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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sunday Morning Maintenance Spanking

Tommy is out from college for the summer.  His aunt has taken him home as she is going away for a few weeks of well needed vacation time,  Tommy managed to get his marks up so that he is no longer on warning but his aunt is wanting his mom to take over his maintenance program that she started to get his marks up.  Every Sunday morning after church he would get a review of his demerits for the week followed by an over the knee spanking and this past week he had been on his best behavior so he was going to just get a quick reminder spanking from his aunt and the same from his mom to set the pattern for while his aunt is away.
     He had droped his pants and gotten into position and the spanking was moderate but his aunt was winding it down when the telephone buzzed.  As she could reach it on the counter she stopped spanking and quickly answered the phone.
        "Hello," she said sounding just a little irritated at having to stop the spanking she was giving.  "Oh , Tommy's Mom is here right now , but could you please call back in about 10 minutes as we are giving Tommy a maintenance spanking right now.  Yes He gets one from me,  I am his aunt and he lives with me when he is away at college.  His marks were heading in the wrong direction so I instituted a spanking program to correct his behavior and his marks came back up.   Yes, I understand that 19 is a little old to be spanked but it did get him through high school.  Yes he finds it very embarrassing as I only spank  his bare bottom.  He is only getting a moderate reminder spanking today as his behavior has been very good, knowing that he is coming home for most of the summer.  Oh, he did what?
going into church?  Is she all right?  Yes, I understand how embarrassing that must have been for her.  He is still over my lap and I can see by his ears that he is being very embarrassed just knowing that his good behavior is going to need some correction now that you have informed us about his stupid behavior this morning.  Would you and Jennifer like to see him get his punishment for pinching her.
Yes, come over now and come in the kitchen door.  we are spanking him in the kitchen,  yes we will wait for you before continuing".
         "Aunty", I cried out.  "Please don't spank me in front of Jennifer. I will die from embarrassment. Please let me up,  I will never , ever, do any thing wrong again'. "Yeouch"  I cried out as Aunty gave me a very hard smack and I threw my hand back to protect my bottom.
        Aunty told me that trying to protect my bottom would get an additional 10 spanks from both Mom and her at the end of each part of the spanking.  She had me stand and had me move so I was standing between her legs looking to her left.  I thought to myself, "Oh God, now I have done it.
This not bad spanking is now going to be a very hard lesson for me".  As I was still standing  Jennifer and her mom came in the kitchen door.  Jennifer saw me standing in front of my aunt with my pants and underwear around my ankles.  I quickly tried to cover myself with my hands and my aunt told me to keep my hands at my side.
        She turned me so my bottom was facing them and she said, " you can see the spanking was starting to get some good color when you called and I was about to have him get over his mom's lap for her portion of the maintenance spanking.  Now that your call has brought a new matter for us to adress he will get an additional punishment spanking from me before I turn him over to his mom".  She turned me so I was facing her left thigh.
          Jennifer actually snickered as she saw that the embarrassment was causing me to get erect.  "Look Mom",  She laughed,  "He is getting aroused just like Jimmy does when you are preparing to spank his back side'".
          "Over" my aunt said pushing my shoulder down over her left thigh,  My penis rested on the outside of her thigh and my bottom was up nice an high in front of her.  She had me place my right hand on my back and she held my wrist firmly with her left hand pushing it slightly up on my back. 
She then placed her right leg over my right leg and locked me into the position that I knew so well.  The position she used when I was about to get a real ass blistering.  She again reached on the counter and picked up her hairbrush. and she asked, "Are you ready?"
        I felt like screaming,"Hell no. I will never be ready for you to spank me".  All that I managed to say with my voice very contrite was," Please Aunty, I really am very sorry ,  please don't spank me too hard.  I have already learned my lesson.
        "First will be 10 for putting you hand back and trying to protect your naughty bottom".  I felt her move slightly and my right cheek exploded with a sting as the noise from that brush sounded like a firecracker blowing up, " ahhhoww", I sort of screamed and it was followed by another , then another and quickly followed by rest of the 10 that were promised.   tears were flowing down my cheeks and I was gasping to get some air back into my lungs as all the air I had, had come out with each smack.
After she could hear my breathing was getting regular again she told me that she was going to address the bad behavior I had done going into church this morning.
         She asked Jennifer if her bottom was still sore where I had pinched her and she told us that it was still sore and she was sure she had a bruise.  Aunty asked me. "what ever did you pinch her bottom for this morning.  did you think she would like it"?
           I told Aunty, "I don't know why I did it.  I really have no idea," I told her looking back at Jennifer as she leaned forward to hear what I said.
          Aunty told me, "If you don;t know why you did it, you must have just wanted to abuse her.  If that is the case you will not sit again for the rest of the month as  will want your mom to spank you every day".
          I started to panic,  "No, that's not the reason".  I blushed more than I was from being embarrassed and I confessed, "I find her so attractive I could not help but try to just pat her bottom.as she walked by me.  She saw my hand coming and stopped.  I pinched her,  I didn't want to pinch her but when she stopped, I didn't know what to do so I pinched her and then ran away because I was so embarrassed".     
         "You find me attractive?  That was a lousy way for you to show me that.  Maybe you should try again but in a more regular way.  Maybe this spanking will get through to you that pinching a girl is not a good way to meet her.  This may be just what you need.  Maybe if you try something as uncouth as that again I will spank you myself.  I looked at her as she said that and I could see she was smiling when she said it.  Please  carry on", she said to my Aunt as she went back to the table and sat down to watch the show..
          " Well now that we know why you did it, I guess we must make sure that we spank you hard enough so you don't repeat it.  I will spank you until I am sure you are very sorry", Aunty said and she lifted the hairbrush and she started with very hard and fast spanks that covered my whole bottom and the top of my thighs,   I screamed,  and cried, begged and asked for anyone to help me,  Finally I was out of breath again and just blubbering with my nose running and my tears had formed a puddle by her foot.
        Aunty told me to get up, turn and face Jennifer and her mother and to tell her how sorry I was for pinching her.  I stood and started to place my hands on my bottom to rub some of the sting away.   "do not touch your bottom",  Aunty commanded.  I quickly put my hands by my side and turned and looked at Jennifer and her mom.  Her mom looked interested at me and Jennifer was actually looking a little sorry for me. I started crying again with big tears running down my cheeks as I told Jennifer how sorry was.  She smiled and told me to not try any thing like that again or she might spank me herself.  Aunty told me to get to the kitchen corner as they were not through with me yet.
        I stood in the corner, watching the ladies enjoy  a cup of coffee and some pastry.  I heard Aunty tell my mom, " he will need some skin cream before you spank him".  My mom walked past me to the bathroom and reappeared with a bottle of lotion.  She sat and called me over to her.  I waddled to her and laid down over her lap as she applied a heavy coat of lotion and rubbed it in.  It felt so good I found myself getting aroused again.  Aunty decided to stay at the table and enjoy her coffee so Jennifer sat where Aunty had been.  Mom made me stand up so she could get me into the position that Aunty had used.  Jennifer smiled when she saw how aroused I was,  as mom spread her legs so could get over her left thigh.  She locked me in place with her right leg and she reached for the hair brush.  She started a slow, medium hard spanking and covered all the sore spots many times before she said that ended the maintenance spanking.  Then  she raised the brush higher and really sent me to spanking hell with the 10 spanks for putting my hands back.  She looked close at my bottom and asked Jennifer to hand her the  skin cream.  She poured some on and I jumped a little s it felt so cold on my hot rear end.  Mom rubbed it in some and then she scolded me for pinching Jennifer's bottom and then raised the brush again and applied a very hard but slow spanking where she hit every area at least 10 times.  I was again completely worn out and blubbering with a puddle of tears by her heels as I had with my Aunt when she finished up.   Mom applied another heavy coat of lotion,  rubbed it in good and then had me show my bottom to my aunt and Jennifer"s mom. She felt my bottom and told my mom and Aunt that that had been a very well applied spanking.  I back to the corner and kept checking out Jennifer who was checking my bottom out every chance she could look away from the other ladies..  Finally my mom said, that the punishment was over and the slate is clean again.  I gave my Aunty and Mom a kiss and thanked them for disciplining me.  I  told Jennifer and her mom how sorry I was for what I had done.  Jennifer  gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and said that she forgave me but then smiled and said "don't do it again". and she smiled and sat down at the table.  I finally got to pull up my pants and my Aunt poured me a cold glass of soda and asked if  I wanted to sit.  I told them I would prefer to stand and my aunt said that it was ok to rub my bottom now..  I started rubbing and moving my legs.  Jennifer said,  "Look Mom,  he does the hairbrush dance just like Jimmy does. They all laughed and I blushed an even deeper shade of red..