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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Embarassing First Spanking

the bell had wrung and the kids were filing out.  Ms Scanlon had left a few minutes before as I had told here that Ms Anderson wanted to ask her something in the office. Bobby and I had stayed baack because we had a trick on Ms Scanlon on our minds.  I went into my desk and got out the elmers glue all I had brought to school that morning.  after the last classmate left we quickly went to Ms Scanlons' desk, pulled back the chair, spread glue all over it and then pushed in the chair and put the glue back and we started to leave.  At the door we ran into Ms Scanlon returning, she looked at us and then the clock,  it was five minutes past dismissal and she knew that we were always the first ones out the door when the bell rang.  She said to me, "Ms Anderson was gone when I got there so I will see her in the morning.  Thank you for the message and have a good night.  She said  good by and then we went out the door and stopped to watch in the corner of the window in the door.  She pulled her chair out and sat down.  we started laughing and then decided we had better get out of there. What a great time we had all the way home all the way home trying to think what Ms Scanlon would think when she tried to get up and found that she was glued to the chair.  It was great fun , all the things we imagined might happen,  the chair falling over , her yelling for help.
       Then Bobby asked what I did with the glue bottle.  I told him I put it back in my desk and that I would throw it out tomorrow at lunch.  Suddenly his smile disappeared and a look of worry replaced it.  "You mean you left the evidence in your desk?"  "Oh crap, I think we may be in trouble, Ms Scanlon saw us leaving after everyone. We saw her sit down, and you left the bottle of glue in your desk.  It isn't going to take much to tie us to the joke." Bobby said. "Oh crap is right, well maybe she will be to upset to look in my desk and I will dump the glue first thing in the morning.  We had better plan on getting there early let me get rid of the evidence." I planned.
        They opened the doors to let students in at 7:30 AM.  There was only a few of there waiting for the doors to open.  We hurried to our home room and went in.  Ms Scanlon wasn't there yet. we didn't notice that the door connecting to the next class room was open just a little.  Bobby and I went immediately to my desk, opened the top and I reached in and took the bottle of glue out.  As soon  I had it we heard Ms Stern, the assistant principal of the high school say,  "Ok Boys, put the glue down on the desk and come with me.  Mr Jones, please put the glue in a plastic bag and bring Ms Scanlons' chair and it to the office please."  She looked at us and said "march" .We walked, I felt like a prisoner going to my execution.  Bobby was very upset also.  Other kids were coming in now watchng us walk with the assistant principal following us and the janitor with Ms Scanlons chair and a baggy with glue in it.  As we entered the office Ms Anderson said,  "Ah ha,  caught with the evidence.  I hope you two are in real trouble after what you caused Ms Scanlon yesterday afternoon. "  We were ushered into Ms Sterns office and told to sit on two chairs set against the wall facing the side of Ms Sterns desk. She told us to just sit there, do not move, think about what you did and try to figure out why in heck you would do something like that.  no talking between the two of you.  Jonesy put Ms Scanlons' chair in between us.   It was our first chance to look at it.  we noticed that most of her skirt and slip were glued in place on the seat. Oh God I moaned.  Bobby's eyes bugged out when he saw it'.  "Well, Ms Stern said,   " I see you have noticed how deeply in trouble you really are. Ms Scanlon is fine, lluckily she had to get something from her purwse and tried to get up.  realised her skirt was glued and her slip also it seemed.  she managed to unzip it and climb out of it thanks to the fact that her panty hose had not gotten stuck yet.
She called me on the school phone and i brought her a smock from the art room.. She told me of how you two were late leaving the room and that she noticed you spying through the door window until she was seated. she looked again and you were gone so she started to do some work when she felt her leg getting wet.  when she couldn't get up she unzipped her skirt and escaped her clothes and when i came told me the whole story.  i looked for and found the glue in your desk Tommy, and I am sure both of you plotted to do this as some kind of sick joke.  Ms Scanlon was so upset I told her to take her time coming in today and that i was going to look into a proper punishment for you two.  Throwing you out of school immediately crossed my mind but Ms Scanlon said that you are both supposed to graduate next month and that although she was really angry  she felt that that would be too harsh.  upon reading our school disciplinary guide I have found what seems to be a very appropriate punishment and when "Ms Scanlon arrives we shall all discuss it.  One last question and then you can think about how you will face Ms  Scanlon after pulling such a stupid and dangerous trick on her. Are you both 18 years of age?"  We both nodded the affirmative.  " good, Ms Stern said, that will fact a lot of the red tape."
          We stared at the chair,  we looked at each other,  we both were very sorry looking and also very upset that we had screwed up and got caught.  Actually I think that getting caught was the biggest reason that we were sorry.
       Then we heard Ms Scanlon through the door.,   She knocked and Ms Stern asked her to come in.  Ms Scanlon came in, Looked at us, and she said, "What in the world ever gave you that idea.  I had always tried to be helpful to you two and this was how you payed me back.  Its a wonder I wasn't still stuck to the chair this morning.  a few more minutes and my legs would have been glued solid.   I want a reason and I want it now."
          we both just hung our heads and said nothing...,"I wish I could knock some sense into you two.  here you are about to go out into the world and you pull a dumb and dangerous trick like this.  Look at me when I talk to you,"
           I was so ashamed i had a hard time looking at her.  Bobby looked at her and told her it was all my fault.  I came out of my chair to get him when he recanted that.  "It was both of our ideas,  we didn't think about it,  we read it in a book and it sounded like it could be a funny gag.  we just didn't think it through."  I jumped in with, "Oh Ms Scanlon. Please. we were stupid kids when we did that ,  not even thinking of how it would effect you.  we are so sorry."  She looked at Ms Stern and said that at least it is sounding a little sincere.  what did you find out?
           Well there is still a corporal punishment available for cases where someone tries to attack or hurt a teacher'  I looked at Bobby and his mouth dropped completely open. "that's against the law he stated,"  Ms Stern said  so is gluing a teacher to her chair,  that is assault and battery and it fits into the attack on a teacher catagory of this rule.  Bobby just shut his mouth and  hung his head again.  "Corporal Punishment?"  Ms Scanlon said, ' it seems a little extreme."  The rule calls for spanking with a hairbrush in the principal or assistant principal office with a witness or witnesses to be sure that nothing more than a spanking occurs.. Now i was upset,  "Spanking,  I have never been spanked in my entire life.  what do you think we are ,  10 years old."   "You certainly acted like a ten year old pulling such a dangerous and stupid joke,. I think that the punishment will fit the crime. " Ms Stern said.  Ms Scanlon also agreed saying that  A good spanking is far more acceptable to than expulsion and having to repeat the year next year.
            Now she turned and adresssed Bobby and I and said, You are both adults now so you will have to agree to this discipline.  if you do not you will be expelled for the remainder of this year and have to repeat the year again next year and if trhat happens you will have to sign this agreement to return then.   i will give you 5 minutes to make up your mind while I have Ms Sanderson type up the agreement for you to sign.  once signed we will go about our day as usual and will meet here at 2:30 pm  for your discipline session. if either of you refuse this you will both be expelled and next year you will have to agree to this stipulation.  if you do agree the stipulation will be active to the end of school and any infractions shall be taken care of in my office..,  you have 5 minutes to make up your minds." Ms Scanlon and Ms Stern left with the rule she had written down. they left the door open.l  what,  really, ok i will tyhpe it and stipulate they will go by the rule for the rest of the years. 
          Bobby and I looked at each other.  I was upset,  I said I have never been spanked before.  He said  that he had been up until he was 16.  he also said that he was not happy about it but that getting spanked was better than being expelled and repeating the year again.   I asked what being spanked was like.  He said its embarrassingmn  it hurts and stings to high heavens but its over in a few minutes rather than another whole year.  he also smiled and said that being over either of their laps would be a turn onbut not to dwell on that or you might get aroused when they prepare you... Prepare me.  Oh yes.  a good spanking is always on the bare bottom so they will have you lower your pants and underwear for it i am sure.  well i was about to hide in a crack in the floor at that point.  I also had never been seen naked by a member of the opposite sex since my mom stopped bathing me at about 5 years old.  this was disturbing, but it did soulnd awful but better than another year of school..  They came back in and ms stern said, "What will it be, expulsion or spanking?" we both hung our heads and said spanking..., " Good choice" Ms Scanlon said.  Ms Stern said that we were to print our names in the blank spot and sign and date the bottom  also initial a clause that said that we understood what this form said and what would happen because of it.  Ok, this afternoon at closing be here at my office for your spankings.  she brought the form back to Ms Anderson who would put them in our files. Ms Scanlon looked at her and said that she hoped that Ms Stern would be giving the spankings today.  Ms Stern smiled and said that yes she would,  she added that it had been a while since she had given a good spanking but that she still remembered how.  that was what we heard as we were leaving the office.  Also the volunter staff of the office who were  from our class also heard.  our ears and cheeks were pink as we walked out by the desks they were working at.  this is a pause or maybe the end of part one. will continue,  thinking about adding another fake as well.

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  1. Great story Tommy, it was almost as good as your fake art :) I love it!


  2. Please continue. GREAT Story. Thanks

  3. Keep going, I agree but wow, two sexy laps and how well spanked is that first guy in the corner, great work , thanks