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Friday, March 23, 2012

embarrassing first spanking. part 2

well the end of the day had finally come.  when you spend the day just watching the seconds and minutes tick by, it is an awfully long day. What makes it so long is knowing what is coming at the end of the day.  everyone had now left and Ms Scanlon came back in.  ok  boys.  you will follow me and we walked to Ms Sterns office.  As we went in Ms Cunningham, the secretary was still at her desk typing and she said hello to Ms Scanlon  and just nodded to Bobby and Me. When we entered the office, Ms Stern got up from her desk and walked around to face us.  She asked us if we were still in agreement with the statement that we had signed earlier in the day..  Bobby shook his head yes and i just hung my head wanting to turn and run screaming from the room.
she walked over and took me by the ears and pushed back to bring my head up to look her in the
eye.  She asked me again if I was in agreement with the statement authorizing corporal punishment for our attack on our home room teacher.  I stammered that yes I was.  Good she said and with that she went to a conference desk and took a straight chair and placed it by the wall not far from her desk.  she walked over to her desk and  opened a drawer and reached in.  she removed a very large black hairbrush and smacked it lightly on her hand. walked over to Ms Scanlon and asked her what she thought of the brush she smacked her thigh lightly with it, made an ow face and told Ms
Stern that this should do the trick all right and she handed it to Ms Stern who sat down on the chair and demurely crossed her legs and held the brush in her lap. All right she said to us that it was time for us to m=remove all clothes that will get in the way of proper spanking.  I froze.  Bobby immediately, undid his belt and dropped his pants down to his ankles,  He looked at me and said i told you this was going to happen now drop your pants.  I fumbled with my belt but finally got it lose.  Ms  Stern and Ms Scanlon were just watching us impassively.  Ms Scam;on said that we were delaying and had better hurry up or there would be more punishment strokes after the spanking should have ended.  Bobby quickly pulled down his underpants and let them drop also.  i tried, bobby said do it now.  i don't want any extra whacks because you delayed.  down they came.  I was blushing so bad. i was now naked in the places that mattered in front of two very attractive older ladies.  they were looking at us but still very business like.   Ms Stern told Ms Scanlon to bring bobby to her.  She uncrossed her legs and had bobby stand beside her facing her lap.  Well, she said, what were you thinking of when you and tommy hatched this stupid trick.  He said that he wasn't thinking of anything except how funny it would be when everyone heard Ms Scanlon had been glued to her chair.  She had him ask Ms Scanlon if she thought that it was a funny joke.  Ms Scanlon said that it was not and that it was a dangerous thing to do.  I could have been injured from your stupidity and callousness.  i hope Ms Stern will spank your rear end very hard to teach you a lesson.  Ms Stern told her not to worry.  That was exactly what she was going to do.  Ok Bobby,  over my lap for your spanking.  he carefully laid himself over her lap.  She told him to get his bottom higher so it was right over her lap.  She patted his bottom a few times with her hand and then picked up the brush again.  she rubbed it on his bottom.  he jerked his bottom a little and said that feels cold.  Ms Stern and Ms Scanlon both chuckled and Ms Stern said remember how nice that felt because in a few moments you will think it is a hot coal tool as it will be heating your bottom... with that she lifted the brush.
Oh Tommy, I just remembered you have never been spanked,  did you ever see a spanking. i said no.  She said well pay attention. this is going to be a good instructional spanking for you. She brought the brush down.  smack! wow, what a noise.  i had expected a little sound like when you swat a mosquito.  Bobby yelped. the brush rose again and fell on his other cheek, ow bobby said  i was amazed at the bright red marks where the brush had landed. then she started spanking in a nice slow but hard rhythm, the brush moving up and down the cheeks and turning them even redder than i thought possible.  Bobby was now kicking his feet and moving his bottom.  I was watching Ms Sterns lap as Bobby was raising up and laying back down again as the spanking continued.  I was horrified to find myself getting aroused.  I looked at Ms Scanlon but she was busy watching the spanking in progress.  the redness started showing blue areas and then white areas developed.  Ms Stern was now spanking as fast and hard as she could.  Bobby was crying, pleading and making any promise he could think of to please get her to stop.  Finally she did stop she gently rubbed his bottom and told him that she didn't like to have to spank him and hoped that from now on his behavior would be good so she would not have to spank him again.  she told him to get up and go to the corner while she deals with me.
         Both Ms Scanlon and Ms Stern now looked at me.  I was blushing and very much aroused.  Ms Scanlon chuckled and shook her head.  Ms Stern said that sometimes when a young man is in stressful circumstances they sometimes get aroused.  we will ignore it this time.  Tommy., Please come and stand beside me.  i was embarrassed and aroused.  I was naked in front of these women and about to lay across a very pretty woman's lap.  true i was going to be spanked but right now that didn't seem to matter.  She told me the same as she had told bobby.  yes I didn't know why i did it.  yes i thought it would be a very funny joke.  yes I know now that I was wrong and need to be punished for doing such a thing. then she told me to lie across her lap.  She adjusted her skirt a little higher and opened her legs slightly as i moved over her.  she adjusted me so that my arousal fell between her thighs but did not touch her.  she told Ms Scanlon that no contact, no sex feelings.  he will only feel the hairbrush.  I was still lost in the nice warm feelings of her thighs on my stomach and thighs. I looked back under the chair. saw her thighs from the bottom with my penis hanging between them her beautiful legs and small heels my legs on the other side of the chaif and Ms Scanlons legs and shoes behind them.  Bobby was right.  this could be a very erotic experiance.  then i felt her hand rub.  nice i thought , then the coolness of the  back of the brush. again very nice but then my eyes opened,  this was not going to be nice at all. i remembered what came next.  I felt Ms Stern body shift alittle and whap, ohhhh i screamed.  the first wack,  my God. how could that hurt so much.  She shifted again and whap. the other side.  i yelped.  Oh no. i said   i am never going to be able to stand this.  Ms Stern said oh yes you will,  it will not be pleasant but you will with stand it. whap the first cheek again.  i screamed  nooooo  owwww. ples-ase maam.  i have learned my lesson.  I heard Ms Scanlon giggle.  He thinks he has had enough Ms Stern, I  don't think he has, How about you.., she ansered with another smack.   yeowoee  she smacked agian ...Please i screamed.  there was a knock on the door.  Ms Scanlon went to get it.  The  school nurse poked her head in,  is everything ok. sounds like someone is being tortured.. Ms Scanlon said, NO tommy is being spanked, he agreed to this punishment although now that it is happening he is having second thoughts.  The nurse walked in.  i could see Ms Cunningham leaning to look through the doorway to see me over  Ms Stern knee.  She smiled at me and then went back to work. the nurse looked. poked my bottom and said oh, no, looks like a good spanking is just starting, he can take alot more. Yes Ms Stern said and i am going to gibe it to him.,  Carry on, the nurse said as she walked over to examine Bobby's bottom.  Nurse said that bobby was ok also but that for some reason he had an arousal.  Ms Stern said that that happens often when she gives a spanking.  i think it is just because of how nervous he was and now the main part of his spanking is over.  With that She started to spank again. i screamed and pleaded ,  promised and begged.  it did me no good at all. she just kept laying the brush on.  when i could take no more i just started crying.  big sobs. with please and i'm sorry in between.  finally she stopped.  the nurse walked over an looked.  she smiled and said now that is a well spanked bottom.  Ms Stern helped me up. she stook and straightened her skirt and had Ms Scanlon walk me over to stand beside Bobby.  the nurse smiled at us and said i hope you both behave yourself.  i really thought someone was being tortured in here and when i came in i could hardly believe all this noise was over just a hairbrush spanking.  Be good. She Left.  Ms Scanlon sat in the chair and she called Bobby to her.. He looked funny walking over to her aroused the way he was.  She motioned him to her side and reached down and picked up the brush where Ms Stern had left it.  She said I am going to give you a quick 10 smacks to each cheek, this is to let you know that i am very upset and that I will spank you if you misbehave again.  Now get over.
she laid across.  she lifted the brush and gave him ten very hard smacks to each cheek.  he was crying again when he got up.  he shuffled over to the corner and she called me.  I hesitated again.  Ms Stern grabbed me by the ear and marched me over.  Ms Stern told her that I had heard what she had told bobby . just ask if he understands.  I hung my head and said yes.  she told me to get over  I laid myself down again . again the smacks came fast and hard ,, I again was reduced to blubbering. Ms Stern then told Ms Scanlon to give me another 20 for not moving fast enough.  I started to protest but instead i just cried harder..  after i was allowed up i went to stand beside bobby facing them this time.  Ms Stern told us that the cost of Ms Scanlons chair, skirt. slips and pantyhose came to $400.00. We were to pay it of by next monday.  if it wasn't paid off we would have another session next monday after school.  do you have a problem with that. we both said that we would bring 200 dollars each before next monday is over.  ok, then you can dress and todays' session is over.  remember now, for the rest of the year any rule violations will end up here again so behave your selves.
Yes Ma'am we both said and we left to go home.  We stopped to watch Ms Stern and Ms Scanlon walk back to Ms Scanlons room.  Wow,  they are both so beautiful. who would have ever expected that they could spank like that.  Ms Stern has such a warm lap.  And Ms Scanlon, I wasn't expecting to be spanked by her at all.  she is really good at it also.,.    I said that i didn't realize just how much a spanking could hurt. You were right though.  it was very erotic.  i would like to get spanked again by both of them.  bobby said, there is little problem there,  i don't  have 200 dollars,  do you.  Nope I said.  we walked out together.  both of us gingerly rubbing our bottoms and hurrying home to rub something else besides our sore rears.


  1. You outdid yourself both with the art work, and the story.

    Although I would have probably enjoyed it as much as Bobby, and Tommy did.

    Really liked the art work, you made both laps look so inviting.


  2. Great story Tommy, and I love your picture. If I were those two I would never pay the $400, just keep coming back for more of those very painful wonderful spankings!

  3. A wonderful story and fake. Thanks Tommy


  4. Terrific story and love your work. Thanks