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Monday, December 31, 2012

Preventative Maintinance Spanking

Yes, I had been looking forward to tonight.  a night out with the guys.   Bowling,  a few drinks, then we will retire to our bachelor friends pad for some serious poker.  what a great night this is going to be.
       When I got home my bride was still not home from some shopping she was doing.  I realized I had forgotten to tell her the guys and I were going out because i was involved with a problem at work.  i had solved the problem and my boss was so pleased he let me go a little early today,  so i stopped at the bank, got some cash, stopped at the grocery and picked up a lot of  good beer and snack chips.  I went up and took a quick shower and got into some comfortable jeans and a shirt.  I could smell something delicious cooking and i yelled down stairs.."Hi Honey,  something smells really great.  I will be down in a minute."  I was so happy I was actually whistling a tune while i combed my hair  and then started down stairs for supper.
         My bride was in the kitchen makings burgers with home fried potatoes with fried onions and some gravy,  it smelled really great.  she was still dressed in her suit she wore to work but had taken the jacket off and left her purse on the table.  I came in.  gave her a peck on the cheek and told her how much i loved her.... "By the way,  i am going out with the guys tonight so i will be going out shortly after the supper dishes are done," I said.  "Oh," she said, looking at me with one eyebrow raised.  That usually meant that she was surprised or sometimes getting perturbed.  I figured she was surprised as I had forgotten to tell her about the plans the guys and I had made last night on the phone.  "Oh yes,  I forgot to tell you,  we are meeting at the bowling alley at seven pm so we can bowl a few games before the leagues take over the alleys for the night.  We will probably stay for a few beers and then go to tony's to watch some tv.. there is a big game on tonight so I will probably be late getting home tonight, I said"..  "AH,  I see," she said,  "that explains why there is a thousand dollars missing from our account.  I was going to ask you about that as I stopped at the a t m to get some cash on my way home.  So this going to tony's afterwards is about going to watch a game?  it wouldn't be about you guys getting up a card game like you did a couple of months ago.  What was it,  Oh yes,  you lost 2000 dollars to your friends.  That wouldn't be the reason why you needed a thousand dollars would it be?  If the game goes like the last one, you didn't get enough money.  "Well?  Did you really forget to tell me about going out or were you just building up a fantastic lie that you hoped you would not be caught at?   You remember what happened after that last game don't you?  You promised that you would not play poker with them again didn't you?  You might as well spill it all as you are already showing how little memory you have."
         She was now standing in front of me with her hands on her hips, a furious look on her face. and the dinner taken of the stove.  "Honey,  I really mean it.  I had forgotten to mention it to you as I said.  The plan was just bowling and then the game but when I called tony to tell him abut the trouble I found and what a great day I was having at work, he suggested that seeing my luck had changed maybe we should play cards tonight.  I was just so happy the way the day was going I picked up the money for cards on the way home.  I am sorry, I really won't play cards and I will return the money in the night deposit tonight  if I can still go out with the boys.  Please Honey,  I had to cancel the going out last month as Iwas still getting weekly spankings for that last game.  I really need to show up tonight or they will be suspicious that I am not allowed to do anything.  I will tell them that I gave you the money because you needed to go shopping and after bowling I will come straight home.  I will make an excuse they will believe.  Please Honey.  I will be embarrassed if I can't go tonight...       
          "All right,  I will think about this while we eat.  You need to be thinking about why I am so angry at you.  I understand the male need for independence in appearance anyways, but you have really screwed up.  I will allow that you were not thinking right.  after all you do that a lot.  now lets eat," she said.
           We ate in silence.  She kept looking at me .  Sometimes anger,  sometimes thoughtfulness crossed her face.  After dinner she said that she had made up her mind.  "she told me to do the dishes and that she would take the money and return it to the account in the morning.  no money in your pocket will make it easier for you to skip the card game".  With that she took her chair and placed it in the center of the kitchen.  That was not a good sign.  That is where most of the discipline spankings I get take place.  I started the dishes. She left and went upstairs.  She came back almost immediately with her big hairbrush that she had bought especially for spanking me with.  She sat on the chair and watched me wash and dry the dishes..  As I put the last one away she told me to come stand in front of her.
             It appears that you are having trouble remembering to tell me things that you plan that may effect me as well.  I am going to give you a good spanking now before I let you go out tonight.  "Please pull your pants down and lower your underwear  to bare your bottom".  I blushed but did not dare to question her reasoning.  I was used to spankings from her as my mother had suggested and shown her how to spank me when we first got married and I started screwing up.  However this was unusual.  I was going to be allowed to go out with the guys but no card game.  Well at least I would look like I could where I wanted and when. I would tell the boys my wife wanted me home early tonight because she was horney or something.  That would work.
       She said,  "I have decided that you probably need some incentive to help you remember to tell me things you plan to do so that I will not be surprised when you spring something on me.  If you make plans and don't tell me ahead of times you will get a preventative maintenance spanking to help you remember the next time".

She then uncrossed her legs,  smoothed her skirt and invited me to assume the naughty boy position that I know so well.  Her thighs support my weight with her left thigh at my somach and her right thigh midway down my thighs.. her legs are spread slightly so that I receive no stimulus in the penis area.  It just hangs between her thighs.  She had me place both hands on my back and held both thumbs in her left hand.  that makes almost like chinese handcuffs and you cannot move either hand.  She rubbed and patted the brush against my cheeks and I tried to push down on her thighs to get away from it.  She patted a few more times and said that i was wrong to even think about taking money from our account to play card, especially as she had only stopped last week with the spankings I got for that game.  Then she sighed and said," I think this may work as a reminder to let me know your plans.  I will spank you this way every time you forget or are only half truthful in your plans."  with that I felt het stop patting my back side.  I felt her shift slightly and then there was an explosion of sound and pain as the brush stung my right cheek.  I tried to push away but she had me firmly in place .  the stirred again and the left cheek started to burn.  I yelped. then the spanks started falling about 1 per second,  I was starting to wiggle about.  I felt two more smacks on my thighs.  I yelped and begged her to please stop.  "Ha, I have just gotten started.  buckle down,  this spanking will not be long but it will be efficient", she said.   That brush kept smacking and I was really dancing on her lap.  More smack to the thighs and I tried laying still again.  a few more smacks and I was dancing again.; more on the thighs..  I was really begging for it to stop now.  she paused.  "Are you learning your lesson?  Will you remember to tell me your plans in the future?  Will you never play cards with the money in our account.  If you can save some on your own then you can play but you had better never lose more than you have on you.  When I finish this spanking you will be allowed to go out but you will be home right after bowling.  If you are not home by nine thiry this evening I will assume you have forgotten and I will give more preventive maintinamce reminder spankings every night until I am sure you can remember.  We will also start the weekly maintenance spankings every sunday evening again so the night after tomorrow you will get the first..  now I am going to end tonights spanking with fifty hard fast spanks that will include your thighs also.  Hold tight and try not to move."  All hell broke out then and for about 30 seconds I was exhaling only as each smack lit another hellfire. Then it was over.  I was crying,  tears were streaking my face.  I laid there for a few minutes trying to control myself enough to get up.   Finally she helped me up.  "Stand there," she said.  she went to a cabinet and got some skin cream.  She had me go back over and rubbed it in.  I thanked her for the time she spent correcting me and also for the skin cream.  I knew from experience, no cream and blisters and such would crack and be more painful.  "All right, she said.  pull them back up,  go wash your face and comb your hair,  You look like a naughty little boy who just got a good spanking.  you need to get control of your self so you will not embarrass yourself with your friend.  Try not to squirm to much trying to sit on those hard seats at the bowling alley.  I will see you by nine thirty or I will call your mom and your sister to come and assist me while we impress how important you letting me know your plans are.  When you are ready to leave come kiss me and  I will check that you are presentable."

           Thus started a new phase of discipline for poor Tommy. so you think he will remember or will his sister and mom have to take part in his learning experience.

This is a fake art picture I created to illustrate this story.  it is made up from parts of other pictures and over painted to disguise the original portions used.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Prep School Incentive

       Your meeting with the dean of students had not gone well.  Your first semester at this excellent college prep school and you are failing most all of the subjects.  Your mom had remortgaged  her house in order to give you a better chance at getting into a better college.  your high school marks had been slightly below average but you had still passed and graduated although at the bottom twenty percent of your class.  well, your senior year in high school is only for one year so you had laid off the studying and had partied like it was your last chance in life to have a good time.  Your memories of what had happened that ended you up at this prep school instead of one of the top colleges you had applied to were flowing through mind.
         While in high school you had applied to some of the most highly rated schools in the country.  you had written a letter with each telling them of you high grades and high standing in the class.  of course you sent them when you were a junior and the marks were very  very good.  in the top 5 percent of a class of 600.  when they looked at the applications and received the final graduation standings, the good schools all said that you did not meet their standards.  Your mom, who had never worried about your marks was so upset that she told you to go to the kitchen and that you and she were going to have a talk about your future.  you went in and sat at the table and saw all the rejection letters on the table.  all opened again.  oh oh you thought.  Your saw your mom come in to the kitchen , slapping her big hairbrush  gently against her thigh as she walked.  "I wondered why you had not been excited and happy about which college you would be going to this coming fall.  then i found the letters behind the cake dish on top of the refrigerator.  i wondered why you had hid them.  then reading rejection after rejection, i was confused.  you were always such a good student i really hadn't paid any attention to your marks in the senior year.  i saw you were busy with all the senior activities so i thought that every thing was wonderful.  now come the rejections.  i called the high school.  they siad that you are barely passing but that you will graduate but they had been so busy that they figured i already knew of the problem that you were having with your priorities.  well right now i am going to discipline you the same way i did when you were in second grade.  i think that was the last time you had any problem with marks. after i spank you we will discuss your future." she said.
         I was completely flabbergasted.  I could not believe what was about to happen.  i was sure she would just say,  see this is what could have happened but as you are now an adult and about to graduate from high school we can sit down and make some real plans on how to get you into one of the colleges you should be going to.  In stead she pulled out the chair.  set down and straightened her skirt,  picked up the hairbrush and said.  "get over here now mister.  you are going to get a real lesson now about not letting your responsibilities go,  to party and celebrate instead.  now, get over here and pull your pants and drawers down to your ankles." " Mom I said.  please don't ,  i am an adult now.".   "NO, she said , you are a naughty boy who has screwed up royally and I am going to take you to task for it.  now get over my lap.  now mister".  she got up.;  stood me up.;  Pulled down my pants and drawers, grabbed my ear. led me to the chair. she sat. pulled me down and across her lap by my ear.  she bent my right arm up on my back , raised the brush and i quickly discovered that her hairbrush stung far more than i could have ever remembered. smack after smack fell.  i started to kick and plead.  "mom.  please,  this is so embarrassing.  i am to old to be spanked,  mom  ouch.  ok that's enough  i have learned my lesson".   she replied "you  better get used to it".  she  started to spank me.  the spanking went on and on.  i begged,  yelled, pleaded, finally as hard as i tryed not to, the tears started to fall.  i choked out., "mom, i am sorry..  i should have taken care of my business and kept up my marks.  i know i screwed up royally, please stop mom.,  i really need your help to get into a good school".  with that she told me to brace myself.  she then delivered about 30 of the hardest smacks i had ever had all on the place where the bottom and thighs meet.  i screamed,  cryed out loud, and then it was over.  she let me lay there for a few minutes while she gently rubbed my bottom.  told me that she would have to get a face cloth the wash the pressure blood the brush had caused.   she had me stand.  "don't touch," she said and she got a clean wash cloth,  dosed it with anti bacterial soap  and hot water then came and sat down again.  "over you go".  i positioned myself again.  the hot cloth felt cool on my burning bottom.  the soap porbably would have burned but my bottom was so sore that it felt good and cooling.  in a minute or so she said,  there now,  you are very bright red and there are some bruises , the blood was pressure blood as there are no cuts.  she rubbed again for a minute or two and then told me to go to my room and that she would be in shortly,  i started to pull my pants up but she told me, " just remove them.  lay face down on your bed and i will be in to apply some cream on the sore bottom so it won't dry out and cause more problems".  i removed my pants and picked them up and start to head to my bedroom.  i heard her say.  you still have a very cute spank tush as i was leaving the kitchen. 
          as i entered the room.  i turned on the light.  set my pants and drawers on chair by my desk.  turned my bottom toward the mirror.  took a deep breath as i looked at my bright red bottom.  blue marks and white blisters.  i ow'd a few times just looking at it.  i heard mom coming up the stairs so i quickly laid face down on the bed.  she came in with some lotion and sat beside me on the bed. she said, " i am very disappointed in you and also myself.  i thought i didn't need to check on you as your school career had always been so good.  well now i know, i need to check on the school portion of your life.  luckily i have an uncle who can get you into that prep school that is in the middle of the state.  you will have to stay in a dormatory so you will be very much on your own.  however my uncle will keep me informed as to how your marks are going and i will call you two times a week to see how things are going".  she rubbed in the lotion.   it felt good and cool.  she said, " ok get in your jammies and i will be back in to kiss my naughty boy good night and turn off the light.,  i sincerely hope you have learned your lesson and that you will apply yourself.  if i have to go to the prep school i will bring my hairbrush and you will be spanked right in your dormatory and i don't care who is around to see it. i will make the final arrangement in the next week. next september you will start there. now in the last month of school i want you to apply your self and no more of their senior party time nonsense or you will get more of my hairbrush.,  do you understand"?  "yes mom," i said meekly as i pulled up my jammy pants very gently  i laid down on the bed.  the spanking played itself out in my mind.  oh oh. how come that is happening to me.  oh yes, naked over my moms pretty lap, her skirt riding up as the spanking continued.  the spanks,. now not as stinging in my memory.  the dancing around on her lap as the brush fell.  her calm but strict words while applying the brush.  how round her bottom was and how it moved as the spanks fell.  her breast moving across on my back as the she spanked away.  i heard her enter the room again.  she came over.  patted my bottom and let her hand rest on my bottom, " wow , that really is hot.  i guess i did a good job.  i hope you learned your lesson.  remember now any bad marks and you will find yourself across my lap getting the hairbrush again..  we will chat more about prep school as the days go by.  now you can pull the covers over you if you get cold", she patted my bottom once more and leaned over and kissed me.  "i love you, mom,: i said.  she smiled and told me she loved me also . i watched her walk from the room.  she turned off the light and gently closed the door.

original story and drawing by tommyspt.  i hope you enjoyed it.  please feel free to leave comments.   

Friday, October 26, 2012

Sister teaches Your new Bride.,

       Trying to hurry up the stairs with you pants and drawers around your ankles is a difficult thing to do.  After some brief, hard spanks from each of them in the kitchen, some quick cleaning up by me with my pants still down, my mom said that it was time for us all to go to the bed room for their spanking lessons to begin.  As i tripped my way up the stairs with them smacking my bottom and thoroughly enjoying my predicament, i tried to move without tripping as best I could.  when we reached the top of the stairs my sister asked my bride if the computer chair that she had set out had wheels for moving it around and she confirmed that it did.
My sister asked me to take the chair in the hallway by a telephone desk that we had upstairs into the room with us.  She told my sister that when she spanked me i bounced around so much when she spanked me that she preferrs a hard back stable chair to sit on .  I picked it up and stumbled into the room with it, and placed it in the middle of the room where my sister pointed that she wanted it.  My sister walked to the computer chair, she picked up the hairbrush, tried it one time on her thigh and then sat down on the straight chair.
             I was nervous, intimidated, and embarrassed to be naked before these ladies.  i had been before indifferant situatuions, but never before all three and for the purpose of teaching my bride how to apply a proper spanking to me.  I felt myself becoming aroused and suddenly found the carpet to be very interesting.
             My mom told my bride that to apply a good hairbrushing the important thing is to keep the hairbrush moving on his bottom.  She said that she always felt that overlapping the strokes by a half of hairbrush width and smacking it from left to right side and from top to bottom..this allows the heat to build up and never lets an area of the bottom start to cool off .from  in attention. when you reach the bottom right cheek start over again.  Of course if you are a left handed spanker then reverse the spanks to right side, left side. Kate will show you how she snaps the brush on impact to make a stronger smack.  Kate, why don' t you start it off.
       Kate  adjusted her skirt and called me to her.  I stood in front of her as the others watched,  She said, "you know that this is not allowed,":  She tapped my arousal with the brush and then told me to "get over".  I got over her lap with my stomach over her right thigh and my upper thighs  on her left.  my arousal fell between her thighs getting no stimulus at all.  she looked to Jen and said,  "I will administer the first ten slow and will show how i snap the brush at the last moment before it smacks.  you will see his reaction as each smack hits". She raised the brush and down it came.  I lifted my head up and i yelped loudly. Kate said,  "now, did you notice that reaction.  a straight on spank with no snap , he would have just laid there and pretend it didn't hurt. Now you will see each smack will get another large reaction.. the brush started falling about every two seconds". i was kicking, begging, yelping and wriggleing,  they were all acceptable,   a;t the ninth smack i lifted my hand off the floor. Kate stopped immediately.  "Hands on the floor.  If you lift them again you will get an extra 10 when i finish,  you know better than that,  Do you not'.  "Yes, I know better and i will not do it again." i said.  The tenth smack landed just as i answered.  "All right, now i am going to spank him hard and fast, using the brush about a smack a  second for  a minite and 20 seconds,  if my timing is correct that will be eighty more or a total of ninth spanks..  he will probably be a very sorry boy when i am at that point.  I will stop for about 10 seconds and then give him ten more as hard and fast as i can give them.  then we will talk again"..  I felt her shift and then the spanking started again.  the pain built and built.  i begged some more,  i did everything i could except take my hands off the floor to try and protect my bottom.  past experience had shown me that that was not a good idea no matter how much my bottom burned.  It went on for what seemed like an hour but as she had said it was just over a minute.  she paused.  i looked over at my bride and mom.  they were watching with great interest at the proceedings., then the ten quick spanks started and landed.  i was so glad part one was over.  my bottom felt like someone had run a hot iron over it.  my legs were sore from  kicking and my neck was sore from raising and lowering my head so rapidly so many times as the brush punished me.  jJn walked over with a slight smile on her face. "well,  that was very informative. "I think he looked cute kicking and whining like a five year old",. she said as she examined my red sore bottom while i still laid across kate's lap.   Kate added, that "when I stopped tonight  is the point where the spanking actually starts.  up to this point was just to get his attention, Isn't that right, Tommy"  I answered "Yes,  Ma'am".  Kate told me to get up and stand by the chair.  she stood and looked to Mom,  "Who' s next"?  "Jen" , Mom said, "lets see how much she learned about snapping the brush", .

hw]ere ends part two of Teaching Tommy's Bride to Spank.   I apologize for being so long between part 1 and part 2.   I had lots of pictures ofthe model of Kate i used.  apparently they were on a portable hard drive i had that crashed,  I spent about 3 weeks looking for other pictures of Kate and finally had to build her from other pictures to illustrate this part of the story..

this is a fake art picture created by tommyspt.  the models used are made up from several models  snipped and cut into the models that now show.  they are over painted also to make them look even more different

I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to comment on the stories..

Monday, September 24, 2012

Mom and Sister train your new Bride

My Bride was fed up with me.  Everything I did was only half done and usually she had to finish it up for me. We got into a big argument and it ended with her saying " I am going to call your Mom.  At the wedding she told me to watch for you sloppy and lazy ways and that I should call her if  a problem developed.  Well it seems that the time has come. You go to work and we will discuss this further when you get home tonight".  I hesitated for just a minute and she actually took me by the ear and ushered me out the door.  I could understand her being angry at me as I had sluffed off all my week end projects and now my bride was going to have to finish them up and today was a day off that she had been looking forward to for quite some time.  I got in my car and headed to work although all I could hear in my mind was her saying, "I am going to call your Mom,  I am going to tell her hat a lazy jerk you are and ask her how to handle you".  Well she didn't actually say the last statement but I am sure that  it is what she meant.  This concerned me alot because my Bride did not know how my mom had kept me a model boy and young man with lots of corrective discipline at home.  Both my Mom and my sister took part in very long scolding,  very hard spanking discipline.  Mom said that it had worked for me as a child and had continued it for as long as I lived at home. My sister was 4 years older than me and had been invited by mom to participate as soon as she was baby sitter age when she said to her, ''I guess now that you are wanting to baby sit for others that it is time you learn the way to corrrect a naughty boy for your self so I will teach you how to administer a good and proper spanking.  I know you have watched me spank Tommy many times but you need to learn how to get more action from the naughty boy with the way the hairbrush lands.  You have seen him beg,  cry and make promises but if you are taking time to discipline a boy, he needs a thorough lessen taught or he will think you are weak and take advantage of you."  My mom was a very good teacher.  She trained my sister over the next week and by the week end I really had a weak end.  Sorry about the humor attempt but sometimes I just can'thelp myself.  My sister became a very popular baby sitter for  neighborhood boys and was even sometimes called just to administer a spanking.  I should say at this time it was the early 1950;s and spanking was just a fact o life for naughty boys growing up.  everyone of authority could and would spank you and then report you to your mom so you would get more at home..  My sister also became a co-spanker with my mom and when I got spanked,. she also gave me a lesson as well.  I should also state that when I was living at home spankings were not all that common.  a lesson usually kept me paying attention for a couple of weeks but they were all very memorable looking back on them.
              The work day was over and I was on my way home.  It seemed strange that my Bride had  had not called me to ask how my day was going.  Then I remembered she had the day off and was probably spending the day spoiling herself.  When I got home and her car was not in the driveway I was a little concerned.  When I opened the door, the wonderful aroma of a nice pot roast dinner. came thruogh to my nose.   I saw the slow cooker on the counter and a note.    I opened the note.  It said I am spending the day shopping with the girls.  Should be home by ^:30 PM when the dinner will be ready.  will see you then.  Ah, All was right with the world.  My favorite dinner on and soon to be ready.  My bride had spent the day shopping with the girls so she will be in a great mood when she gets home.  It looks like all is forgiven and forgotten about our spat this morning.  Ah, Life is good.  I went into the living room and turned on the news on tv and settled in my chair with the news paper as well.  About 6:25 pm  i heard the kitchen door open.   My Bride came in and announced, "We are home,  I'll call you when dinner is on the table.  I thought to my self, "We"?  Oh well,  in a few minutes dinner will be ready.  I returned to the article I  was reading in the paper.  I heard a knock on the door and my bride answered the back door.  " HI, she said, glad you could make it.  dinner is just about on the table.  I am going to call Tommy in just a minute.  Ah,m i thought,  guests for dinner tonight.  no wonder we are having pot roast.  A few minutes later she called me to come for dinner.
              "Well, I must say it really smells really good."  I said as I made my way into the kitchen.   I stopped dead as I was entering the kitchen.  At the table my Mom and sister were sitting looking at me with a serious look on their faces. My mouth dropped open,  I wanted to turn and run, but I knew it would do no good.  I walked like a doomed man to the table and sat down  next to my sister.  My Bride was sitting in my usual place at the head of the table.  My Mom said, "It looks like he has guessed why we are here.  Well, we will have a nice discussion while we eat and then Kate will show you what your sister and she bought this afternoon."  As the food was being passed around I helped myself to my favorite dinner,.  I thought,  "The condemned man gets his favorite for a final meal before the execution.   The talk at supper was mainly about how glad my Mom was that Kate ha called her.  She could see how I was slipping and that the lack of discipline was obviously the problem.  She said that she was going to call Kate to discuss my problems that she saw developing.  My Sister chimed in that  she was going to call her also  as I had been rude to her one day when I ran into her at the drug store and I had told her, " every thing is fine so just butt out," and had left in a puff of fury.  that had been on Friday and that she had stewed over my remark for the whole week end.  She was very glad when Mom had called her to say that Kate was asking for help with my behavior.  She called early this morning after I had left for work and asked her if she was spanking me for small problems before they turn into bigger ones.  Kate had just stopped talking.  finally she said, "Spank him?  No, it never entered my mind.  after all he is 24 years old,  a college graduate, has a good job with alot of future potential,  it is just something that would have never entered my mind."  Jan, that is my sister spent a long time telling her about how I was always in trouble.  mom spanked me once in a while and then things were better for a while.  then As he was a ten,  he was in more trouble,  all the time it seemed.  Mom new I was starting baby sitting and she decided that I needed to know how to deliver a good spanking to naughty boys so she taught me how to use a good hairbrush to really get a boys attention  when disciplining him.  the change in him was amazing.  He became a very polite attentive boy unlike alot of his friends
  I sent there moms an advertisement saying that I was a strict baby sitter who sat not only for young children but also older ones that need a firm hand or hairbrush.  Business was booming and a lot of his friends behavior improved also."  Well any hope I had about not getting spanked tonight just flew out of the window. To be sure   Jan said, "Well Tommy, I guess we are through with dinner so could you please clear the table".  My Bride added, "Just leave the pot roast in the pan, it needs to cool before being put away.  I"ll put it away after our chore for this evening is over."  I was a little upset, mostly  with myself as I had realized that I was not being as nice to my Bride as I was to the rest of my family.  As I was putting the dishes in the sink I dropped one.  Luckily it did not break, but my Mom, was quick to correct me.  "Tommy come over here right now.  What do you mean throwing a dish into the sink like that?' Mom demanded.  I told her, "It slipped,  I did not do it on purpose.  It didn't break," I explained.  Well you need to be more careful."  Mom said, "Sometimes he rebels a little when he knows he is going to be spanked.  The best thing to do is give him some extra's before the actual spanking begins.   Pants and underwear down to your ankles now.  She picked up a big serving spoon, bent me over her thigh while standing and delivered 20 hard smacks with that silver serving spoon.  I yelped with each one. " Now go to you sister.  I hobbled over, she stood and also placed me as my mom had and delivered 20 more.  I started to beg.  now got to Kate and ask her to give you her first spanks ever.  Kate did the same to get me in position.  As she raised the spoon. Mom said "give him 20 very hard and aim for where the bottom and the thigh meet".  Kate did as told.  I begged again.  now tell him to get back to the dishes and leave his pants and drawers where they are.  With tears in my eye's I hobbled back to the sink and gently started to wash the dishes while they talked about the licks they had just given me.  Mom said , "It is a good start."  As I finished the dishes my Mom suggested  "I sit for a few minutes because shortly I will not want to sit for a long time."  I sat gently.  My bride reached down under her side of the table and brought up a small bag that said the antique emporium on the bag.  She reached in and took out a very nice box.  She carefully opened it and took out a very large ebony hairbrush.  you could tell that it was very old by the color of the bristles.  She showed it to me and tapped her hand with it a few times.  Jan says that this is the best spanking brush made.  it is antique and over 70 years old.  the bristles are like brand new but the back has a pattena worn into it.  The dealer said that it was a brush that was never used for brushing hair.  Only to spank naughty people that need its attention.  I am sure I will get great use out of it with you.  Your Mom and sister think you need at least weekly spankings for a while to teach you to remember how to behave.  I think I am going to go along with the suggestion.  They say they will be sure that I am a real spanking disciplinarian by the time they go home tonight and that I can call them any time I think you need more that one teacher on a given night.  My Bride handed the brush to my Mom and she slapped her thigh lightly with it.  oooohh, she said.  that brush is slightly larger and heavier than mine but very similar to the one Jan has.  It should suit your purposes well..  So have you decided where you will give MOst of his spankings at?  Yes, I set my desk chair up in the middle of the bed room and I will bring the brush up with me and leave it on my dresser.  It is convenient to the bed if he needs time to lay down and sulk and compose himself.  Yes  it is also a nice private place if there are company  at the time that you don't want to disturb them.  just excuse the both of you and spank away. Leave the door open so others can hear the smacks and cry's.  All right. My Bride said,  I think its time for us to head up stairs.  Mom said to let me lead the way with my pants and drawers still down.  It will embarrass him and also give us a few laughs to lighten the chore we are about to have to do.
     Here ends Part one.  these stories seem to get longer and longer.  It also will be a chance for me to have to get back to doing more fake art pictures.  enjoy.  I will really try to have part 2 up before long.  I have done one proof read but I am sure I will have to edit it again after my eyes relax a little.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

one of my favorite old drawings

I did this drawing many years ago and I just finished it up about 2 weeks ago.  I absolutely fell in love with the model.   To me the skirt is so sexy with the button up side and the very professional high collar shirt.  I regret that when I started drawing this I was still mainly interested in how the lady looked and quite lax on drawing guys.  I really thought about erasing him out and redrawing him but then I so loved drawing this that to change the original seemed not right somehow.. I am not writing a whole story on this one as it would follow in on the last three stories that I have written.  Sometimes I just can't get out of a mood when writing.  I can picture how this skirt will fall on her lap when she sits.  Poor tommy must have done something really bad for her to decide that the groundings and such just have not worked,  He knew that she had been reading books on discipline for older teens that revert to childish problems.  Tommy thought that being 18 meant that he was a full grown man and no longer would he be receiving such childish punishments any more.  today however he and his best friend started harassing one of the geeks in school.  Finally they knocked him down and  took the little money he had.  Unfortunately the lunch room monitor witnessed it all.  Tommy and his friend were both  suspended.  Your mom had to leave work to take you home. When you walked into the living room following you mom, she had chewed you out for the whole 1/2 hour it took to get home.  Once in the house she looked at you and said, " Ok,  you are acting like a 12 year old again . bullying another student at school.  suspended for the week, well that's the last straw.  you take off your pants and underwear and wait right there".  She pulled the chair from her writing desk out and turned it to the middle of the room.  She went into the bathroom and got her old hairbrush and came back. Your pants were around your your ankles and your underwear were down to your knees.  You also had the start of an arousal.  Your mom said, "Well some things never change..  get the pants and underwear completely off,  I had a problem getting them over my sneakers. so she told me to remove those also and then come stand beside me.  I managed to get them off and then the pants and underwear.  Now naked from the waste down.  A very hard arousal pointing at my mother,  I watched her sit down, smooth down her skirt, wiggle around a little to loosen the material so she would be more comfortable while attending to the chore at hand.  she beckoned me over to her.  I went and stood beside her.  she picked up the brush and slapped her hand lightly with it.  She looked at my arousal.  Shook her head and told me to get over her lap.  She quickly adjusted me to where my bottom was right in front of her.   Stomach on her left thigh and thighs on her right thigh.  My arousal resting on the fabric between..  She reviewed why I was in the position that I was in.  She told me that as of now she was going to keep close track of my behavior and that spankings were going to be my punishment again  as I was suspended for the week I would be spanked every day when she got home from work and that I would have chores to do to keep me busy while she was a work.  She would call an check to be sure I was doing what I was supposed to do.  "Did i understand."?  I said "yeah".  She gave me a swat that was so hard I screamed,, ow.  "I asked if you understood and you gave me an attitude..  so do you understand." Mom said?   "Yes",  I said,.  Another very hard spank.  Mom said, "You will call me mother when I am spanking you.  do you understand?"  "Yes Mother",  I yelped.  All right,  lets get down to business" She said. The brush fell  hard and fast for a couple of minutes.  I was hoping it was over.  Instead she started very hard spanks,  each stoke just overlapping the preceding one.  I was crying,  begging.  I really needed her to stop.  After around 40 smacks she said, "ok, now comes the real spanking,"  and the spanks came hard and fast again  moving continually all over my bottom.  I realized this was going to go on forever if I didn't stop fighting her   I laid still.  She said. " it appears that the lesson is going well.   Twenty more slow and hard should do the trick". and then she told me to go and stand in the corner . After a half an hour she called me to the kitchen.  we discussed the problem of the day.  She assured me that spankings would be a nightly procedure for this week.  I was grounded and not to leave the house at all. She also said, "spankings were back and any time that I caused a problem at school or home she would be glad to give me more.  Now I want you to write about what happened at school.  How you inconvenienced me and how you understand the reason for returning to spanking as a punishment for you.  I will read and grade it every night starting tomorrow, you will write it in between chores and if I don't think you have learned the lesson from the night before we will continue your daily spankings even after you return to school.  I recommend you give it alot of thought when writing.  You can start writing now at the desk and at nine o'clock you will kiss me and go to bed.  I don't like having to spank you again but I do love you and will continue to spank you as long as you need it."
I set gently on the hard chair and began to write.  every once in a while, checking to see if mom was really watching to see that I was doing as I was told.  Yes she was. 

Well their I go again.  when I see this drawing the story just has to go with it.  hope you enjoyed it.   Please feel free to comment.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Principals application

Well this morning has been a waste of a school day so far.  My meeting with the principal showed what the surprise my mom had mentioned after my severe spanking at home was over.  Could I pay attention in class? No, not at all.  I did pay attention in English when Ms
 Stern, wearing her usual short tight skirt skirt gave the class from seated on the front of her desk.  I was looking at her lap,  crossed legs, gorgeous,
found myself wishing that she was going to spank me after class.  I got an erection, thinking of what it would be like over her thighs , wiggling around, trying to avoid the smacks that she would be applying to my bottom. Would I be brave enough to not cry and beg.  I looked at her bare arms as she was in a short sleeved shirt.  She looked strong, I remembered I had seen her carrying armloads of heavy books  to the storeroom and back,  Yes, she would be very strong.  I would have to be very brave to withstand a spanking from her.  Suddenly  I realized that she was calling my name.,  I said, "Yes Ma'am", and then I realized that she had asked a question.  I said could you please repeat the question?"  She told me, "stand up when i call on you, I was thinking that you were not paying attention to what I was saying.  Now stand up."  I get up and then realized that I was extremely aroused and my pants were pointing straight out in front of me.  Everyone started laughing and Ms Stern looked at me.  "All right". she said  "You will see me after the class". She recrossed her legs and I was so wanting class to end.  Shortly, the bell rang and everyone started to leave.  I walked over to her desk and she got up from the front of the desk and walked around and pulled out her chair.  "Well  Thomas, It seems that you are very distracted this morning. Is it because of your meeting with the principal after lunch today?  Yes I know what is going to happen and I know why, I ran into your mom when she was coming in to drop off her hairbrush.  I got one just like it and now that I know about your discipline permission slip I will be keeping an eye on you.  Your mom told me if I ever have a problem I should call her and she will invite me over so we can both give you the correction you need.  That little erection problem you had today was not the first time I have seen you getting aroused looking at my legs and even some of the girls in the class.  What were you thinking of when you got aroused?"  I knew better than to lie to her, so I told her "I was wondering what it would be like to be spanked over your knee.  I would not like it I am sure but I was wondering."  She smiled, "she said that she had seen that look before and also had heard the same story many times.  She said that soon she will find a reason to visit your mom and you will find out for yourself.  Now get to your class before you are late and sent to the principals office".
             The next class went by fast as Mr Parks had never excited me at all.  Class was over and it was time for lunch.  I ran into Jimmy and David in the lunch room..  They were both wondering what was going on with me  They both got saturday service sentences for the month.  The naughty students come in and help the teachers or principal with projects for the whole day. call it community service. "So what happened with you."  Jimmy said. I hemmed and hawed for a bit and then said "It hasn't been decided yet,  I have to see the principal again right after lunch."  Jimmy snorted out loud.  "So it is you that is going to get spanked by the principal in her office.  I heard rumors, she was going to give the first spanking in 15 years."  I wanted to get up an leave,  if Jimmy and Dave knew then the whole school was going to know.  Suddenly having everyone laugh at me when I stood up in Ms Scanlons class made more sense.  "How can you let her do that,  I thought that was against the law now". Jimmy said.  "Well my mom never changed the discipline permission slip in my file since back in 1st grade.  The principal called her  to see if there was some mistake. My mom told her no and that she expected the punishment to be applied.   You guys know that my mom still spanks me. you have heard her do it in the next room. Well I got a real long hard spanking last night and I have to see the principal for another after lunch.  I have to be in the office at one oh five or there will be extra.  I will be spanked by my moms hairbrush which she brought in this morning for the principal to use.  the principal says that she will buy one to keep on hand in case of further use before graduation.  Also I will be spanked again tonight because she has always said a spanking in school gets one at home that night.  I have to bring the brush home with me after school.  Also the offense that started all this is serious enough so every saturday I will get a maintenance spanking.for the next month. So while you guys are here in school I will be getting spanked and doing corner time and chores. I was told the office discipline is confidential so that no one will know whats going on but I got everyone grinning or laughing at me.  My mom came in and told the story to Ms Stern and now it seems that she might want in on this also.  The bell rang so i told Jimmy and dave that i would see them later., gotta hurry I told them."
               I walked into the office at one oh four.  Ms Clancy said ,  "It is good that you are on time, you would not want to be late for your meeting with Ms Scanlon", she turned to the girls in the office and said, " that she was going to be in conference with Ms Scanlon and Thomas.  Please answer the phone and tell folks that we will return their calls when the meeting is over.the girls all were looking at me with big smiles on their faces.  I hung my head and followed Ms Clancy into the office.  Ms Scanlon had just set an adjustable  seat in front of her desk and another wooden chair just off to the left and in front of the adjustable chair.  She walked over and picked up my Moms' hairbrush from on top of a book case and tried it out easy on the palm of her hand.  Her eyes opened wide and she shook her hand.  Then she tried it on the side of her thigh.  she emitted a small ouch and said, "well this brush will surely do" she brought it over and gave it to Ms Clancy for her opinion.  She did the same testing.  Ms Clancy said,  "antique ebony hairbrush,  Heavy hard wood and a nice 10 inches long with a 4 inch paddle back. this is going to really get to the seat of the problem."  She handed it back to Ms Scanlon who went to the adjustable chair and sat down.  She checked the height to be sure her lap was perpendicular to floor,  She moved a little more forward on the chair and smoothed down her skirt.. set the brush on her lap and said that Ms Clancy can sit in the other chair that she had placed to allow her the best view to witness the spanking.  She also can get up and move around if she wishes.  Now Thomas,  the file says that you must be bare bottom for your spanking.  Both myself and Ms Clancy have given many spankings in our lives and we know that this is embarrassing for the person being spanked.  we can assure you that we have seen many naughty boys in the same position that you now find yourself  in. You need not be embarrassed by being naked from the waist down in front of us.  Please come stand in front of me and lower your trousers and underwear.  I flushed a very bright red when I pulled them down both at once to get it over with... then the arousal started.  I could feel the blood rushing into it and it was growing and getting hard.   Ms Scanlon told me to turn toward my left so that Ms Clancy could see what was happening.  Both of them watched with interest as it continued to grow and even got so hard it started to curve back at me.  I can honestly say that it was the hardest boner I had ever had in my life.  Ms Clancy asked if they sexually excited me.  I said "no.  I am so nervous about this spanking."  She said that that was the correct answer.  If I had said I was sexually excited I would have had an extra 50 smacks added when the spanking would have ended.  Ms Scanlon told me to turn so my back side was facing her.,  she looked at my bottom and said , "well you had a very good spanking last night but it seems to have healed pretty well it is only pink with a couple of red spots left.  You should be able to take a very hard spanking again.:  sSe had me shuffle over to Ms Clancy and she examined my bottom also including setting her palms against the main area.  "She said it is still warm but I concur.  A good spanking will be ok today. Please go stand by Ms Scanlon again so she can ask you if you know why you are here and why you are going to be spanked."  I shuffled over to her.  she had me face her.  I was looking down at her as she sat in front of me.  she had the brush in her right hand and was tapping it lightly against her palm.  I noticed how lovely her lap looked . Her skirt fell about half way to her knees and her lap looked strong and level.  A very good platform to lay a naughty boy across.  My arousal started bend back toward me even more.  I looked at the clock on the wall quickly and saw that it was one fifteen,  it seemed this had been going on for an hour but only 10 minutes had past.  I reviewed our taking a skip day to go to the amusement park,  no we didn't realize that we were supposed to let someone know where we were going.  Yes we and I  especially are sorry that the police were looking for us most of the day.  Yes we filed the reports with the police.  yes my mom had given one of the hardest spankings I had ever gotten.  Yes I was very very sorry and yes I do want to graduate this coming spring.  No I will not get in trouble ever again. Yes I know if I do get in trouble I will be right back inhere for a spanking again.. Ms Scanlon asked if she had covered everything,  Ms Clancy said that yes she had.  Just them the intercom went off.  Ms Scanlon asked Mr Clancy to answer it  as she would not be able to concentrate on spanking if it keeps going off.  Ms Clancy asked what the clerks wanted.  they said my Mom was on the line and wanted to know if things were going alright.   Ms Clancy told her to tell my mom I was just about to get in position over Ms Scanlons lap and that she should call back in about 15 minutes".  I heard back ground laughter when Ms Clancy said that.  "Alrught"  Ms Clancy said., " lets get on with this" Ms Scanlon helped me hobble to her right side and gently tugged me over her knee.  She didn't like the position so she had me stand up and  and said I want your bottom right on top of my lap so I can feel when the erection goes away".  I reset myself as directed.  The warmth of her thighs felt very warm.  She asked me to put my right hand on my back and she gripped it and pulled it up where I could not move.  She looked at Ms Clancy and said "Alright, I am ready to begin."  She moved just a little, I felt her lean slightly left and then there was an explosion of sound and the brush smack,  I expected it but I still yelped.  Even though i had been spanked last night, you never remember how bad it stings until the brush is striking again.  She spanked like my mom. started at the top of the bottom. one side then the other then down one hair brush width and so on when she reached 9 spanks she was on the spot where the bottom and thigh meet.  one on each side and then back to the top again.  man did it sting.  I was already rolling on her lap. She told Ms Clancy that my erection decided to leave by the fourth spank.  It went on for a full ten minutes, not much talking she scolded while she continued to spank.  my bottom was on fire .  I had real tears forming.  Ms Clancy got up from the chair and moved closer where she could see my bottom.  the brush kept falling.  I started howling.  The begging had started about 2 minutes into the actual spanking.  Ms Scanlon stopped and asked how Ms Clancy thought it was comng.  She said. "well it's been a good spanking  I would say thirty hard fast spanks should bring him to no resistance". Then it started  hard and fast  I couldn't breath it hurt so 'much.  All air going out in sobs and  tears flowing down my eyes.,  This spanking had left me just laying across her lap sobbing . no more begging, no kicking my feet.  just plain worn out.  Ms Scanlon said, "I think the lesson has been driven home."  Ms Clancy said "I concur".  Ms Scanlon let me lie there for a few minutes until I was breathing normal again.  "Alright,Thomas, get off my lap and face me again" Ms Scanlon said.  She quickly smoothed her skirt down again as it had ridden most of the way up her thighs and then went over the reasons why my spanking had taken place and said that she hoped I wouldn't be back here again but if needed she would gladly do it again.  she said I was to leave my pants down and stand in the corner to the right of her desk.  Ms Clancy helped me shuffle to the corner. the intercom rang again and Ms Scanlon answered it this time.  "yes put her thru, I will talk to her".  She picked up the phone.  She said, " yes it is over and he is in the corner recovering.  yes he kicked and such, but in the end he just lay there and cried.  yes that is good for them to do.  I will release him early and yes I will send the hairbrush home with him.  I saw one just like it on ebay and have ordered one for the school if any other permission slips so direct spanking.  Thank you for letting me borrow it.  Ms Clancy had put back both of the chairs and said that she was going to return to the outer office.  Ms Scanlon said to send in Ruthy,  "I need her to take a note to Thomas's 6th period class saying that I have dismissed him for the day.  Thank you for your help Ms Clancy."  She said  "My pleasure.  haven't seen a spanking like that in a long time.  I started to ask Ms Scanlon to let me pull up my pants before Ruthie came in but she told me it was part of my punishment.  you may pull them up when I say you can and not before.  a knock.  Ms Scanlon  said "come in".  Ruthy came in and immediately spotted me with my pants down and bright red bottom on display.  She smiled at Ms Scanlon and said,  'you have a message for me to deliver".  "Yes" she said as she handed the note to her.  was it quiet in the office while we were having our meeting.  she said for the first part of it but after about 10 minutes it sounded like someone was getting spanked and he sure made a lot of noise".  well Ms Scanlon said. "some times a principal just has to go the extra distance to teach a lesson.  Isn;t that right Thomas".  "Yes, Ma'am"  I sobbed.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

the next day at school

"Tommy, you have been taking way to long this morning.  You need to hurry up or you will be late for school and you don't want that to happen after yesterdays stupidity on your part.  Also I need to apply lotion again this morning.  that was a very hard spanking I gave you last night," Mom yelled up the stairs to me.  "I'm hurrying, mom, I will be there in just a minute, I am combing my hair." I called back and I hurried down the stairs.  Breakfast smelled good this morning, hash brown potato, a ham slice and eggs with toast and jam.  "Hurry and eat she said and then I will apply lotion before you leave for school," mom said.  I ate fast, quickly rewashed my hands and wiped my face.  Mom cane back into the kitchen carrying jar of body creme and she pulled out a chair, sat down and called me to her.  "take them down and over you go", she said.  I pulled down my pants and underwear and laid over her lap.  She rubbed body lotion into my still sore and hot bottom from last night.   Then with a couple of swift and light slaps she said, "All right, get off to school," she told me.  "I have to meet with the principal later this morning . I know that you have never been in trouble at school and a few weeks before graduation is not a good time to start getting in trouble.  You listen to the principal, don't argue, just accept whatever punishment she decides for you."  Yes Mom "you said as you hurried out the door.
        I met Jimmy and Dave down the street from my house.  They were upset.  "Why isn't that skip day rule written down some place where we could see it". We all agreed, we hadn't wanted to cause trouble but  we only had heard that skip day was the right of a senior that would graduate this year,.  We decided that yesterday was the right day for us as the amusement park was still open and there would be hardly anyone around.  we were correct on that point.  we had a great day.  Later we found out that we were missing persons and the police were looking for us.  After a long time at the police station while paperwork was cleared our parents took us home.  Jimmy and Dave were upset because they said it wasn't our fault.  They both were grounded for a month and then the parents would review there behavior and decide  if more punishment was needed.  This morning all three of us had to meet with the principal and find out what she had in mind as punishment for us.
    We got into our homeroom and our teacher told us that after attendance was taken we were to go directly to the principals office.  We did as we were told.  We walked into the principals front office and the secretary and clerks all looked at us when we came in.  "Please sit over there" the secretary said.  Some of the clerks were smiling at me mainly.  WE sat down and found that the floor in front of us was very interesting as we all stared hard at it. In a few minutes the Principal came out and said, "send David and James in.  Please keep Thomas waiting there for me".  The guys  looked at me as they got up and went into the office.  I started to figit as my bottom was still sore and it was difficult to sit on a hard wooden chair.  I looked up and saw one of the clerks ( the clerks are all high school students who are majoring in business, they get credit as staff assistants that they can put on their resume's which looks good to business schools that they will apply to) grinning at me.  The others started to snicker as well.  Finally one said  "Tommy's going to get spanked" and they all broke down laughing.  I asked,"What?" in disbelief.  The secretary told them to control themselves, " You know that school discipline is private and does not get spoken about outside of this office."  Yes Ma'am" they all said and returned to their work..  however they still glanced at me and smiled.  After 10 minutes had passed Jimmy and Dave came out and walked past me without even looking at me. they went back to classes.
         Ms. Scanlon the principal came out and said, Tell Thomas that I am ready to talk with him now.  Please get his file and bring it in as we are going to chat about portions of his file.  Ms Clancy got up and opened a cabinet and started looking thru it.  Finally she said to Patty, "where did you put Thomas's file."  I left it on top of the cabinet as I knew you would be looking for it after I put in Ms. Scanlons updates to it, Patty said with a slight grin.. Thank you said Ms Clancy and she looked at me and said follow me.  I rose and went with her.  When we entered Ms Scanlon was seated at the edge of her desk in front of a chair. another chair was moved to her side.   Ms Clancy went to the chair and sat with the file in her hand.  Ms Scanlon said for me to be seated.  She saw me wince as I sat down.  Why are all the student chairs in a principals office hard wood without padding?  Ms Scanlon smiled knowingly at me.  "Well I see your mom is really serious about your discipline permission  form in your file.  You are sitting like a very well spanked boy.  i have spanked quite a few in my time but not for many years now.  Ms Clancy will you please read the date the form was signed and what the form calls for in the way of discipline."
         Ms Clancy crossed her legs and opened the file.  The page she wanted was right on top with a new page stapled to it.  Ms  Clancy started reading. Your Mom filled this out 12 years ago as you were entering first grade.  Every year the schools have asked her to update the form but she has stated time and again that the original form is still the preferred punishment.  She read from the form, "If Thomas misbehaves the punishment that works best for him is to spank him long and hard with a large hairbrush, over your knee, and on his bare backside and upper thighs.  This is how he has always been punished at home  and I wish it to be continued at school if he ever needs one.  The discipline works real well at home and as i have said, he will probably never need to be spanked at school but if it is necessary i would prefer it be carried out by the principal at the first available moment.''  With that Ms Clancy Handed the form to Ms Scanlon.  Ms Scanlon said that she had called my mom to verify that the form was correct.  Ms Scanlon said, " I see by the way you sat down that your mom has already spanked you at home."  I nodded that she had.  Well the first opportune moment will be this afternoon after lunch,   the school no longer has a decent hairbrush to give a spanking with.  Your mom specifies a large wooden hair brush.  I asked the girls and Ms Clancy if they had a hairbrush with them, They all did but none are what the form calls for.  I called your mom and she is going to bring her hairbrush in for me to use.  She said that she would drop it off at lunch time so after lunch you have a study period, so you will report here for your spanking.  Your mom will not be able to stay for your spanking but says she will also give you another tonight as if you get spanked at school you also getit at home, so after I am done I will give the brush to you in a bag for you to give back to your mom at home.  It certainly has been a long time since I have given a spanking but I am sure that I remember how and will give you one that will pass your mom's inspection when i get home.  Ms Clancy will have to witness your spanking from the doorway to meet the old rules on corporal punishment must be witnessed by an observer."
"Please", I begged, "If she stands in the doorway the girls working as clerks will hear me being spanked".  "Well,"  Ms Scanlon considered,  "I am sure they will hear anyhow, but it would be more private if she came in to witness it.  Ms Clancy, can you get the girls to cover the phones while I take care of the business after lunch?"  "Yes, I am sure one of the girls will be glad to cover the phones as they are doing now," Ms Clancy said with a slight smile.  "All right, I guess that concludes our business until after lunch.  Thomas , You will be here in the office no later than five minutes past one.  I will then talk about what has brought you to this discipline session and then it will be carried out.  Ms Clancy will witness to keep with the rules of corporal discipline. See you at one oh five, Thomas.,  enjoy your lunch" Ms Scanlon said. 
     Here Ends Part One

Part Two will be on before the end of today.

Monday, August 20, 2012

RedRump: Stay Still !

RedRump: Stay Still !

Red Rump is one of my favorite artists on the web.  i love his techique'

Sunday, August 19, 2012

It had been a real fun day,  myself and two of my best buddies.  It started when we heard other seniors talking about a skip day for seniors.  They said everyone is allowed one day their senior year to skip school and enjoy a day .  We decided seeing the amusemant park up the street was still open that tomorrow would be a great day to go to the park rather than sitting around in classes that after 12 years we were sick of.  In the morning we met near the school.  Jim had taken his car and we loaded up and headed for the park.  Wow, compared to week days when school was out, there was hardly anyone there.  We rode all the rides as many times as we wanted and around the time school got out we left the park and went by school.  Some of the kids asked where we were all day.  We told them we took a skip day.  They looked at us and said "are you serious?"  Skip days are planned ahead with the teachers and school officials so that you don't miss any work.  In math, the teacher got a call from the attendance office worker and asked if you were present.   The math teacher asked if anyone had seen you today so we told her no we hadn't.  Apparently they called your homes and your moms just said that you left for school on time this morning and they thought you were there. The police were  notified and they still are searching for you.  On our way home a police car pulled us over and checked our id's.  They said a missing person report had been filed on each of us.  We told him that we took our skip day that seniors are allowed every year.  Well they took us to the police station and 3 hours later the paper work was cleared up.  We were sent home and told that we were to report to the principal for school discipline in the morning,  When i got home my mom was waiting and frantic.  I told her what had happened and she told me what we did was stupid and dangerous also.  Someone could have been hurt when the police were hunting for us all day.  With that she told  to set the chair in the middle of the living room and that she would be right back to take care of the business that needed to be taken care of.  I started to complain but the look she gave me made me change my mind.  Yes, in about a minutes time she came back into the living room carryng her large black ebony hairbrush.  I probably forgot to tell you that I still am spanked at home by my mom when I do something wrong.  she came to the chair and said, "Pants and underwear down,  you know the drill."  I stammered, "Yes Ma'am," and pulled them down.  She sat down in front of me and smoothed her skirt and said, "Ok, the whole story and don't leave anything out." I wobbled a little from worry about what was going to happen and twisted my hands as i told her the story of our day.She asked me if we had had a good time and I told her it was fabulous.  We had the roller coasters all to ourselves for the whole day.  It was wonderful.  She said, "do you know how much you made me worry and also everyone else that looking for you."  I paused and thought and told her, "We were just having our senior skip day.  We didn't know that what we were doing is wrong."  "You didn't verify with anyone about how senior skip day works at all,  you just went off for a holiday for your selves. well I guess I  have got  serious lesson to teach you about knowing the rules and notifying people in responsible positions as to what you are doing when you are not where you are supposed to be.  Please step between my legs and face to the right. now lay over my right thigh.  i am going to have to leg lock you in place because this is going to be a very hard , long spanking and I don't want you getting out of position." she told me. " Please, Mom,  I know we did wrong.  we did't know it at the time but we do now.  Please" my voice trailed off as she pushed me over and then locked her left leg over mine. She adjusted me some and then  Smack, the first spank fell.  I gasped,  I didn;t remember it stinging so much,  in the next 30 seconds that brush connected my butt area at least forty times.  I was already crying and pleading with all my best whining I had learned over the years.  It did no good at all, the intensity of the spanks kept building. i was trying to wiggle and move my bottom but there was no way.  I started to cry louder and plead and beg louder.  That was answered with a new assault on the tops of my thighs where they meet my butt.  I screamed.  "Ah" she said, "now we are starting to get somewhere."  She then started harder and faster spanks covering my whole bottom.  The tears were really flowing and the fight was gone from me.  i just lay limp over her lap and cryed.  " There now ," she said. "It looks like the lesson has been taught.  Now go upstairs and get your pajamas on then come to the kitchen"  she stood up and looked at me. Iwas red faced and sobbing.  tears running down my face. She said be fore you go put the chair back,  I did and ran up stairs and fell on my bed sobbing. 
About a minute later,     Mom, called up the stairs and asked if i was coming down right now or if she needed to come up for more spanking tonight.   the jammies went on in a hurry and down i ran.  I had a sandwich she had made and we talked about the spanking I had just gotten.  I said that i had learned my lesson and that I was ready for any punishment the school would want to put on me.  i looked at my mom.  she smiled and winked at me and said, "I hope so, you may find it surprising."  With that she told me off to bed.  I again moved quickly.  I laid on my stomach and pulled the covers over me.  The heat from my bottom was over powering.  I pulled my jammies down and pushed the covers aside.  That nice cool air felt good.   Mom came in a few minutes later and rubbed some skin cream in and that felt really good.   She said that she hoped the lesson was well learned and kissed me on the back of the head and turned the light out as she left the room.  Wow that had been the spanking to end all spankings.  I closed my eyes and started to enjoy the cool air on my butt.    I hope thats the last spanking I ever get.  Then i thought what did she mean I might be surprised with the punishment i would get a school.  well, tomorrow is another day.

Monday, May 7, 2012

this is my most often viewed drawing on www.Flickr.com  more than 1700 views. no one but myself knows that this is just the right side of a much larger drawing.  some day i will try to scan the whole drawing .
in the mean time home improvements are still going on.  the first project is about 50% complete so i am continuing to post drawings from my Flickr and other group postings i have made over the past few years.

Friday, March 23, 2012

embarrassing first spanking. part 2

well the end of the day had finally come.  when you spend the day just watching the seconds and minutes tick by, it is an awfully long day. What makes it so long is knowing what is coming at the end of the day.  everyone had now left and Ms Scanlon came back in.  ok  boys.  you will follow me and we walked to Ms Sterns office.  As we went in Ms Cunningham, the secretary was still at her desk typing and she said hello to Ms Scanlon  and just nodded to Bobby and Me. When we entered the office, Ms Stern got up from her desk and walked around to face us.  She asked us if we were still in agreement with the statement that we had signed earlier in the day..  Bobby shook his head yes and i just hung my head wanting to turn and run screaming from the room.
she walked over and took me by the ears and pushed back to bring my head up to look her in the
eye.  She asked me again if I was in agreement with the statement authorizing corporal punishment for our attack on our home room teacher.  I stammered that yes I was.  Good she said and with that she went to a conference desk and took a straight chair and placed it by the wall not far from her desk.  she walked over to her desk and  opened a drawer and reached in.  she removed a very large black hairbrush and smacked it lightly on her hand. walked over to Ms Scanlon and asked her what she thought of the brush she smacked her thigh lightly with it, made an ow face and told Ms
Stern that this should do the trick all right and she handed it to Ms Stern who sat down on the chair and demurely crossed her legs and held the brush in her lap. All right she said to us that it was time for us to m=remove all clothes that will get in the way of proper spanking.  I froze.  Bobby immediately, undid his belt and dropped his pants down to his ankles,  He looked at me and said i told you this was going to happen now drop your pants.  I fumbled with my belt but finally got it lose.  Ms  Stern and Ms Scanlon were just watching us impassively.  Ms Scam;on said that we were delaying and had better hurry up or there would be more punishment strokes after the spanking should have ended.  Bobby quickly pulled down his underpants and let them drop also.  i tried, bobby said do it now.  i don't want any extra whacks because you delayed.  down they came.  I was blushing so bad. i was now naked in the places that mattered in front of two very attractive older ladies.  they were looking at us but still very business like.   Ms Stern told Ms Scanlon to bring bobby to her.  She uncrossed her legs and had bobby stand beside her facing her lap.  Well, she said, what were you thinking of when you and tommy hatched this stupid trick.  He said that he wasn't thinking of anything except how funny it would be when everyone heard Ms Scanlon had been glued to her chair.  She had him ask Ms Scanlon if she thought that it was a funny joke.  Ms Scanlon said that it was not and that it was a dangerous thing to do.  I could have been injured from your stupidity and callousness.  i hope Ms Stern will spank your rear end very hard to teach you a lesson.  Ms Stern told her not to worry.  That was exactly what she was going to do.  Ok Bobby,  over my lap for your spanking.  he carefully laid himself over her lap.  She told him to get his bottom higher so it was right over her lap.  She patted his bottom a few times with her hand and then picked up the brush again.  she rubbed it on his bottom.  he jerked his bottom a little and said that feels cold.  Ms Stern and Ms Scanlon both chuckled and Ms Stern said remember how nice that felt because in a few moments you will think it is a hot coal tool as it will be heating your bottom... with that she lifted the brush.
Oh Tommy, I just remembered you have never been spanked,  did you ever see a spanking. i said no.  She said well pay attention. this is going to be a good instructional spanking for you. She brought the brush down.  smack! wow, what a noise.  i had expected a little sound like when you swat a mosquito.  Bobby yelped. the brush rose again and fell on his other cheek, ow bobby said  i was amazed at the bright red marks where the brush had landed. then she started spanking in a nice slow but hard rhythm, the brush moving up and down the cheeks and turning them even redder than i thought possible.  Bobby was now kicking his feet and moving his bottom.  I was watching Ms Sterns lap as Bobby was raising up and laying back down again as the spanking continued.  I was horrified to find myself getting aroused.  I looked at Ms Scanlon but she was busy watching the spanking in progress.  the redness started showing blue areas and then white areas developed.  Ms Stern was now spanking as fast and hard as she could.  Bobby was crying, pleading and making any promise he could think of to please get her to stop.  Finally she did stop she gently rubbed his bottom and told him that she didn't like to have to spank him and hoped that from now on his behavior would be good so she would not have to spank him again.  she told him to get up and go to the corner while she deals with me.
         Both Ms Scanlon and Ms Stern now looked at me.  I was blushing and very much aroused.  Ms Scanlon chuckled and shook her head.  Ms Stern said that sometimes when a young man is in stressful circumstances they sometimes get aroused.  we will ignore it this time.  Tommy., Please come and stand beside me.  i was embarrassed and aroused.  I was naked in front of these women and about to lay across a very pretty woman's lap.  true i was going to be spanked but right now that didn't seem to matter.  She told me the same as she had told bobby.  yes I didn't know why i did it.  yes i thought it would be a very funny joke.  yes I know now that I was wrong and need to be punished for doing such a thing. then she told me to lie across her lap.  She adjusted her skirt a little higher and opened her legs slightly as i moved over her.  she adjusted me so that my arousal fell between her thighs but did not touch her.  she told Ms Scanlon that no contact, no sex feelings.  he will only feel the hairbrush.  I was still lost in the nice warm feelings of her thighs on my stomach and thighs. I looked back under the chair. saw her thighs from the bottom with my penis hanging between them her beautiful legs and small heels my legs on the other side of the chaif and Ms Scanlons legs and shoes behind them.  Bobby was right.  this could be a very erotic experiance.  then i felt her hand rub.  nice i thought , then the coolness of the  back of the brush. again very nice but then my eyes opened,  this was not going to be nice at all. i remembered what came next.  I felt Ms Stern body shift alittle and whap, ohhhh i screamed.  the first wack,  my God. how could that hurt so much.  She shifted again and whap. the other side.  i yelped.  Oh no. i said   i am never going to be able to stand this.  Ms Stern said oh yes you will,  it will not be pleasant but you will with stand it. whap the first cheek again.  i screamed  nooooo  owwww. ples-ase maam.  i have learned my lesson.  I heard Ms Scanlon giggle.  He thinks he has had enough Ms Stern, I  don't think he has, How about you.., she ansered with another smack.   yeowoee  she smacked agian ...Please i screamed.  there was a knock on the door.  Ms Scanlon went to get it.  The  school nurse poked her head in,  is everything ok. sounds like someone is being tortured.. Ms Scanlon said, NO tommy is being spanked, he agreed to this punishment although now that it is happening he is having second thoughts.  The nurse walked in.  i could see Ms Cunningham leaning to look through the doorway to see me over  Ms Stern knee.  She smiled at me and then went back to work. the nurse looked. poked my bottom and said oh, no, looks like a good spanking is just starting, he can take alot more. Yes Ms Stern said and i am going to gibe it to him.,  Carry on, the nurse said as she walked over to examine Bobby's bottom.  Nurse said that bobby was ok also but that for some reason he had an arousal.  Ms Stern said that that happens often when she gives a spanking.  i think it is just because of how nervous he was and now the main part of his spanking is over.  With that She started to spank again. i screamed and pleaded ,  promised and begged.  it did me no good at all. she just kept laying the brush on.  when i could take no more i just started crying.  big sobs. with please and i'm sorry in between.  finally she stopped.  the nurse walked over an looked.  she smiled and said now that is a well spanked bottom.  Ms Stern helped me up. she stook and straightened her skirt and had Ms Scanlon walk me over to stand beside Bobby.  the nurse smiled at us and said i hope you both behave yourself.  i really thought someone was being tortured in here and when i came in i could hardly believe all this noise was over just a hairbrush spanking.  Be good. She Left.  Ms Scanlon sat in the chair and she called Bobby to her.. He looked funny walking over to her aroused the way he was.  She motioned him to her side and reached down and picked up the brush where Ms Stern had left it.  She said I am going to give you a quick 10 smacks to each cheek, this is to let you know that i am very upset and that I will spank you if you misbehave again.  Now get over.
she laid across.  she lifted the brush and gave him ten very hard smacks to each cheek.  he was crying again when he got up.  he shuffled over to the corner and she called me.  I hesitated again.  Ms Stern grabbed me by the ear and marched me over.  Ms Stern told her that I had heard what she had told bobby . just ask if he understands.  I hung my head and said yes.  she told me to get over  I laid myself down again . again the smacks came fast and hard ,, I again was reduced to blubbering. Ms Stern then told Ms Scanlon to give me another 20 for not moving fast enough.  I started to protest but instead i just cried harder..  after i was allowed up i went to stand beside bobby facing them this time.  Ms Stern told us that the cost of Ms Scanlons chair, skirt. slips and pantyhose came to $400.00. We were to pay it of by next monday.  if it wasn't paid off we would have another session next monday after school.  do you have a problem with that. we both said that we would bring 200 dollars each before next monday is over.  ok, then you can dress and todays' session is over.  remember now, for the rest of the year any rule violations will end up here again so behave your selves.
Yes Ma'am we both said and we left to go home.  We stopped to watch Ms Stern and Ms Scanlon walk back to Ms Scanlons room.  Wow,  they are both so beautiful. who would have ever expected that they could spank like that.  Ms Stern has such a warm lap.  And Ms Scanlon, I wasn't expecting to be spanked by her at all.  she is really good at it also.,.    I said that i didn't realize just how much a spanking could hurt. You were right though.  it was very erotic.  i would like to get spanked again by both of them.  bobby said, there is little problem there,  i don't  have 200 dollars,  do you.  Nope I said.  we walked out together.  both of us gingerly rubbing our bottoms and hurrying home to rub something else besides our sore rears.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Embarassing First Spanking

the bell had wrung and the kids were filing out.  Ms Scanlon had left a few minutes before as I had told here that Ms Anderson wanted to ask her something in the office. Bobby and I had stayed baack because we had a trick on Ms Scanlon on our minds.  I went into my desk and got out the elmers glue all I had brought to school that morning.  after the last classmate left we quickly went to Ms Scanlons' desk, pulled back the chair, spread glue all over it and then pushed in the chair and put the glue back and we started to leave.  At the door we ran into Ms Scanlon returning, she looked at us and then the clock,  it was five minutes past dismissal and she knew that we were always the first ones out the door when the bell rang.  She said to me, "Ms Anderson was gone when I got there so I will see her in the morning.  Thank you for the message and have a good night.  She said  good by and then we went out the door and stopped to watch in the corner of the window in the door.  She pulled her chair out and sat down.  we started laughing and then decided we had better get out of there. What a great time we had all the way home all the way home trying to think what Ms Scanlon would think when she tried to get up and found that she was glued to the chair.  It was great fun , all the things we imagined might happen,  the chair falling over , her yelling for help.
       Then Bobby asked what I did with the glue bottle.  I told him I put it back in my desk and that I would throw it out tomorrow at lunch.  Suddenly his smile disappeared and a look of worry replaced it.  "You mean you left the evidence in your desk?"  "Oh crap, I think we may be in trouble, Ms Scanlon saw us leaving after everyone. We saw her sit down, and you left the bottle of glue in your desk.  It isn't going to take much to tie us to the joke." Bobby said. "Oh crap is right, well maybe she will be to upset to look in my desk and I will dump the glue first thing in the morning.  We had better plan on getting there early let me get rid of the evidence." I planned.
        They opened the doors to let students in at 7:30 AM.  There was only a few of there waiting for the doors to open.  We hurried to our home room and went in.  Ms Scanlon wasn't there yet. we didn't notice that the door connecting to the next class room was open just a little.  Bobby and I went immediately to my desk, opened the top and I reached in and took the bottle of glue out.  As soon  I had it we heard Ms Stern, the assistant principal of the high school say,  "Ok Boys, put the glue down on the desk and come with me.  Mr Jones, please put the glue in a plastic bag and bring Ms Scanlons' chair and it to the office please."  She looked at us and said "march" .We walked, I felt like a prisoner going to my execution.  Bobby was very upset also.  Other kids were coming in now watchng us walk with the assistant principal following us and the janitor with Ms Scanlons chair and a baggy with glue in it.  As we entered the office Ms Anderson said,  "Ah ha,  caught with the evidence.  I hope you two are in real trouble after what you caused Ms Scanlon yesterday afternoon. "  We were ushered into Ms Sterns office and told to sit on two chairs set against the wall facing the side of Ms Sterns desk. She told us to just sit there, do not move, think about what you did and try to figure out why in heck you would do something like that.  no talking between the two of you.  Jonesy put Ms Scanlons' chair in between us.   It was our first chance to look at it.  we noticed that most of her skirt and slip were glued in place on the seat. Oh God I moaned.  Bobby's eyes bugged out when he saw it'.  "Well, Ms Stern said,   " I see you have noticed how deeply in trouble you really are. Ms Scanlon is fine, lluckily she had to get something from her purwse and tried to get up.  realised her skirt was glued and her slip also it seemed.  she managed to unzip it and climb out of it thanks to the fact that her panty hose had not gotten stuck yet.
She called me on the school phone and i brought her a smock from the art room.. She told me of how you two were late leaving the room and that she noticed you spying through the door window until she was seated. she looked again and you were gone so she started to do some work when she felt her leg getting wet.  when she couldn't get up she unzipped her skirt and escaped her clothes and when i came told me the whole story.  i looked for and found the glue in your desk Tommy, and I am sure both of you plotted to do this as some kind of sick joke.  Ms Scanlon was so upset I told her to take her time coming in today and that i was going to look into a proper punishment for you two.  Throwing you out of school immediately crossed my mind but Ms Scanlon said that you are both supposed to graduate next month and that although she was really angry  she felt that that would be too harsh.  upon reading our school disciplinary guide I have found what seems to be a very appropriate punishment and when "Ms Scanlon arrives we shall all discuss it.  One last question and then you can think about how you will face Ms  Scanlon after pulling such a stupid and dangerous trick on her. Are you both 18 years of age?"  We both nodded the affirmative.  " good, Ms Stern said, that will fact a lot of the red tape."
          We stared at the chair,  we looked at each other,  we both were very sorry looking and also very upset that we had screwed up and got caught.  Actually I think that getting caught was the biggest reason that we were sorry.
       Then we heard Ms Scanlon through the door.,   She knocked and Ms Stern asked her to come in.  Ms Scanlon came in, Looked at us, and she said, "What in the world ever gave you that idea.  I had always tried to be helpful to you two and this was how you payed me back.  Its a wonder I wasn't still stuck to the chair this morning.  a few more minutes and my legs would have been glued solid.   I want a reason and I want it now."
          we both just hung our heads and said nothing...,"I wish I could knock some sense into you two.  here you are about to go out into the world and you pull a dumb and dangerous trick like this.  Look at me when I talk to you,"
           I was so ashamed i had a hard time looking at her.  Bobby looked at her and told her it was all my fault.  I came out of my chair to get him when he recanted that.  "It was both of our ideas,  we didn't think about it,  we read it in a book and it sounded like it could be a funny gag.  we just didn't think it through."  I jumped in with, "Oh Ms Scanlon. Please. we were stupid kids when we did that ,  not even thinking of how it would effect you.  we are so sorry."  She looked at Ms Stern and said that at least it is sounding a little sincere.  what did you find out?
           Well there is still a corporal punishment available for cases where someone tries to attack or hurt a teacher'  I looked at Bobby and his mouth dropped completely open. "that's against the law he stated,"  Ms Stern said  so is gluing a teacher to her chair,  that is assault and battery and it fits into the attack on a teacher catagory of this rule.  Bobby just shut his mouth and  hung his head again.  "Corporal Punishment?"  Ms Scanlon said, ' it seems a little extreme."  The rule calls for spanking with a hairbrush in the principal or assistant principal office with a witness or witnesses to be sure that nothing more than a spanking occurs.. Now i was upset,  "Spanking,  I have never been spanked in my entire life.  what do you think we are ,  10 years old."   "You certainly acted like a ten year old pulling such a dangerous and stupid joke,. I think that the punishment will fit the crime. " Ms Stern said.  Ms Scanlon also agreed saying that  A good spanking is far more acceptable to than expulsion and having to repeat the year next year.
            Now she turned and adresssed Bobby and I and said, You are both adults now so you will have to agree to this discipline.  if you do not you will be expelled for the remainder of this year and have to repeat the year again next year and if trhat happens you will have to sign this agreement to return then.   i will give you 5 minutes to make up your mind while I have Ms Sanderson type up the agreement for you to sign.  once signed we will go about our day as usual and will meet here at 2:30 pm  for your discipline session. if either of you refuse this you will both be expelled and next year you will have to agree to this stipulation.  if you do agree the stipulation will be active to the end of school and any infractions shall be taken care of in my office..,  you have 5 minutes to make up your minds." Ms Scanlon and Ms Stern left with the rule she had written down. they left the door open.l  what,  really, ok i will tyhpe it and stipulate they will go by the rule for the rest of the years. 
          Bobby and I looked at each other.  I was upset,  I said I have never been spanked before.  He said  that he had been up until he was 16.  he also said that he was not happy about it but that getting spanked was better than being expelled and repeating the year again.   I asked what being spanked was like.  He said its embarrassingmn  it hurts and stings to high heavens but its over in a few minutes rather than another whole year.  he also smiled and said that being over either of their laps would be a turn onbut not to dwell on that or you might get aroused when they prepare you... Prepare me.  Oh yes.  a good spanking is always on the bare bottom so they will have you lower your pants and underwear for it i am sure.  well i was about to hide in a crack in the floor at that point.  I also had never been seen naked by a member of the opposite sex since my mom stopped bathing me at about 5 years old.  this was disturbing, but it did soulnd awful but better than another year of school..  They came back in and ms stern said, "What will it be, expulsion or spanking?" we both hung our heads and said spanking..., " Good choice" Ms Scanlon said.  Ms Stern said that we were to print our names in the blank spot and sign and date the bottom  also initial a clause that said that we understood what this form said and what would happen because of it.  Ok, this afternoon at closing be here at my office for your spankings.  she brought the form back to Ms Anderson who would put them in our files. Ms Scanlon looked at her and said that she hoped that Ms Stern would be giving the spankings today.  Ms Stern smiled and said that yes she would,  she added that it had been a while since she had given a good spanking but that she still remembered how.  that was what we heard as we were leaving the office.  Also the volunter staff of the office who were  from our class also heard.  our ears and cheeks were pink as we walked out by the desks they were working at.  this is a pause or maybe the end of part one. will continue,  thinking about adding another fake as well.

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