after about a minute which actually seemed much longer she stopped.  told me to rinse my mouth, then she soaped up the face cloth again and said you will not cuss with the cloth in your mouth so she stuffed it all in.  i was gagging on that foul soap taste and tears were coming to my eyes.  I really was realizing what a naughty boy being punished really felt like.  she tugged my ear and got me back to the chair. this time she pulled me over her left thigh and through her right leg over my legs so i couldn;t move at all from my waist down.   She grabbed my hand up behind my back again and she really went to town spanking my bottom.  I couldn't move, plead, cry out or anything.  She blistered my backside and the tops of my thighs as well.   after what seemed like an eternity she finally stopped,  I just laid there.  Completely tired out and hardly able to move.  For incentive she pulled my ear again and got me standing up by the sink.  She took the face cloth and washed it out.  Then soaped it up again and she sat again and had me over her knee again and then washed my backside and thighs with the soapy cloth.  She had me stand again and went to the sink and  rewashed the facecloth out again and told me to rinse my mouth out again.    She said when you finish go directly to your room and strip off your clothes , turn down the bed and lay on top of the sheets until I come in.I did as directed.  i did not beliec-ve how hot and sore my bottom was.  as I stripped I looked at my bottom in the mirror.  It was red with white blisters and blue bruises spread with in.  I winced just looking at it.  I heard mom coming down the hall and hurried to ay face down on the bed.  Mom walked in and whistled,  "Now that is what I call a well spanked bottom,"  she said,.  I agreed, "It burns like fire and is so sore that when i touched it i cringed"  Yes it is very sore looking and very warm she said putting her hands on it.  I have some lotion to help it stay moist after the spanking took most of the moisture off the top of your bottom. with that she sat on the edge of the bed and spread some of the skin cream gently on my bottom and thighs.  it hurt while she rubbed it in but it did feel cooler when she finished.  "All right",  she told me, "you lied to me and I have punished you for that, next step will be your Granma is coming tomorrow, here before she goes home.  She will spank you for not letting her know what was going on when the marks started to drop".  With that I started crying and begging,  "Please Mom,  I am way to sore for another spanking tomorrow'.  Enough mom said.  "She will also tell you about the plans for next semester.  the maintenance spanking program will be in effect,  any bad marks will get another spanking from her but she also has a surprise for you that I am sure you are not going to like although I will back her 100% on it but I will let her tell you her plan tomorrow before you get the spanking you so justly deserve from her.  you may wear pajamas tonight if you wish but tomorrow you will be naked from the waist down all day as a incentive to remember what tonights' spanking was like.  Now to bed.  sweet dreams and try to sleep well." she kissed me gently on the top of the head and put pj's by my pillow
and left the room and turned the light off.  I laid there for a minute or two and then suddenly I started crying like I had not since I was a small child.  I had realized that I had brought this on myself and that my Mom and
Granma were going to make sure I did what needs to be done for a decent future for me and who ever I should marry.  then I realized   I was remembering the girl I went to the prom with and what a great and exciting night that had been,.  How she had teased me and told me how naughty I was and that I probably needed lots of spankings and she had patted my bottom a few times that night.  I immediately got out of bed and walking arroused I headed for the bath room.  mom called up, " how come your out of bed".  Had a few beers earlier tonight with the gang and I need to use the bathroom" I explained.  "All right then straight back to bed", Mom comanded.  "Yes Ma'am", I said as I started to do my favorite thing in the world at that time.  That night I actually slept quite well. I had a recurring dream where Jennifer (the girl I went to the prom with was scolding me and then pulled me over and spanked me.  I had that dream a few times that night and in the morning my mom was not happy about my sheets.  she said, " from now on you wear pajamas  to bed".

It seems my writers block has gone away finally I wrote a few stories for the pictures I had posted but I didn't like them myself so I did not publish them.  they may still get stories for them but I think this story is going to have a few more parts to it.  thank you for your patience with me and feel free to leave comments.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lost Super Bowl Bet

"But honey, I was not serious about that bet.  Yes I bet you a good hard hairbrush spanking that my team would win, but I wasn't really serious about that," I said after the game had ended and my team had lost, and to make it worse, they hadn't even made a good showing.
         After the game was over my friends had gathered up the beers that had not opened and had left.  Everyone was depressed that the local team had lost and everyone had lost a lot of money to the bookies.  Our team had been heavily favored in the odds and thus had to not only win but also beat the point scale as well,.  Well the point scale wasn't going to be a factor as they had lost by 14 points outright.  the bookies had made a fortune.  I was the only one that had not made a bet and the others were all telling me how lucky I was.  I just said that I sure was but I was not jumping for joy, for I knew about the bet I had made with my wife.  We had made similar bets before and I had always won so she had paid heavily in the past with a nice long lap dance over my lap.   Of course she did like the after reaction in bed that we had after a good spanking was given by me to her, Being a smart guy I only made bets about spanking when I was absolutely positive that I was going to win.   This was one of them.  All of the other bets though had been just a nice hand spanking which my wife liked any how and was always a turn on to her.  In the past I had told her that I would like to sometime give her a real spanking with a hairbrush but she had nixed it over and over again. We had experiments some with spankings for imaginary things while playing fun fantasy games like the naughty school girl and her strict teacher and the sales girl and her boss.  I loved them.  spanking her lovely bottom was enjoyable to watch, spank and then kiss and make better.  She had gone out with the girls to get away from the game and the guy talk that would be going on during it. so while I was picking up the empties and getting rid of the uneaten chips, I had time to think about this.  I decided that her spanking me would not be a good thing.  I started to think up good reasons why we should not do it.  Some how, seeing as in actuality she is a feminist, I knew that just saying women should not spank men.  it is the mans duty to enforce the rules,  Girls should not spank a man, they all seemed lame.  I decided if i put on a good act about how i really only made the bet for fun and would not have spanked her if I had won with a very distressed look on my face while saying it would have the best chance of working.  she always was a sucker for a sad face and an upset look.   I heard the car drive into the driveway so I thru
the dishes into the dish washer, thru in a soap packet and turned it on.
          My bride came in the side door and came into the kitchen.  "How did it go.  The super bowl party that is.  Did you all have fun and did the beer and snacks last ?" she asked.  I said,  "we had plenty,  I just finished picking up and putting on the dishwasher, I knew you wouldn't want to come home to a mess."  Wow, that was unexpected and so thoughtful of you,  so how did the game go", she asked?  Not very well,  they didn't play very well tonight, when the game was over the guys got up and left me the mess to clean up.  I have been working hard ever since."  "Yes," she said, But who won"?  I told her, "Well like I said, they didn't play very well and they ended up losing.  it wasn't a bad game but they lost.  It was close, I lied."
"Whew", my bride said, I was worried I was going to get that hairbush spanking, so I am happy I am not going to get one but I am sorry for you that they lost.  I know how hard you root for the home team".  "Yes,
i am upset by the loss but i will survive it.  its not the first big game that they lost."
         I quickly changed the the subject, "So did you girls go out to eat"?   "Yes, we went to a local grill and had supper.  it was quite good. we all had a real great time.  Do you know how good that game looked on the giant screen they had.,  it was almost like being at the field except of course it was warm and comfortable in there with plenty of complimentary snacks.  I guess we must have watched a different version of the game than you just described,  they really sucked.  the other team walked all over them.  the color announcers  said it was the worst game they ever saw your team play, now really, Are you telling me a fib about the game? she asked.  I looked at her and blushed,  I swallowed and started sweat. You know of course that when you are about to get a very hard spanking you should not tell lies to the woman that is going to give it to you, don't you,". she asked?  So I tried what i had rehearsed.  "Ah, honey,  I just made that bet for fun, I really wasn't going to spank you,  it was just a fun bet", I almost begged.  I am glad that it worked as it led to you and the girls going and watching the game.  you had fun didn't you?  "Well that is lie number two that you have told me, no actually three.  First off, when you first started making these spanking bets with me, I begged to be let off but you only told me a bet is a bet and then you spanked me, The next time I did the same and you spanked me again.  Do you see the pattern that is developing,  you had no idea of not giving me a hard hairbush spanking if you had won this bet and during the first half of the game I was very nervous knowing that I was probably going to get that spanking.  When the other team pulled ahead I finally relaxed and started to enjoy the game and as the game went on I was getting happier and happier.  The girls noticed and asked what was up.  Well I was in such a good mood I told them about the bet and how much I am going to enjoy smacking you bottom with that hairbrush that you bought just for that purpose."  "You told them!  I don;t believe you did that.,  how will I ever live this down?" I spluttered.  "Why did you tell them.  They will tell their husbands and I will be a laughing stalk.  Oh no,  No  this can not get any worse than this," I said. When I was telling them they told me that their husbands had told them that we were into kinky sex and that you said that you spanked me when ever you feel like it.  I guess the husbands didn't hear that from you, Huh?" She steamed at me.  I just started to answer and she put her hands on her hips and said, " go ahead and tell me another lie.  this spanking you are going to get is turning into a very long hard spanking for telling lies as well.  well?"  I told her, "I may have mentioned it at some point in the past when we were having a few drinks on the week end,  but I didn't think that it would embarrass you."  "Well it did and right now I want you to go get that hairbrush and bring it to me right here in the kitchen., Now..right now, go or you will get more after it would have been done.  Go get it and bring it here,  you have 2 minutes." she was really angry when she told me.  I decided I had better go get it  i was not going to get out of this.  I hurried up stairs.  opened the dresser drawer and took out the new brush.,  I looked at it.  Well this won't be to bad.  just a little peice of wood and bristles, I have seen a lot of paddles that were much bigger.  As I was coming down the stairs I heard her counting 20 seconds left.  I rushed back to the kitchen just as she said ten seconds.  She said that finally I had done something right.  She pulled out a kitchen chair and seated herself, took the hairbrush from me and patted her hand with it.  "All right, it is time for your spanking. remove your clothes while I watch you".  I slowly did as she said.  to argue or beg anymore would probably just make things worse.  I took off my shoes and then my pants and shirt.  She crossed her legs,  she was enjoying watching me suffer,  iI started pulling down my underwear and she stood and came closer.  "Well now, what is this", she said, looking as my arousal started to rise.  I blushed,  She added, I think you are enjoying this in a perverted sort of way".  I hung my head as she sat down again.  "Continue", she said .  I removed my tea shirt and socks and now stood completely naked before her.  she looked again and I was standing hard and pointing right up at her face.  She leaned forward and tapped it with the brush.  I almost spurted i was so excited.  she pointed to her right side and told me to stand there.  i had a lovely view of her lap and body sitting there,  she stood again and said i am not going to have you ruin my skirt so she pulled her skirt and slip up and then reseated her self and with a quick tug on my erection i fell over her lap.  she adjusted me so my erection was resting on her right thigh and with that she gripped me hard by my waist and then she started telling me about how disappointed she was that i was trying to talk her out of the spanking that I knew I had coming,  she asked if I was sorry I had done that.  I was in no position to argue so I just told her I was sorry.  she raised the brush. I heard a very loud sound and immediately felt a very large sting on my left buttocks.  I yelled ouch.  She laughed and told me that was just the first . this was going to be a long spanking to make up for trying to talk her out of spanking me.  then they started to fall.  I was shocked at how much this hurt.  she moved the brush so the smack always overlapped the previous and up and down the entire buttocks.  I was wiggeling and bouncing on her lap.  suddenly the impossible happened ,  I started rubbing on her thigh and then I exploded,  she started spanking harder and faster as I came.  I was in the throws of orgasm and the pain of spanking at the same time.  the orgasm passed but the spanking continued. she then gave me about fifty very hard spanks about two a second,  I was screaming and begging. When they were finished she stopped and rubbed my backside some.  I started to relax.  Well now we have three lies to make amends for,  with that she started the brush spanking again, this time though they were all right where the buttocks and the thighs meet.  it was like a new spanking was starting all over again.  I was screaming and begging.  after a few minutes she said that takes care of the first two lies.  now for the other one. she started again and I was really thinking that this would never end.  I was to tired to even wiggle anymore.   I  just laid there and the tears began to flow. I sobbed and finally she stopped. she reached over and set the brush on the table.  she commented about how red , white and blue my bottom was.   She said that she felt very patriotic,  then she began to rub my bottom,  a nice light massage . and then some little circle motions,.  I could no believe it but my arousal started to rise against her thighs again.  "I do not believe it" , she said as she felt it pushing against her . she said I was a real naughty boy and that she should spank me again,  I paniced,  started crying and begging again.  "Please  don't".  my arousal though did not agree with me.  All right get up she told me. get the lotion in the cabinet by the sink.  I did.  ok over again.  this time she let my arousal hang between her legs and she rubbed in the lotion into my poor sore bottom.  I stood again and I was still aroused so she stood and removed her clothes in a hurry and we had sex right on the kitchen table.  iI was fantastic. after she said that it appeared that spanking turned me on even more than she got turned on when I spanked her.  I had to admit that it was incredible.  We decided to stop with the bets and to experiment more with the spanking games. Now it seems I get far more than she does and that I really love the feeling of the embarrassment of stripping for a spanking and then the arousal and pain.

well I don't usually write a story that leads to sex but this one seemed to just flow into it.  hope you liked it.  please feel free to leave comments.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

office boy spanked

I wrote a story to go with this but I did not like it when I finished it so I deleted the story part and went with the short expanation about what it is.. soon I hope to be inspired  and will rewrite it.  I guess it is like writers cramp.  any how, enjoy the drawing.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Old English Massage and Lap Dance

                                        Old English Massage and Lap Dance

        I was nineteen years old and away from home at a nice college in a large city in the north east United States.  It was a real nice college and I was living in a dormitory that was very close to public transportation, the subway was cheap and a fast easy way to get around the city.
         I was not experienced as through out high school I always had a job that kept me busy nights and Saturdays.  The money was nice but I didn't have time for a real social life.  My room mate introduced me to  a newspaper that had a large massage and personal advertisement section.  He said," if you want cheap, easy sex with no commitment call a number and make an appointment,.  Most of the ladies give a student discount also."
         Well, here I was nineteen years old and never had any sex with the opposite sex before and I decided the time had come.  I figured a nice quick sex alternative to intercourse would be the way to go.  the first ad that I read said a nice young lady that was very "handy"  and that satisfaction was assured.  I called her and she said that yes, she gave a student discount.  Her discount fee was 50 dollars for a half hour session.  I scheduled an appointment for  one hour from now and she gave me her address.  Only two blocks to her apartment building.  I waited around out side and as the time approached I was getting nervous.  I told my self , you really have to do this. you are too old to not have ever had a sex encounter with a young lady.  Finally the time had arrived.  I walked up the steps and pushed the door bell for room 205.  a female voice answered my ring on the intercom and asked what I wanted.  I said, " I made an appointment and I am here. My name is Tom. "  "Oh, all right, come in, go one flight up, room 205 is at the head of the stairs.  The door buzzed and I opened it and went up the stairs.  As I was climbing the stairs I realized that the voice on the intercom did not sound like the lady I had talked to on the phone. I knocked lightly on the door and it opened almost immediately.   The woman that opened it was very attractive.  Mid to late thirties dressed in a very nice looking blue dress that reminded me of a sailors out fit.  She told me that her daughter was complaining about being very sore and that was was not feeling well right now.  She had just put her to bed.  She asked me what the ad had said and I told her.  Her eyes rolled when I said Handy  and then I told her satisfaction was guaranteed..  Well I don't do that myself but I will say that I give the best old English Massage and a great lap dance is a sure thing.  A massage and a lap dance sounds really good I said.  She opened the door beside me and told me to go in, remove all of my clothes and put them on the bed.  I will be in in just a minute. As i started in she opened the other door and i heard a couple of loud sobs.  wow, I said.  she sure sounds like she is hurting..  I removed my clothes, placed them neatly on the bed a stood there feeling quite silly .  The door opened and as the lady came back in I turned and faced the bed.   Thinking of being naked with this woman had gotten me turned on and I was embarrassed.  She went to the dresser and set down something that she had carried when she came in.  It clunked as she put it down. then I heard her pull out the chair that was there.. "Oh yes, get the fee and give it to me.  Get the business out of the way before the fun.".  She took the money and put it in the drawer.  She told me to come and stand in front of her as she sat down on the chair she had turned to face the bed..  I still was looking at the bed.  "Enough of this shy act your putting on,  turn and face me," she ordered.   When I saw her it took my breath away.  That dress she was wearing looked very tight and sexy.  Her hips  were fantastic and her legs even better. she was a very beautiful lady.  Then I noticed the old black hairbrush that she had in her hand.   "Ah....what is that for," I asked starting to get very frightened.  That was the same type of brush that my mom had used on me until I was seventeen years old and I still remembered how much it stung and hurt.
          You kids go away to college and the next thing you know, the girls are having sex for money and the boys are paying them for it.l  You both ought to be arrested  I should call  the police right now and have themn take you both in.  How old are you, anyways," she asked.  When she said arrested, and kids away,k paying for sex, i suddenly found the floor very interesting .  Then I heard it.  the slow slapping of that hairbrush on the palm of her hand,, "I dropped in on my daughter and found the she is supplementing her income giving hand jobs to students for money,  that makes her a prostitute and you are taking advantage of her, that makes you a john.  I had just finished spanking her when you rang the bell and after listening to you tell me what her ad said, I will probably give her more after you leave, but  right now you are going to get the spanking of your life," she told me.  "NNNNNNNNo,, please,  I have never been spanked in my life," I lied.  She grabbed me and hauled me across her lap, moved me around a little until she was happy with my position.  my arousal was now  laying on the fabric of her dress, my legs were not touching the floor and my arms reached to the floor to help support me.  She spoke , casually I thought for what was about to happen,. "I promised you and Old English Massage, well this hairbrush is well over a hundred years old and it is English.  It is going to do a nice hot massage on your bottom and thighs and the naked lap dance will be you reacting to the brush while across my lap.  When you leave you will be a very well spanked, naughty little boy...."  With that I felt her move a little and then there was a very loud noise, followed by a searing pain .  it felt like a hundred bee's had just stung my bottom all at once ia a small area. I yelled  "Ouch" then another noise and sting. I yelled  "Ouch, please Ma'am,  that hurts so much,  please no more."  Ha" she said," I haven't even started yet"  My arousal had decided that it did not want to stay around and had withdrawn from the scene.

the smacks started falling at about one a second.  I was kicking my feet and begging her in what sounded like a little boy's voice.   Yelling and begging,  I could not believe that this was hurting as much as it was.  My pleas did no good.,  she continued smacking my bottom and upper thighs for what seemed like an hour.  Then she started rubbing my bottom with the brush. I was crying and sobbing,  hardly able to breath from the crying effort.  She said, " well that is a good start" and with that she started an extra hard attack on the place where by bottom meets my thighs and also spanking lower on the thighs where the brush had not visited before.  It was awful.  It was like a new spanking had begun and the pain came to the same level as the original spanking in such a short time.  She stopped again and rubbed my bottom with the brush again.  She asked if I thought that i had, had enough while I lay limp across her lap. I said Yes, Ma'am,  please don't spank me any more.  Well I think one more round ought to do it," and the brush started on my bottom again,  I was so worn out I couldn't do anything but sob, she continued on my thighs as well.  The spanking stopped again, I could not even beg for her to please stop spanking me.  "Well," she said, "Only fifteen minutes have gone by since we started this Old English Massage.I guess I will have to spank yuou again so that you get your money's worth".  I found my voice though it still sounded like a little boy,  "Please Ma'am,  no more  I am so sore,  please ,  PLEASE," I begged.  "Well I guess I could stand you in the corner for 15 minutes or so," she scolded.  With that she stood me up, took me by the ear and marched me to the other room, tapping her thigh with that hairbrush the whole way,
            We entered the room.  On the bed was a very cute naked girl that had a very red bottom and upper thighs.  I was steered to a handy corner and told to press my nose into it or I would get a return trip over her lap.  She pulled up a chair and sat down. called the girl to her.  She started to plead that she had been spanked enough and that she had learned her lesson,  Her mom cut her off.  "Over right now," she said and the girl got up and laid herself over her mom's knee.   She was starting to cry while just getting in to position,
I quickly peeked over my shoulder to see her laying there looking so afraid and misserable.  Her mom caught me  and told me. " All right , when i finish witrh my daughter you will come across for one more round yourself..  i stuck my nose hard in the corner again  and I started to sob as well.  the spaning was very hard and the girl begged and screamed until she could not scream any more.  the spanking ended with a long, very hard series that apparently covered the whole spanked area one more time..  with that  Her mom said. " all right you two change places and be very quick about it.  she ran to the corner as I hurried to  her mom. I didn;t want to disobey her again.  the girl ouched as she pushed her nose in the corner so hard she actually bumped it.  I lid into position across her moms' lap.  she gripped me firmly the the spanking started all over agian , only the pain was worse than before.  I started lap dancing again and an amazing thing happened.   I was in so much pain, I could not believe it but my arousal game back   My lap dancing was causing me to slide on and off of her thighs. she realized what was happening and she stopped and stood me up.  She said,  "not on my lap you don't."  She stood and started spanking me again and as I tried to avoid the spanks she followed me continuing to spank me. We were walking in a small circle.  I was yelling and crying and my arousal was bending over backwards I was so aroused.  Then I  started spurting.  She spanked harder.  my knees buckled and I fell down on the floor.  She spanked me aopbut 10 more real hard ones and then it was over.  i was wasted.  I was firghtened,  nothing like that had ever happened to me before.  I was embarrassed by it, but I was thinking, "wow, that was really weird but wow again, it was really exciting.  Her daughter was standing wide eyed and naked looking at me breathing hard on the floor.  of course my arousal had gone away again but I was really confused and looked at her mom.  She was looking at me an breathing hard herself.  "Well," she said., " I wasn't expecting that to happen. usually a spanking gets rid of the arousal after a few smacks and then it is just punishment.  but somehow you got aroused again as the last part of your spanking really hit the heavy pain area.  Luckily I felt it and was able to get you off of my lap before you climaxed.  I have heard of this happening but this was not the first I have seen it.  She looked at her daughter and told her if you want to raise some extra money  take up spanking naughty boys. The rates are higher and spanking is perfectly legal as long as sex is not the object of it.  I learned about it when I was a sorority girl and I was chosen to spank all the new fraternity pledges. They all started aroused but after  a few swats it went away.  Some however, the same thing happened.  That is how I met your father," she said to her daughter.  I was getting more and more embarrassed as this conversation went on.  Apparently her daughter was becoming interested when her mom said it was a good way to earn some extra money.  At that point  I was told to go get my clothes and come back to the room we were in.   I did so.  I walked in and mom and daughter were embraced and  the daughter was saying that she was sorry and would not do any more hand jobs to make money.  She did say though that spanking seemed like it might be something she would persue.  I was standing there naked with my clothes in my hand.  Her mom noticed me and looked at me below my navel.  "See", she said, this poor boy is already aroused again.  Was it from all this spanking talk?
Do you think you would like to be spanked by my daughter.  She got alot of experience  when she was a baby sitter and also used to leave her in charge of her younger brother.  She usually found a reason to spank him.  Her own spankings fell off until today.   So what did you think of your Old English Masage I gave you".  Still naked and aroused I had to admit that it was the strongest climax I had ever had and that yes the spanking really hurt but there were some really exciting things involved in it also.  Standing naked before these two women was exciting also.  Her mom told me to get dressed and that she will be keeping an eye on her daughter much closer than she had in the past.  She smiled and winked and told me, "We have your number from the caller id so we can call you sometime when we both are here and you can try a two on one Old English Massage sometime in the near future after your bottom has healed.  Let us know.  I finished dressing and as I was leaving I was surprised to hear myself say that "yes, I would porbably be interested in seeing the daughter again and also a double spankiing with her mom."  I guess this was the turning point where I realized that punishment could be very sexy.

this story is a rewrite of a story that I had posted on a yahoo story site. It did pretty well with hits (no pun intended)  I changed some part of the story and i redid the picture I drew back when I originally posted it.  I with drew the story from the page when spammers took it over.  I hope you enjoyed it and please feel free to ad your comments.  I love comments.