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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Fantasy Bewitched Episode

fantasy bewitched episode.

A friend of mine had noticed lately I was drawing tv and movie fantasy's, I would like to see. He mentioned Bewitched star Elisabeth Montgomery.  So here is the result.   Darren had blamed an account he lost on the new secretary Josie.   As she knew Samantha, she called her to tell her what had happened.  She called Darren and accused him of being unfair to Josie.  Darren, knowing what happens when he lies to Samantha, he confessed it really was his fault and that he felt bad.  He would go see Larry (the Boss) and get it straightened out.   Samantha told him he better and that she had invited Josie for dinner tonight and he could tell her there that he had gotten her job back and he would apologize to her after supper just before his spanking. "Honey, you can't spank me in front to her, I will die of embarrassment". "You know that when I spank you , you don't die.   You do blush some, shed some big tears, but you backside always blushes more.  No, get her job back and we will see you tonight at supper, or I will send my hairbrush to see you and teach you a lesson right there at work.. You know I can and will.. See you at Dinner."