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Saturday, December 28, 2013

a Visit to Aunt Helen

It was a long holiday week end coming up and I had called Aunt Helen to ask if I could come and spend the week end with her. She had quickly agreed that it would be nice to see me again. I called down stairs to Mom and told her that I was talking to Aunt Helen and that she had invited me to come spend the week end there. Mom said, “that would be fine as I had been spending to much time playing games on the computer and if you go see her she will have things planned to do. I think it is a very good idea. Let me talk to her when you finish, as I haven’t chatted with her for a few weeks now. I told Aunt Helen what Mom had said and Aunt Helen added “she would make sure that it was an educational week end for me”. I called down stairs and told mom that I was through and that she could pick Aunt Helen up. I added “I will be there around seven thirty, Friday night and I will leave here right after supper. “ All right, I will have some snacks and a movie for later after you get here,” Aunt Helen said just as Mom picked up the Phone. “I will see you Friday night,” I said as Mom started to chat with her. Friday was a quick day at work even though I was having a hard time concentrating. My boss came in and told me I could leave an hour early, which made it even shorter. I hurried out to my car, and drove carefully home. Last time I was going to spend the weekend with Aunt Helen I had hurried and got a ticket. When I told Aunt Helen about it she told me that I Deserved a good old fashioned spanking for disregarding safety and had given a long hard hairbrush spanking to me that evening. I should say that I am now nineteen, still living at home and working. Mom is right. I spend too much time on the computer although I was not usually playing games. I have loved spanking, me being spanked by a woman, since I was about 14 years old when a girlfriend had given me a birthday spanking. I told her that I really loved it and asked her if she had given spankings before and she told me that, ”yes, I often spanked when I baby sat and sometimes, mom would have me spank one of her brothers if she was too busy for the task”. I asked her if she liked to spank them and she said, it is cute as they try to block my hand or brush, and how embarrassed they are as I take their pants and underwear down, then I scold them before I put them over my lap. I guess you could say that I do not hate it but I am not so sure that I like it.” I wanted her to really spank me and I told her so. “Well, she pondered, “it would be interesting to spank a boy my own age, but be forewarned, I will give you a real spanking with my mom’s hairbrush, My mom is picking up the boys after school to take then to the dentist so we will have about an hour to give you that spanking”. The next day I became very much hooked on being spanked. It hurt, I was embarrassed and naked in front of a girl. It all added to the mystique I had been feeling about it. From that day on I was always checking out females as to how much I would like being spanked by them. Not long afterwards my girlfriend moved as her dad worked for a company that kept relocating him all the time. I was a poor white bottomed boy for a long time after that. I got my drivers license and my mom suggested as she and dad were going away for the weekend that I should drive up to visit Aunt Helen. I told her, “Aw, I would rather spend time on my computer”. “Well Aunt Helen can use some company as Susan has just gone off to School and Bob has a good job down south. “Well all right, so long as I can bring some stuff to do”, I said. I should probably mention that I had started drawing again and was becoming pretty good at drawing pictures of my favorite subject. Yup. That’s right. I was drawing pictures of women, sitting, scolding, pointing, holding brushes, hands on hips, tapping their toes and of course giving good hard over the lap spankings I packed some clothes in a duffle bag and got my drawing pad to fit in also although the sides of the duffle were being pushed on hard by it. By the time I got to Aunt Helen’s I had to go to the bathroom so I dropped my duffle on the kitchen floor and told her I would be right back. When I came in Aunt Helen was sitting at the table with my drawing pads on the table and going through the drawings I had made. I got angry. “What are you doing going through my stuff without asking me,” I accused. Now she got angry at me, “What, in the heck makes you think that you can use that tone of voice at me, Tommy”. She stood and put both hands on her hips, then pointed at me and told me “sit”, she pointed to a chair beside where she was looking at the drawings. I pulled out the chair and sat quickly as I was horrified to see her looking very similar to some of my favorite drawings I had done. “Yes, Ma’am,” I said as I sat and had to adjust my pants as things were starting to rise. “My my,” she said as she leafed through my drawings. She stopped at the one with the lady with her hands on her hips, looking angry at the person who had drawn the picture. She flipped back a page to a picture of a ladies lap with her skirt nice and smooth across it. She pushed back he chair and smoothed her skirt. “Very nicely drawn”, she added the next picture had an open female hand with fingers and thumb held together with a downward motion implied by lines of movement, the next picture was a bare naked behind with a palm print showing on it and thighs turning into knees beyond the bottom. This is very interesting she told me with a very knowing smile and a raised eyebrow. I wanted to get up and run. She just looked and said, “You are not going anywhere. We are going to look at the rest of the pictures and then we are going to hold a nice about conversation about them and then we are going to figure out what these mean to you. Now relax. I am not mad at you for the drawings but I am still angry about the voice you used at me. Stand up and move your chair closer so you can look at them as I do and you can add things about why your draw these pictures.”.. When I stood it was obvious that I was aroused and it was painful to stand with the pants so tight over it. “It’s all right, she said, “ I, having raised a son, know how easy it is to become aroused when in a stressful position like you feel you are in right now. I think you should adjust yourself so you can sit comfortably right now”. I turned 30 shades of red, but moved my pants around so that I was standing straight up inside of my pants.. I reseated. Still blushing more than I ever had in my life. My secret life was coming out in front of my aunt. I could easily have died of embarrassment right there. She smiled knowingly and said, “I think we are coming to the real drawings you crave”, she said with a smile on her face. “Ah yes, a nicely drawn female rear end with a naughty boy over her lap and her thighs and knees and legs, “Yes” very nicely drawn,” she said. “ I love this, all of the drawings have been very good but this really captures the spanking position of both the spanker and the spankee. I can almost feel him wiggle,” she added. Next were drawings of female spankers, spanking from different angles and different utensils being used.. Prominent of course was a big hairbrush. She looked at me and said, “Well, who would have ever thought it, I don’t believe you were ever spanked growing up”. I told her, “I hadn’t. I did however see her spank her son one time when we were visiting and I found it very fascinating. I also saw friends of mine getting spanked. The thing that got me though was a birthday spanking my girlfriend gave me two years ago. That led to real spankings from her. Unfortunately she moved away. I have been drawing a lot and searching spanking sites on the internet., ever since.” “Well I think tonight you are going to get a spanking for the way you talked to me”, Aunt Helen said, and maybe a few more just to see if you really are into it. I wanted to spank you a few times when you visited before but you mom would not allow it. She said you might get to like it like I did. Sure, I spanked your mom quite a few times when our mom left me in charge. She said that was why she never spanked you, as liking spanking seems to run in the family. “All right”, Aunt Helen said. “Let’s get your things put away. Put the drawings on the living room desk as I might want to question you more about some of them. I will give you a spanking, real, genuine, over the knee with my hairbrush. After, we will chat some more about it how it was for you. More spankings will definitely be in order this weekend but tonight’s will probably be the harshest. Be ready for it as I really spank very hard and the lesson must be learned. Put your things away and I will make some tea, We can have a cup and some fresh cheese and crackers and then we will get down to correcting you attitude when you came in this evening”. I went to the room I stayed in when visiting Aunt Helen and put my things in the drawers in the dressers. I could not believe how aroused I was. I laid down on the bed and opened my pants and started to reach for my arousal., There was a knock on the door. Aunt Helen came in just as I finished zipping up again,. She looked at me and saw the top of my tee shirt sticking out of the front of my zipper. “I brought you a pair of my sons’ pajamas to wear tonight, He used to have to wear them when he was going to get a spanking. Put them on and come to the kitchen for cheese and crackers. I think I may spank you in the kitchen tonight but then again, maybe in the living room where we can look at the drawings again after. Any how. jammies on, then come to the kitchen. No underwear under the jammies and do not play with yourself. Pre semen is very easy to detect when your jammies are around your ankles”. I again blushed scarlet. Ok, pants off, underwear off, jammie bottoms on and tee shirt off and jammie top on. I took a big breath and headed to the kitchen. A nice hot mug of tea was on the table and crackers and cheese in a plate for both of us to share. “I stopped on the way to the kitchen and checked out the last drawings, most all of them have the naughty boy naked so I think that that is the way we will go tonight,”.Aunt Helen said with a devilish smile on her face. I just looked at her and tried to not blush more. After tea Aunt Helen said, “I think the living room will be more comfortable. As it is cool tonight I will put an ez burn log on and get it going. Tommy you go to my bedroom and get the large hairbrush that is on my vanity and bring it back here. Don’t dawdle, you are in enough trouble for your attitude earlier this evening”. Now my heart was beating so hard it seemed to be in my throat. I felt like a very naughty boy heading to Aunty Helens’ room to get the hairbrush that she was going to spank my bottom with. I walked into the room. It was very feminine with frilly curtains and spreads on everything. I saw her vanity. I gulped as I saw that really big hairbrush. I slowly picked it up and felt the back of it. It was really hard. This was not going to be fun tonight. My body started to disagree with my thought as the front of my jimmies started to push up and out away from my body. “Oh great”, I thought. “This is going to make Aunt Helen angry at me even more.” I walked quickly back to the living room, the fire was going. Aunt Helen was sitting on the desk chair with her legs crossed and looking at one of the pictures. She held it up for me to see as I drew near to her. The naughty guy was crying big tears and kicking his legs and begging the spanker to stop. “Now that is what I call a good spanking,”she commented. Aunt Helen placed the drawing pad on the desk again and then uncrossed her legs and looked at me. “Are you prepared to be given a very hard spanking tonight, she asked? “Yes Ma’am.” I stammered. She said, “when you talk to me you are to look directly at me and talk to me, not the floor, Do you understand”? “Yes Ma’am,” I said looking at her. “That is better,” she said as she stood and smoothed her skirt over her backside and thighs. My eyes grew very big as she looked just like one of my drawings that she had pointed out earlier.. “all right, it is time to take off the jimmies and place them neatly on the desk”. I took off the shirt first, and fumbled with it while I folded it. Then I took down the pants and stepped out of them, picked them up and folded them also. I walked to one side of her and placed them neatly next to the drawing pad which was still open on the naughty boy crying and begging his spanker to stop. I came back in front of her. My arousal was so stiff it was trying to escape from my body. She looked at it and smiled a little and said., “I guess I need to take one more precaution”.. She stood again and slowly folded her skirt up to almost the top of her thighs. Then she smoothed it down over her backside again and seated herself checking to be sure that the folded skirt was not more than a few inches down on her thighs. “That will keep my skirt from getting wet if you have an accident while being spanked”. I blushed even more.. She quickly went over the reason why I was getting spanked tonight and she asked if I was sorry for the attitude that I showed. I told her, “yes Ma’am, I am very sorry”. She asked if I understood that this was going to be a very hard and long deserved spanking. I again said, “Yes Ma’am”. Well then, I guess it is time for the task at hand. She had me stand by her right side and carefully guided me over her lap so that my arousal fell between her thighs. She started rubbing my cheeks and adding a light slap with her hand. After a minute or so she said, “And now it begins. With that there was a very loud slap noise followed by white stars in my eyesight and quickly followed by a gasp from me. This was followed by some more rubbing, she stopped and the another slap to the other cheek. More stars and an ouch from me. She said, “Now you know what the brush feels like,. You will see that as the spanking goes on the pain just gets worse and worse. Some say you go numb but you will find out that it does not happen. The pain just keeps getting worse. I will spank you until I feel by the color of your bottom, that the spanking is done. No acting or crying or even bribing will stop me from my duty to you. Try to hold the bottom of the chair with you hands and the more still that you keep yourself the more accurate will be the spanks. All right, hold on now. You are going to get about three minutes of hard, very accurate aimed spanks that will really get your attention. You may cry if you want but do not get out of position”. Then it started. I held up for about three on each cheek but then I started ouching and whimpering with each spank. It seemed like about 15 minutes I had been suffering but I looked at the clock and saw that only about four minutes had passed. My arousal was also long gone.. Aunt Helen announced, ”All right, here comes phase two, 30 very hard and fast on the spot where your thighs and bottom cheeks meet”. With that she started. I started screaming. I bucked, I danced, I let go of the chair rungs and threw my hand back just as the last of the thirty fell. She stopped again and told me, ”. You moved around to much, my aim was thrown off so I am going to repeat phase two at the end of the spanking. “NNOOOO, Please Aunty, I can not bear it,´. I cried, “You can and you will”, she told me. She had me stand between her legs, lowered across her left leg and then clamped me in by passing her right leg over my right leg. She took my hands up on my back and had me place my thumbs together. Then gripping both thumbs with her left hand, I was unable to move anywhere except my head. “All right here comes phase three, slow very hard spanks all over your bottom again”. Mostly overlapping the previous spank. It started, I could do nothing but cry and beg. It hurt, it burned I started to wail away. After a couple of minutes she stopped again. I continued to cry. Laying still on her lap as that was all I could do. Well it would be over now but I have to repeat phase two again. Take a deep breath as I will do this as fast as I can; the heat was unbearable. It was like she was applying a burning torch to the tops of my thighs, I just broke down . completely in tears and crying. I also noticed another reaction that I did not think was possible, I had climaxed,. The pain was so great that I actually climaxed and went limp. I think Aunt Helen noticed but she didn’t say anything. The spanking ended. I still lay across her lap pinned in by her leg. She started gently rubbing my bottom. “Well, now, that is a real good spanked bottom that you have there,” she observed. I just lay there still. Smack, “yeow”, I screamed. “You will talk to me after your spanking so I can assess if the lesson is learned,” she demanded. “Yes Ma’am”, I sobbed. “I am sorry that I had to spank you so hard but you really did deserve it, didn’t you”, she added. “Yes, Ma’am,” I said. “Are you sorry for the attitude you showed when you found me looking at your drawings”, she questioned. “Yes Ma’am”. “Were you wrong to talk to me like that”? she asked. “Yes Ma’am”, I cried. “All right I will rub a little more but stand up so you can just lay over my lap”. I struggled to get up but managed and I lay back down across her lovely lap. Lovely lap. Yes it was,. It was very sexy when I went across it at the beginning of the spanking and now it was becoming sexy again. She felt my arousal starting again. “Wow” Aunt Helen said as she felt it pushing on her lap. My son never got aroused until I was putting lotion on him. .After another 5 minutes Aunt Helen had me stand and she went to the kitchen cabinet. She came back in with skin lotion and had me go back over her lap again. She gently rubbed in the lotion until the red dried out skin could absorb no more, then she had me get up and I sat on her lap while she hugged and comforted me. She told me to go wash my face and then come back in by the fire. I smiled as I left as I was thinking the way my backside was burning I didn’t need a fire to stay warm...When I came back in Aunt Helen was sitting in front of the fire and I went and stood beside her. “Do you want to sit down?” she asked. I blushed and told her, “NO thank you . I think I will stand”. She smiled real big and she stood and hugged me again. That started another reaction. She looked at me and told me,”I am willing to be your spanker when you need one and when I think you warrant one but I am your aunt,. Masturbation is all right, in private in this house, either in your room or the bathroom. Just clean up after yourself”. “Yes Ma’am,” I told her. Still glancing at her beautiful lap and legs. “Is arousal ok, or does it bother you?” I asked. She smiled slightly, “I don’t mind your being aroused, just don’t masturbate in front of me. Accidentally while being spanked is an accident and accidents can happen. Here is the story of how tommy found out that a spanking has always been available to him but he had not known it,. Call it a self discovery story.