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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Third Speeding Violation

        "Ouch,  yeowww,  Honey, please stop!  Arrrggghhhh,  Owwwww, the smacks were falling very hard and fast,  Honey, I pleaded,  owww,  I am  ohhhah,  SORRY,"  I cried.
        My wife stopped spanking but continued to pat my back side rather hard as she said, "You know that you deserve this.  First you went and bought that monster Mustang, because it reminded you of the one you had when you were just out of college.  Smack, Smack, Smack, the hairbrush started landing on my poor bottom harder than ever. 
         I started to cry out again, pleading for her to stop and then I tried making promises,  "Owwwww,  I will never get another speeding violation again, Yipes,  I will drive like a little old man. Owww, and I will.Owwww,  owww,   and I will never even go the speed Arrrgghh, limit again.  Oww,  Please,  Honey  I have learned my OUUCCCHHHH,  Owwww,  Owww."
       She rested the hairbrush against my bottom and I felt her move her leg from beween my legs that she had pinned me into place with.  "All right, stand up in front of me and we will chat about your behavior.   Not only did you get three tickets from the same police officer but also in the place, and at the same time of day.  Is your ability to learn from past mistakes gone?"
        "No Ma'am,  I just enjoy driving that car so much all I think about is what fun it is to burn rubber and drive fast.  Its like being young again ," I said as I checked out her lovely lap with her skirt all pushed up from my struggles.
        "So I see,"  she stated as she stood up and pulled her skirt back down.  She also noticed  that things were starting to grow in front of me as she sat down again and crossed her legs and rested her hairbrush hand on her lap.  "So the car is part of the problem and it seems you memory is another part of it.   So do you remember the last spanking I gave you?  Do you remember, why?"
         "I looked down and tried to think, but her hand with the hairbursh on her pretty lap was blowing my mind..  I stammered, "Ah, Right now I am having trouble remembering it."
        "I thought as much",  she said as she pulled me back to her right side and stuck her right leg between my legs as she pulled me back over her lap.  She leg locked me in place again,  had me put my right hand on my back and she grabbed it and held it firm in a light hammerlock on my back.  "I guess we had better review that now then." she said as she raised the brush high and brought it down on my already very sore bottom cheeks. 
         "OOWW,"  I screamed,  and I added a lot more sounds of sorrow as she continued for about 25 very hard and fast smacks which ended with me with tears in my eyes and me gasping for breath.  She paused again.  I looked at her feet and legs and craned my head to try and look up at her.  I could see the back of her skirt and her round bottom but nothing else.  then I saw her look down at me.
         "How is the memory, is it returning yet?" she questioned.  "When did I last spank you and what was the reason.
         " Y Yes",  I stammered.  "It was just under a month ago when you found the second speeding violation that I had hidden with the check I got from the bank to pay the fine so you would not know that I had been caught speeding again, as I was going to the town hall to pay the fine the next morning.  I braced myself again as I felt her move slightly and then she started patting my bottom with that hairbrush again,  not very lightly.   I wiggled a little in anticipation of the spanks starting again.
       "And why did you hide the ticket and check so I would not know about them?" she asked me very sweetly.
        I braced myself as I answered.  "It was because you spanked me so hard after I got the first one that I thought if you didn't know I could avoid the spanking.  How ever you found the ticket and the check on top of the refrigerator where I had hid them and you gave me a very hard and long spanking.  Arrgg!!"  I screamed as the spanking started in earnest again.  My back side was burning up and I was owing and screaming for all I was worth.  Real big tears were flowing now and again I was out of breath when she stopped again
         " Then what happened?'  she asked..  
         "I  apologized and promised   to   be   a   better  driver and to   always    be careful when   driving."  I spread my words out as I realized I had already broken my promise to her.
         She seemed happy as she said, "well it is good that you are not losing your memory but now I have the task of figuring how to help you stop lying so I am going to finish your spanking now and then we will have take out sent in for dinner tonight and we will have a serious talk about how to fix these problems.  I think another fifty good hard hairbrush swats, mostly on your sit spot will help set the lesson in tonight.  With that the spanking began again. I yelped and begged for the first ten but after that I just laid there an took them quietly, hoping that she was keeping count because I was just having trouble trying to get a breath in with all the crying I was doing.
        After a few minutes of me laying across her lap she pulled he leg out from between mine and helped me up.  I stood unsteady for a few minutes holding on to the chair for stability and then she told me to get our favorite pizza places menu and call a delivery order. She was going upstairs to get out of her skirt. and we would chat about what to do in the future about my lying and future problems while we had supper.  I watched her walk away and she stopped and came back an put her hairbrush back in the kitchen drawer.  She looked at me and smiled and said, "just in case we need it while we chat during supper".
          She came back down wearing a halter top and short shorts.   I was still standing by the counter and my pants and under drawers were still around my ankles.  She walked to the chair and sat down again and told me to come to her again.  I started to panic but then I noticed she had skin lotion in her hand.  I hobbled over and she put me across her knees again but did not leg lock me in this time.  She spread a nice thick coat of lotion and had just finished rubbing it in when the door bell rang.   She looked at me and laughed and said "I should make you answer the door like that but I will let you stand behind the counter while I pay for the pizza.  I gently pulled up my pants and drawers and  slid carefully on to one of the bench seats at the corner table in the kitchen,
           The Pizza was great like it usuall is and then we chatted about my behavior and how we were going to fix the problem.  yes, i had no say at all.  the results were.

#1  Because I drive like a crazy teen  no longer drive the mustang.  My wife takes it to work now and I have the old minivan so I were dark glasses and try to hide while driving it so no one will see me.

#2  For lying I will submit to having my mouth washed out with soap and an thorough spanking with her hairbrush after I confess my lie to her.

#3  To help remember why I get spanked and have my mouth washed out when needed, we will start maintenance spankings on Sunday night again and a demerit list will be kept to determine how serious the spanking needs to be.

# 4  the spanking that I should have had tonight, but got spanked for not remembering and lying on the ticket#2 will be  on next Tuesday night.  It will not count on the demerit list for the following Sunday night maintenance spanking.

#5  in three months time if I do not get any accident or moving violations driving Ii will get my mustang back and hopefully I will be a more responsible driver

when we were first married we set up maintenance spankings for me so I know that they do work very well for improving my behavior and I agree to all the stipulations as set by my wife. 

agreed  062815  at 1430 hours.
Signed   recipient   Tommyspt
Signed   Administrator  Tommy's wife

FYI  the speeding tickets were for 200.00 dollars each and the insurance adjustment for moving violations were 250.00 dollars each,  so my wife was abslutly correct to put this plan in effect.  just to save us some money if i drive carefull and get no more moving violations.